DPP’s Kalindo hails Prophet Bushiri for maize donation: Pictorial of Malawi relief support

The governing Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) legislature and party deputy spokesman Bon Kalindo has heaped praises to South Africa-based Malawian, Prophet Shepherd Bushiri of the Enlightened Christian Gathering Church International (ECG) for his relief support to people affected by hunger in Malawi.

Bushiri carried the maize to the beneficiaries

Bushiri carried the maize to the beneficiaries

Heads up with maize bags, beneficiaries take home the grain

Heads up with maize bags, beneficiaries take home the grain

Bushiri carrying the maize bag for a mother

Bushiri carrying the maize bag for a mother

Major 1 and his wife standing before a truck crrying the maize

Major 1 and his wife standing before a truck crrying the maize

Bushiri carring the relief maize to the starved Malawians

Bushiri carring the relief maize to the starved Malawians

Bushiri's maize given to Maula Prison

Bushiri’s maize given to Maula Prison

Bushiri helping a woman carry the maize home

Bushiri helping a woman carry the maize home

Bushiri preaching about Jesus Christ before giving the maize

Bushiri preaching about Jesus Christ before giving the maize

Thousands carried home the donated maize from Bushiri and his Prophetic Channel aid

Thousands carried home the donated maize from Bushiri and his Prophetic Channel aid

Kalindo was speaking in Mchinji when he joined Bushiri during the maize during his maize distribution exercise.

“This is commendable. The Prophet has been distributing maize  without discrimination, giving  all in need regardless of the religious affiliation, political or tribe,” said Kalindo.

He said the DPP government is pleased with the maize support Bushiri has given to the needy.

Bushiri had suspended his maize donations  due to what he said were “obstacles from people “protecting President Peter Mutharika’s political interests”.

The Man of God fondly called ‘Major 1’  had said the President’s royalists suspected he is eying presidential seat in the 2019 elections, hence their decision to frustrate his efforts.

But government later allowed Bushiri to resume giving the maize.

In his address, Kalindo said  government has no problems with Bushiri.

“At first we questioned his relief work but there is no politics attached as you can all see,” said Kalindo.

Bushiri stressed  he has  no intentions of joining politics now or in the near future, saying as a man of God with a prophetic anointing he is very contented with that.

“I am doing this not only to a particular political party neither a religion. This is a demonstration of God’s love to everyone,” said the Major 1.

He added: “ Let me thank God for the presence of both political and religious people present with different backgrounds, yes, it’s only God who can bring us together. do loves you all and this is a preaching to you that if you have something, it is good to share as such is God’s love.

“ Am happy that it’s not the world that shall give me a crown but a day will come where on that day I shall receive a reward from God in heaven.”

Bushiri said  he will continue to help in times of need.

“I give not because I have, I give because God said we must give.”

The Prophet also commended  President Peter Muthalika “for all the efforts he is doing to eradicate hunger.”

He said: “ Let us help him eradicate hunger rather than just throwing stones on him. I believe God wants us help him rather than to point fingers at him.”

Apart from Mchinji, Bushiri has been to Maula Prison and Dedza. He has ended his recent leg of donations after he previously gave out maize to Nathenje, Zomba, Karonga, Mzuzu , Dzenza and Mponela.

About 3 million Malawians are facing food crisis due to the drought has hit many part of Southern Africa and floods that Malawi experienced last year.

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38 thoughts on “DPP’s Kalindo hails Prophet Bushiri for maize donation: Pictorial of Malawi relief support”

  1. manteigah says:

    iyee,iyee,iyeeeeeee! dat’s a good thng 2 help d poor.

  2. Milton phiri says:

    i thank u lord for a wonderful gift to this nation through Bushiri and uwa work in him shall be permanent! devil iz defited iyeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  3. Edward says:

    If the goverment tries to stop u major1, its the wrk of devil and u knw hw to deal wth a devil. Only ur pryer wll burn them down. I praise u major 1 save ur people.

  4. Msangaambe Junior says:

    Poor people are always hungry and we accept your donation but try to give more bcz already sources say the income you receive whether from abroad or locally are meant for people,thanks!

  5. Kamgogoo mbuhi says:

    Major 1 ,keep on helping thanks alots 4 that

  6. vavlov says:

    Take advantage of poor people, feed them and they will cheer for you, but what happens tomorrow? The same people will be hungry, how long should they receive handouts? Government is failing very badly to create conditions for Malawians to feed themselves.
    What is amazing is why up to now they haven’t evaluated the their agriculture subsidy programme. Where did all intelligent hard-working civil servants Malawi used to have go? Retired; please bring them back to assist the mediocre crop of civil incompetents in high government positions.

  7. Tonde wa mbuzi says:

    Major, 1. this is wonderful, may God continue to bless u so that a lot of people World- wide may also be saved and blessed too. U r the Savior to the World. Your Anointing blessings should not pass me by in the Mighty Name Of JESUS. Amen.

  8. precious namaja says:

    to say reality we as malawian we have wrangles of jelous if someone doing agoodjob as bushiri doing but lets appreciate what man of God doing to our nation despite our difference . Major one is doing quit good job god bless major 1 though you bless him double double

  9. Ayamu Phazodi says:

    Some one said there are three types of minds:- a) Simple mind – they discuss people e.g. those attacking Major 1 in this article; b) Ordinary mind – they discuss events; c) Ideal mind – they discuss ideas. Malawi will not graduate from poverty as long as the majority of our people are category (a) above.

  10. Nambewe says:

    GO DEEPER MAN OF GOD! MAJOR 1, kodi southern Region mwatiiwala? Plz kuno kwa nkalo, ndala vge in particular, njala itipha, come and Bless us Man of God.

  11. evangelist leo says:

    Keep it up our father in the Lord we love y
    u and feed our nation

  12. Faareez says:

    U r right on sharing what God has blessed u with,continue God’s work and keep getting blessings Man of God Sheperd Bushiri.

  13. Elliam chilongo says:

    God indeed chooses or allows every leader whether pagan or not to occupy the position,or to becomes a leader in any way,if you are a christian believer the bible thats what the bible says eg in the book of Daniel, he tells Nebuchadnezzar,a pagan king that it was God who put him on that sit,Jesus also said to pilate the same.Saul the fisrt king of israel was allowed to be king because people cried to have a king which wasnt God primary plan.do u know nothing can happen without the knowledge of God.nthawi zina amalekelera kuti adzangoweluza yekha.

  14. Lawrent Gracious wa pa Karonga says:

    I salute you my prophet Major 1,wen God says Yes no one can say No,God show His love to malawian through His servant Prophet wami Shepherd Bushiri,Major original iyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh powerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, timakunyandilani munthu wa Chauta.

  15. Nama says:

    Yolalika kaye about Jesus musanagawe yandiwaza,though iam not a fan.Talk about No Albino abduction but working hard.Talk about no cashgate but working hard.Talk about no suicide but trusting God in whatever situation.You can change Malawi Bushiri for the time being you are the Man of the Moment.

  16. joseph says:

    Joe says;
    A Malawi sitizatukuka coz we spend time on talking about others but we sit on our hands expecting someone to help instead of us to help. By the works you will knw he was the disciple of Jesus, i love u major may God kip on using u.

  17. George Kamanga says:

    For the relief great but comments on APM as God ordained leader is not true.

    Prophet Jeremiah, Elijah, Elishah, Ezekiel rebuked evil leaders without hiding. If evil leaders with their evil actions over the innocent souls in Malawi get praised then the end is deadly.

    Not all leaders are God ordained. Was APM put into power through the right channel??? Then the evil ways of injustice Maxon Mbendera and injustice Kenyatta Nyirenda are justified as Godly. Brother please just do your relief work rather than commenting on issues which will make you disregarded.

    God is never mocked. APM and his party is illegitimate whether you like it or not.

  18. Gertrude Chirambo says:

    This is great!!!

  19. Man of God says:

    Glory to God may He make you more than how you are

  20. Patwo says:

    I am surprised y some people hate this man, Bushiri for his charity initiative. everyone is free to do whatever he/she wants with his/her possession but it takes humanity and spirituality to consider others as well. Anthu osayamika ndi ansanje ngati amalawi sindinawaone.
    Instead of doing something, they sit down doing nothing but observing others and criticking them.
    Msiyeni Bushiri,,,Ndalamazo nzake. Inunso mumapeza zanu and you use them as you desire, kugula mafoni, buying cars and and what note. Nde nsanjeyi tichepese chonde abale..

  21. Mbuyawo says:

    A prophect pray to those pipo assisting u mitala

  22. davie says:

    the point is; he is helping, nde kaya akupanga publicise or not, but he z helping anthu omwe they desparetly need help, komanso dnt expect him to behave lyk Jesus coz no 1 will be lyk Jesus, Jesus was son of Almighty GOD

  23. GRM says:

    Great works of God through this man of God. Thank u Jesus!! Thank you Bushiri

  24. opportunist says:

    That’s Major 1.Remain blessed

  25. zaima says:

    iwe zagwa, munthu angagawe bwanji chimanga chodzaza truck mwa mseri.wopusa iwe ndithu .shupit

  26. Pa2k says:

    Go on Major One..
    U are really blessed.. ur works are vividly testfying; faith without work is deadly dead.
    Ena nsanje basi nkumapanga quote ma verse awoawo..hahahahaha
    Infact, every one is free to do anything they want with their possessions. And if some one has chosen to glory God and relieve others of their problems, in this case Bushiri to Malawians, am suprised kuti ena zikuwawawa.
    Thats the problem with most of us..we sit quite doing nothing and when some one has risen doing something, we start talking talking and talking. WHY??
    Timachedwa kumakamba anzathu iwo akutukuka..
    Food for thought…!!!!

  27. Malawian!!! says:

    May the Grace that our God invested in Prophert Sherperd Bushiri be upon me in Jesus name.

  28. Good people do not miss use Bible verses mukakhuta, how can you help thousands of people secretly mmmh, may the Lord have mercy on you.

  29. john phiri says:

    No 6 called Zagwa you also have a part to play. Your part is to go to the crowded hospitals and heal the sick, go to other suffering areas and donate maize at night. For now whatsoever Bushiri is doing is the best not monkeys like you behind the laptop writing stupid comments.

  30. KUKHALA says:


  31. brija says:


  32. Zagwa says:

    The holy Bible that I have in the gospel according to Matthew, chapter 6 specifically verse 3, clearly advises that if you want to help needy people, do it in such a manner that even your closest friend should not know. Am surprised that this “man of God” missed that part of the holy book, which I believe is the word of God, he actually moves with cameras to donate maize. In addition, if this man has power to heal the sick, as his followers claim, why doesn’t he go to our over-crowded hospitals that are also lacking medicines and heal people who are dying everyday? Use those heads God gave you to think sometimes!

  33. Jane Banda says:

    May you stay blessed Prophet Bushiri!!!

  34. BEJE says:

    Mr kalindo even if politics is involved its his money he knows where he got it himself.do we have any section in the country`s constitution that bars those in politics to distribute relief items? whether its politics or not what matters most is that the under previleged are fed period.GOD cannot come down from heaven and start helping us one by one he works thru people like him( BUSHIRI)

  35. MERCEDES says:


  36. Mlangeni says:

    Kalindo wayamba kundisangalatsa

    1. November Rain says:

      “Show me your friends, and I will tell you who you are.” – Mexican Proverb

      Tell me what has started to amuse you and I will tell the kind that you are.
      Even without telling us, I can assure you that your pleasure is misderived.

  37. Gift Matsimbe says:

    May the almighty God procceed taking you far beyond your imagination so that you can reach more venerable malawian with your aid. This is a very remarkable gesture of a true man of God. The whole country is proud of you man of God.

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