DPP’s Nsanje MP Chidanti Malunga  taken to task over CDF

Nsanje South West constituents pinned their Member of Parliament Dr Joseph Chidanti Malunga over alleged failure to involve local structures in the implementation of Constituency Development Fund (CDF) projects.

One of the Constituents making a point

One of the Constituents making a point

DPP MP Chidanti Malunga: Taken to task

DPP MP Chidanti Malunga: Taken to task

The concerned constituents voiced out their concern during an interface meeting with their elected duty bearers organized by Tiphedzane Community Support Organization where some threatened to hold demonstrations against their legislator accusing him of lacking transparency and accountability in the utilization of the CDF.

The constituents said, since Chidanti was voted into power in 2014, he has sidelined the development structures within his constituency on the CDF projects which has negatively affected their completion.

“Our Member of Parliament Dr Joseph Chidanti is lacking transparency and accountability in the implementation of projects under the Constituency Development Fund (CDF). We are tired of what he is doing in our constituency.

“He seems to have no vision. Just imagine, he is just starting projects without completing them. Since we voted him into power, no project with funding from CDF has been completed in the constituency,” said a visibly angry constituent.

The concerned people have since demanded the transfer of CDF administration from the MP to development structures within the constituency for the sake of transparency and accountability claiming this can also help to speed up completion of the projects.

“We are now demanding that the CDF should be administered by the local development structures for transparency and accountability. This move would help to plan for projects that can be completed in time,” said one of the constituents.

Makoko Area Development Committee Chairperson Mike Kafalachi and some concerned individuals warned that if the MP is not respecting their demands, they will resort to holding demonstrations against him as they are tired of complaining on the issue in question.

“We are now ready to hold demonstrations against him if he fails to respect our demands. We are tired of him and want things change for the better of the constituents not an individual,” warned Kafalachi.

The legislator Dr Chidanti has however thrashed the claims and said all along he has been working with the relevant structures in the implementation of the CDF projects.

“These stories are coming in because I am working with people of different political backgrounds. People should forget about politics and work together for the common good,” said Dr Chidanti.

Tiphedzane Community Support Program Manager Paul Kamwendo said engaging constituents and elected duty bearers in interface meetings is imperative as it helps people to track developmental projects which the duty bearers outlined in their manifesto.


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peter chimbwandira

Bolanidi mzanayi uyu anamubela mavoti ochohokera komwe Ku UK Mai Hellen Buluma wanzeru nyatwa chitukuko chitavwera kale piano tinabesa kwambiri


Tidasankha olakwika, nkhope yosema kumupatsa ufumu. Leadership has nothing to do with education. His degree cant provide development to the people of Nsanje 2019 out


make opinion poll in nsanje. people like chidanti. 2019 timusankhanso. nonse a njiru muchita manyazi.


iwe chidanthi.mbuzi iwe.ukudya cdf.ukulimbana ndi hon kasaila..ukukana invests frm india atipase ntchito ndi chitukuko kuno kwa malemia.bola mp vera anali bwino.a ndafakale anali bwino.iwe watipatsa chani…mafumu athu akufuna ife titukuke..iwe 2019 no vote.udziwiletu.


aaashi Dr Chidanti I thought you ll bring change in parliament but alas you have become idle


Atumidwa amenewa dikirnani 2019 musamusokoneze Dr Chidanti nsiyeni atukule derayi.


Chidanti though educated but very useless and daft, people just wasted their vote voting for this arrogant character. There is a record that the costituence development fund in his constuence is mismanaged by him. Roads in his constuences have not been graded ever since he came to power, He is very arrogant to Senior Chief Malemia and Kasaila. He is a drunkard and wets himself when drunk and people at the boma have no respect on this man, is a disgrace


The meeting drew together 3 ADCs. Included in the meeting were Ward Councilors, two of them. What stood out throughout the meetimg was that Hon. Dr. J. C Malunga is avoiding his ward councilors and ADCs. Instead Hon. MP has been using what was described as his political circle that he had architectured during his political campaign in 2014. It was heard he has donated pockets of cement at Nsanje Secondary School and yet he is failing to complete a bridge in Chekerere Ward which was started one and half years ago.


Mudasankha dala mbava!

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