Dr Chinomba faces K10mil drug theft rap: Malawi Police confirm arrest of Chiradzulu DHO

Malawi Police in Chiradzulu have arrested a top most head of district public health services in connection with the theft of K10 million medical drugs.

Drug pilferage common in public hospitals

Drug pilferage common in public hospitals

Chiradzulu district police public relations officer Victoria Chirwa confirmed the arrest of Dr Sten Gift Chinomba, aged 30, from Mpowola Village in the area of Traditional Authority [T/A] Kuntumanji in Zomba. He was arrested on Monday.

The public relations officer said the police are questioning Chinomba in connection with the K10 million drug thefts at the hospital which serves people of Chiradzulu as well as some areas of Blantyre and Zomba.

His arrest follows the arrest of a driver and pharmicist at the hospital three weeks ago in connection with the theft.

Chinomba becomes the first district health officer in Malawi to be netted in connection with drug theft as in the past only juniors to the level of medical assistants or pharmacy personnel were the only ones arrested.

The arrest of Chinomba comes at a time when Malawians are expressing concern over acute shortages of medical drugs in public hospitals, including malaria drug, LA, which is supposed to be in abundance as it is donated by the US government.

Chinomba’s arrest  also comes a month after the government interdicted 1000 health workers at Capital Hill, the seat of government for embezzling US funded K2.5 billion meant for HIV and AIDS programmes.

There suggestions from cooperating partners that the Ministry of Health should submit amendments to parliament on the Pharmacies, Medicines and Poisons Board Act in order to stiffen penalties for theft of medicine.

President Peter Mutharika said government has empowered hospitals and health advisory committees to ensure community ownership of supplies to reduce pilferage.

Malawi has a hotline which people can anonymously tip off authorities about cases of theft of malaria drugs in a drive to curb pilferage.

The hotlines 800 00 847 from land lines and 847 from mobile networks were jointly launched by the United States of America (USA) government through USaid and Global fund alongside Malawi Government.

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33 thoughts on “Dr Chinomba faces K10mil drug theft rap: Malawi Police confirm arrest of Chiradzulu DHO”

  1. LITTLE BIRD says:

    This is about what happened at Chiradzulu Hospital but go to Chiradzulu district assembly and see for yourself. I was once at the hub of the district Assembly where I could see for myself how accounts assistants enrich themselves more than the officers who have really been to school. You can be shocked, seeing account clerk having a fleet of vehicles and very decent houses being erected in Blantyre. You can even ask yourself that, where is the said ACB? Are we really serious when we talk of “Cashgate-Free Nation?” I have been there and if you don’t believe go and investigate this lady with LIGHT-SKIN, you will be shocked. What has happened at Chiradzulu hospital is one-third of what is happening with this LIGHT SKINNED LADY.

  2. gulugunya says:

    Sterns Chinomba was here at the college for training doctors. The guy was looking like some body coming from poor family but he was leading an adopted higher life standards. No wonder he can not keep drugs as DHO. Not at all. He is womanizer. He likes better life all the times. Stealing could be one of his option in order to sustain his expensive life.

  3. Kanyimbi says:

    Well done people of C hiradzulu. Malawians lets make the public workers to know that this country belongs to Malawians.

  4. Mafuka Utsi Palimomoto says:

    Ujeni Phiri, should not pretend that the Police are acting in bad faith nor political. The Health Sector is a lifeline for all Malawians and the poor needs to be given priority. Why should Phiri politicise the actions of the Police. Any good leader whether politician or anyone else needs to consider the suffering of the most vulnerable in our society when it comes to developing effective and efficient policies. Let us stop politicizing everything but rather be mature in everything that we put forward rather than suggestions that lead us to no where. I am saying all this with full understanding that Malawi will be developed by Malawians themselves especially those who are patriotic and heve an element of love, empathy and brotherhood. Malawians who are neither, regionalistic, tribalistic,cashgaters, drug thievesaves but hardworkers and innovators are the ones we need and deseverve respect and honour. One can be well educated, rich or extensively exposed but still remain a salvage and ignorant in many aspects. Such people are enemies of Mother Malawiand they should be treated as such. Whenever I hear and read the various bad issues the present Malawi is exposed to I cry because I helplesslessly realise that this is not what our fallen Heroes, John Chilembwe,Kamuzu,Masauko Chipembere, Orton Chirwa oh yes name them, (may their souls rest in eternal peace) fought for.These Great sons and daugthers of Malawithe Warm Heart of Afica, were not self but very patriotic and couragers indeed and always felt proud and first and fore most that they were Malawian and secondly that they were Africans who were capable of turning things around for a better tomorrow. Sadly the Malawi of today is getting rotten and all standards and foundations laid for us still living, turning up side down. We are not moving forward but rather going backwards almost in all aspects of life and lagging behind regionally. Let us wake up before it is too late. Those of us calling ourselves educated, innovatitive and patriotic should boldly undertake the the unselfish responsibility to civic educate those less privileged, and hold the bull by its horns so that we prepare a better tomorrow for our children. Let us join hands, be united, disciplined, royal and never learn from our past mistakes fully realising that “The past is for us to learn but the future is for us to BUILT for a better Mother Malawi and her children. I would like to sincerely thank NYASATIMES and all other media for being very innovative and please continue with the good work of providing us with free and multifarious platform to present, discuss and share our challenges. To you I solemnly say “Hats Off” to all Malawians and our sincere development partners you be asured of my deepest appreciation that of all those God Fearing Silent Voices.”To all Peace Loving and hardworking Malawians, let us stop asking “What will Malawi do for ME but rather say What can I do fo my beloved Malawi fully knowing that “Success is By Helping Others.”

  5. mathanyula says:

    Kodi mukumangoipitsa mbiri ya anthu pamene ichi chopanda manochi, chooneka ngati ng’ona kwinaku chokhala ngati chilibe thako mukubgochisiya bwanji. Kapena nanunso mumachipuputa chikachoka ku toilet et.chinthu chakubelani ma billioni inu mungoti mano mwee. Zopusa basi

  6. Omex70 says:

    Zipatala za ku madera akumidzi zili pa mavuto akulu. Chitsanzo ndi chipatala chaching’ono cha Namanja mboma la Machinga nthawi zonse abale anga kumeneko akadwala amadandaula kuti abwerera ati mankhwala kulibe. Ndiye ndimadabwa nthawi zonse akamati mankhwala kulibe kodi zipatala ngati zimenezi sizilandilandira mankhwala kapena chani. Kodi mwina ogwira ntchito kumeneko amatengerapo mwayi wakuti ndi ku midzi palibe amene angachitepo kanthu. Sindikumvetsa chomwe chikuchitika popeza ndimangolandira mareport oterewa ndili kutali.

  7. Ujeni Phiri says:

    Lets not be too quick to judge him as the mater is still in court. Those who know the truth about this story could agree with me that his arrest is politically influenced by councillors and other senior politicians in the district as a personal vandetta on the guy. This is not the first time these greedy polititians have influenced the arrest of a senior civil servant in the district. you should wander why police could come all the way from Lilongwe police headquarters to arrest someone in Chiradzulu when there is a police station in Chiradzulu and and Regional police headquaters. If you are a civil servant the worst thing that can happen to you is to be posted to work in Chiradzulu district. it is full of selfish and greedy indigins, who always fight public officers. No wander it will remain under developed. For record between July 2013 to December 2014 Chiradzulu has had 7 District commisioners transfered all due to political influence.

  8. alfred wa nambwale says:

    akanyongedwe basi osamunyengelera

  9. kamps says:

    Mwembwe usamale ndiwe wausilu usamayankhule zinthu zopanda umboni.savalge

  10. Dr Jokes says:

    This is pathetic!What kind of greed do these people have?Has he no conscious?Pschopath!

  11. DHO says:

    Watsala wins wake uyu Dr Sungani ku Karonga uyu ndi Administrator wake mbava zenizeni. Pitaninso ku Mbelwa Council anthu angogawama makobili ndi kusungunula fuel pamene ma ambulances they are grounded

  12. padoko says:

    malamuro agwire ntchito bas

  13. Lovey says:

    Thats very righ,that one should really face the law .

  14. Alfred Minjo says:

    Akuti ndiye reformation imeneyo!!!!! Tiyeni nayoni! Good luck…

  15. Jack Rubby says:

    Chinomba has a car hire company,Catering Company and a Pub at Newlands on Thyolo Road,I just hope he did not siphon the money and opened his businesses legitimately

  16. joj says:

    Sorry guys, the age of 30 yrs is not young particularly if we consider that the average life span of a Malawian is only 52 or thereabouts.

  17. DC mChinji says:

    muzamangeso mabwana apa Mchinji District Council kuba kwambiri ndi accounts onse. Anthu olandira 40,000 kwacha pamwezi koma kugula galimoto za 5 million kwacha cash

  18. sitanile says:

    Tapitaninso ku Mulanje district hospital mukaone nyumba zamangidwa ndi anthu ogwira ku chipatala. Kuseli kwa chipatala kuja timati ku bush.

  19. 30 years Dho? Kuti mufufuze anampatsa udindo umenewo ndi ambuyake omwe ali ndi udindo odziwika ndi boma this world is unfair indeed

  20. Andituma says:

    Just today 17-May-16 a patient has died on a queue at Bwaila before been assisted just because bof negligency and theft of drugs since almost everybody is told to go and buy even brufen!Are we serious? By the way how come that these days PharmCY SHOPS are all over including in the ghettos? Do they really meet storage standards? Are we not going to have long time effect with these drugs sold in the ghettos?

  21. Chiomba Nadi says:

    Chinomba uyu ndikummanya, ndiwathu ku Hewe, ndi mchawa yayi, atumbuka ngakwiba nadi

  22. dikisan says:

    Ngati simunaphuzire zanu zimenezo! Kubako ndiye koipa! Mwana! Mwana Mwana chani?

  23. Okhide says:

    He is in police custody for questioning, right? Let the law enforcers bring him to book if found guilty……..osalowetsapo ndale mankhwala akugulidwa ndi ndalama za amphawi omwe pano akufera kunyumba kamba kosowa chithandizo cha mankhwala nzipatala za boma………

  24. Mwembwe says:

    Alomwe waku Ndata, B. Mtharika, anaba K577b, moti pano akusangalala APM akudya zomwezo pano koma palibe chimene chikuchitika. Mchawa wina adatibera K1.7b. Musiyeni mwanayo tiyambe kaye za Bingu ndi m’ng’ono wake. Simukukumbukira kuti A. Peter Mntharika anagula nyumba ku Lilongwe mwachinyengo.

  25. hiv staff says says:

    palibe anapanga interdictmufufuze anthu alipo ayambanso kupita ku field kudya ndalama zomwezo za CDC zo

  26. sis zee says:

    @RIka almost all DHO’s are that young some in their 20’s all they do is drink and steal drugs government should do something about this..

  27. Mwembe says:

    It not only drug even fuel too. The driver has been siphoning diesel all along. Koma zinazi tsiku la number 40 likakwana. kkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!

  28. Racist McTumbukaFace says:

    Achawa kuba kwabasi! Mdzukulu wake wa Joyce Banda !!!!

  29. rufai nachamba says:

    I can’t agree more with you Rika!! The trend is the same in the entire Civil Service. We have so many young Directors heading very important decision making Dpts in govt today. Someone somewhere thinks that a degree is all that matters forgetting that experience is a good teacher in all aspects. Anyamata mukufuna ophunzirawo ndamenewo akuba mankhwalawa mopanda chisoni bcoz they want to get rich over night!

  30. ineyo says:

    ndiye mwati kwawo ndi kuti? So no one should talk about tumbukas bcoz nafe zimatibowa mapeto!

    kuchepa kwa salary is one of the main causes of these pilfering!

  31. Ozisata says:

    This young man was living big, he had a car hire company where he was diverting office fuel to run his cars. Anayamba kale zimenezi.

  32. Oliver Twist says:

    This is very bad, can you believe it? 26 years ago I was selected to do this Pharmacy course? Did theory, practicals both in Central and District Hospitals including Central Medical Stores. I still have the knowledge to date especially Drug Management. But I later abandoned it due to pressure of the public. Their thinking: iam a drug dealer and their expectations were very high that whatever I do, I do due the money realised from drug sales. Now I look back and thank God for saving me from jail time. Trully speaking it’s a tempting job. You become the King of the whole District especially women, they fall prey to young upcoming Pharmacy guys. No wonder most of my friends I attended class with are no more with us in this world. With this AIDS pandemic, let us be honest, lives are being lost due to this pilfrage of drugs in our Hospitals. The Pharmacy, Medicines & Poisons Board needs to revamp the whole Drug Chain Systems. But with our nose diving economy at its best, I doubt if we gonna achieve the goal. Pay these guys well to avoid temptations. Otherwise the Government scale of salaries does not qualify.

  33. Rika says:

    Chinomba, aged30. Mwana ngati ameneyukumpatsa chiudindo chotero? A friend of mine from Kenya once got amazed by seeing toddler faces in MDF and Malawi Police. He said in Kenya some professions have age related. I agreed with him when I went to Kenya, I saw very mature Riot Police. The fact that someone has finished school while young does not mean he should shoulder heavy responsibilities ike these.

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