Drunk Malawi Policeman loses gun: Cop wasted at Kamba pub

A drunken Malawi  police officer has been detained  after he lost a firearm K2C type on Tuesday night to thieves  when he was wasted at the popular Kamba Bottle Stores in Blantyre.

Wasted cop

Wasted cop

The officer identified as Constable Kamoto of Police Mobile Service’s officers based at B Company at Kanjedza, Blantyre officer was on a private job guarding the residence of one of FDH bank boss.

“After sometime, he left the site under the disguise of taking his supper and went to Kamba Bottle Stores where he got drunk and fell asleep. Upon gaining his consciousness he realised the rifle plus his mobile phone were all gone,” a police officer told Nyasa Times.

Southern Region Police spokesperson Ramsy Mushani confirmed the incident and said Cops mounted an impromptu barrier along the Masauko Chipembere Highway hunting for stolen firearm.

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7 thoughts on “Drunk Malawi Policeman loses gun: Cop wasted at Kamba pub”

  1. Robust health wa Frozzy says:

    vuto lelembana ntchito pachibale ndili meneli…kuti mufufuze anabwera ndi a minister kapena IG.

  2. Douglas Ndindi says:

    You say the policeman lost the gun at Kamba? And the so-called impromptu barrier was set up along Masauko Chipembere Highway? Something about the geography used here is not adding up. Can someone out there help me make sense of this? Or maybe I don’t know Blantyre, or the city has changed a lot since I last lived there.

  3. Pax Romana says:

    Nowadays soldiers as well as policemen have No discipline at all.

  4. Officer says:

    We need to revise the type of fire arms government issues to police officers. K2C is an assault military grade fire arm. It is bad enough to be in possession of an Officer who drinks on duty, it is worse if it lands in the hands of hardcore criminals. I have never liked the issuing of military combat grade equipment to regular police officers in this country. They may be physically able to control the gun but are they mentally and emotionally strong to handle the responsibilty of having such a gun in their possession? We need to rearrage the police get smaller weapons like glock 17s and give them to police officers reserve high capacity gun like the K2C and AK47 for the army and Riot Control and Public Order Units.

  5. be humane says:

    Nyasa story siyinathe, was the rifle found or not? nkhani yamunyuzi siyimatha chonchi kungoti the police mounted imprompt road block basi nkhani kuthera pompo?

    1. Alfred Minjo says:

      Well, ndiye kuti sanayipeze

    2. Handsome Chaponda says:

      Be humane, yitha ukayipeza kwa chaponda yakoyo! Wa DPP iye!!

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