Dulani sticks to survey findings: ‘Mutharika has his work cut out’

After being attacked at a rally by President Peter Mutharika and his frontline DPP troops for carrying a “bogus” survey, Dr Boniface Dulani   said the Institute of Public Opinion Research (Ipor) report can be used by government as early warning signs other than being in denial.

Dulani: Survey shows there has also been lack of leadership on critical issues

Dulani: Survey shows there has also been lack of leadership on critical issues

Dulani in the survey findings titled titled “Democratic Governance and People’s assessments of President Peter Mutharika’sone year in office”, it is clear that the President and his DPP government have convinced themselves that they are doing a good job.

However, Dulani said “when public opinion does not match government’s own positive-assessment, it means that what they are doing is not resonating with the wider public. They, therefore, need to do a better job persuading the public about the viability of their agenda or change course before it is too late.”

In an interview published by The Nation, Dulani said the survey findings are showing that a year into his presidency, Peter Mutharika still has his work cut out in persuading Malawians that he is the right captain of the proverbial ship.

“Majorities in the three districts remain unconvinced about his leadership performance and many more say they do not trust him, including a majority in his own home district. This does not imply a trade-off between good governance and public trust. Good governance should feed into increased public trust for leaders. Trust, in other words, has to be earned through leaders’ commitment to good governance.

“Mutharika is seen by a majority in the three districts as not inspiring hope for the future, that he is not performing to their satisfaction a year into his presidency, should be cause for concern for the DPP government,” said Dulani.

He continued: “ A good leader should reflect on this and seek to change course. To do otherwise is to reduce good governance to something that is abstract and far removed from the people.”

The University of Malawi political science don, pointed out that while the survey results show a largely negative picture from the people’s view, it also acknowledge that there are a number of initiatives that if sustained, bode well for the country’s future.

“Take for example the president’s pledge to limit the size of cabinet to 20, the on-going public sector reforms, government’s willingness to allow civil society organisations to exercise their right to demonstrate, to mention, but a few examples.

“Indeed, in the survey itself, we noticed a rather interesting dilemma for people of Rumphi. While a majority said they are unhappy with Mutharika’s one year in office, a majority was also willing to place their trust in him-possibly because of his promise to construct the Livingstonia-Njakwa road. We interpret this to mean Malawians are open to changing their negative perceptions of the president and his government.”

The polls’ conclusion says “it might be too early to pass judgment on the Mutharika presidency”.

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28 thoughts on “Dulani sticks to survey findings: ‘Mutharika has his work cut out’”

  1. ephi says:

    The survey is meant to fool Malawian opposition and give a springboard to DPP. It is a strategy to give APM more ground to easily convince people as he defends himself. It is therefore very unwise for opposition to jubilate on such a sharp knife that in the end hurts the owner. Take your time to check what the previous surveys did to opposition!!!!!!

  2. Major Prophet Bashiri Maluzi says:

    Koma anthu amanamizana. Boma? Litilo? Iyi ndi team yovina beni!

  3. Mashall says:



  4. Angenda for change says:

    stupid findings indeed..Did u see the Heroes welcome for mutharika at his home????. The fact that some stupid politicians hv put some poor journalists on their payroll to decampaign mutharica dont think his supporters who voted for him inthe just ended elections hv vanished..This time do ur research not at adrinking joint bt with sober and neutral focus…..Be informed that llomwe belt loves Peter and novone can move them supporting dpp its their dairy breakfast.Ofcourse the stupid and basrless survey was meant to kickback at peter for xxooling u fools at chanco to know ur duties.Having aphd mreans alot otherthan politicking ask ur fellows …Shame on u..

  5. Concerned Citizen says:

    A Dulani, you have made that reaerch. Now what do you suggest for our country Malawi? We want constructive criticism.
    Can you make other researches on: 1. Whether malawians would like to continue with Socialism or not? 2. Whether the cry for federation has a just cause or not. How can you advise the govt to solve the problems?

  6. Zanga Phe Basi says:

    Dulani akati dpp iwina mumati koma ameneyu the sane dulani says u r not peeforming as expected mukuti u e biased!

    it is not dulani who biased here but u ppo who r bigheaded and egocenteric! I thot u wud take dulani’s findings as early warnibg signs and bench mark for your performance measurement indicators.

    B objective when taking takings things.

  7. paddy says:

    iwe angoni a paphata ndiwe chitsiru mulomwe. apm mbuzi yakoyo ingafanane ndi Bwana Chakwera?

  8. ken shaba says:

    We should look at Malawi as a banana Republic.no difference between the educated and iuneducated leaders.Malawians can not act when things are going wrong because even in homes there is segregation.

  9. MLOZO says:

    Wakutsina khutu ndi mnasi,kungoti zimapweteka

  10. Joe Mpezeni says:

    We don’t even need an afrobarometer whatever kind of survey.Mutharika is a total failure for Malawi.Saulos and Mbendera gave us a raw deal.

  11. kabotolokamo says:

    Hahahaha! its interesting that the learned are making such seen mistakes ! I for l , l just want my Malawi back !These so called Prof and Dr are liers , they are there to help themselves , when we question them , they stand and say we know nothing ! Lets get our country back and stop trusting fools !lol

  12. Think Tank says:

    The isssue is not Dulani. A closer look reveals that APM and dpp are alarmed with the opinion results. It is the same Dulani whose Afrboroneter’s survey was hailed in 2009 when it predicted dpp victory. Dulani and his survey was a toast and term of reference during 2013/14 surveys predicted dpp and APM victory. They have seen the accuracy from this group and are alarmed to the point of losing their heads in reasoning. Instead of doing some soul-searching,they called the “Lionel Messi” of uncouth language to do the nonsense and insults. They are having sleepless nights and have unleashed their terrier of character assassinations in the name of the minister

  13. angoni apaphata says:

    Uni a means mai. Musanyoze ma lecturer onse. Ma professor a ku Bunda amalemba za nzeru. Olo kamuzu ankadziwanso. Chimphamba. Kasomekera. Makhambera. Kenyans photo. Msuku. Kamwanja.abc mkandawire… Just to mention a few. We have real brains of course some of them passed but my point is it is not only the noisy political profs. Tikanali nasi anzeru ovala ma jacket eishhh Loma mmutumo ndiye nkhani. I rest my case

  14. Sangomaa says:


  15. Police Palibe ,PP says:

    Mpaseni Chakwera alamulire ? Munthu wopenga onena za zii ngati zimenezi wapanga bwanji . Boma bwanawe sitimapasana , koma amawina kuzera muzisankho. Kungoti ku Africa kwathu kuno palibe amaluza koma kuberedwa , ngakhale zizindikilo zonse zikusocheza kuti analuza koma amati tabeledwa . Imvani izi nonse nyau, Ma MP, ambiri anali a DPP ,ma khansalanso chimozimodzi, nanga m’busayu anawinira pati , angobwerera azikadya za mpingo , m’busa wa feki

  16. Mwana Mai says:

    The research APM requested university lecturers (Teachers) to conduct was concerning academic and not political in nature, unless if such a research will benefit the university/students/the general public. But if they start wasting their time and other hard earned resources on trivia, is what people of good intentions do not condone. If anything, carry out those researches and use the findings in their lectures as case studies and if they want to become famous or known in the outside circles then let them produce journals or academic papers that could be used not only by the university locally but other universities universally. Those who read widely will agree that rarely will you find an academic contribution from Lecturers in Malawi; if a Malawian academician endeavours to come up with a paper to contend with or worth the salt then that Malawian is lecturing abroad. Good examples of what I am talking about are people like the Mapanjes, mchombos, zelezas etc. but what do we see with our local breed, it’s jumping on the band wagon whereby they are satisfied being called “Experts” in politics, law, governance etc without anything to support their arguments. This is the problem those of us on the peripheral have a problem with. Even their unconvincing surveys are very suspect, with very minimal factual, credible and methodologically lacking in a properly instituted project. How do you carry out two pieces of research in one go, because that is what Dr. Dulani said in one of the excerpts? In a nutshell, researches should be substantial, contextual, and be beneficial to those who will use them, not only for the purposes of seeking fame, activism etc.

  17. nick says:

    IF the President of Malawi is there because his brother chose him to be there — IF this president lives in a huge palace paid-for by money stolen by that brother from his own people — IF this president is guilty with several members of his Cabinet of a conspiracy to subvert the Constitution of Malawi — is it REALLY surprising that there is a lack of trust in him??
    I for one don’t need an afrobarometer survey to tell me!!

  18. Alfred Minjo says:

    Hello, hello. Boniface Dulani ndi waku Mwanza but he and his mother settled ku Nkhula in Thyolo. Iam not surprised to hear or read his biased survey results for Thyolo. Ndangodutsamo.

  19. You don’t have ayes to see. This young handsome and quiet VP guy will obviously make it. He is the right candidate and he really deserves. Remember history repeat itself.

  20. Eco Stat says:

    It is Professor Dulani, and NOT Mr Dulani!!

  21. Jelbin mk says:

    The president said that lectures should concentrate on conducting research rather than dwelling on trivia issues and Dr Dulani took heed of the president’s call by conducting the research and the president is bitter with that so what does he want lectures to do? The president must be the most stupid dunderhead in Malawi.

  22. ale mlomwe says:

    ampase chakwera kut apitirize kulamula chani? munthu analephera kuyendesa timachalichi teni teni ndiye mukuti ayendese boma mmmm mwatolozedwa eti? chakkwera ali ku church amangonyenga tiwana basi he can nt b a president he z a failed leader prove!

  23. ale mlomwe says:

    iwe dulani wasuta sodya eti? uzikamba za ku rumphi kwako konko osati ku thyolo wamva tikulodzatu anthu aku rumphi olo asamufune professor tilibe nayo ntchito paja iwowo anavotera joyce bandawe

  24. sir bentby says:

    Aphoka Akuti Rumphi sazatheka basi

  25. Zidura Ntengo Undigwere says:

    “It might be too early to pass judgment on the (Peter) Mutharika presidency”.
    Well, that last statement is news to most of us. How come it was not part of the discussion until now? Surely, the survey seems to have decreed (prematurely) that APM was a failed politician. Wrong, wrong, wrong. He may surprise you, again, come 2019.
    Mr. Dulani has to understand that criticism of his survey, by non politicians, is nothing personal. There are many people out there who are not lecturers at Chanco, but understand statistics, bio-metrics and population surveys as much as he does. The main bone of contention was the methodology he employed in the study. Bad methodology produces bad results. And worse: unreliable and meaningless results. And, unfortunately, detrimental decision making!
    Statistical analysis is not just about the numbers. It is also about results that make sense. People will not accept, or criticize results just because they are from Dulani, or anybody else. How, for example, does he explain the results from Thyolo? They make no sense based on what people know. So, explain, please Mr. Dulani.
    Just before the last elections, there were some fake and dubious surveys that showed PP winning. And many people protested: and the election results vindicated them.
    Then came an Afrobarometer study, which confirmed what people were observing on the ground. And the election results validated the “Afro” study. Did they not? Again, there, people were scrutinizing the methodologies. Nothing more; nothing less.
    Just because Dulani was involved in that credible Afrobarometer study does NOT meant he should be trusted 100% always. And just because he’s a teacher at Chanco does not mean that he should not be challenged. There are other madolo (experts) out there.

  26. Mbanangwa says:

    Wait a minute, the president is at a pedestle. He can not articulate issues etc . The populace of Rumphi from Njakwa to Livingstonia is not that big to swerve the mind of the majority.

  27. B. kamanga says:

    Anabela mavoti mpatseni Chakwera apitilize kutumikira a Malawi osati kulamulira monga enawa akuchitira.

  28. MALOPA Jnr says:

    Mr IBU zamudera apa

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