Dump ‘mbyofo mbyoyo’ subsidy to fund education sector, MP Lunguzi tells Malawi govt

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) Dedza east MP Juliana Lunguzi has made a frantic plea to government to suspend the Decent and Affordable Housing (Cement and Malata) Subsidy  programme and relocate resources to the collapsing public education sector.

Juliana Lunguzi MP Dedza East : Help the education sector

Juliana Lunguzi MP Dedza East : Help the education sector

The youthful parliamentarian made the plea on Tuesday in the National Assembly during question time, when legislations ask ministries for state funded public services for their respective areas.

Lunguzi and other legislators had asked the Minister of Education Emmanuel Fabiano what the government is doing to improve the education in community day secondary schools.

However, Fabiano continuously said the government has no resources and asked communities and other well wishers to come in and bail out the government.

This prompted Lunguzi to suggest to government to dump the malata and cement subsidy programme in order to relocate the resources to the ministry of education which is facing severe financial problems due to the economic woes the country is facing.

There was no immediate reaction from the government on the suggestion but a few weeks ago President Peter Mutharika alleged some opposition members of parliament were planning to move a motion in parliament to force the government discontinue the malata programme.

Mutharika said his administration cannot discontinue the programme because it is benefitting the poorest of the poor.

He  further said the project is based on the principle of equity to ensure that 79 percent of the country’s population as revealed by the 2008 Housing and Population Census who live in grass thatched houses can have a decent house.

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52 thoughts on “Dump ‘mbyofo mbyoyo’ subsidy to fund education sector, MP Lunguzi tells Malawi govt”

  1. Hey! says:

    I support that the best way to cut costs is to reduce number of constituencies. MEC should embark on demarcation way before 2019 elections. Even those for ward counsellors should also be reduced and re-demarcated.

    On a lighter note, this girl Lunguzi looks more appealing (chindable or chindability) than one Jessie despite having equal volumes in rantings. KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK

  2. akuntinji anamuona says:

    The problem with you Madam Mp, it seems you are absent from your duties. You attended the budget session and approved the programme. If am not making mistake you were not elected not on by-election.

    You spend a good number of days, scrutinise budget and you even failed to see the gap in Education sector. May be you could not see that time because you were given hefty allowance?

    It will be an insult to us for you honourable to refer Malata subsidy as Mbofyo when with your parliament language and with other 192 appropriated the programme into law.

    Do not make stupid political tactics where you were behind the same programme in the parliament.

    You can do better next time. Please know that when you are making decision in parliament it’s not for some Dedza constituency, but the whole Malawi where we are also benefiting.

    Stop nonsense and be real. Face realities of Malawi otherwise you may dream up to 2019. Search me.

  3. Ba waku Malaka says:

    Malata Mbofyo is another stupid program of Mr Goodall Mbofyo.

    This is one of stealing money. It does not make economic sense. What’s the difference with Joyce’s stupid 5X5 meters house program?

    Stupidity! Total stupidity!

    As Lunguzi is suggesting, we had better invested in education. As far as I know, education may not ensure richness but for sure ENSURE LIBERATION FROM POVERTY.

    Education is the best investment that Malawi can make.

    By the way, this mbofyo thing will haunt Goodall until his resignation in 2018. I am sure he will resign due to untold embarrassment considering the poor performance of the economy.

  4. ZANGAZANGA says:


  5. masa masina says:

    In Malawi, poor people are only good for votes. Politicians need poor people to vote them into office.

  6. nabanda says:

    kodi kuti fees zo zakwera ndizingati umadzangobwebwetuka osadziwa kuti what percentage is the increase, please tell me, nanga mungoti fees yakwera osanena kuti ndizingati???

  7. malawi says:

    Much as akuyankhula zanzeru, komano where was she when the budget for that was passed. Anakibe vision Lunguziyu???

  8. kambwali says:

    tandipasa nambala yako Juliana ndimakufuna kwabasi

  9. Myao says:


  10. sawasawa says:

    Abale madamuwa akulankhula zanzeru apa. Akayika ndalama zambiri ku Chipatala ndi Maphunziro zithandiza kwambiri pa nthawiyino chifukwa ambilife sukulu sitinapite nayo patali nchifukwa chake timango bwebwetuka basi. Tiyi nazo Lunguzi auzeeeeee.

  11. Kamzati says:

    Good idea koma o Ngwazi sonatero. Kamuzu never mentioned education as being primary thing that one requires. For him there are three basic things that Malawians need: good food, decent clothing, and a house that does not leak. The rest is luxury. That’s the Kamuzu in whose footsteps you follow Ms Lunguzi! Zamkutu!

  12. Taweni says:

    At least this is a good suggestion to come from the Opposition. If funds are in short supply a sensible thing is to suspend Cement and Malata subsidy until such time that funds are available.


  13. Kanyimbi says:

    Its time that the country should have new blood leaders. The woman has given a good suggestion.

  14. Charter says:

    More fire Julie! Good job!

  15. Nyumba Yodontha says:

    Debate the issue not the person. She has talked issues and has not mentioned anyone. Why should you say about her husband or her pesonality. Kupanda mfundo basi ngati Bwampini.

  16. Njolinjo says:

    Some comments show that we have empty heads like the one from Malawi ndiwabwino. All you have written is crap.

  17. Bevulo says:

    Here is a situatn, u give a poor family 30 bags cement foo thi so calld malata subsidy, this family does nt ve food, they did nt get thi ferts coupon meang no fert, seeds etc…they end up sellg the 30 bags cement so thei cn buy food and ferts…Now is thi so calld subsidy OBJECTIVE of having a decent house achieved?? Is thea any effectve way of monitorg thi recepients to make sure they achieve thi programs objectve? Cost sharg..did govt say the recepients ll share thi cost of buildg this house really? Wi Malawians re fond of sitting mphwiii an wait foo sme1 to give us wat we want.

  18. Obusa says:

    when Judas saw a lady wiping feet of Jesus with expensive oil, what did he say? Was it out of sympathy for the poor? MCP ask Obusa to interpret for you!

  19. Zokoka says:

    I am afraid if this girl is married the man is in his own prison under the roof! The likes of Jessie and Akweni talking like ZBS.

  20. take over says:

    malawi will never develop period

  21. dee kay says:

    Nyumbazo nkudzimangiratu kuti akabwerera adzagule motchipa

  22. Malawi ndiwabwino ? says:

    Opposition MCP the more you speack the more peaple hate you. Meaning gvt is right and pple are happy with everything it is doing. And do really believe any southerner can vote for you in any elections ? ? ? There is too much hate from that side for you guys. It it only C & N that always vote for the pple from South but south will NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER vote for any one from the two regions

  23. Ireland Man says:

    Why do yo pay attention to this girl? is she the only opposition parliamentarian in the house kapena one of you ku Nyasatimes have a stake in her?

  24. cashgate1 says:

    There is something fishy with this program that most of us don’t know. When crooked politicians akakamila chinthu, know kuti pali njira izo akudyerapo. This could be a potential channel where government could be spending lots of money when actually that money is ending up in ministers, president and other inner circle pockets. I would take advise to relocate these resources to health or education or even agriculture which will benefit lots of people than few individuals.

  25. Time will tell says:

    Osanamizanapo apa Malawi siyinafike pa welfare state kuti ingamangile anthu nyumba. Sikuti a Malawi akugona panja ayi. Ambiri mmidzi especially kumwela amagona nyumba zowaka madothi chifukwa cha ulesi. Munthu uli ndi mphamvu zako sungaumbe zidina kapena kuotcha njerwa kumene nkuzimangila nyumba? Zoona zimenezi? Maganizidwe athu ku Malawi ndiobwerera mbuyo koopsya.

  26. Chilungamo Chimawawa says:

    DPP just tell Malawians you have failed to govern the country!!!!!

  27. bob says:

    Some 0f the comments are from the ruling party themselves with no sense at all

  28. Is Juliana Lunguzi married??

  29. BMW says:

    Uyu ndizamchinda ine.

  30. Chiduma says:

    where is malata subsidy introduced Kasungu or else is in the south only?

  31. Titakhuta Tinatero says:

    A big ndinu ombula nzeru. Tomato titero

  32. Lazaro says:

    Typical of Achewa. Nyumba za malata iwo alibe nazo ntchito ayi. Iwo monga nyau zanthengo amakonda nyumba za udzu. They can sell tobacco, groundnuts, maize, beans etc but cant build a decent house. Bola akamwe tea mu tea room.

  33. Muhiwa says:

    This is the best idea if government have makutu amve osatengeranso kuti ndiwa opposition but to be frankly things are more than harder ndiangati akwanitse fees imeneyi potengera mmene moyo uliri pano ine ndiye dae harder wa dpp kuno ku mulanje zinthu sizilibwino kaya koko ku towniko kuno mabvuto ndithu

  34. dennis says:

    This is the best idea if government have makutu amve osatengeranso kuti ndiwa opposition but to be frankly things are more than harder ndiangati akwanitse fees imeneyi potengera mmene moyo uliri pano ine ndiye dae harder wa dpp kuno ku mulanje zinthu sizilibwino kaya koko ku towniko kuno mabvuto ndithu

  35. Tonde says:

    What a stupid suggestion! What is the point of replacing one subsidy with another? Malawi siidzatukukaditu iyi

  36. Peter27 says:

    I love the idea of discontinuing the malata thing… Which only goes to people affiliated with the ruling party anyway!

  37. chaponda says:

    Juliana you are right 100% only that this DPP government cannot listen, they are doing this deliberately so that in the future these neglected people( ana a lero asaphunzire) should suffer again kuti adzawamangileso nyumba insteady of giving them education today.

  38. Kaligondo says:

    Anthu ena mumalankhula ngati opanda mutu ,kodi chabwino ndi chani kugona mu nyumba ya malata ndi njala ? Ukadwala mankhwala kulibe ku chipatala ndiye wina uziyankhula zokhuta.

  39. big man koma wopanda nzelu ngati APM ,Yes nd manifesto ya DPP koma ndalama si za DPP ndi za a Malawi.

  40. drogba says:

    my appetite for MCP now gone after the Bisnowarty jibe. nothing you say will convince me

    1. Chitapata says:

      100% wrong abiti lunguzi, subsidy to subsidy kk, za uletsi basi.

    2. How says:

      You have never been MCP iwe

  41. ankhoma says:

    ltotally agree with this briliant young lady,this is very constructive idea.this thing called subsidy is killing this nation. use the money to buy teaching and learning resources.

  42. ben phiri says:

    asiyeni chosanva adachiphikira masamba

  43. chindaxi says:

    Good shelter but poor education… No use… That means you will beg shelter for ever.

    After good education you will be able to build your own good houses…

  44. The Analyst says:

    Lunguzi, can’t you see that you are slowly losing touch?

    If you say abandon the malata subsidy programme and allocate the money to education, how will you assess the effectiveness of the money in the education sector vis-a’-vis the malata subsidy or descent housing programme? By bulding more school blocks? Or training or employing more teachers? Or increasing intake into secondary or university?

    Let us desist from making general or ambigous suggestions. Coz such suggestion do not help anybody or any country.

    Also it helps to not speak if we have nothing of worth to say. Rememeber . . .

    “A wise man speaks because he has something to say. A fool speaks because he has to say something.” – Plato (Greek Philosopher)

  45. Prince Edward rsa says:

    Is that agood development for the indians or malawians.Pitala provide the raborateries and text books,all xool learning materials plz plz plz if your education did not enlighten you are a flop amongst the flopest sukulu sinakuthandize galu iwe wat is malata and cement on top of education if you are a faliare dont hinder the future malawians.

  46. i'm the guy in the ma units video says:

    hello my ma hope, munasowatu. muziyesetsa kumatokota daily kuti muzituluka mu nyasatimes pafupi-pafupi. good night future wife.

  47. Sapitwa says:

    Why should DPP drop Malata/ Cement subsidy to compensate the funds for education? Did you do cost comparison and found that the subsidy funds are far too much to improve education shortfalls? As this is on DPP’s manifesto and most likely that DPP would not buy in into your suggestion, did you find another alternative source that the government would tap into? You see lack of these skills by an MP makes him/her redundant. They are unable to debate successfully.
    A good opposition politicians is determined on the much information they source and how they use the information e.g cost figures and comparisons etc. to challenge the government. I don’t see this in opposition legislatures. All I hear are wild guesses and day dreams which does not help at all.

  48. Prince Edward rsa says:

    Malata and cement? The future for malawi as anation for prosperty that is what pitala knows better(kupanda mzelu kwa president and cabinet.)

  49. Muhiye says:

    Lunguzi leave DPP alone to fulfill it’s campaign promises.They are driving their agenda and mind you this is government running it’s affairs.

  50. big man says:

    its DPP’S manifesto not mcp’s.they are doing what they promised.wait for your time to do your education subsidy.

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