Dzuka Malawi: Dear Christians, read the bible, we need a Religious Commission

Ephesians 4 verse 14  As a result, we are no longer to be children, tossed here and there by waves and carried about by every wind of doctrine, by the trickery of men, by craftiness in deceitful scheming

I am a Christian but my father was in the Ministry of Agriculture. That afforded me opportunity to travel and stay  in Mangochi at Makanjila, Chikwawa at Ndakwera and of course my favourite gule wankulu shrine at Kaluluma in Kasungu.Dzuka Malawi

So I am very familiar with many of our traditions, customs and even thinking. Of course its not about quota for my brothers and sisters in the Northern Region, I was educated at Robert Laws, later dismissed got a space at St. Johns Bosco in Champhira. My college was at Livingstonia Technical before moving to Domasi for my teacher education.

So you can see, I am a well-rounded multi-tribal Malawian. My first teaching job was at Lichenza and later Zoa and Masambanjati schools. Now as to where I am, I live in our gracious capital where the Mayor sleeps all the time and the deputy is shooting music videos.

Moving between Christian schools including my three week stint at Matandani in Neno, I have learnt to value the powerful God almighty. I believe strongly that God Almighty exists and he gave us the Bible to find answers.

Our literacy levels have gone high, but so with it looks like our stupidity. Imagine State House fighting Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, Catholics at Likuni fighting for no reason at all. Then we have Christians being caught abducting albinos, mob-killing thieves or suspected witches, calling for killing of gays, hacking each other in Mzuzu on political grounds or simply being stupid and believing in “miracle money or prosperity.”

It seems the Christians now believe more Television and Prophets, Pastors etc than they believe the word of God. They jump at every opportunity to be “blessed, anointed or touched” by a fellow human than waiting upon God to help them.

Of course I have heard some ridiculous suggestions that we are poor because we pray too much. No there is a difference between praying and being stupid. We are stupid and gullible, every thief who claims to do a miracle we follow them. That has nothing to do with being a God-fearing nation.

God already foretold us to expect thieve to abuse his name. It is the lazy and part time Christians who become poor and spend time receiving preaching about prosperity without hard work. If you read your bible you will find it.

Forget the social media researched rants, atheists in USA are only 1 percent, and believers are more than non-praying believers, in Israel one of the richest nations on earth they still pray to God, close businesses on Saturday and still get rich. They understand that a God fearing person works hard, prays and look after the poor not reap them off.

In UK the Head of Church of England is the Queen, she still prays every Sunday.

The problem with us is not religion. It is the new spirit of getting rich quickly without working for it. From such sin of trying to earn without sweat, God told us of misery. Ask cashgators if they sleep in peace, some were shot have to go to hospital while some can’t be anywhere near their own homes.

Sin brings misery that’s what the bible says. God brings happiness. But the secret of God to happiness is not anything you need to spend money on. God’s things are all free. Life was given to us freely, so too air we pollute every day.

The only thing God asked us to do was to believe in him and do his two commandments, as in Mathews 22 v 37And He said to him, “‘YOU SHALL LOVE THE LORD YOUR GOD WITH ALL YOUR HEART, AND WITH ALL YOUR SOUL, AND WITH ALL YOUR MIND.

He adds and also love your fellow human being as you love yourself.

If you read the bible, you will find your answers than some weird witchdoctors telling you they went to heaven and took pictures which you pay MWK200, 000 to get copies.

Anybody asking you money in the name of God is a thief simple. Gods things are free and the only people who deserve your giving are the less privileged, those in hospitals, jails, widows, orphans and with disabilities or the elderly. The rest let them fend for themselves.

Magicians do exist so too soothsayers who can foretell your future. Even in the Bible they were there and King Saul went to one of them after God had deserted him. He raised the spirit of Samuel for him.

Be careful what you submit yourself to, read you bible and stop being a weak Christian who instead of praying and studying the word of God, joins the easy way out to heaven by fake men and women.

In ancient Egypt, when Moses turned his walking stick to a snake, Magicians too did the same only their snakes were swallowed by Moses’

There is a thin line between religion, superstition and witchcraft. Dzuka Malawi, stop spending money buying fetish stuff, start worshiping a true God by reading and doing his word, you will see a really God-fearing nation not the witch-thief killers, albino hunters and porn sharing country we have become!


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A writer in his own class…

Yanga Mbali
Fair article but analysis is in my view one sided:- i) Hard working is important but not the only prerequisite of prosperity. It is possible to work very hard and yet be very poor e.g. if operating under a curse; ii) I am not sure who is really “stupid” between those that believe in miracle money and those who don’t. Miracles are a gift of the Holy Spirit as per 1 Corinthians 12:10. Unless we have different definitions and understanding of the word MIRACLE, in my view if one works very hard in order to achieve something through his own… Read more »
Charlie Hebdo
Even for miracles you have to work for them. When God rained manna from heaven, Israelites had to go out to collect them every morning. They didn’t just sit in their tents waiting for manna to appear on their tables. Have you ever wondered why we have so many beggars in our streets? Do you think these people do not pray for miracles to happen to them? Have you ever witnessed a beggar who is now off the streets? One thing is very clear. They worked for it. You may give alms to a beggar, but it takes his efforts… Read more »
The Analyst

“Honest disagreement, is a sign of progress.” – Mahatma Gandhi


Yanga Mbali, I have no objection to your analysis. The bible has all the answers staring at us.


awa ndi anzeru akummawa amaitha


People say Malawians don’t think. Hey this writer is directly the opposite. Good and very good. I have always believed in the adage that if something is good to be true it probably is. People can’t keep faith today simply because new things are happening in a church somewhere. Be faithful to God He will be to you


Its rilly time for us christians to wek up and study the word of God for ourserves just like the berean christians in Acts 17 vs 11. Masiku ano tingokhulupilira zili zonse coz we dont rilly know the truth thats why the devil is taking advantage of the church.May God help us indid…. Thanx for the wonderful advice!!!!


Did Moses turn a stick into a snake or it was God who did it? If he turned it, why was he afraid?
Be your own critic. Otherwise you show your own ignorance!


Beautiful Wonderful Powerful Frultiful!

Frank Luke

wow!!!! that’s really true….yes let us have spiritual eye…. and mind as well ..amen


You write very well. From your biography it seems you are male looking at the schools you have attended but your name sounds female Rudo Tariro . is it a pseudo name or real. Otherwise I cherish your writing style and in depth skill of analytical ability. Keep it up


Good advice

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