Dzuka Malawi: Dear Unima, you are the other reason Malawi is poor

I was doing some analysis of what is wrong in Malawi. I discovered that the University of Malawi is one of those things that is wrong in Malawi. Literally, the University is one of the cancers of society, it is a good reason why Malawi is poor today.Dzuka Malawi

Before I even published the thinking, viola, they vindicated me. They approved a 2000 percent increase in fees for mature students from an average of MWK280, 000 to 1 million. Annually. The Registrar decided to spice it up with a ridiculous anticipation clause “please select many, because there might be many who will not be taking up places (sic)!”

Does the University have any survival strategy, if it can only plan fees increase without evaluating the consequences and only plan to have more so that the poor who fail are replaced? Is this a strategy that can save Malawi on serious issues of national planning and strategy?

Now you agree with me, that the University is part of cancerous tumours that is affecting our society. The poverty of mind and strategy from the highest levels of education as exposed, should send alarms to Government. We need special reforms at our University pronto. If we were in doubt, here is a start, they have no idea how to generate resources save for school fees.

The Former Vice Chancellor Emmanuel Fabiano is now a Minister of Education, I am waiting for him to address Malawians on this blatant and most ridiculous way to privatise education, just because the University could not afford to create enough space for most of us.

Mature students are those struggling in offices and places that they use the route to education as upgrading not as sort of privileged class. Their salaries are those paid in Government and many companies averaging 120,000 a month. Even if they saved the whole year, they cant raise a million for education. Our thieving bank loans are katapila.

As an institution of higher learning, it should not make decisions without empiric evidence if their proposal is suitable for the market or can be scientifically, politically, economically or socially work. The University of Malawi has no time for science to test own decisions. Its Management is pathetic and that is why it comes up with bizarre proposals that will not only bar deserving Malawians education, but will see it run down.

Now, without the school fees for mature students. Let me break down why this University is a problem in Malawi? I will compare our poor University with those in the region namely University of Zambia and the University of Zimbabwe. The two have same political, funding and almost academic departments like UNIMA. University of Dar es Salaam and Eduardo Mondlane University in Maputo are very far from our standards.

UNIMA is responsible for producing our current leaders in all spheres, public and corporate sectors. Our lawyers (less than 2 percent are foreign educated), our accountants, economists, engineers, doctors, nurses, irrigation experts, agriculturalists, engineers and if you want to believe it even scientists. Of course since early 2000 we have been producing Journalists too at the Polytechnic and quasi media personnel at Chancellor College.

Look at poor quality of infrastructure in Malawi today, you have the right college you can point out. Thieving lawyers stealing clients’ money, check their CVs which college they went, cashgate masterminds came from a certain college together literally, then why we are poor when we have loud mouth economists, civil society and of course colourful politicians all graduates of this University.

But wait a minute. The University in the early 70s and mid 1980s was known for innovations. The college of Nursing developed the Kangaroo concept of premature babies among others.

I challenge you, apart from Bunda college seedlings, what has been Chancellor College or  Polytechnic innovations in the past 20 years that we are using on the market. The ethanol propelled vehicle is an initiative of the Lilongwe Technical College not the engineering faculty at Poly. The Journalism department has no newspaper or radio for trained, they use illusions.

The greats of our literature Zeleza Manda, Dede Kankondo (Bunda), Jolly Max Ntaba, Steve Chimombo, Jack Mapanje and others wrote and published from the Chancellor College. The Chancol choral festivals produced quality music artists. No books are emerging from our colleges!

Today, the University has more politicians in Parliament or fighting for political appointments, because like many other parts of our society, they have been reduced to politicians. Each competing to speak louder or go home and run for political seat. PhD holders have proven worst MPs, bootlickers!

Former University dons now in political office indicate the embarrassing side of our academics. How do you explain a PhD holder reducing himself to a Government hand clapper or political party spokesperson? We used to have huge, very huge big university names and they never were lured by cheap partisan, tribal politics we see being done at the University.

We should have been producing graduates that fit into our model of economics and move us out of poverty, both poverty of mind and poverty of physical being. But they lack brains how to generate money, how to do research, they are all fantastically immersed in politics.

It is embarrassing to see University lecturers being paraded on televisions giving queer opinion just to receive handouts. We had John Chisi leaving the University without any practical research or scientific evidence that he could win, he went to run like some primary school dropout, just a joke of the nation. The intellectual deficiency for a University don to attempt things without any scientific basis should scare Malawians what these people are teaching our children.

Universities worth their names are busy minting money in research and innovation. The research portfolio for Africa alone is over USD800 million dollars annually, with Senegal, Egypt, South Africa, Morocco, Tanzania and Nigeria sharing the largest pot. Imagine if University of Malawi attracted only 5 million dollars in research annually, our politically oriented dons would be happy to do something different.

School fees are charged based on the economics scale of any population. The University is supposed to find solutions to the challenges of our communities. But UNIMA has failed.

Schools like Kamuzu Academy and Blantyre International University are able to attract International students because of their marketing strategy who pay in dollars and offset the local costs, the University of Malawi, save for The College of Medicine has nothing to offer to International students or partner programmes like Malawi Institute of Management to offer something competitive internationally.

No, UNIMA after taxpayers funding for 52 years, wake up. Dzuka UNIMA, fees are not the solution to your money woes. Research and Innovation is. Very simple, if you have no idea how to run a modern university, please step aside and look for innovators and real academics. Lets go and do politics away from common rooms.

Finally, are our campuses not a  laughing stock when the whole Polytechnic an engineering college and hub for SDNP for years has no free wifi save for Library. Hi hi hi hi and you want to charge a million for mediocrity in 21stcentury!

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21 thoughts on “Dzuka Malawi: Dear Unima, you are the other reason Malawi is poor”

  1. Thomas Taimu says:

    The reason our university doesnt grow is because it operates like a high school. Universities world over are rated by the quality of their published research. And to quote some forum “meaningful research is made at Masters and PhD level”. Now the question is why is it that after 50 years of operation the University of Malawi has not yet a developed post graduate programme. Malawi wastes bilions of kwachas training its postgraduants outside the country majority of whom never come back not to mention that they contribute to research for their foreign universities and countries. If you look for papers by malawians out there published for foreign universities you will be shocked at the numbers and quality. If that was done under the banner of Unima you will be surprised at how highly rated our university would have been and how it would have been attracting foreign students not to mention how that research would have contributed to the development of our country and finding of solutions for our problems. Of course one must also question how govt places Unima in its development agenda. One needs to come up and tell me how much research funding govt provides to Unima because they say charity begins at home. Until this is seriously looked into and we demonstrate to the general public that university is a centre of knowledge and that we can rely on it for our R&D, we shall continue on this path until doomsday

  2. Prof. Odidiyoo says:

    This writing, to use biblical language, it forth-tells and foretells what a university ought to be. Unfortunately, in Nyasaland, no one accept a brilliant idea like this. Most guys dominating our offices have no idea of what to do apart from being parasites. Man thumb up. I like your ideas. Keep up

  3. Kukambamwatchutchutchu says:

    I have liked what what Rudo has written, except for the emotions, which ultimately has eroded the sense. the University has problems, problems caused by the structural arrangement, overloaded politics, lack of freedom, and all. but conduct of the graduates of the university, is not a derivative of the university. the university does not train people how to steal, it just trains students whose ambitions are to get rich quick, and they go miles to get stinky rich. this problem is not particularly the university of Malawi, but rather the overall education system in Malawi. the education system lacks pragmatism on how biology, history, geography, philosophy, and mathematics can translated into national development, not personal development. overreliance on employment has proved faulty in many countries, Malawi’s employment rate is pathetic, yet the universities continue to produce thousands of graduates every year. where do they go? the become thieves. they make us poor, they steal drugs in hospitals, and torture poor Malawians. they become finance ministers who introduce different types of taxes, Malawi is a poor country with taxes on every little thing, taxes on rent, pants, sugar, milk, eggs, tomatoes, and all. ones pay is shared 50:50 with government through taxes. to sum it up, what the university has done in raising the fees up is a product of a combination of our mindset, corrupt culture, anti-development mentality, and aristocratic governance, that leaves no room for those down to ladder to climb up. it is not the fault of the university, it is the creation of us Malawians!

  4. John Black says:

    Unima is complying with the reduced funding that the Mutharika (champion of education!) government is laying on it. It should be protesting the government decisions. There is where the problem is. Unima does not get research grants because the standards have been eroded by inadequate government funding.

  5. Feledo says:

    Congratulations Rudo. You deserve a pat on the back. Our neigbhouring Universities are even ranking better on the log sheet of Universities in Africa.

    And its pathetic to hear from our University saying those mature students’ fees are being paid by their companies. This also is showing lack of research.

    With the dwindling economy, how many companies are paying for their workers for upgrading?

    And also let me ask the University what if people decide to boycot and go to other universities? How will they raise the much needed money?

  6. muwadiya says:

    do more research about what you’ve written about Poly’s Internet Rudo. I believe you’re not in the system and just visit Poly at the Porters Lodge…

  7. Unima says:

    Only in Malawi, presidents are chancellors, dull or educated. I did not know the universities you have mentioned the chancellors are magufuli, zuma, etc. Do your own way in unima, and invite the wrath of cadets.

  8. rafik says:

    Its quite true . we hv no education in Malawi pple in Malawi goes to schools not to improve their lives or help the government no but to undermine and dispise the Yao pple from Mangochi. kulimbana ndikunyoza ayao kuti ndiosaphunzila pomwe anthuwo amadya zawo ndiozilimbikila paokha we dnt see what the use of education in Malawi wen they dnt deliver. Our country is going down daily but we hv so called professors who graduated frm those institutions all they know is theory nt practical shame it’s better myself coz i dnt deceive myself am jst working hard to improve myself n ma family thn those who jst keep their degree in their wardrobes only using them for cashgate. viva Mangochi

  9. zoona says:

    If I were Government I would compile all the writings of this great writer, compile them, read and digest. Whoever he is is a greatest writer who sees things different and can offer alternatives. sad he cant write the truth and use his or her name in a democracy. Viva Rudo, we cant wait to read the next one. UNIMA DZUKA!

  10. zoona says:

    Dont blame the university for your stupidity. If engineers cant build a toilet whose problem is that? The issue is us UNIMA graduates very lazy kumangochinda kapena kuchindidwa basi. We have no time for whatever we are doing. Education on its own cannot make you brilliant. Actually the world is full of educated imbeciles. Concentrate on your chores and love your work. Why cant qualified accountants in govt reconcile their books? This nothing to do with UNIMA. Mind you the CAPITALIST NIGGER explains exactly what is wrong with us black people. Blacks were in USA decades before south east Asians but today Asians are doing well. In Africa Arabs have better cities and roads and better schools than black africa including the so called Africas biggest economy without fuel yet its a producer. I can say more and more but the bottom line is that WE ARE NUTS

  11. pyola says:

    Who is Rudo Tariro. Whoever you are, you are an intelligent and great writer. Malawi should nature and inspire such great minds.

  12. Ba says:


  13. Kaka says:

    Wow! I am speechless. You are in your own class. Sometimes I forget that I am reading. It is as if you are physically preaching this good news message to me. I also like the way you isolate issues to address in your article. Preach on, I am listening.

  14. Wowa says:

    Great writing, this should serve as an advice and rebuke to the stake holders what are we doing as a nation. You are very right in your writing that our Universities are producing graduates but there are no results out there. Look at the roads narrow roads, even in the cities you can’t tell you are in the city or not. We are talking of hunger in Malawi where are the stake holders in this field, Health Sector going down, economically things going down What is the problem? Each person in his/her area of their expertise must do his work all together we can. The bible says God has called us some as teachers, apostle, Prophets, pastors etc which means all of us has something to contribute to our nation. Some say life is what you make, why don’t we make our own best Malawi.

  15. wo says:

    I strongly believe that If UNIMA had at least invested in an online degree programmes, Several Malawians living outside malawi would be enrolling. And that could be another source of their income.

  16. His Excellence the Life President Wolemekedzeka Mkango Lion Chivomerezi Chisokonezo Artillery ArchMissile Manthakanjenjemereza says:

    Mbuzi za ma lecturer zimangoziwa kuwida ana a nzeru. Check Unima Accountancy dept. For Taxation they are still using Beatrice Mtanbo manual( deaceased MCAlecturer) na d Cassim Chilumpha for Company Law. When did Cassim leave the UNIMA. 1990s. No innovations.

  17. Thitherward 'wendo says:

    There are many approaches to higher education. In poor countries, the most common one is: ‘You pretend to learn, and we’ll pretend to teach. At the end of X years, we’ll give you a degree certificate that will qualify you for a job for which we have failed to prepare you.’

    Numerous studies have concluded that the single most effective tactic for improving education at all levels is to pay teachers / lecturers / professors more.

    Improve the basic salary and conditions and you will attract higher quality teachers / researchers. Incentivize faculty by providing bonuses for professional self-improvement and they will raise their standards to the levels desired.

    Pay for performance. Performance can be assessed using a combination of standard tests to measure students’ learning, and observations to evaluate the learning stimulus potential of teachers’ behavior.

    Unfortunately, in a poor country, paying peanuts is unavoidable – and we all know what you get when you pay peanuts . . . .

  18. Chimwala Guta says:

    Tariro’s piece is good that it raises an important issue of fees at UNIMA. I however have problems with his populist assertion of issues. The private universities he compares UNIMA to even in its present state is telling, apart from asking Government to intervene when it is the same Government that decreed 50% subvention and 50% from UNIMA’ own initiative. I find the article less informed but runs for cheap handclaps.

  19. Omex70 says:

    Indeed what a good analysis of our universities!

  20. ngongoliwa says:

    Great writer, bravo!

  21. Mkukuzikaoneka says:

    What a good piece, Rudo! UNIMA wake up from your deep slumber.

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