Dzuka Malawi: Dr. Getu, Bushiri and MCP’s political condoms!

Sincerely congratulations to Dr. Getrude Hendrina Maseko-Mutharika, Her Excellency the First Lady of the Republic for the award of the Doctor of Philosophy in Environmental Management (Honaris Causa) from our University of Malawi.Dzuka Malawi

Many angry people have tried to undermine the award, many are seething with anger and many, trying to look intelligent are trying to discern whether it is a PhD or something else. It is a PhD period, and it is awarded by a proper not a bush University.

Before you start screaming I have eaten “chibanzi” the most common excuse for people who agree with anything that government does or logical thing that requires our support, the truth is that we have been there done that. President Bakili Muluzi had a PhD we called him Doctor, his wife Shanil was given alongside the Late Fredrick Chiluba of Zambia, then we had Dr. DD Phiri, late Dr. Chakufwa Chihana and then even Late Professor Bingu wa Mutharika from the Chinese Normal University and then the Koreans awarded Dr. Joyce Banda.

Either we hate Professor Mutharika for not having any honorary paper or we have never accepted Dr. Getrude Mutharika. Since she became First Lady, we have people who have tried to drag her to engage Malawians negatively. She has resisted the temptation of being Callitsa Mutharika who told Malawians to go to hell.  Instead she has been quite, focused and surprised many, that despite being a politician in her own right, she has been reserved.

Dr. Getrude Mutharika, since becoming the mother of the nation has surprised many. She has not taken the noisy path of other First Ladies who assumed the position of annoyers in charge. The three first ladies that stand out in Malawi are Mama C.T Kadzamira for loyalty and being official confidante, Dr. Shanil Fukulani Dzimbili for her charity Freedom Foundation and Madame Ethel Mutharika, the humble giant who gave her life and soul to changing women in rural areas without making a name for it.

Dr. Getrude Mutharika opted for a real timely issue that is cross cutting among all sexes and generations, climate change and environmental degradation. I am sure she surprised many. That’s why even our Civil Society were confused about environment and HIV and Aids among others. She has been a worthy patron, a role model and indeed something to write home about.

Now the issue is PhD. Of course awards are awarded for different reasons, others for achievements and others for recognition and encouragement to do more. I believe our First Lady is being encouraged and noticed to do more for the environment with the award. Barack Obama got his Nobel Peace Prize a few months in office. His Nobel was an encouragement. I would not fault the University of Malawi for the award to Mrs. Mutharika. She picked unusual topic environment and every environmentist is excited that this matter suddenly has attention of the highest office. Look we have burnt ivory worth millions of dollars, we have banned plastic bags and we are cleaning cities. Something good is coming out of this.

If Dr. Getrude Mutharika has to enjoy and live her new title, I am sure her Beam Malawi will spearhead the recycle plants for our pile of rubbish in cities, plant more forests that we can have rains than blame poor gays for making rains scarce and using renewable energy such as solar power systems in all community colleges. I am sure Dr. Mutharika is not planning a palace coup, but means well as she has started well.

Talking of the First Ladies, always means charity. I remembered that my favourite Prophet Shepard Bushiri had written a long letter to the President about his charity works. For starters, I don’t believe Bushiri is using Joyce Banda’s money to buy maize and give to poor Malawians. That’s a lie only the gullible can believe. Joyce Banda donations will always carry her name and brand which she believes in so much. So forget it, she cant resign as PP president after one year absence, she cant allow anybody steal her glory. Bushiri should not have even answered. The PR man Kelvin  Sulungwe should not keep changing the amount to be used whether MWK100 million or MWK1 billion. Gods help does not require any man, even if Chiefs don’t want, just announce where next, we will be there.

But for the Prophet what puzzled me is that his whole 1,987 words letter statement fails to quote the bible. It quotes some obscure writer. I would encourage his team to remind the dear Prophet that for all who profess to love Jesus, our inspiration and words come from the Bible. As 1 John 1 states. In the beginning there was the word and the word is God. Let God justify his words not some earthly writer.

Finally as we will be celebrating the comical week of Whatsapp coup, I was waiting for Right Honourable Dr. Lazarus Chakwera’s statement, distancing itself from the Whatsapp conversation, as a party and as individuals. The sad part, we are all blinded by the comedy of the DPP to forget the basis of the matter. DPP rushed and blundered on the arrests. They could have scooped a political coup if they had great strategists.

I have already said, Jessie Kabwila and Peter  Chankhwantha are cowards. They went into hiding when the Police were looking for them. Woyipa amathawa yekha, is the Chichewa proverb that came into my mind. But that is not what was bothering me. Let them be cowards and jump into the Speakers car.

What bothered me is the actual content of the conversation. There are three actually. One which is number one and which I would have thought Reverend Chakwera would have disassociated with as not a position of the party, is the element of “Let us use the Youth.”

Now we have complained of Young Democrats during UDF era, Cadets in DPP Bingu and those Patriots who beat up Ben Phiri and Nicholas Dausi in Abiti Joyce Banda era. Then we had Malawi Young Pioneers and League of Malawi Youth from MCP.

Any sensible politician would not make a statement like Lets use the youth and keep quite when it comes out. Dr. Chakwera should be worried when his Director of Youth and his spokesperson discuss using the youth and they don’t dispute it. Two things, either it’s the MCP position or MCP is not sincere about its agenda to be different from other parties. There is nothing transformative about planning to use the youth and be behind and watch the poor, poverty stricken youth being abused by state machinery.

Despite all the goodwill of Malawians to MCP, I was waiting for the party to distant itself from the whatsapp and say its not simply true. The quite and defiance pronouncements that its only Whatsapp, shows MCP is owning the message and it believes Malawians are stupid and the youth can be used, as Gwanda Nguluwenkazi Mwanamphenzi Chakuamba once told John Tembo, I am not a condom.

No Ulemu, Jessie, Alan, Chakhwantha, Malawian Youth are not political condoms to be used and dumped in your quest to unseat President Mutharika. We might have issues with the DPP and the President, but don’t dream of political condoms. As they say, Dzuka Malawi, chigololo ndi mwini thako, we, the Youth of Malawi, refuse to be used like political condoms!

I ask Dr. Chakwera to disown this particular whatsapp conversation as not official MCP position or else we will believe MCP does not care about Malawian Youth, as they say, MCP wants to use the Youth! Don’t shoot the messenger, the deep secretive whatsapp message reveals!

My Malawian of the week: Farewell Late Dr. Timpunza Mvula. You kept our Ngoni History Impi. I always remember you for the work you did on the history of Maseko Ngonis!


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CRAP! Cry for my time to have read this!!

The Analyst
O……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………O Rudo Tariro! Never before have I ever made a comment on any of your previous posts coz I deemed you as someone who writes a lot about nothing hence difficult for one to comment-focus. What is known however is that . . . “Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come.” – Victor Hugo (French Poet). And you boy or girl or whatever you are; are that idea. This is the best article you have thus far written here. Keep up! Do not mind these MCP and/Or Bushiri sympathisers; truth hurts. And you boy or girl… Read more »
Joe Kalunji Mchemwa

Hey !!! TIG. my dear compatriot when are we going to stop personalizing development issues? Who started the idea is not a matter we should sit and waste our time splitting hairs over. What is of importance and worth noting and therefore imperative for us is to sustain what is actually happening- that the ban is finally in place and is working. If we had spent time debating who did what during our independence struggle, we would not have come this far as a nation. Let us build on ideas and not waste our energies glorifying who did what.

Genghis Khan

Dude is that what you call being a critic? Will never bother with your articles again.


Point of correction, Mama C Kadzamira was not the first lady. The ban on plastic bags started with Halima Daudi when she was Environment and Climate change minister in PP government long before Getrude Muntharika’s BEAM check the records.

2016 welcome

So it took a good number of days for this dolt to give us this vomitus. Crap!


………………….The mention of—- BUSHIRI ——the man of God in your article does NOT hold.


This is by far a time waster, I mean WHY BUSHIRI? The Guy used his – hard earned money to help poor malwians. I mean he took undindo wa boma ku thandiza anthu. Who told this stupid so called writer that you must always quote the Bible when suggesting on things of public interest. A ntaba amapanga quote Medical manuals when commenting on food scarcity in the country, Can this writer understand comments that may be issued under the influence of the Spirit. The mention of —- Bushiri– the Man Of God …….in Your article does hold.

why wasting your time on this. comment on Bushiri whether he included a verse or not he was still outing plain truth. That is fruit of being son of God you speak the truth. was he lying ? did it not happen? what is earthly in the article?.This article is stinking blue to the core. About Chakwera, haven’t you heard the best way to answer a fool is to be quiet?. the law says who he feels wronged should the case and the accused. so to me Chakwera did the wisest thing so that Malawians can see who is a… Read more »

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