Dzuka Malawi: Every Malawian has become a killer, hater…who are you

Forget the God fearing mantra, we are a devils workshop now where killing, porn making and self-destruction are part of our national identity and we proudly ignore albino tears of mercy everyday.Dzuka Malawi

If you are a Malawian consider yourself a murderer, killer, superstitious and simply satanic. That’s the image that is slowly being built out there. But this hate starts with other things, it starts with cartoon politicians, hateful pastors and prophets brandishing hate messages and even party supporters who always think they have to kill those opposing their political views.

We are slowly replacing the rule of law with the rule of mob and nobody seems to notice.

Remember we clapped hands when Ken Msonda said kill all homosexuals. We hate gays so much, that the Church, NGO’s and even us, yes us, as Malawians wrote and commented that killing is okay as long is it is homosexuals. We forgot kids and our communities hear sometimes one sided argument and take it as a principle, if you don’t like or agree with it, killing it is okay. Let me hear amen.

Our communities also heard when we clapped and cheered after a couple of thieves were killed, torched and mutilated. We cheered on. As long as we kill thieves or rather suspected thieves we are okey. Now a student at Natural Resources College is reportedly to have lost life after his friends suspected him of being a thief. Let us say Amen loudly.

Slowly, life is becoming without value in Malawi. Politicians incite killing, Churches incite killing, chiefs incite killing, you and me as a Malawian we incite killing, thinking it does not affect us. We share horrific videos and images of Malawians killing “witches” in Neno and “Nsanje”.

This love of blood among our community is horrifying. The problem is that mob justice does not have capacity to correct mistake and is not selective. Remember whether you are rich or poor, you can be a victim of mob justice at any time, any place and anywhere.

If you work hard in your community and you make it, with the levels of jealousy we are witnessing I suggest you move out. It takes only one naughty child to go missing and some jealousy idiot to point at your house, I saw him or her go there, the mob will descend on your property and life.

If you are 70 years old with wrinkles and you seem to enjoy good life, while youthful ones are drinking and womanising themselves to death, make sure you save pension to move out of your village. When these demon filled drunkards come back, they will hunt you, burn or whip you to death for being a witch.

If you are a Prophet, whether fake or genuine, make sure you hire enough Police nowadays. A fellow jealousy Pastor will have an illusion of you turning into a snake, you could loose all your property and even life in one day.

If you are very handsome and or born with some feminine qualities, please grow dreadlocks and do a lot of gymn to look masculine enough, or mob will think of you as gay and pounce on you.

Yes this is the new Malawi. Where hate and love is preached and tolerated, even by those professing to be Christians or Muslims.

In the new Malawi, if you are rich you are satanic.

In the new Malawi if you are always in company of men or women you are gay or lesbian.

In the new Malawi if you are old you are a witch.

In the new Malawi if you are a politician or man of g, you can pronounce death and everyone agrees with you.

Read the hate in our comments on even simple things like politics. Read the hate even on Facebook, Malawians whom we expect to have learnt abit of civilisation in the USA or UK behaving the same way as my friend in Ntopwa or Ntandire busy scribing “lists” and notorious stories of people allegedly sleeping with someone.

I am ashamed to be called a Malawian in the 21st century, when we specialise in scandals, writing and sharing sex-life lists, cheering witchcraft and gay killers and indeed still clapping hands for fake prophets and cartoon politicians.

We cheer for those who speak more every day. We have been talking for the past 52 years and we are still poor, we need people who can go beyond the talking.

Finally we need leadership in Malawi. Leadership in all sectors to come and speak as a nation. To speak beyond the social media, newspapers and radios, we need leadership that speaks to the people of Malawi.

We need to restore our identity urgently as God-Fearing, compassionate and Warm Heart of Africa.

I want to see a rally addressed by President Mutharika, Dr. Chakwera, Uladi Mussa and others in Nsanje, Neno and all places where witches killing and Albino killing has been reported. With the message of love, one nation and assurances that we don’t condone killing at any level.

I want to see our noisy anti-gay churches Leaders, to go and hold prayer rallies, I want to see Prophet Bushiri, Apostle Mbewe, Apostle Ziba, ArchBishop Ziyaye, Bishops of Anglican Churches, Reverends in all CCAP, Adventists, Muslim leaders and even Abraham and Zion Churches travel to conduct spiritual rallies against the killings of albino and suspected witches and thieves. Preach the gospel of love, the gospel of Jesus or the gospel of Muhammad.

Our children should not grow up thinking that killing is right, whether a suspected thief, or suspected witch. Our children should not grow up believing hunting fellow human beings is acceptable and that riches come through quick schemes. These fallacies need to be rebuked, removed and dealt with or we will breed a generation of killers.

We are at a certain point going to be old, the children we teach today to torch properties and kill old people will turn on us. Look at the videos of those killing sessions, children are there.

We might have our child or relation as an albino, they cant sleep at night, they cant go to school, they cant play anywhere for fear of abduction and being killed by fellow Malawians.

Where are you Soldier Lucius Banda, Billy Kaunda, Mlaka Maliro, Piksy, Ethel Kamwendo Banda, Gwamba, Dali, Sonye, Black Missionaries and all artists including poets, lets organise mega ant-killings and stop killing albino rallies. I want to hear your voices.

Where are you Gift Trapence, Billy Mayaya, Timothy Ntambo and company we need demonstrations in the districts against killing, against any delivery of mob justice.

The sanctity of human life should be persevered. Dzuka Malawi, stop killing your own kind for any reason. A lawless nation scares tourists, investors and friends. Dzuka Malawi my country, nobody ever got rich with any human bones. Dzuka Malawi being old does not mean you are a witch. Being rich does not mean you worship the devil. God Bless Malawi, keep it Land of Peace.


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Charlie Hebdo

Quite a piece. We are indeed a joke of a nation. Some quarters have been blaming the drought in Malawi to Malawian accepting gays. They say God is punishing us. We But wait a minute. Countries that openly accept gays do not have drought, they are successful and are donors. Are we saying God punishes Malawi for gays and tolerates countries like USA, UK for the same sin? We need to learn what these countries are doing right to prosper than wasting time on blaming gays.


Sound positive and negative at same time


A true picture of our new Malawi. We are the opposite of everything we claim to be. God-fearing? Nay; Warm heart of Africa? Nay. We have given superstition to big a place in our midst

Rudo Tariro (if that is even a real name) please go home and lie down.Whoever or whatever you are associating with has gotten under your skin my friend,you might need to reconsider your options,seriously.You might wanna get out while you still can. The doom and gloom scenario you have painted here borders on paranoid schizophrenia.You sound like a manic depressive.When you write that all Malawians are “killers,witches,satanic” its obvious something is wrong with you.”I am ashamed to be called a Malawian in the 21st century” This sentence alone sums it all up. Sorry to play armchair psychologist but please get… Read more »
Felix Magombo

@ gh, I feel sorry for you because your heart is hard… Only a fool says there is no GOD. I hope you realise before it’s too late. GOD undeniably exists! Don’t play! Please do not reply, just confess deep in your heart about what you’ve written here and GOD will forgive you. May our good GOD through JESUS CHRIST forgive you (if you’re willing to be forgiven. May HIS will be done upon your life


it’s really touching, we have to stand together as a nation and stop these horrible acts!!


Words of wisdom. A caution to our beloved country Malawi. Men and brethren, hearken unto these words.


end times

Zidura Ntengo Undigwere
Zidura Ntengo Undigwere

Great commentary indeed!
I am an optimist, but on this broad issue of mob justice and belief in superstition, I am afraid we may be too late in reversing the trend of extrajudicial justice. Notwithstanding, the people called out in the piece should be ashamed; they should now step forward!
Why is it that only very few political leaders, like APM and Ms Kaliati, are the only ones castigating the perpetrators of these barbaric acts? Where are the leaders of the other political parties. They should be reminded that everything if political. Get it?


What a touching article!

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