‘Dzuka Malawi’ music video banned from MBCtv: Kalawe’s revolutionary song

Francis Kalawe’s newest music video “Dzuka Malawi” has been banned from showing on state broadcaster MBCtv.

Kalawe in Dzuka Malawi music video

Kalawe in Dzuka Malawi music video

Directed by Sukez of HD Plus Creations, the video is indisputably one of the best productions on the local scene thus far, creativity and picture quality combined.

Sources at the government-controlled TV station said producers were ordered to stop playing the video because “the message was very strong and sensitive to government”.

‘Dzuka Malawi’ came out on 19 August and was first played on MBCtv on 23 August, but went off air in less than a week.

The song, produced by Janta and features Ennoh, tackles social, economic and political issues facing the country and the people of Malawi.

In the first verse Kalawe raps:

…ndaona street kid alipakona, akhozakupangidwa adopted, koma Malawi akudikira Madonna Mesa Kamuzuamkati kwacha, bwanjiaMalawiambiriakanagona

Dzuka Malawi dzuka, kwazaka 50 wakhalaukugona

Kungopandakudzukaupeza TZ yalandanyanja

Don’t legalise homosexuals, amunasangamangebanja

Enoh appears on the chorus and with his captivating voice he sings:

Dzuka Malawi iwedzuka, lijandikaleunanayambakugona

Dzuka Malawi iwedzukaakulemerandiobwelataona

Dzuka Malawi iwedzukatimangedzikotonsepamoza

Dzuka Malawi iwedzuka (dzuka Malawi iwedzuka)

The lyrics also talk about the devaluation of the Malawi Kwacha, the issue of Federal Republic and further questions what happened to the investigations on the death of EvisonMatafale, the KayelekeraUranium Mine deal and poor tobacco prices, among other contentious matters.

While confirming he had received communication from on the ban imposed on his video, the Lilongwe-based artist, full name Francis Kalawe, said he was disturbed as he was misinterpreted.

“It’s a song which is all about facts. I meant well and I thought government would appreciate it because it tackles issues that we need to work on for the good of the nation.

“The song shouldn’t be viewed politically. I will be happy if it is viewed as setting a pace for a development agenda with emphasis on individual initiative, patriotism and accountability,” explained the artist.

Kalawe said artists have the responsibility to tackle issues affecting the people and the nation as a whole.

“My motto is to change the face of urban music. I chose this path, different from just singing that am the best, which is what characterizes the urban music scene now, am doing music to make a difference,” he added.

Despite being banned from the government controlled broadcaster, the video is getting heavy rotations on private-owned Times TV, Zodiak TV and Luso TV.

Watch Kalawe’s ‘Dzuka Malawi’ music video here:

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74 thoughts on “‘Dzuka Malawi’ music video banned from MBCtv: Kalawe’s revolutionary song”

  1. Dzukadi Malawi, tulo too much says:

    firstly I have liked the tune, then hearing kuti nyimbo yapangidwa ban its the worst nonsense I can hear….those behind the ban are the most corrupt ppo, check their names out!!!!!!!!

  2. Wowza says:

    Now this is a video worth watching.. Love the contents and the video concept. Good job hands down. We need more like this… The rapper reminds me of nigerias own ikechukwu when he first burst into the scene.. RAW..impressed

  3. praisemwalukomo says:

    Tionere zimenezi,,mesa kuli freedom of expression?

  4. sure says:

    nice production instrumental yabwino kwambiri ngakhale anthu akudada ndi lyrics…..komanso mfundo mmunali zochepa

  5. Stanley Kayange says:

    Kudana ndichilungamo kumeneko………..Tionere ndikumvera basi chi Video chimenechi,,,,,Asafuna aisiye…..!

  6. Kawonga says:

    Malawi kudana ndi chilungamo,busy kupanga ban nyimbo just after 4 days of release koma za lutepo ndie zaka zaka, shit!!!!

  7. anadimba says:

    The more Mutharika Brodicasting Station (MBC) bans music the much more they (songs) get popular

  8. Njokasaweta says:

    Ngati MBC ndiya DDP pitilizan Ku baner . Nyasi ddp

  9. Ndatero ine says:

    Atchulamo dpp umu?
    Why ban a good song like this one
    Mbc boss ur a big idiot

  10. GUMGUM says:

    AAAAAAAh nyimboyi siyabwino, they are playing it because it is just trush. sounding ngat RUN DMC 1989

  11. ntiyamana says:

    kadalakwanji kanyimbo kabwino kaja???? What a democratic nation…

  12. It’s a mouth piece of the government of the day that trend will never change no matter what.?even if MCP becomes government it will be the same old story fortunately enough there are private stations.

  13. Judge Joash says:

    Personally I don’t give a shit about the artist and his song .Fuck him.Wakuza ndani Kuti tikugona,machende ako wamva.

  14. sammy says:

    MBCTV stop playing party on political issues,that is a song that describe long suffering freedom and you have to play it on tv so that the message on that song should reach every Malawian.

  15. wapankhata says:

    Ngati amalawi tikugona ndithawiyoti tidzukedi nangapalinkhani yopanga banne nyimbopo APA.

  16. long says:

    That’s a hit

  17. zonse ndi nthawi says:

    A Malawi adapitilira pogona koma maliro.

  18. Malawian says:

    Eish! Mfana ali ndi six pack!!!! Very good song.

  19. Doli says:

    I’m not a fan of malawi hip hop but that dzuka song is a hit. I love it ! The message is utterly true. We been sleeping way too long it’s time we wake up.

  20. George phiri says:

    DPP yafika pamepa??? Kuopa nyimbo mpakana?????

  21. mukhalachocho says:

    There is a problem here atolankhani aslembe zoti malawi is poor , afuna chilungamo chotani ngati a bana there is the truth.

  22. Austin says:

    Malawi at 50, kkkkkkkkk…….. Mavuto !

  23. Mabodza says:

    Paja mumati oyipa athawa yenkha lero mukuyithawa nyimboyi. Uthenga basi nde kuti ndizowona MANYAZI

  24. Peter Chaima says:

    Don’t worry we’ll be using the private owned stations.

  25. Willies says:

    This z a very stupid government! Why is he still taking th nation as his family?

  26. Boma lathu. says:

    Dzuka Malawi iwe dzuka, nyimbo yabwino ngati iyi siyofunika kubanner. VERY PATHETIC.

  27. Dingie says:

    Dzukadi Malawi unagona ndikale

  28. akusipikana says:

    A Malawi back to dictatorship woyeeeeee? Freedom of speech being denied. DPP mulira simunati. Utsogoleri wakulakani. So clueless.

  29. Ndinaiwala kufunsa: kodi boma cholinga chake ndi chiyani bo bana nyimboyi? Ndi ndani weni weni m’bomamo amene walamula zimenezi?

  30. D in The Darling, The Songwriter says:

    Great song to any Malawian with the best interest of Malawi at heart. We need songs like these to rekindle the passion for Malawians to work together for the common good.

    Kodi abale, chalakwika ndi chiyani m’nyimbo imeneyi? Kodi boma ngati likudana ndi nyimbo imeneyi, manifesto yawo panthawi ya chisanko imati chiyani? Politicians sometimes can be the worst enemies of a country’s development. This is one such instance when that surfaces in full colour. So sad indeed!

  31. Kondwani Bowazi says:

    Sue MBC Dude. U got a case here. So much for freedom of speech and expression!

  32. Dango says:

    Ban Atupele for Dzuka Malawi.

  33. Kaka says:

    Why banning the song. Let Malawians be told the truth. For how long are we gonna say things are ok yet anthu amene amatchedwa kuti ndi a Malawi akuvutika. Muli pa maudindo amene muli nawo lero bcoz a poor Malawian casted his/her vote for you. Lero mukulephera kumuuza chilungamo pa mavuto omwe iye waaona forgeting kuti anakuvoterani kuti mumuthandindize chitukuko including the truth he is demanding today. Anthu akufuna kwabwino ayimba nyimbo kuti afotokoze, inu a boma mukuti ayi, nyimbo yonyozetsa dziko. Nanga bwanji osakonza zoipazo kuti anthu ayimbe nyimbo zokutamandani???? Pliz, isiyeni nyimbo imveredwe ndipo iwoneredwe. I tell you the truth kuti, the more you insist on banning the song, the more it goes wide and attracts minds of more people……

  34. elizabeth Bishop says:

    Hey mwaziziwa. Sakufuna justice

  35. une jwao says:

    DPP mnzeru iribe basi. nako ku MBC mungopasanako matenda mkumamvera anyaphaphi….MBC ine sindionera. I watch times basis…


    gud govt shud allow criticism.
    Big up musicianz.

  37. Sambaukwatiwe says:

    JB was more democratic than this, how i miss her

  38. innocent says:

    good message do not put politics in this song,listening very carefully ,muli uthenga wabwino,palibe chifukwa choyipangila banne this song.

  39. Lizulu says:

    Malawi dzuka, taona anali kulaya anabwera ndi gombeza lokha lero ndi billionare. Dzuka Malawi iwe dzuka.

  40. soma says:

    food for thought

  41. nyeeekhu says:

    Beautiful song, full of awakening message. Why banning it ?Kikikikikiki . DPP!!! Ashhh!!!!! Komatu simunati. We told you, boma munabali muzunzika nalo baaaaaaad.

  42. Dolo says:

    this video is amazing. strong message too. aMalawi tulo too much

  43. Jonathan says:

    Its the ugly truth.One day we will wake up tilibe ndi dziko lomwe.Tulo,nsanje,dyela ndi kupondelezana zinaternga malo.We are 100 years away from civilisation because everything we do is in reverse.I hope things change soon

  44. Zuze Chilombo Chammudzi says:

    Where are they selling the video? I am offering K10,000.

  45. Mmalawi says:

    Malawi is on Comma in ICU

  46. The Gate Keeper says:

    Number 7 ha ha ha ha …i like ur comment….i wish all songs were like this..ALBUM ITULUKA LITI..NDIGULE 100

  47. Nachisale says:

    Hehi, are we still living in dictatorship, zilipobe zo banner nyimbo, music is meant for all Maawians not just politiicians, kodi anganya inu munakhaa bwanji? Ndine Mlomwe nzanu koma apa sindingakuyikireni kumbuyo, zopusa zimenezo. Kunali anzanu anayesa to ban Lucuis Banda’s song Jacuzz it ended up scooping the 1st position on entertainers of the year award ndiye inu mupita nazo kuti……. This is a new Malawi altogether, dictatorship siikupitundirani a boma

  48. john banda says:

    ndichipongwe a Malawi tili maso ngati ukugona ndizako. pano tikufuna kuunikira za maconytracts onse

  49. lela says:

    The guy has a proper six pack amuna achimalawi mimba zili kunooo ngati ayikamo mphika mufunse mzanuyu kuti amatani.Boy you are sexy as hell

  50. ndadabwa says:

    Boma laletsa nyimboyi chifukwa ikunena zoona. boma lathu silingasinthe chifukwa Peter Mutharika safuna kudzudzulidwa. mbuzi ya pulezidenti

  51. Muyande says:

    Please,a Malawi,next time,vote Wisely!Malawi with DPP in power,will never,never change!Why ban the good Song,Dzuka Malawi?

  52. Jon Manda says:

    Imba ina iwe! Asakupusitse. Kodi mesa mumati MBCtv ndiya fuko la malawi, then Y a government akulowelera as if MBCtv ndi ya Munthalika kapen DPP? Izi ndiye zopusa zopanda nzeru zaumunthu ngati Peter Munthalika. Its better ngat mukufuna Malawi atukuke nyimbo ngat imeneyi iziyikidwa so that Peter or government fool for nothing politicians shud watch the reality. Dont pretend kut zikuyenda ayi. Lets face the reality you facken bastards ( Peter and you government)

  53. Drain says:

    I don’t quite lie the song. The guy can rap but if its any consolation – that’s one hell of a six pack. Keep working ’em abs

  54. jo says:

    Kubana nyimbo ndiye kugonakano, not surprised?

  55. Nchifukwa chake Malawi sakutukuka. MBC is in the forefront misleading Malawians. MBC is not helping Malawi as a nation to develop. And with this type of leadership we should not anticipate for a better malawi. Shame.

  56. vwapuvwapu says:


  57. amina says:

    Facts are stubborn but lets accept it becoz facts are there to stay period!!!!!! Kikikiki misinterpretation. Why should the govt wants to be praised always without listening to advice. Hehehehe This is not a listening govt my friends. Truth will prevail by the end of the road.

  58. DZUKA MALAWI says:


  59. zuze says:

    i don’t see any reason to ban the video ….to the singer simunatiuzetu titanium kuti tithane ndi mavuto tikukumana nawo ngati dziko

  60. Nkasai says:

    I see nothing Wrong with the song !where is Freedom of expression?mbc belongs to malawians and not the govt employees or party!myimboyo izimvela pa tv yathuyo

  61. Palikanthu says:

    Njenjenje Kunjenjemera kikiki
    DPP Mantha, because of all the atrocities you have committed and continue to commit as you loot our taxes you are sensitive to anything and everything, you cannot have peace of mind when we the owners of the money are perishing and you gaining in pompsity and arrogance.
    God does not support rulers that do not carry His Presence. We bring all the DPP Cadre before the Court of God, the just Judge, do not forget Mbendera as you judge all the tax looters Oh God.
    Zomwezi, nde akuopsyezedwa ndi zochepatu, nanga Raphael Tenthani akanapanda kumupha bwezi atakomoka pano ndi zolemba zake, mwana uja ndikumusowa, luso lake linali Mighty
    Let the consuming fire of God purify the government elite and fill them with wisdom as of King Solomon for the greater good of all Malawians in Jesus matchless name

  62. Kanyimbi says:

    There are more media houses in Malawi now and this spirit of banning things has done more harm to Malawi since Kamuzu days. please we need wise leaders and not politicians. This country was better without politicians.

  63. Wozinyanyala says:

    What a beautiful song….keep it up Kalawe. Dont wory about mbuzi za dpp

  64. The Prison monger says:

    Mmene achulukila ma local TV stations mu, alipo amene akuwonerabe MBCTV????

  65. MaiMai says:

    Mitchona aka Chaponda, Godall, peter, etc cant like this song as these are enriching themselves in old age kunja they wasted years and came back with poverty. ..

  66. Charter says:

    You are already making the difference, don’t be apologetic! Ngati abana ndekuti amva amenewo! Govt deploying Kamuzu’s playbook! Shame APM govt!

  67. .... says:

    Tikudikira album ya Nkasa

  68. Nyatwa says:

    It’s more than kugona we are now in a deep coma with irreversible brain damage.

  69. MULOPWANA says:


  70. Oro akanize pa Muthalika broadcasting corporation, tizionera pa Zodiak ndi ma TV stations ena.

  71. hisbolla says:

    Akulemera ndiakunja achina apm, chaponda kkkkkk

  72. zabwino says:

    Imba ina ya Dpp tikusapota

  73. zabwino says:

    Mwina ndiya MCP nkoona yabanidwa

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