‘Dzuka Malawi’ music video banned from MBCtv: Kalawe’s revolutionary song

Francis Kalawe’s newest music video “Dzuka Malawi” has been banned from showing on state broadcaster MBCtv.

Kalawe in Dzuka Malawi music video

Kalawe in Dzuka Malawi music video

Directed by Sukez of HD Plus Creations, the video is indisputably one of the best productions on the local scene thus far, creativity and picture quality combined.

Sources at the government-controlled TV station said producers were ordered to stop playing the video because “the message was very strong and sensitive to government”.

‘Dzuka Malawi’ came out on 19 August and was first played on MBCtv on 23 August, but went off air in less than a week.

The song, produced by Janta and features Ennoh, tackles social, economic and political issues facing the country and the people of Malawi.

In the first verse Kalawe raps:

…ndaona street kid alipakona, akhozakupangidwa adopted, koma Malawi akudikira Madonna Mesa Kamuzuamkati kwacha, bwanjiaMalawiambiriakanagona

Dzuka Malawi dzuka, kwazaka 50 wakhalaukugona

Kungopandakudzukaupeza TZ yalandanyanja

Don’t legalise homosexuals, amunasangamangebanja

Enoh appears on the chorus and with his captivating voice he sings:

Dzuka Malawi iwedzuka, lijandikaleunanayambakugona

Dzuka Malawi iwedzukaakulemerandiobwelataona

Dzuka Malawi iwedzukatimangedzikotonsepamoza

Dzuka Malawi iwedzuka (dzuka Malawi iwedzuka)

The lyrics also talk about the devaluation of the Malawi Kwacha, the issue of Federal Republic and further questions what happened to the investigations on the death of EvisonMatafale, the KayelekeraUranium Mine deal and poor tobacco prices, among other contentious matters.

While confirming he had received communication from on the ban imposed on his video, the Lilongwe-based artist, full name Francis Kalawe, said he was disturbed as he was misinterpreted.

“It’s a song which is all about facts. I meant well and I thought government would appreciate it because it tackles issues that we need to work on for the good of the nation.

“The song shouldn’t be viewed politically. I will be happy if it is viewed as setting a pace for a development agenda with emphasis on individual initiative, patriotism and accountability,” explained the artist.

Kalawe said artists have the responsibility to tackle issues affecting the people and the nation as a whole.

“My motto is to change the face of urban music. I chose this path, different from just singing that am the best, which is what characterizes the urban music scene now, am doing music to make a difference,” he added.

Despite being banned from the government controlled broadcaster, the video is getting heavy rotations on private-owned Times TV, Zodiak TV and Luso TV.

Watch Kalawe’s ‘Dzuka Malawi’ music video here:

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Dzukadi Malawi, tulo too much
Dzukadi Malawi, tulo too much

firstly I have liked the tune, then hearing kuti nyimbo yapangidwa ban its the worst nonsense I can hear….those behind the ban are the most corrupt ppo, check their names out!!!!!!!!


Now this is a video worth watching.. Love the contents and the video concept. Good job hands down. We need more like this… The rapper reminds me of nigerias own ikechukwu when he first burst into the scene.. RAW..impressed


Tionere zimenezi,,mesa kuli freedom of expression?


nice production instrumental yabwino kwambiri ngakhale anthu akudada ndi lyrics…..komanso mfundo mmunali zochepa

Stanley Kayange

Kudana ndichilungamo kumeneko………..Tionere ndikumvera basi chi Video chimenechi,,,,,Asafuna aisiye…..!


Malawi kudana ndi chilungamo,busy kupanga ban nyimbo just after 4 days of release koma za lutepo ndie zaka zaka, shit!!!!


The more Mutharika Brodicasting Station (MBC) bans music the much more they (songs) get popular


Ngati MBC ndiya DDP pitilizan Ku baner . Nyasi ddp

Ndatero ine

Atchulamo dpp umu?
Why ban a good song like this one
Mbc boss ur a big idiot


AAAAAAAh nyimboyi siyabwino, they are playing it because it is just trush. sounding ngat RUN DMC 1989

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