Dzuka Malawi: Proud nation of beggars – Bushiri and our begging bowls

Sometime in early  2008, Leonard Sharra, the sports journalists who wrote great stories nobody has ever matched, wrote a political story. It was about the Charge D’affaires of Peoples Republic of China Pan Hejun (sorry if I miss the name). He was the Chinese first top envoy to Malawi after we changed our political philosophy (of course with bags of money and goodies included) and dumped Taiwan for mainland China.Dzuka Malawi

I will write one day on Malawi-Sino relations, the fun, the abuse and the benefits. Probably later in the year after my relation gets a scholarship to study at the great China Normal University. If you don’t remember it, that’s where the late Professor Bingu wa Mutharika was awarded an honorary professorship. I have always wondered what the name “normal” means. I am still researching.

Back to Léonard Sharras  story. He wrote that the top envoy complained “of the many begging bowls and requests for support from Malawians” since they opened the office. He went on to say, the Chinese were in Malawi not as donors, but friends of Malawi, who were willing to lend a helping hand to lift Malawi from its poverty trap.

He estimated that he had received “begging letters” from Government departments, NGO’s, sports teams, individuals, churches and choirs. I can swear before the statue of Chairman Mao, the Chinese received requests from the media too for football kits, vehicles, computers etc.

When the new Ambassador arrived Ling Songtian, the beggar’s numbers were huge. Nobody was ashamed to beg from the Chinese. Actually, think of it, we were competing in begging. Government begged roads, buildings and even stadiums when we have no sports teams of any reputation.

The excitement of begging resulted in the Lilongwe International Stadium, a loan with USD90 million, which we could have begged to industrialise some of major sectors in manufacturing. But hey who cares, we had to beg in millions of dollars, and we begged for a hotel in Lilongwe when we have been crying for a better facility in Salima or Lilongwe.

The only three things we begged right were the Chitipa-Karonga Road, MUST in Thyolo and Parliament building. The Hotel should have been in Mangochi or Salima, the stadium is simply a white elephant we will not even afford to run. Check now, young people desperate for income, are now stealing things from the stadium just to sale and earn food. We should have built a factory to employ them and develop their livelihood. That empty building will deteriorate while we repay the MWK60 billion kwacha loan including our grandchildren. I don’t clap hands for …ujeni.

Ambassador Songtian, one day while we were drinking during his national day, asked me as a teacher why would someone beg for condoms from the Chinese. My ears were all up. Apparently a sexual reproductive health NGO had asked for “chinese size condoms” for their outreach programmes. I was tongue tied and my naughty mind wondered “chinese size condoms” would not fit many Malawian males after all the existence of “nkhondo ku bed” “chinswabumbu” and good old “gondolosi.”

But anyway, we had to beg. We are a nation of beggars. Remember our first democratically elected President ‘Atcheya’ Bakili Muluzi. He used to say, “Ndikangowona mzungu mphuno psyuu basi ndimapempha”. We clapped hands for our beggars tag.

We beg for our medicines, we beg for our education, we beg for our food, we beg for our salaries, we beg for our “prophetic services”, literally Malawi begs for everything save for alcohol, sex and Morgan Heritage shows. We pay for only useless things and beg for everything in our life.

The most painful part is that we are not ashamed to beg. From our leaders to the last man. Most friends you will find them at a beer hall, they come on their own, they don’t call you, they will be drinking, once they see you they beg.

Weddings have been reduced to begging sessions that you end up being charged for the attire. The MC will announce all those wearing suits, then shirts, putting on black shoe, wearing g-string (asa how do they guess) and then wearing rings and glasses. If you want to save money at a wedding, wear a white robe like Apostolic or Zion church members, they will call you once or ignore you as you will be alone and useless.

I remembered all this after reading somewhere that our new financer and place of begging, Prophet Shepered Bushiri the Major One or  Papa had accepted to build a library for Mzuzu university to the tune of MWK60 million. Yes the same Bushiri who has set MWK100 million for food relief. The same Bushiri who had sponsored the Malawi national football team with MWK45 million and donated blankets, maize and  Plasma TV to prisons.

Without shame, we now hear football and even musicians all heading to Bushiri with a begging bowl. It is great that the Prophet is considering our request and prayers of begging, it is a shame that our officials sees nothing wrong with begging.

Let’s take the Flames. A game they can make MK20 million gate collection, over MK40 million TV rights, Carlsberg pumps in MK50 million a year and FIFA pumps into FAM over MK190 million a year. FAM has Chiwembe facility which is supposed to generate money. Flames  gets support from Government here and there. There is a whole marketing team at FAM paid salaries to market and generate income for the Association. But nay, they are proud beggars. It does not matter where, they beg even from the Church.

The belief that there is easy money is killing Malawi today. We have cashgate, allowances claims, pure theft, fake hair, fake boobs, fake bums and even killing albinos believing we will get rich fast. Our love for begging and short cut to life is very irritating.

Dzuka Malawi: Prophet Bushiri works for his money. He wakes up everyday, prays, travels and spend hours generating his income. Why should FAM drink and party all its income and beg. I hope Prophet Bushiri will reconsider beggars and start investing in long term things like education, skills centres and even help Government build extra community colleges for our youth.

Dzuka Malawi, as long as we are proud beggars, we will die poor and miserable. The donor aid withdraw has been a blessing in disguise, we have reduced our borrowing, and our budget is trying to balance. If we all stopped begging and worked hard, our country would be independent and financially secure. Of course if the Prophet would like to “bless me” with MK25 million for my Dzuka Malawi radio and TV series, who am I to say no. I am not begging, just looking for “anointing.”

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41 thoughts on “Dzuka Malawi: Proud nation of beggars – Bushiri and our begging bowls”

  1. Isaac says:

    The belief that there is easy money is killing Malawi today. We have cashgate, allowances claims, pure theft, fake hair, fake boobs, fake bums and even killing albinos believing we will get rich fast. Our love for begging and short cut to life is very irritating.- This is true indeed and i agree with it at all cost….”easy money”- quite a production. Wish you could have awareness on us youths

  2. Ntchisi Boy says:

    Long at last somebody can write and expose the truth about Malawi and its chronic poverty. Bravo Dzuka Malawi!

  3. Timbanji Mphundie says:

    Nice Piece of Writting! Great I beg.

  4. kholowa mkabudula says:

    Mmalawi ndi mmalawi basi, how can you rebuke others while your intention of your article is to beg as well? Bias! I prefer someone who begs not demanding than those who steals! If our Gvt officials cannot beg what are they gonna steal then?

  5. Briton says:

    The most common and most serious disorder in malawi is CBS (chronic begging syndrome), its more common than malaria, hiv or Tb! From presidents to a street child, it’s there. This country is a shitty place I tell you, the population has this self inflicted condition and it’s so addictive. Malawians you have no self respect and as a white person I realised I can do anything and you treat us as Gods, only because you assume we have money! Malawians are so very pathetic….. Sorry but these are facts.

  6. Conscious Man says:

    “Emancipate yourself from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds (Bob Marley, Redemption Song – 1980)

  7. bk phiri says:

    Begging is the order all over only that it comes in different forms or names: It is called help, an assistance, donation etc. For example when a poor man does that he is said to be begging, when a church beggs it is a paper Sunday, when an NGO beggs it is called a project proposal, in universities its asking for a research funding, when govt beggs from from its people its called taxes. There is direct and indirect, official and non official, legal and non legal, open and hidden obligations that amounts to begging! But we are all begging from each other in one way or the other!!!

  8. Ujeni says:

    And we beg without shame,

  9. LAW101 says:

    “Bushiri works for his money “….. are you sure?

    Sometimes I hate it. But sometimes just accept it, we are on the blink of becoming the poorest country in the world. It’s no shameful to beg. All our neighbors feel sorry for us. What will we lose nothing with walking with a begging bowl. Of all leaders you should have quote the begging mistress Joyce Banda who continues her beggtrotting. Deal with it. There is no way, Malawi will improve, especially with the uncontrolled breeding. Poor people with nothing breeding like rats. Begging is not our problem, baby making is the problem.

  10. Ze Roberto says:

    After all is said the irritating truth is, Africans ( Malawians in particular) cannot manage their own affairs. Just do a cursory analysis; no country in the world which is predominantly black and ruled throughout history by blacks is developed. African societies are a cesspool of deep poor socioeconomic indicators. African leaders who are clueless are the major culprit in all this. Corruption! Corruption and political power retention is the order of the day . In the end so many excuses.

  11. Sichoncho says:

    Most influential and straight forward writer I ever known

  12. koma kumaneko says:

    Loud and clear

  13. james says:

    Malawi is failing to develop to desired levels due to falling currency, i recall during Bingus golden era of 2004-09 when kwacha was fixed we all prospered, yes bingu rule after 2009 was nothing to be remembered butif we can fix or stabilise the kwacha then malawi will start performing again. Currently every year since we floated the kwacha it loses more then 50% per year, how can farmers businesses comapnies factories survive. Last years reserve bank policy allowing exportes to keep 100% of export proceeds has not helped and eversince the kwacha has depreciated, it is time reserve bank reverse that polciy and make exportes change 40% of the export proceeds immediately and remainder within 3 months as it has been eversince independence.

  14. EURCITIZEN says:





  15. Guantanamo Bay says:

    Let me start by BEGGING to agree with the writer that he/she is entirely right. Let me also BEG to disagree categorically with all those that r disputing this brilliant piece of ‘intelligence’

  16. Kenkkk says:

    Begging, that is the future!!! Didn’t you know that?

  17. Blessings Banda says:

    I don’t normally comment but on this article I felt I should do so…..What a nice piece! I agree with the writer that we Malawians, are a pathetic lot when it comes to begging . It’s fun how we have reduced ourselves to a nation of beggars. We need divine intervention on this issue and I’m sure that’s what we should be begging for from our very own prophet Bushiri. Remember we have skills in begging so asking for prayers wouldn’t dous any harm at all. We need to change our mindset. God should really help us!.

  18. befu says:

    I have liked the article, may you continue civic educating us please,

  19. Only the Truth says:

    A typical Malawian reaches a point of begging a relation to help with school fees of the children while the beggar is using his money to drink instead of educating his own children. Some use the ‘benefits’ of their begging to marry another wife. But what should we expect of the citizens if a whole government can beg money to be used to tell its own citizens to wash hands when they have visited a toilet? ‘Sambani mmanja mukachoka kuchimbudzi’. Uthengawu akupatsirani ndi a Unduna wa Zaumoyo ndi chithandizo chochokera ku USAID. Really?

  20. Ashford says:

    Good satirical piece

  21. Thitherward 'wendo says:

    I disagree with the columnist and most of the commentators. I have learned to love our beggars. At least they ask! They make a friendly request for what they want. This we should appreciate. The way things are going, it will soon be fair to say that most of the rest of us are thieves – either professional or opportunistic. Is there any one of us who has not yet learned that putting our mobile, wallet or bag down unattended for an instant is an invitation to take it? Is there anyone who does not expect to be short-changed?

    The main reason why the robbery statistics are not worse than they are is that we are too ashamed to report these crimes when they are perpetrated by our close relatives. Sons rob their parents; sisters steal each other’s clothes and call it ‘borrowing’; in-laws are robbed by in-laws. I am even aware of children who have badly beaten their old parents in order to force them to give up what little they have saved for their old age.

    In the past, parents in the village used to look forward to a visit from their children in town. They would come bearing gifts. Now they come with empty hands, but leave with a couple of 50kg bags that were supposed to see the old ones through the lean months. These bags are not always surrendered willingly. The new locks on our doors have been put there – not only to keep out strangers – but also to protect us from the people whose college fees and hospital costs we paid gladly, little knowing how we would be repaid.

    Give me an honest beggar any day. At least he gives me a choice!

  22. Phiri says:

    Wow!!!!!!! I like this article. Its true Malawias are fond of begging nowadays. Malawias wake up start working hard you will generate your own money. Just waiting miracle money will not assist at all.

  23. observer says:

    kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk, Rudo you are talking

  24. Peter says:

    I was in Malawi just some 2 weeks ago. Lilongwe in particular. The day I decided to move around I was approached with over 10 people begging for something. Some begging cigarettes, others begging K100, others for beer when I came to this other joint, etc. And these are people I just met I don’t even know them. The odd thing about it is that it was not begging in essence. It was more like demanding. And then when I drove around the city, which to me I saw to be the most disgusting thing, the police were everywhere begging as well. Disguised as traffic police officers but in essence they are begging. And they are not ashamed. What a shitty country

  25. yandula says:

    Osazolowera kupempha-pempha. A Cheya anatiputsitsa!

  26. M'malawi olira says:

    Dzuka Malawi! Udzasiya kupempha liti? Pakuti ogwira ntchito molimbika ndiwo akusaukirabe; iwo obwera lero ndikuyambitsa mpingo wawo wandale ndiwo akulemera msanga. Dzuka Malawi, dziko linka lisaukirabe, iwo olamulira akulemera mudzaka zochepa. Ha! Mkakumbuka mr ejukwesion, mr thom webster, mrs chijoice ndi che ujeni, they all became billionaires in few years, while Malawi is getting poor and poorer. Dzuka Malawi! Ministry of Finance have been seeking Parliament’s approval to borrow money for different activities ranging frm agriculture, district hospital projects, road projects etc which have not even started or never come to completetion for many yea$ dispite parliaments approvals, Malawi is a thin cow being milked by politicians and some civil servants

  27. Zuze says:

    This article will not have many comments because it has said the sober truth about malawians.

  28. Twaketa says:

    very very true indid

  29. GN Phiri says:

    For once, am beginning to agree with this writer, though he remains anonymous! indeed let us change our mindset and really look into ourselves, and be ashamed what we have reduced ourselves into…….

  30. Pido says:

    I like this article. Tizichitam manyazi ndi kupemphaku

  31. mpagaja says:

    INGENA FILLING STATIONS have also requested Bushiri to fund them hahahaha

  32. Patseko says:

    This is a classic article. Keep it up. I know that not many will comment on this article because it has hit them hard. Amalawi kupempha alibe mzawo. Amachititsa manyazi.

  33. Joshua says:

    This whole business of begging started with our first stupid democratically elected stupid president Bakili Muluzi. He encouraged laziness of our people and promoted the spirit of begging. Look now the situation we are in. It’s begging, begging, begging and begging.

    Major 1, please think carefully about the wisdom of this article. Donate where it will help large communities. It is a shame to be where we are as a Nation after 50 years of Independence.

  34. James nandolo says:

    We wish we knew the writer. Always on point. You made my day Rudo. You are my number 1 columnist

  35. Jaan says:

    How So True We malawians find pride in begging

  36. john phiri says:

    Well said, kudos. Am somewhere in Europe and as am reading this one I have a fresh list of beggars. kkkkkkkkkkkkk

  37. Jigidi Jaba says:

    Kikiki! This is massive.

  38. kk says:

    ”Of course if the prophet would like to bless me with K25 million” kikkkkkkkkkkkkkkiest
    Malawi sadzatheka ndithu kwa!kwa!kwa!kwa!kwa amai ndagwa ine nkuseka ine!!! mmimba muwawa ine!!!! Kikkkkkkk i aya ayaayayayayay koma abale,
    Bwanji pamenepa simunakwanitse kupemphako?
    Amai ine tsiku langa lija ndaliyamba chonchi?

  39. mameee says:

    kkkk,i lyk this guy…..when u get anointed,may u extend the anointing to me with 5 million only for my xul fees…am not asking for anointing,am

  40. Kwesi says:

    Begging begging begging. Koma nkumaletsa olumala begging yet we have high profile official beggars

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