Dzuka Malawi: Something good came out of Malawi, happy valentines

Today let’s take a break from our myriad of problems. Forget the charlatan’s posturing as prophets stealing from the poor and riding in high class vehicles. Pray for the spirit of love and forgiveness in Malawi, the spirit of not killing each other from wild suspicions of witchcraft, jealousy driven suspicions of satanism just because our neighbour is doing better than us.

Mwai Kumwenda: It's now

Mwai Kumwenda: It’s now

If a God-fearing-porn-sharing nation can believe that the devil has powers to make people rich, I don’t see who would want to be poor. Poverty is painful, sleeping on empty stomachs, girls going to school without zamkati and admiring things you can never have.

There is much more to life than just thinking miracles will happen. God helps those who help themselves. You can’t surely spend your life gossiping about others, burning in your heart against the success of others and of course creating rumours about others, you will die a very sad man and woman.

Today we say Dzuka Malawi, start living. The Mwawi Kumwenda victory with overwhelming votes as global athlete of the year indicated that if we can be united, we can, o yes we can as a nation and individuals be determined to do better things for ourselves and our mother Malawi. A small country of 16 million people, we voted our hearts and phones out to just make Mwawi happy. That’s a spirit I would say makes Malawi the warm heart of Africa.

Politicians, our national cartoons, stopped cartooning for a moment and joined you and me to vote for Mwawi. We voted everyday, we inspired each other to vote more. We took it serious as our personal responsibility to keep voting.

Can something good come out of Malawi, yes it did, we can be united and build a successful campaign at national level. Mwawi’s victory tells me there is hope after all for this Twitter and Facebook generation, we have proven together we can.

Yes, now lets vote for Piksy at Kora Awards text KORA53 at +248984000 it will cost you MWK44.00. We can take our Piksy to the skies and sale our music across the continent if we can market through this forum. Lets do it. The same with Joyce Mhango Chavula on Africa Magic Viewers Awards with her film Lilongwe. Lets do it compatriots.

I took non-alcoholic wine and toasted to Mwawi’s victory. Rains were dropping, I thought if we can campaign and win on social media, why can we not campaign and win to plant trees and return our vegetative cover we have lost across the country.

Imagine every family planting two trees only, even if its fruits, we will have 34 million trees planted and looked after. Each school, church, NGO, Government Ministry or department, Foreign Embassies or organisation, each Prophet and each political party planting only 500 trees per office and look after them, we are talking of not less than 200 million trees.

If you are a Facebooker, Nyasa Times comments user, Twitter or Instagram user,  plant a tree for each post-we are talking of the whole Zalewa returning to old forests where Gwape and Kalulu were abundant. We are talking of dense forests in Chikwawa, Golomoti, Liwaladzi, Santhe, Chulu and Mbalachanda. We need our forests backs, we need to plant our trees and make it our responsibility to look after them.

A close friend of mine is mad about trees. Last week I asked him why he keeps planting trees every rainy season. He says for any reasonable man, planting trees is his better insurance than buying actual insurance. I was quite for once to listen to his madness.

He claims a 3x3m plank now costs MWK2,800.00 each at a market in Lilongwe and slightly more in Blantyre. It is MWK1800 in Chikangawa which is almost finished. If you planted at least 1,000 pine trees on that bare land in your village or anywhere you own, each tree can give you MWK28,000 worth of planks and 1000 trees will give you at least MWK28 million in ten years. Look back where were you 10 years ago, if you had planted only 10,000 trees by now, you could have been a millionaire and no tax from Government, there is no tax on trees. Just don’t put your money in bank. But if you have a vision of what you want to be, I would look for all bare lands and plant my trees. Lets talk again in 10 years.

So, together we can as a nation emerge victorious in getting awards for our athletes and artists, together we will be able to re-plant trees and make Limbe of Mapulanga rain again in August or Mzuzu of Chendamayiza feel like Europe.

Together we will insure the next generation have adequate rains, ESCOM has no excuses and floods will not happen with enough trees all of over Chikwawa, Nsanje, Zomba, Karonga, Salima and Nkhotakota.

To all those planning big this valentines, take your lovers to the best spots like Ku Chawe or Kara O Mura, Game Haven, Ku Bwinja or Ku Malingunde or Dedza Pottery or ku Chintheche or Nyika, the beauty lies with the trees and green grass.

My six year-old son decided to ask our maid, Nasibeko on what valentines day is, I was, with the mother of the house keen to hear the answer. The conversation was like this, Kid: a Nasi kodi valentine mundipangila party, Nasi responds: Ayi mwanawe usamaganize za valentine. Kid: Aaah inu valentine ndi chani? Nasi: Birthday ya mahule! The woman of the house looked at me, I dashed for the toilet door!

Happy Valentines  all Malawians, may we find love and grow trees!

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gloria ganga

indeed good things can came out from Malawi ….am so happy for mwawi !!!!!


Together we shall stand, Divided we shall fall.


Congratulations, author; this is the best article from you thus far.
I have pieces of land in Salima, Dowa and Nkhotakota and I guess it’s time I planned for those 10,000 pine trees.
From your other article I could tell that you have so much respect for Dr HK Banda; why don’t we re-introduce Kamuzu’s Youth Week? More trees would be planted during that week than they are currently.



Jack Banda

Kodi Ralph-Ten-Han wadzuku? I love and don’t miss your writings. Do you write in any of our papers full of adverts, the reason why I don’t buy them?

Washington Zoo Panda

Together we can, lets do it without hastation


koma chi nkazi ndi cha shapu ichi amwene Eish! Mxiiii

Peter Mathanyula

Lundi ilo, mwalibeka?????? Mwanakazi wan lundi uyu mwe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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