‘Dzuka Malawi’ star Kalawe new hit song ‘Major Sanagive’

He surprisingly stormed the local airwaves with his banger, Dzuka Malawi, which gave birth to remixes with other equally poetic rappers including Fredokiss. He proved maturity in his delivery, a scenario that prompted fans to call him the ‘music genius.’

Kalawe  made a name in Dzuka Malawi music video: His new song is 'Major Sanagive'

Kalawe made a name in Dzuka Malawi music video: His new song is ‘Major Sanagive’

That is Kalawe.

Even though he made a name in the country, he never lost his focus. As a patriot, his music is all about Malawi. Every time he drops a song, he is like ‘let Malawi benefit from this one.’

Unlike other selfish musicians in the country who are always on every spot digging graves for fellow countrymen, Kalawe has humbly laughed their ill deeds by appreciating Malawi’s Prophet Shepherd Bushiri’s work who some people choose to fight God by dirtying the anointed man’s name.

Despite every smile that Bushiri who is currently ministering from South Africa gave his country, some are paid to write and spread everything that will hinder down his path just for reasons they are not sure of. Many did songs ridiculing Bushiri’s ministry and claimed his miracles to be fake but the anointed man moved from glory to glory.

And Kalawe did not miss that in his ‘Major Sanagive’ song where he is rapping in thanking the prophet for his efforts to contain the hunger roar in the country even no much support to school his mate Mandela Third Eye Mwanza who took the fight with Heavens.

Iyi ndi nkhani yopherezera mwambi oti mneneri samalemekezedwa kwawo,’’ introduces the song Kalawe using a biblical verse that says a prophet is always haunted by his people, just like Jesus Christ who was crucified by his own countrymen.

He further in the song highlights why the Major Prophet moved from Mzuzu to Lilongwe and later found an environment in a foreign land and treated as a king while his people stoned him despite their nation being sick and needed a quick God’s intervention.

The song has a lot.

Simply a food for thought for people who are equipped to fight God when God is using his messengers to save them from the shame of sin which comes with poverty and hunger.

According to Kalawe’s gospel, poverty leads to jealousy and Malawi being the poorest country needs to swallow its pride and accept Bushiri so that devil will be taken down from wheeling down the nation’s economy.

The song Major Sanagive (Major 1 did not give up) has been recorded at SU Records, mastered by Janta with a beat that will make even Satan himself come in and appreciate the good work Heavenly God is doing through his Prophet Bushiri.

“I know I might get me a few more critics for this one, some crooked minds be thinking I do this for the miracle money,’’ Kalawe foretell in the song, hence asking the country if we are ready to lose the Prophet sent down to earth from above and the rest is in the song.

  • Listen to Kalawe song by clicking this link: http://www.malawi-music.com/K/482-kalawe/1474-major-sanagive
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kalawe you have killed it. l am a Malawian l also see what your saying but l don’t have what you have man which is making you Hero. and a l say Bravo Kalawe your the man God bless.


Good song but do not soil your image like TK who goes with other people’s wives old enough to be his mother!

evangelist leo

Nyasatimes keep it up thos os what we call mature reporting…
my brother kalawe nsanje ku malawi ndi matenda aakulu ndiye akamanyoza iwe tseka mmakutu I love yo song bro..
Haters :am a proud malawian who love and support PSB here in pretoria and there is nothing you can do about it..


Truth z knwn by the owner,if u lyn u lyn jst to yo own soul & if u trueing u trueing to yo own soul afresh


Mulipo ambiri we are seeing you……#We will not compromise


Reviews of artistic works were only for a number of art forms a while ago and the fact that now even singles get the attention of writers is laudable! And talking of Kalawe’s new song and it’s theme of malice and envy, Malawians have a long way to go.

Side note: Mr writer, brush up that langauge please. This is a very good piece but for the language and depth of the analysis! Otherwise I say you keep doing this and we will get somewhere!

yemwe uja

go kalawe gooooo…well done…some people dont appreciate their friends,,,,teach them


akukamba chilungamo

Girl Lady

True man Major sanagive ndipo amalawi tikanakhala ndi mtima ngati wa Major we cld have go far sure muthu udzikhala ndi vision no matter what athu akunene koma trust yourself and do it basitu nde sprit ya Major 1 Bravo kalawee Bravoooo Major 1 iyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


Miracle money in making

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