Dzuka Malawi: Wame, Gwanda and a Lexus for President  Mutharika

I am not a keen follower of bye-elections. They don’t really mean anything to Malawi parliament. The DPP members of parliament have no spine, they dance to their party tune rather than the voters that elected them. The opposition has no spine, always eager to help government increase their salaries or make a little noticeable noise and talk politics.

Dzuka Malawi

That’s why our politicians are always fools. Imagine they missed the funeral of Shadreck Wame, one of Malawi’s truly sons who was called to serve God not his pocket, looks or fame. They rushed to the scandal prone, master of political prostitution that late Gwanda Chakuamba was in any sense.

I am thinking that apart from that wayward journalist-cum-diplomat, Malawi has no political strategist that can read politics and the mood of the people. Wame, Shadreck Wame was a crowd puller across the country-for those that follow religion. He was a dominant voice in Christian radio stations, meaning most of  his followers would be 25 to 60 and likely to vote. Any political party that could have shown massive interest in his death, could have been seen as more human, more Christian and more importantly some party with sort of conscience following the horrific manner he died.

Literally our parties have no conscience. Imagine whilst maize is going up, some President feels he urgently needs a Lexus. Our leaders and cars are something. Either they were born in poverty that all they dreamnt were cars or something sexy comes with a new car. I have given up trying to understand why people in poor countries always demand a new and most expensive car. Unfortunately, such cars lack class or dignity of a man or woman with taste.

Look how classic and fashionable Kamuzu looked at all times. The old senior bachelor even had trademarks from dressing to everything. Now we see Presidents wearing from zikofiya to Chinese suits because they don’t even know what themselves want. That’s why someone wanted a Landcruiser, another a Bently, another a Maybach, another a Range Rover now we are at Lexus. All cars devoid of class may be save for A Tcheya’s Bently, the rest are vehicles for those who got rich or power by accident. Even the Queen uses a Land Rover Discovery- it has some taste.

So here we are, no taste, Chakuamba the man who made our politics look bad and unprincipled, who beat up chiefs and literally had no principals being hailed as a “national hero.” This is a country we really have no future. We cant even define a hero, how can we define the future for ourselves. No wonder we are poor after 52 years of self-inflicted poverty and mediocrity.

If we want role models in our country, Gwanda Chakuamba should never ever be mentioned as an a example of a great nationalist we tried hard to paint. He became a ruthless Kamuzuists, beat up Chiefs preaching forgiveness and later he changed political parties like underwear. Just like someone today, at the peak of food shortage in 2005, he went to buy a BMW X5 an ugly looking car that cost millions. When he was asked as Minister of Agriculture, he said I love BMW, even Kamuzu knew.

Such indifference to people’s plight is even evident now. Someone says it was budget. Holy cow, there is a budget for drugs in hospitals, classroom blocks and even state banquet hall at New State House despite having over 300 rooms, two marquees and an amphitheatre. These things as budgeted are not being implemented because their was no money. Let us start by spending on what was budgeted and has benefits to masses than one individual.

Next time I will vote for a Leader I will look for someone with the character of Shadreck Wame. I wont listen to some quacks glorying a political prostitute nor listen to car loving grannies. Malawi is in dire need of salvation. In all fronts, in all sense.

People like Shadreck Wame are true heroes who served their calling with dedication, they should have been buried with honours. Dzuka Malawi, what do you expect from people whose conscience is okey for a guard receiving MWK15,000 buy a bag of maize at MWK12500 as long as they ride watching their favourate TV show in a new lexus!

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11 thoughts on “Dzuka Malawi: Wame, Gwanda and a Lexus for President  Mutharika”

  1. tchende mbeu says:

    my firiend this is shit of all shit, senseless article from a dunderhead, how can u expected those people to attend a funeral to someone u perceive was inspiring to u at ur own will, R u God? malawi will never develop with imbeciles like u, u must be ashamed of yourself, stupid!!!!

    1. My Wallet is like Onion, it makes me cry when open says:

      To my own observations, when you see some one like you and your comment Mr Tchende Mbeu what ever you call yourself, it shows like you have person issue here if i may say so, but what i have said here is true, akere thats what we do especially to your hero? Shadreck Wame buddy was my Hero and if you want to hear more about him, i can just tell you, just one thing only HE WAS MAN OF GOD! he is my hero buddy!!!!Odala iwo amene amwalira mwa Ambuye.
      God bless Malawi!

      1. Mulakho says:

        All we read about NGWANDA is nationalists, eehh hero, hero what? is beating chiefs who wanted to forgive some son of Malawi being a hero? Bull shit. Dzuka Malawi, you really call a spade a spade, Chakwamba’s name just makes me vomit. How can some sane person dance on Yatu’s dead body? umfiti chiyani? Samamanya master dictator Kamuzu, anamtsekera. Am cry for my vote which liberated this Mbuya, I will one day withdraw it, if it will be possible. If not I will go to court that he shouldn’t have been released.

      2. wakuuza ndani kuti a Wame amwalira mwa ambuye? Siyani kulota man, it is only God who knows every person is the only witness to himself/hereself when it comes to holiness, taonapo anthu akuima pamaso pa anthu mwangwiro ndikumawasala azimayi moonekera anthu ndikumawasilra koma ndikupezeka kuti agwidwa ndi chiwanda chobunyula (masturbation) ndiye inu mukukamba ziti? Komanso let me ask you which God are you referring to for there are many gods? (God of money/god of love/god of sex/etc)

  2. My Wallet is like Onion, it makes me cry when open says:

    Thumbs up to you Rudo, but let me stand on this side of mine of which i know that it will not be suitable to some, Here am not commanding any politician to be available on any thing that concerns life of those who did something i mean those who really placed Malawi on the African Map.

    Seriously and very true Bwana WAME was one of those people whom we would be proud of!!!

    Rudo, let us reason here together, the Killing of Albinos was one of top business in Malawi with record of about 19, this to me shows that Malawi Politicians like selling, if we can not speak to day and claim our Mother Malawi as Youth, am telling you that one day we will find ourselves in the hands of another country and being told that they bought us from so, so president.

    Am saying this because when you look at Wame, it shows like no any figured Politician attended the ceremony, then go to Gwanda you will see that almost even those who could not go, were there, you know why? SELLING!! They went there to sell themselves, not just on sell but on Auction!!!! SHAME. I mean popeleka za chipepeso panali mpikisano wawa.

    God bless Malawi.

  3. Charlie Hebdo says:

    Call a spade a spade, you hit the nail on the head. I wonder if these gluttons we call our leaders have time to read sensible, well-meaning posts as this one. Then we have a breed of Malawians that are quick to point that Malawians just complain, talk and waste time on useless things without giving advice or alternatives to the powers that be. Well, you can’t get a better advice than this. You don’t force an advice on someone. One has to take it voluntary. If the powers that be listened to all advices given, we would be talking of a different Malawi. I too have reservations on the state wasting scarce resources on the late Gwanda. Even when he was alive I didn’t see the rationale of sending him to India for treatment just because he had joined or intended to join DPP leaving countless poor young Malawians seeking the same help to die in our hospitals.

    Thanks Rudo for this wonderful piece.

  4. Chikwapata Chikwapata says:

    Dzuka Malawi:
    I agree with you Shadreck Wame could have been buried a hero. Please congratulate our God fearing, lovely political leaders who attended the burial of this man of God who is a victim of security lapse in our country. Presidents Prof Lazarus Chakwera, Dr. Uladi Mussa, Hon. Khumbo Kachale, among others were present. Let’s face facts-this is leadership we want!

    1. Mulakho says:

      Sure not hule la Zipani including chokumanga.

    2. buried like a hero on what basis, was he a senior civil servant or a minister?do not show ur stupidness here, Malawi is a secular country NOT a church organization to hon our preachers

      1. January15 says:

        Wasn’t John Chilembwe a Baptist pastor? And hero? Are you a foolish cashgater TM who likes to see the rich get richer and the poor people suffer under political idiocy? Chliembwe surely did not fight and die for something today like DPP- Destroying Peoples Party.

      2. munya says:

        I see you have got your own issues, but frankly speaking Gwada deserved totally nothing to be honoured with compared to Pastor Wame. So bravo for this post. we should not waste time here commenting on DPP die hards who eventually will find it difficult to purchase a bag of maize but still blame the opposition

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