Economist Kachaje likens Malawi govt spokesman Dausi to comedian

Minister of Information and Communications Technologies Nicholas Dausi is under spotlight for trivialising serious government business through his comedy approach during media interviews.

Dausi likened to a comedian

The  Minister who is government spokesman, speaks on top of his voice using what is called bombastic words in a stand up comedy style.

Within two weeks, there have been condemnation through the social media as Malawians ask the former Malawi Congress Party  (MCP) operative to be serious when dealing with serious government business as his powerful message can be drowned in comedy like communication.

The latest to write on Facebook on the matter is Henry Kachaje, an economist and columnist. He saysthat his friend texted him on Monday night to tune to state controlled Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) and watch a program called Chindunji hosted by Phillip Bizinezi and the guest was Dausi.

“I must say, I thoroughly enjoyed the comedy and I can safely say we might now have a potential replacement to the late Izeki.

“ Chindime and Manganya should pull up their socks. There is going to be stiff competition in TV comedy. Thumbs up MBCtv. This new comedy series is a brilliant idea,” wrote Kachake.

The Timeline status attracted hundreds of  likes and comments.

Most comments agreed with Kachaje and asked Dausi, the former State chief spy, to take a serious tone that reflects the nature of his job.

Others, however said they were enjoying the comedy in Dausi.

Dausi however rubbished his critics as  advancing “mere political tantrums.”

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Dausi does not qualify to be a minister. He was rejected at his home when he wanted to be an MP


Kodi this MBC TV run by all radio failures do you think it can really serve the interest of Malawians? Instead of helping the minister and the ruling party in this political crisis, they are busy exposing the folly of the government and its croonies. If Sumbuleta was a Director General weni weni, he could have advised the so uch exited Phillip Business not to expose the comedian too muchh knowing very well the logic that too much is poisonos.


I said a few weeks ago that Malawians cherish mediocrity that is why this clown is a Minister of a very important ministry.

Wanga ndi yemweyo

I don’t blame MBC or Mr. Dausi. Let me remind you Malawians that MBC is there to “Inform, educate and ENTERTAIN”. The last one is where Hon. Dausi comes in! Those of you who are complaining here are doing so because you make the mistake of taking him seriously. The man is there simply to entertain, and I daresay he is doing a good job of it. So, laugh at his comedies and forget about what he said. That way you will be safe.


If you ask me, Dausi is not a comedian. I take comedians to be business minded people who know what they are doing; they are specialists when it comes to throwing people into giggles, guffaws and hilarity while educating them with serious material coated with humour. Since Dausi cannot educate anybody, he cannot be a comedian. I consider him a clown but not a comedian. “Motley is the only wear!”


Dausi/DPP consanguinity – always giving a one-sided account of the costs and benefits to the economy, etc MBC woyee!

How do you expect Dausi to be serious when his boss, APM is far from being one. We said it that DPP does not have the art to lead. These were what Muluzi called Madeya. It would be naïve to expect anything sensible from them. I have personally checked some of the so called bombastic terminologies from Mr. Dausi and concluded that he could make a good personality of a Nigeria radio soap called story story. I for one do not believe that Dausi is a ministerial material that can uplift information and communication in Malawi. He makes unnecessary rhetoric,… Read more »

Ndinu amodzi.


i thought Malawians are not seeing this kkkkkkkk comedy at its best in the govt

Lameki Kamphonda

Daisi is a comedian, ndapanga naye masewero kwa Mwanabvumbe ku Nsanje pa Chiromo apo, masewero a Ambuye Yesu ndikumudziwa bwino mufunseni akuuzani nthawi imeneyo ali ku Makhanga Training Base ya Pioneer.


That is malafide!!

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