Economist Kachaje on business lessons from Prophet Bushiri

I am told his title is Major Prophet, or sometimes referred to as Major 1. He has been the talk on social media, electronic and print media. He was recently in the country and received the level of police security that got some people scared that the prophet was stealing the show, probably being treated as a Head of State. As I write, heads have rolled in the police service and the man’s fame and popularity continues to grow.

Prophet Bushiri waves to worshippers

Prophet Bushiri waves to worshippers

I have some high respect for Bushiri as a businessman. He understands the fundamentals of marketing. He knows what sells and how to sell it. Think of that ‘iPad miracle’ and then the ‘walk on the air miracle’. These were excellent marketing stunts that got the media’s attention who rewarded him with nation-wide publicity without paying for it. That is what I call business genius. Sir Richard Branson, a serial global entrepreneur advises: use yourself to market your products and services and you can do it at a fraction of the cost it might have cost you through direct advertising.

Major 1 had a very successful crusade in Mzuzu, a city with an airstrip but rarely used. There are young people living in the city who might not have seen a plane land at that airstrip until Major 1 flew in a branded aircraft bearing his name. That, alone, was enough publicity for the crusade he was about to hold. The city was talking about him and the plane he had brought ‘home’. Then there was the hiring of the Police Brass Band. No wonder thousands upon thousands flocked to Mzuzu stadium for his crusade. I am sure others went to see if he would walk on air right in front of them. Others hoped to get a closer look at a man who “owns” a jet when our state president doesn’t have one.

As I read and followed the stories about Major 1, I picked up a number of business lessons that I wish to share with you. First lesson: branding is critical for business success. In your business you must aim to create a brand. Coca Cola is a brand. Bushiri is no longer just a name, it is a strong brand. There is no denying that the prophet has created a powerful brand which is ‘selling’ very well. Anointed water branded “Prophet Bushiri” is a hot setting commodity, and so are other branded items like stickers, wrist bands, e.t.c. Your business shouldn’t just be one of the businesses in your sector. It must develop into THE brand that people will talk about and flock to.

Second lesson: the power of promotion. It doesn’t matter how good your product is, but if people don’t know about it, it will not sell. I am sure you know that there are many prophets and men of God in this nation, who might perform more complex miracles than ‘capturing’ pictures on iPad. But because we don’t know them, we are not talking about them. Major 1 is very well promoted and as a result ‘sells’ more. In your business, aim to find ways of promoting your products and services. Someone once said that having a good product but not promoting it, is like winking to a lady in the dark. She will not notice you. Find creative ways to promote your products or services without breaking the bank.

Third lesson: the power of personal selling. There was an article in Sunday Times which alleged that personal prayers were pegged at K10,000 per person. I am not sure if this was true, but the story was highly debated on social and electronic media. While reading through comments from different people, it was clear that there are people who are personally sold out on following and defending the Major Prophet no matter what accusations are heaped on him. In your business, you need people that have personally tried and benefitted from your products or services who then become your product ambassadors.

Satisfied customers are your best sales people. Focus on giving the best service to your customers and they will become your brand ambassadors. Let there be people who will back you up and rave about your products in the market place. Have people who can willingly sell your products through word of mouth. Become Major 1 in your industry and money will follow you.

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66 thoughts on “Economist Kachaje on business lessons from Prophet Bushiri”

  1. Fred Kambuku says:

    The main reason of people being poor isn’t what you have said I know you are a strong christian can you read DEUT 28:1-60 and Ecc 3:8-12 end see what’s the root of poverty.if what you are saying is true we could have many billionaires than Millionaires.


  2. zibo says:

    Hahahaha!… I’ve never heard anything as true as this. Police brass band and presidential security_such a combination is quite an off-bit for a man of God. To me he was not doing it for God but he was just putting on a good show for his brand. He was offering costly personal services and I think the guy made a lot of money than what the crusade was worth… But should we really be calling it a crusade?

  3. golo says:

    Henry Kachaje has just hit the nail on its head. What you said is what is lacking in many business leaders in this country. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your article.

  4. victim Chamkhuni Lwazazi says:

    You Henry Kachaje,
    You should have truthfully said that the main aim of the Prophet is the word and works of God but cannot do that without resources, it’s impossible. Every religion has to keep going and God does not stop that.
    Let’s refrain from twisting the truth because we should watch-out when it springs back. Let’s not show that we are clever. By the way, if you know these ways of marketing and making money, why are you not rich yourself? Do not judge prophets, let God judge them. A ndale ndi a m’boma akudya ndalama za dziko ndi misonkho yanu, osamawanena amenewo bwanji? If you do not need people of God, just keep your money, your house, your office, your family away from them. They do not follow you.

  5. Concerned Citizen says:

    It is a sign of the times and it shows how desperate we are becoming as a nation where we will believe anything.

    As a nation we are in a pitiful state and we are all to blame for not carrying our weight, not reading the word.

    Psa 119:105 Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.

    1Jn 4:1 Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world.

    Let us read and be very sure of what we are doing.

  6. khuere says:


  7. khuere says:


  8. Alexander Theu says:

    am happy now, because , am able to see signs of last days.NO Noble prophet in ancient Israel prophesised for monitory benefits and prestige, no prophet moved with bodyguards because they were already protected by Yahweh

  9. maule in mozambique. says:

    ndikadakonda ku dziwa ameneyu, prophet oyenda pa ndege okhala ndi ma bodyguard.

  10. Marketer says:

    Kachaje again, too theoretical, but nothing to show for it. good commentator but poor implementer. Business is dynamic my friend not quoting books like Kotler

  11. Mugonapamhanya says:

    Bushiri is of course clever in a worldly way. He knows his customers very well. He appeals to their imaginations. For instance, when a journalist asked him if he really walked in the air, he said, and I quote, “if they ask me to walk in the air in Mzuzu, I will walk.” That was very clever and brilliant of him because if he had said yes he would put himself in an awkward position because he knows he cannot walk in the air. And also he would have offended the attendees of this service in his church who never witnessed what was portrayed in the video. And he could not say no because that would be a minus on the hype he was trying to create prior to his crusade. Clever guy with gullible followers indeed!

  12. Maggie Lucius says:

    Nice article. A lesson to marketers out there. Learn the Bushiri marketing but not only him all other prophets of today have identified customer need and demand…… healing, prosperity, marriage etc!!! Salvation????? No, out of market, not a good product!! Lord have mercy

  13. Mungete says:

    Am beginning to think that the ‘fake’ capturing in the air video was leaked by Bushiri himself to hype his home coming

  14. Amalawi amalawi amalawi mdzatsiya liti kudana ndi munthu otsakulakwilani u r out of his biznes leave him alone, Mwaiwala zanu kuti muli m’mabvuto mankhwala kuchipatala kulibe,chakudya, kwacha kusika mphamvu u never mind, cashgate,zimitsokho every where, maphudziro akupitakuti, tsogolo lidzakhala bwanji, so why u r fighting a person who never fight u ? Foolish people foolish leader ship panangini zanu zikuyendelani

  15. peter john says:

    I would like to collect mr kachaje that dont down grade mzuzu airport always there is aircraft for kayelekela, private airlines going to likoma or nyika.jet for limbe leaf tobaccocompany.arm aircraft how Iis the state president travelling please as honarable economist have proper reaserch before u fool people.bushiri is our chiputula son dont play games for northerners we have enough

  16. martinkaos3 says:

    only God knows

  17. MCP????? says:

    henry himself is trying to advertise and sell himself through Major1…. hahahahahah

  18. MCP????? says:

    Bushiri flew to Lilongwe and drove to Mzuzu…get your facts right Henry! Dont falsify some facts

  19. Hey! Out there, plesase leave my prophet alone! No matter how much you can coment, or write bad things about him, he is a PROPHET OF GOD forever!!!! MAJOR 1!!!! Iyeeeeee!!!!! You are the only choosen prophet of GOD! We will follow you for EVER.

  20. Eric says:

    Anointing of God carries all understanding & knowledge, thus why Major 1 will continue to amaze the world. Major 1 will impart prosperity to those who acknowledge him as a man of God.

  21. nyakaji says:

    Kodi simunatope kumunena Bushiri? Shame on you mind your business.Why do you poke your nose in other people’sbusiness?concentrate on your business. Leave Bushiri alone after all he is not answering you so just keep quite.Focus on how you can get tid of your poverty.

  22. Marley says:

    Why waste your time writing the obvious?

  23. mangochi Kabwafu says:

    Well said no 37. Btw, he lies about owning a plane as well. Yes he is a good business man and a crook. Kudyela mwa Ambuye. His followers are too THICK though.

  24. Taona Jailosi says:


  25. mwisho says:

    My country men stop gossiping am not on either sides, my question is, if Bushiri is prospering in an advanced nation like South Africa, who are technologically advanced to spot any fishy business than a poorest nation like malawi full of gossipers and back bitters and envious people who would be the first to notice him that he is fake?? Please leave everything to God coz you will end up sinning, things of spirit are hard to determine that they are true or false there is need for the Holy Spirit to know which is the truth otherwise you will talk and talk but remain just the way you are Bushiri buying 100 planes.

  26. Dan Zimba says:

    If u say Major 1 is doing business go to hell. Do not equate Your church or business to ECG leave him alone. malawians are full of jerousy S Africans know God. when will Malawians do the same? Anointing products are not for business. you pay for re-production to reach others as well . If it were for sell they could cost billions of kwachas for their mighty power imagine healing the dead (lion of judah anointing oil) ,how much could you pay for if at hospital or sing’anga. IF I WERE A PRESIDENT OF MALAWI I could have called Bushiri for compulsory Deliverance to Malawians for we seem to have evil Spirits. Don’t debate things of God. Just test the spirit if not satisfied carry on there are numerous Men of God you will find one Remember the fact that there are false men of God surely True ones exists and who knows? LEAVE THE FINAL SAY TO GOD. journalists watch out. Isaiah 7:7 is a gun for all Men of God.

  27. Jang'ala says:

    Article yimeneyi mwalemba bwino. Bushiri is a businessman. Koma osatinyozera Town yathu ya Mzuzu kuti ndege zimaoneka mwapatalipatali ayi.

  28. Malawian says:

    I had a very big respect for Mr Henry Kachaje but now that he has joined gossipers talking about others instead of helping our sick economy to recover; i have now lost trust it you are indeed going to help Malawi economically. Please Do your work and prosper otherwise you are just waisting your time for nothing. what will your weite-up achieve or help at the end of the day?
    All the best to our son of Malawi Major 1 Prophet Shepherd Bushiri

  29. Phwado says:

    Well written but his majority of his followers are just too stubborn and ignorant to absorb that Bushiri is only a businessman rather than a true man of God.That he is duping them through his fake products for his personal gains,they too blind to see!

  30. changalikandu pwagu says:

    Well said. But is Bushiri in business? I thought he is in service as a man of God? What’s the need for name-branding in religion? Whilst well argued, I think your article is misplaced. Stick with real business men like Richard Branson. Bushiri’s gig is a ministry, a service for God, not a business. Confusing the two is misguided.

  31. C Sekeani says:

    ….As long as the noise one makes has a proper back up, otherwise it will just be an empty tin that makes a lot of noise! Let your works be seen..

  32. M'jomba says:

    Here Kachaje is also doing the same. Marketing himself using the man of God. He is taking advantage of the popularity of Majot 1 to position himself in his consultancy field. He is trying to expose himself to increase his popularity. Good idea indeed. This is the power of personal selling, promotion and branding using already branded products. Changu pamalo!! LOL Hope this will add value to his career.

  33. Chris K says:

    Well others look at a glass of water and attest that it is half fool while,those with negative minds say it is half empty.Henry,you have really mastered the success system (Learn from every source).Learn from the rich,irrespective of who they are!

  34. Girl says:

    This is very good article ndimanena ine Bushiri is doing his own to own the market and Bushiri is a market leader amene mumanena zambilinu tatulutsani nanu luso lanu mupange zanu very very much impressed mr Kachaje Thank you!!! mudakapitiliza kuti Nsanje siyabwino simanga mudzi

  35. I am also getting good business lessons from Bushiri. In business visibility is important. The more noise or presence you make the more people will see you. While I may not back his spiritual achievements, I like his marketing approach.

  36. Nameless says:

    Zamatsiku omaliza

  37. I agree with Mr Kachaje on what he has said about Bushiris brand and instead of wasting time calling major all sorts of names the wise would emulate what he does. The bible says in Jeremiah that Gods plans for us is to prosper us. This is exactly what is happening in the life of major1 but also Bushiri is not just a prayer machine, he is also a hard worker in various businesses.

  38. katakwe says:

    Excellent writing from Mr Kachaje. I hope readers will understand your analysis.

  39. Thanks Mr Kachaje for enlightening us that Bushiri is no more than a business man

  40. nachisale says:

    Pastors are businessmen – they are selling the word of God for their own selfish interests. How pathetic of those who blindly follow and praise them instead of venerating and worshiping God. Well done Kachaje for exposing pastors as mere business people.

  41. Tau says:

    There are things to be celebrated and then there are some to be frowned upon no matter how well executed. This is like praising a thief who never got caught. When a fraudulent brand steals dips its fingers in public purse, it should be exposed as such. Why would public resources be sold to an individual who clearly could afford private security.

    The police officers should have been there to keep public order, not to protect a so called brand that is terrified of the same people it serves. I own an investment business with investments in multiple countries including Malawi. I know first hand that any business is only as good as the people will let it be. I can’t imagine it would be good business for a brand to appear scared of the same crowd it pretends to serve. That exposes it as a con operation. For all young would be entrepreneurs, this would be the wrong lesson to take for a business with a long-term outlook.

  42. zoonadi says:

    Abwana Kachaje Pepani ndege timaziwona zikutela pa Mzuzu musatinyoze chinchilla achinyamata aku Mzuzu. Tathokoza potitsimikizira kuti Bushiri ndi wa businesses

  43. Wakumzuzu says:

    kachaje, you are lying that our airport rarely used. A week does not pass without us seeing an aircraft landing there. The problem with you is that you don’t like the north. How can you say that there are some people who have never seen an aeroplane land there. Why not just concentrating your story on bushiri

  44. Mika Kumbire says:

    Point blank. Bushiri is brilliant Businessman. He created sufficient hype for his crusade. He came, he conquered, and he went. Soon he will be going somewhere creating exciting stories from the Malawi crusade. Now you hear him claiming that he can hire the entire police force including the Commander-in-Chief.

    1. Amalawi says:

      All brands have there sell-by dates. Soon the Bushiri brand shall disappear without a trace.

  45. Nachi says:

    And buy going to see the guy some got salvation…..

  46. Jonathan says:

    Mr Kachaje, are you still on social media? Thought you left and didn’t have access to all the debates going on….

  47. matako a pusi says:

    No comment l am tired commenting on these false prophets munaona kuti a small poor country like malawi having over 20 false prophets and prothetesses while komwe kunayambira chi christu Israel there is no one claiming za u prophet kachanje is right that these false prophets are taking adcantage of their marketing skills and peoples ignorance to benefit financially

  48. hkamdidi says:

    I have enjoyed the article! Well articulated business tips

  49. zizi says:

    Anthu inu Henry kachaje simukupanga understand, english yavuta, i agree with u #mnunkhaludzu no 11

  50. popapo says:

    Let Prophet Bushiri do his part to spread the Gospel, do not judge him you never know how many people get converted to christianty through his preaching and gatherings.

  51. Orhama says:

    Good and free advice for entrepreneurs. Thanks Henry

  52. popapo says:

    If Prophet

  53. Mnunkhaludzu says:

    The problem with the majority of the readers here on Nyasatimes is that they either don’t understand English or the message underpinned in an article. Kachale is just trying to portray to a message to us all that if you are engaged in any activity or business, you need to create your brand name, know how to better promote it and satisfy the client to be your ambassador to sell to others. He picked up an example of Major 1 as holding the rare skills in religious circles which most prophets fail to manage to woo followers. Anyone doing business can learn from how Bushiri has risen through better approaches to reach out the faithfuls. Let us alone the issue of faith which is not debated in his article.

  54. Manda Aliponse says:

    I have followed Henry Kachaje for sometime and what I see now is exactly what somebody said that he belongs to the people who uses the bible to advance the devils agenda by behaving as if they are angels. These people take advantage of peoples lack of knowledge.

  55. dreamteam says:

    Well – at least your article confirms what many have been saying! He is no prophet but a businessman who uses the name of God to make a profit.

    Good luck for him.

  56. John Grey kufa 2 says:

    Now its not for GOD but its to my nation

  57. Paulos Banda says:

    True bootleakers are important in any budiness. As you are slowly becoming one. Leaking APM’s boot.

  58. Chathunya says:

    Kkkkkkk Major 1, tiye azondotse anthu,adyele ndithu.

  59. Truck says:


  60. Mboba says:

    Mr kachaje a point of correction, the plane was not a ‘jet’. A jet has jet engines not propellers. And please dont insult the citizens of mzuzu, there are always planes landing and packed at Mzuzu airport. Facts please

  61. jk says:

    Good lessons. Major 1 knows his game. He knows his customers well and offers just that!So he gets what he wants.

  62. me says:

    I like the analysis. Bushiri is really good at marketing himself and thus drawing people to God. This is despite what others think.

  63. opportunist says:

    Go deeper Major 1

  64. Jamison Lungu says:

    Kikikikikikiki. I am Major 1 at my office.

  65. Mbiri says:

    I understand your thinking Henry ONLY that you are comparing marketing brands such as Coca-Cola beverage to people’s faith, which in a way is dangerous and oftentimes backfires with time. I urge you to watch the movie ‘leap of faith’ and you will see that whatever Bushiri is doing is not new! I don’t think there’s any genius in his marketing only deception and theft.

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