Education Minister says phasing out JCE part of reforms: Last JC exams 2016

Minister of Education, Science and Technology , Emmauel Fabiano has said this year’s form two students will be the last to sit for national Junior Certificate of Education (JCE) examination as there will be no JCE examination from the  2016/17 academic year.

Fabiano: Reforms

Fabiano: Reforms

Fabiano  told a news conference on Wednesday said the decision to abolish Junior Certificate  and the Malawi Primary School examinations is part of on going Public Reforms  Programmes.

“The last JCE examination to be administered will, therefore, be in 2016 for the current Form 2 students. The Ministry would like all secondary school students to remain in school until they complete Form 4 when they will sit for the Malawi School Certificate of Education (MSCE) examinations.

“Successful candidates shall be awarded an MSCE Certificate as is the case now while the unsuccessful candidates shall be awarded a Certificate of Completion which will recognize the fact that the owner of the certificate went through and completed secondary education,” said Fabiano.

“The emphasis here is on knowledge, skills and values acquired by secondary school students and not the number of public examinations passed. It should be understood that the only reason we send children to school is for them to learn and acquire the knowledge, skills, values and attitudes as set out in the curriculum.  Examinations are part of the learning process but are not the main objective of education,” he said.

According to the Minister, examinations are not the main objective of education; children are send to school to learn and acquire the knowledge, skills, values and attitudes as set out in the curriculum.

“The Ministry would like to promote the practice of continuous assessment from Form1 through to Form 4 in order for schools to thoroughly cover the Curriculum as opposed to the current practice which is, to a greater extent, examination oriented as both students and teachers focus much on JCE examination results rather than acquisition of knowledge, skills, values  and positive attitudes.  In fact, most of Term 3 of Form 2 is spent on preparing for JCE examinations and not learning for understanding,” reads the statement.

In order to promote continuous assessment, the ministry will strengthen the cluster examination system which will be used as part of secondary school teacher development activity and students learning hubs in line with its plans.

“Therefore, instead of having Junior Certificate Examinations, students will sit for Cluster Based Examinations.  Since the Ministry wishes to promote acquisition of knowledge, skills, values and positive attitudes by students as opposed to simply pass examinations, secondary schools shall have the responsibility to encourage students that are struggling with their studies in Forms 1, 2 and 3 to benefit from remedial classes or to repeat the year before proceeding to the next class (Forms 2, 3,4)”.

“Cluster management teams shall be responsible for setting and marking cluster based examinations within each cluster.  Therefore, instead of having Junior Certificate Examinations, students will sit for Cluster Based Examinations.” said Fabiano.

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25 thoughts on “Education Minister says phasing out JCE part of reforms: Last JC exams 2016”

  1. Simie says:

    E esh…..mwana nsikana kukafika form 4(msce) at least jce inali sefa!!

  2. Tiko says:

    DO education studies and you will understand what Fabiano is saying. sizachilendo. Bishop mackenzie, st Andrews , Kamuzu Academy and over 90% of schools in other countries alibe malire ngati a JCE. Kungoti there is need to change the mind set of the implementers; the teachers. and this works well if the teachers were involved right on the on set. Once the teachers resist this change, the whole programme will flop. Unfortunately thus not how people in the higher office at capital hill work , although they know it very well how it is supposed to be done. I have my niece who got 7 points in all subjects at MSCE and she is as good as at JCE. With completion certificate, it would have helped alot.

  3. Wife says:

    What A foolish Idea

  4. Bzo-bzo says:

    a Fabiano mkuziwa kuti JC imakhala ngat sefa, imasefa mbuli zooonse! nkukhala oyenerera kukalemba MSCE chifukwa kumapezeka kuti ma students ena sakuthankuwerenga komwe so without JC ndekuti makolo sakhala akuziwa poor performance ya mwana at the end nothing during MSCE even reapiting many times

  5. Chidzukulu says:

    Boma la DPP ndimalikonda koma apa zanyanya. Sindingaangjre mwina koma kulitsika. Ndakwera yophwa matayala ndithu. A Fabiano zoona? Kodi school anakuphunzitsani makolo anu aja ndi imeneyi? Mukupheranji ana a eni?

  6. chingolopiyo says:

    Well explained Honourable Minister. Lets follow British system. Children should do more on class work, than wasting time on the examination and qualification that has no value to the modern time. Those opposing,for sure there is something wrong with them. If we are to move forward, our education system has to change. Dissolve JCE and introduce A level so that those who have done well should go for A levels before entering the university. Our education system needs total overhaul. The world is moving forward , why should we be remaining behind clinging to things that will not help the nation.This is not politics, but for the good future of the children. Great decision, only people who hate seeing things change for the better will cry after all the country is full of cry babies who mourn everyday for nothing.

  7. Joe says:

    Doing away with JCE shall impart laziness in students. Please my beloved minister think twice in your decision. Let the old time system prevail and alter nothing.

  8. Tili Chenene says:

    Mine is an official concern; the necktie put on the Minister is not fit for the whole Minister who is a doctor. Ndapanga manyazi

  9. Dausi Phiri says:

    Another cash gate in disguise.JC was meant to assess the knowledge and capability of children in schools.With the current system possibility of having children going up with very little knowledge will be very high

  10. Happy Ntunda says:

    The world is moving forwad,so we should not left behind.JCE demands alot of money from goverment like paying the makers and the like,yet today that certificate is nothing.Loosing something to nothing,lets wake up malawias the goverment is in needy of money,so is not wise to keep on wasting money isteady of helping our land’s improvement.

  11. Gift says:

    i will ask my member of parliament for salima central; hon. Jumbe to opposite this in August house. hon please please do that for the voiceless. private member bill.

  12. Professor Linton Pamberiii says:

    Then also dissolve MANEB. Nanga ntchito yake ikhala chani after you scrape off the exams

  13. munya says:

    all these government gurus who are talking nonsense of jce n plc have got no single child who is in government school. so you will shout till you lose your breath, their kids are either in USA, sa, or comfortably at kamuzu academy

  14. Vimbowa says:

    Just becoz you are eating msima does not mean poridge is not impostant, so dont throw away poridge cookers. As i said in my other coment related to the same, the durability of the every house depends on the foundation. A strong foundation holds the house forever; PSLC Exams and JCE Exams are and were the foundations and the pillars of MSCE. Remember, a foundation is hidden under the ground, let the education system to as it is, the more you temper with the foundations and the pillars of the education system is the more your are distroying the whole system

  15. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Is he a minister, this one. Apparently, he do not know what he is saying.

    Is he changing the name JCE to Cluster Examination(CE).

    After all these are examinations being administered the same way .

    GOOOOfff!!!1! GOOOfff!!!

  16. Chopwichopwi says:

    I agree with what the minister is saying that it is important to focus on knowledge acquisition and not passing exams. This problem runs through the countries educational system, which is why you have so many agriculture graduates and engineers who are confortable to be teachers in secondary schools. Please malawians… dzukani and smell the coffee. We are living in a dynamic and fast changing environment and we need to be versatile and flexible to new ideas. Yes JC was a good thing and was probably put for a good reason back then, but time has come to wake up and ask ourselves questions like is JC necessary today when no employer puts it as a requirement. My employer put up a vacancy a few months ago and minimum educational qualification was MSCE. Remember there used to be standard 5 government exams but they were abolished after realising they did not serve any purpose… time has also come because JC does not serve any purpose. Lets encourage our children to aim higher tham MSCE. Having said that i urge the government not to reverse this landmark decision as it will not only revolutionise education viz aviz knowledge acquisition but will also save the government resources.

  17. New generation says:

    It is very unfortunate, do you mean that we the Malawians, shall also be employed by producing that so called Certificate of Completion during interviews? Tell us!!!!

  18. Mnunkhaludzu says:

    Mwayamba kale kubwevuka… ndiye musanati. Wait 2019……

  19. Charombanthu says:

    You need to reform in your head first Mr minister before you can tell the nation that the phasing out of JCE is part of reforms. I am yet to get a convincing explanation on this move, otherwise it is seen as a cash generating exercise by this cash-strapped government.

  20. edoh says:

    So if you dont have fees at form 3 and you drop out, thats finished for you, you get nothing. Thats kind of 11 years ears of waste. Come on guys dont just impose things, let people debate it and use the majority rule. Feel sorry for my siblings.

  21. Bandawe says:

    We have just graduated from the poorest country in the world to the most illiterate country in the world……….pathetic



  23. Machecheta says:

    These reforms in education must also include the changing of the Primary and Secondary School curricula so that they are designed to prepare the youths to become great entrepreneurs and people who are ready to effectively deal with all the emerging issues that Malawi is facing now, as well as trajectories for the future. The school should produce a generation that will make Malawi the best place for one to live on the globe. A generation that will work will all well meaning globally to make the planet (earth) a place where humanity can thrive sustainably without lack.




  25. Kavuluvulu says:

    Za utsiru.

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