Egenco lied to Malawians over the cause of blackouts – Matola

The Electricity Generation Company (Egenco) officials have been accusing of  lying to Malawians for failure to provide power to Malawians.

Matola: They are lying

Malawi is currently experiencing long hours of electricity with Egenco  saying this is due to low levels on Shire River.

The company’s Public Relations Officer, Mervin Mchenga said  the main challenge is the reduced water level in Lake Malawi which has shrunk by 1.5 metres above sea level.

“As of December 2016, the water was at 473.0 above sea level against the required 474.5 above the sea level resulting in ENGENCO’s failure to generate power to the maximum capacity,” explained Mchenga.

However, in an interview, former Minister of Energy, Ibrahim Matola said all what the company is saying is not true.

“Its not true look we have water now there is no way this can be an excuse the problem is about corruption at ESCOM these people are not maintaining the machines due to corruption the money which is meant to service the machines are diverted to personal use,” said Matola.

Matola said during the Joyce Banda administration ministry of energy provided electricity to 121 trading centres.

He said the idea was to reduce immigration of people from villages into towns.

“Electricity brings development and youths find employment within their villages,” said Matola.

Currently, most parts of the country are having no electricity for as long as six hours or more, in the process choking production in all spheres of economic life including health.

Mchenga said the company is banking on the Kamuzu Barrage at Liwonde which will help in regulating the  flow of water from Lake Malawi into the Shire in order to build water levels  to sustain power generation during the upcoming dry season.

“The coming of ENGENCO as a company to solely generate power is a good development to the power sector as that will bring efficiency,” said Mchenga.

“Our mandate is solely generating electricity and we are committed to doing that by exploring and implementing alternative sources of energy,” Mchenga added.

ENGENCO places its hope in the completion of the Liwonde Barrage, a recent visit to the sight by the parliamentary finance committee revealed that the barrage will be ready by mid next year (2018).

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I agree with matola ,too much corruption in Escom .money meant to buy new transformers is taken into personal pocket.There’s no way somebody should talk water levels now with good rains we having .All body of directors of Escom need to dissolved for failing their duties.

Humphrey kawenga

Hahahaha! Matola is just a frustrated former minister, look even, during his time as minister of energy and mining, they were too many black out also.


Ibrahim Matola is saying the truth.The issue of water levels is not the cause for the less power generated; but theft.


We said it. Vote for DPP at your own expense. It all cries now. No room for change. This is the DPP I know. They are agents of the devil. The party is good at three things stealing eg Maize gate and other cashgate related cases, killing eg Chasowa, Njauju et all, destroying eg fires at Min of Agriculture, ESCOM office in BT, MEC offices in LL the list is endless. And as we approach 2019 expect more of these. Mpaka ayamba kutamba masana. DPP woyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.


Akungodya ndalama za tax payers……….


ine zinazi zimandimvetsa chisoni kwabasi. u know what, panthawi yomwe anayamba kupanga magetsi kunalibe anthu ophunzira kwambiri ngati momwe zilili pano. kunali anthu anthu ama certificate a 6, 8, jce koma anapanga jinthu zamzeru kwambiri. koma pano ndiye ma graduate ambili some with Masters degrees koma mumpeza munthu akudikila kuti boma limuganizire chochita yet iyeyo ndi head wa Escom . shame.
I like what Bingu wa Muthatika said that Malawi isn’t poor, its the mindset of mwans that’s poor. let’s improve our thinking capability and work for the betterment of tomorrow MW and ana atgu


There is no way control of waters at the Liwonde Barrage can affect Lake Malawi water levels!


Its about controlling water flow down shire river mathafacka


You obviously don’t know what you are talking about.

East Region

This is two much, we cannot bear it anymore, bwampini should go. He is a thief, he came with nothing but a greencard he is now a trillionare,,,………..impeach him…..inept leader !!!


Thanks Honorable Ibrahim Matola for telling the truth. I don’t like people who tell lies as if taxpayers are stupid people.

Directors and management for ESCOM are cowards and even hypocrites if ever they go to any church.

mthokozisi yende

the money meant for servicing machines ndi izo zikumapekeza kwa a chaponda ndipo bwampini sanganame kuti sakudziwapo kanthu. impeachment for this kunda is now the only way to go!!!!!!!!

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