Egyptian investor in Malawi launches Lilongwe-Lusaka bus service

An Egyptian investor has launched an executive bus service called Blue Bus that will operate between the cities of Lilongwe and Lusaka, Zambia for six days a week.

Egyptian Ambassodor Maher El-Adawy charts with Zambian High Commissioner Salome Mwanashiku inside the Blue Bus -Pic by Roy Nkosi

Egyptian Ambassodor Maher El-Adawy charts with Zambian High Commissioner Salome Mwanashiku inside the Blue Bus -Pic by Roy Nkosi

Adawy Kasaila Mwanashiku and Nasr hold hands after the launch -Pic by Roy Nkosi

Adawy Kasaila Mwanashiku and Nasr hold hands after the launch -Pic by Roy Nkosi

Transport and Public Works Minister, Francis Kasaila presided over the launch at Maula Mall in Lilongwe and outlined Government continued commitment to improving and ensuring sustainable transport services.

He said government recognizes the role of the transport sector in economic development and as such, government will support the sector to develop especially in road transportation.

“Most Malawians cannot afford air transport, so we need to develop road transport. Therefore there is need for good buses to operate between Malawi, Zambia, Mozambique, Tanzania and the surrounding countries.

“Zambia and Malawi remain very good friends and this bus service will boost our relations by providing affordable means of transportation between the countries hence promoting cross-border trade. As such, government wants more foreign investors in the transportation industry,” said Kasaila.

In his remarks, Egyptian Ambassador to Malawi, Maher El-Adawy said it is great that African countries are investing in other African countries and the bus service will do a great service to the two countries by boosting trade.

Zambia High Commissioner to Malawi Salome Mwanashiku also attended the launch. She said the Blue Bus service provides safe movement of people and will bolster socio and economic ties between Egypt, Zambia and Malawi.

According to Blue Bus service General Manager, Mohamed Nasr, one bus will be in operation between every day except Friday. Three more buses are expected before the end of the year.

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22 thoughts on “Egyptian investor in Malawi launches Lilongwe-Lusaka bus service”

  1. Kachamba says:

    The government is afraid of doing investments because they don`t want to leave such an investment in the hands of other people who may take over power in the near future. The people running it have a feeling that they don`t belong “there”, hence the need not to invest and of course steal what ever is there now. There is no vision in our leaders. They are still living the “Iron age”

  2. vin mongu says:

    waht did you expect him to do if the egyptian diplomat was there? the minister was right to be there. what else do you think ministers will be celebrating when you steal alot of money from govt and only build a house and kunyengera mahule ndi kuguka ma benz a second hand. then foreigners take up the mantle.

  3. where are Malawians? says:

    Ministers in Mw are funny sometimes. the other day one was launching solar lamps by Total at City Centre..imagine…..selling solar lamps which are all over and a Minister was there to ‘hype’ up the business??????

    Now launching one bus to TZ and the whole Minister is there?

    On the other hand, the other route that needs a Mwian operated bus is Tanzania-Dar route.

    But should we blame foreigners? nay… the bus operators in Mw are there and FAIL to capitalise on these routes!

    imagine 50 years down the line, we dont even have City Bus Lines as was the case under Kamuzu! Before its too late, we can even think of trams operating in the city?

    what about train from BT to Lilongwe? not one that takes 2 hours between limbe and Balaka….hahahahah..cear!


  4. mjiba says:

    Foreign Direct Investment in Malawi hahahahahaa

  5. mangochi kabwafu says:

    Pathetic. Minister attending what??? Joke. Investor, running buses?


  7. Kulibe kantu says:

    Do we have a government here? These silly and unthinkable government officials celebrating a foreigner investor introducing a bus route to Lusaka.What is there to celebarte here. The whole minister of transport attending a launch. You guys have got nothing to do.

    It should have been you, the government doing it. ZUPCO which is owned by the Zimbabwean government goes to Blantyre every two days. At one point City to City owned by the South African government used to go to Blantyre. What is government doing?

    Ironically, 99% who travelled on these buses are Malawians. You tell me there is no business? Can’t government invest in such long route transport?

    If foreign governments are capitalising on this, what does tell you about our government? It shows we do not ministers who think. Everything you are leaving to foreigners. Why were you elected?
    Mbuzi zachaba chabe inu. Just crying for positions and draining resources for nothing!

  8. oleva chipendo says:


  9. truth weapon says:

    Are you serious you guys? you call this an investment? all de way from Egypt, we local guy’s we already overflowing. why can’t you call reall investors. Shame on you, black in empowerment

    1. Our Government is pathetic.
      They just want money and barely know what they’re doing…

  10. ujeni says:

    Malawi side dont have a bus station, 50 years after independence

  11. luviriboy says:

    Nothing wrong here. why did Malawian transporters not do the same all this while? Look at the root between BT and LL, all coaches in Malawi are put on this route. One guy has even put 6 coaches one route. This Egyptian guy has seen the weaknesses in Malawian transporters and he has taken his chance. Musamangokopera kwa anzanu, Because Katsonga and Muli introduced their coaches on the Blantyre route basi aliyense, Blantyre route. Winawake is studying the possibility of introducing city bus lines. You will cry again if he starts and wajudula 50% down on price. Do it now before he surfaces. How many people go to Chjpata everyday for business, so many yet no coach joining Lilongwe and Chipata. THINK.

  12. TC says:

    For someone who has travelled on this route, this is good initiative, there is only Zambia Malawi Bus which takes long time in Chipata waiting for the bus to fill up. This new bus hopefully will be punctual and will be providing premier services. Being subjected to stopovers for a distance of more than 700 KM is not good service! Learn from mistakes of others, make improvements.

  13. Kadakwiza says:

    Here is the headline, EGYPTIAN INVESTOR LAUNCHES LILONGWE, LUSAKA bus service. The transport minister preside the launch. Really! Am disappointed. This government of mine is not serious. We don’t need foreign investors to operate such business in Malawi. We need investors to manufacture goods. This government is taking us nowhere. Mtumbuka akhalepo pampando basi.

  14. Chabecheker says:

    Local operators dont provide quality bus services;we should accept except axa,they are not on time and they overload

  15. Southner says:

    I know Mr Mohammed Nasr he also owns Nasr Furniture at Diab Complex near Maula Parish he pay peanuts to his workers and im not sure how much shall the workers in these buses be paid.Tambwali uyu palibe chosekelera apa munthu sangachoke ku Egypt kumazapanga business imeneyo ife ndikumasekelera pano kenakotu agula njinga za Kabaza.

  16. nokulunga says:

    Kkkkk koma ndee iiiiiii cholinga ndi chiyani ma bus onse WA Ali Ku Malawi kusowa chochita eti ananena kuti denge sitingakwanise ndindani zopusa basi

    1. nokulunga says:

      Zauchisiriu basi tsegulani ma company not zopusa zo zotii wodusa wheel barrow atha kupangaso
      mulemba anthu angati mumbasi anchito

  17. nyamusideni says:

    anthu mukunama Premier bus ya a Malawi inayenda maulendo ochepa kupita ku Karonga….failing to go all the way to DAR coz amati ndikutali. Musadane ndi munthu othandiza pa transport. those who go to Tanzania can agree with me kuti ma bus a Tanzania ma driver amayerekedwa osathandiza munthu mukangooloka border ya Malawi chifukwa ndi aku Tanzania and foreigner sukhala ndi choyankhula kamba kuti tilibenso choice ina yokwera except their buses.
    Egyptian coach will bring competition and fair deals because people will have a choice to make, kukwera the Zambian coaches kapena yomweyi.

    1. nokulunga says:

      Sanachulepo Tanzania aapa anena zoti ikupita Ku Zambia zagwilizana pati

  18. nkunthamasese says:

    all the way from egypt to come here to operate a bus service a thing even udk or katsonga can do.a nduna zochiita zasowa kodi? shame.

  19. wadabwa says:

    Kodi does Malawi need such foreign investment? Can Malawians operate buses? Pakana Ministers goin to launch such so called nonsense! We need real foreign investment not ma bus operators. There are plenty of locals who can provide such services.I appeal to the Ministers to do some real work not such nonsense. Bring real investment which are going to benifit lots of Malawians.

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