Elephant kills suspected poacher at Liwonde National Park

A suspected poacher who went to Liwonde National Park on Christmas Day was killed by an elephant, Eastern Region Police confirmed the death through its deputy publicist, Sergeant Otilia Kumanga.

A 52 year old Patrick Maya used to enter the Liwonde National Park to poach, according to his brother Maxwell Makina.

The brother said Maya entered the national park to hunt animals but never returned home.

News of his missing reached his relatives at Chipala Village on December 27, according to Makina who said his brother is believed to have died on December 25.

His body was discovered on December 27 in a decomposed state such that it was buried on the spot, said Makina.

Kamanga said a postmortem report from Machinga District Hospital shows Maya suffered injuries as a result of being trampled upon by an elephant.

Poaching is common in Liwonde National park which is now being managed by a South African based Africa Parks.

Mid this year tons of wire snares were impounded in the park as poachers set them to capture animals in the game ranging from elephants to impalas.

Despite electric wire around the national park poachers find their way into the protected animal reserved area by disabling the electrified fence system.

His death comes at a time when the government is lamenting over alarming rate of animals including elephants in national parks and game reserves.

Maya came from Chipala Village, Senior Chief Kawinga in Machinga but was married and lived at Wadi Village, Senior Chief Liwonde in the district.

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23 thoughts on “Elephant kills suspected poacher at Liwonde National Park”

  1. Bob says:

    When Elephants had him for xmas

  2. John brown says:

    Osangodyela nkhwani bwanji

  3. kwachera sofia says:

    Malawians shud stop kuba zinthu zifinika. RIP mwina ena aphunzilapo.

  4. Mugonapamhanya says:

    Natural Justice

  5. Sake Chilling says:

    Congratulations goes to the Elephant!

  6. The wages of sin is death! Nkhuli yabwanji uyu mambala oyenda mthengo pa kilisimasi?

  7. MF Jones says:

    “He who leads an immoral life dies an immoral death” Coscan proverb.

  8. Man of God says:

    The body was burried right at the spot of the incident. Where was postmortem conducted?

  9. Kaligondo says:

    Nkhuli yapa khilisimasi yajiwitsa mlenje, mmalo mopanga ganyu kuti uguleko nyama iwe busy kulimbana ndi za kugame

  10. English Guru says:

    Body was discovered in a decomposed state and was buried on the spot. Postmortem came from Machinga hospital. Am I missing something, or do post-mortems just mean someone looking at the body and making a conclusion?

  11. musekanji palibe kanu says:

    Buried in the spot..then you also tell us about the postmoterm report…ndine mbuli nde tiuzeni m’mene munapangira postmoterm yanuyo

  12. Anthu akuda says:

    Wachita bwino kufa. At least Malawi is minus one poacher. I hate charcoal burners, I hate poachers and I hate robbers. Their death makes my day. By the way, uyo mwina wake wa Mandevu farm; geologist (Kalindekafe) tamufufuzani nyama za mtchire amazitenga kuti? Ukafuna nyama ya insa, nkhanga ya kuthengo, nguluwe etc amakuotchera. Amazitenga kuti? Potitu iyeyu ali mbali mwenimweni mwa Liwonde National park

  13. Antoni apaphata says:

    Kodi chigawenga chochedwa aroni chili konkobe? Ndimamudziwatu aroni munthu panda ulemu amatenga anthu kumawanamizira kuti ndi ma poacher pamene eye amangomenya anthu Ku mowa. A bwana make ndinawauza 2015 koma nayonso mbuzi. Mukwidzingeni aroni zonse izi cjabe.

  14. GRM says:

    Each job has its risks.

  15. Reality check says:

    Greedy like ngoni chief who kill rare animals for the skin

  16. gontomois says:

    elephants revenging kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  17. advisory committee says:

    May his soul rest in peace zonsetu ndi poverty amafuna kanyama koti adye pa xmas mmalo mogula beef pa butchery kusowa ndalama

  18. Tengupenya says:

    natural consequence. hunter become hunted. elephants have a near eternal memory. If you injure one and return anywhere within its limit of catching your scent, it will come for you! for revenge.

  19. ophiri says:

    so was he buried on the spot or was he taken to the hospital for a post-mortem or was it done right there in the bush under unsterile conditions with no lab facilities? do you even check what you’ve submitted or do you just post it as-is?

  20. Wokwiya says:

    Just shoot these poachers! Every natural resource that God blessed us with is being destroyed by a few ignorant and greedy people! What will remain 50 years from now?

    1. mine says:

      not 50 yrs but 15 yrs Malawi will be a desert.

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