Embarrassing: DRC boxer knocksout Malawi’s Masamba in round one

Host country Malawi suffered heavy losses as all local boxers lost against Zambian based boxers during the African Boxing Union (ABU) boxing feast held at Bingu International Conference Centre (BICC) last night.

Masamba is sent to the canvas after 60 seconds

Masamba is sent to the canvas after 60 seconds

Nkaku is declared winner by Chiumia and an ABU official

Nkaku is declared winner by Chiumia and an ABU official


WBC, ABU, WPBF Bantum Weight champion from Zambia was part of the Zambian entourage

WBC, ABU, WPBF Bantum Weight champion from Zambia was part of the Zambian entourage

It was a painful night for local boxing pundits, including Youth and Sports Minister, who might have left Umodzi Park wondering whether he was invited to be embarrassed in front of foreign dignitaries and the locals.

The Minister thought she had suffered enough embarrassment when local boxers Chikondi Makawa, Emmanuel Chimanja and female boxer Anisha Bashil failed miserably against  Zambian opponents in non-title bouts with flyweight boxer Chimanja fainting just after two minutes and 12 seconds against Alfred Mughogho.

Bashil lost against Lolita Muzeya on a unanimous points decision after eight rounds with her Malawian compatriot Makawa losing on a split points’ decision at the hands of Esaya Chilufia.

But the worst was to follow during the ABU Welter Weight Title bout involving Malawi’s Limbani Masamba and Mbiya Nkaku from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) but based in Zambia.

Masamba started the bout promisingly but broke-down mid-way into the first round when a heavy punch from Nkaku sent him sprawling on the canvas. He, however, managed to beat the count but when the bout continued, South African based referee Siphiwe Sithole stopped the contest after only two minutes fifty 58 seconds fearing for the worst for the Malawian, who lost it on Technical Knock-Out (TKO).

The referee’s decision did not go down well with Malawian fans and officials, who felt Masamba was fit enough to continue with the bout.

Masamba himself said during a post-bout press conference he was surprised by the referee’s decision, claiming he was gaining momentum when the ref stopped the bout.

But promoter for Oriental Quarries Boxing Promotions Christopher Malunga, who came with the Zambian boxers backed the referee saying safety was of paramount importance in professional boxing.

“The referee did not want Masamba to experience what his fellow countryman Chimanja experienced when he was knocked unconscious in round one. He stopped the bout to save Masamba because he was at the receiving end,” said Malunga, who pledged to work with Malawian boxers to improve on their fitness.

The bouts were sponsored by local boxing firm No Pain No Gain Boxing Promotions.

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9 thoughts on “Embarrassing: DRC boxer knocksout Malawi’s Masamba in round one”

  1. amfana says:

    kupewa kuposa kuchiza osaziyamba dala muzafa ulele.kukhala ineyo ndikadalengeza mpompo basi kuti magolovu ndalekana nawo,ndazitaya bola ndizikabelekera atsikana ana munzindamu.osati anditchole sagwada ulele.

  2. Banda s says:

    Kkkkkkkk amalawi mwandipangila tsiku labwino.if u want to do well in boxing just cross the bolder as zimbabwians and congolis hav done,com and train in zambia u will do well ndinu abale inu timakunyadilani,hope muli bo?

  3. pierre says:

    amalawi tili kutali ndichilichonse,tiyeni tizingopanga mdulidwewu basi

  4. kati says:

    vuto lomapita mu ring ,phonda, maungu zitazaza mimba limenero……ka mimba nguuu katasenza 20kg ya phonda how do u expect to withstand body shorts….u r lucky sunazibibile koma chipwisi unachipulumusa coz nachimvaaaa

  5. Myao says:

    Dzina la malowa ndilotemberela zochitika kwa a malawi, tilisinthe, a malawi omwe akulipira/ adzilipira/adzalipira ngongole yomangira malowa akhale ndi mphamvu zopereka dzina lache.
    Ndi udindo wa president kubweresa chitukuko mdziko so no neep to clap hands munthu akagwira ntchito yake yolembedwa more over akatisiyira ngongole yoti iye ndi 1 tambala yomwe sanalipe.
    Mufuna mudzingochita manyazi chonchi?

  6. Tyson says:

    Chomwe timatha a Malawi ndi ufiti, Nsanje ndi kuswana ngati ma Jon white

  7. Technical Knock Out says:

    Number 1, You have no base to despise Nsima. Nsima is nutritious. It is a carbohydrate just like rice or potatoes. The issue is what goes with nsima that makes an issue.
    Western meals start planning their meals with a protein (meat). Here we start our menu with nsima as the main course and ndiwo as the subordinate. That’s where we get it wrong. Now, go back to class with your useless and fallacy innuendos.

    Anyway, back to the real issue. A Limbani Masamba musazipope. Munaledzera ndi zibakera 7 zokha. Seriously, that boy would have knocked you Dead. Osapanga makani just for people to side with you. Mwachita manyazi bola, you were no match for that DRC pugilist. And please don’t dare ask for a rematch against him. Tamamenyanani ndi achina Salim omwewa kaye, you are not ready for international bouts.
    What does this say about our boxing standards? Below par. unlike football, boxing can be fatal. Nde sitikufuna kuzanyamula maliro ofera mu ring. Malawian boxers kupupuluma, round one you want to TKO a boxer. Round one you dodge kaye while studying the movement of the opponent. Osati round One kumangoponya aimlessly zibakera. Then you lose energy and then you’ll attacked mercilessly.
    Bashil naye amapulumukira mkamwa mwa mbuzi, her bout didn’t deserve to last 8 rounds. By round 4 she was completely overpowered and powerless. Please learn to concede a defeat don’t just rely on TKO. Muzapwetekeka.

    On another note, please tapemphani kuti Ring itsale konkuno. Chi ring we use here ndi chokutha.

    Lastly, if there’s any individual or company willing to adopt and support a boxer then it should be Kudakwache Banda. Give him good resources. He’ll become one hell of a boxer. Enawa mbuzi zokhazokha

    1. JJB says:

      the nsima we eat has most of its nutrients removed. the nutrients are in the “DEYA” how many people eat Mgayiwa? So up to a point No.1 has a point.

  8. Advice to Flames says:

    Malawi as a nation shall not perform well in any sporting discipline as long as we have nsima as our main diet. Nsima has no nutrients and as a result makes people retarded in everything i.e growth, school, sports, even in bedroom matters. Stop eating the useless nsima and you will start winning in sports, you will also become intelligent in school, we will start having tall and healthy children not the stunted ones we see nowadays and your bedroom performance will improve tremendously.

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