Escom bought faulty machines, claims Malawi consumer body

Electricity Supply Corporation of Malawi (Escom) bought fault power generating machines, hence the shutting down of Kapichira II Power Plant prompting power outages in the country,  claimed the Consumers Association of Malawi (Cama).

Kapito: Something fishy

Kapito: Something fishy

The country sole electricity provider has shut down the power plant to service two machines which were commissioned on December 27, 2013.

In March this year, the Corporation also closed the same power plant for 28 days to repair the same shaft seal machine following its leaking.

“We suspect they bought faulty machines and this not healthy to the country’s economy. Malawians also being charged highly for the services which are not reliable,” John Kapito, Cama Executive Director claimed in an interview with a local radio.

But the utility has since requested its customers to be calm as it starts servicing two machines at Kapichira II power plant  which provide 32 Megawatts.

The two machines which were commissioned on December 27, 2013 need to undergo maintenance before the defects liability period wraps up, according to Escom Director of Distribution and Customer Services, Peter Mtonda.

“One machine will operate at a time while the other is switched off, meaning there will be 32 megawatts only at a time beginning fromOctober 10 to 27,” Mtonda said.

Some of the major defects are shaft seal, cooling water piping and machine turbine control panels.

“Considering the negative impact the outage could have on our customers, the Corporation initiated negotiations with the contractor to explore possibilities of reducing the outage period and hence the settling for 17 days,” said Mtonda.

“Before the warrant period close we agreed that any defect will be the responsibility of the contractor, hence the servicing,” he emphasised.

Escom bought the two power generating machines at $55 million and are currently under a warrant period of one year.

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Epolo! Abwana lets look at the issue than personality. Is what Kapito saying true or not? Are their issues we can pick from his lamentation or not? I am afraid that sometimes the Nyasatime comments section is mostly abuse by abusive language. Lets deal with the message not the messenger. Abwana ngadodutsa ine sindithyola nkhwani

Mr. Kapito shld indeed step down at CAMA. He has nothing to offer and protect Malawians from marauding govt. Look at the way road traffic services have been hiked. What justification can they give to hike seat belt offence from MK 500.00 to MK 5,000.00 and all others services have skyrocketed yet CAMA is seating phwii. I thought this is the time Kapito shld have taken govt. head on but alas kaya adya zingati. Don,t only talk about ESCOM but look at the bigger picture and begin to protect poor Malawians. There are many areas this govt is squeezing poor… Read more »

When will our country and institutions learn fiscal responsibility?


$55 Million wooooow Malawians are being screwed for sure. How can we spend that amount of money on equipment that is failing already? What servicing are these people talking about. And APM is going around the world asking donors to invest in Malawi?


Why do people listen to this mad man. He talks about governance that he and his organization hardly follow. Go to his office… inu a labour , inu a ACB, inu FIU, inu A Dausi inu a police. This Thief talks alot of Manyi. How should we listen to people that tout something that they dont practice, hipocrites! panyopako, galu iwe. police , kamani mangani munthu!

Why you people pretend… CAMA is one organization that is not serving Malawians better. Kapito comments almost on every issue to do with consumers. CAMA was funded to lead on Consumer awareness, fortification, access to health services from ‘rights’ perspective… but see… all these proper initiatives are not visible, neither are they implemented by CAMA. This country can not develop if idiots, blackmailers, event driven personalities, hypocrites are let to comment shit. if you think am another joker go to UNICEF, ILO, DFID… you will find money designated to promote consumer rights that ended up in Kapitpo’s pocket. Take it… Read more »
Dowa Boy

This sort of thinking/commenting can not help the country in any way. Amumange Kapito, on what ground? You sound more mad yourself than the one you call mad man. If you don’t have facts to put across, just stay away from this forum other than kumatukwana munthu osalakwa. Machine akunenedwawo munakagula ndinu?

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