Escom, Nkhoma hospital in blame game over 4 deaths

Nkhoma Hospital and power utility  Escom are now engaged in blame game over the death of four patients who died while on oxygen therapy after a power blackout.

In a letter to Escom, the Nkhoma Synod of the CCAP run hospital says Escom shoud take full responsibility of the recent deaths, saying the oxygen stopped working soon after the electricity went off.

“The patients died due to low oxygen after the electricity went off,” says the letter in part.

Malawi is experiencing acute power shortages with some areas getting just two hours of power.

Escom blames the electricity scarcity due to low levels of water on Shire River.

Nkhoma Hospital has not disclosed the names of those who died but said the hospital spent K1.9 million on diesel for generator in November alone from the previous budget of K500 000 per month.

The hospital therefore says Escom should spare the facility  in load shedding activities.

However, Escom’s central region manager Ngwire Mwenifumnbo says in another letter Escom cannot take responsibility of the deaths, saying Escom duly gave notices on load shedding therefore the hospital should have a generator on standby.

Mwenifumbo says it is not possible to spare the hospital in load shedding because the line uses Bunda line unless Escom provides a special line for the hospital which he said currently might not be possible.

This week, a baby was stolen at Kasungu District Hospital when electricity went off.

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You the escom you are too much now, when kamuzu went off the chair came bakili, tikukonza ,bingu tikukonza,jb tikukonza and now its the professor mukukonzabe ,since all this time you haven’t yet expirience matters of water shotage, what have you been doing with all the funds you been given all these years ,anthu inu mungokhalira cashgate kutukula dziko iyayi ,Abwana timadziwa kuti muli busy nthawi zonse koma tatumakoni ofufuza, blackout everyday koma ma bill akungokwera compay iyi ikungotibela amalawi


Hospital no generator? Escom need to blame Nkhoma why they don’t have backup electricity? Don’t play with lyf once u loose no where to buy mwaumfwa ba nkhoma hospital?


Some places they r no blackouts like BCA dis week only 4 day and a short time but places like Ndix, Chilobwe ,Machinjiri its daily we gonna petition ESCOM y only us

Jame Kachulu

Akulu-akulu,ESCOM isamakunamizeni za low levels of waters in Shire river,mzabodza.zaka zomsezi miyezi ya chilimwe madzi amaphwera.why this year only?problem is,ESCOM ikumanga ma line a HV and MV tsiku ndi tsiku.koma moto wake ndi omwe uja.can’t u see? Ndi load yomwe yakula than our generating capacity.useless engineerz we have.wat they know is to buy fleet of new vehcles.

On contrary, how come a huge and critical organization as a public hospital does not have a backup. Malawian life has deteriorated to the worse level. Another common factor that is destroying Malawi and Africa at large is greediness. Every one is so obsessed with self enrichment and cares less about other peoples well being. We have tycoons whose wealth will last beyond their life expected period, however they still want to accumulate more and more wealth and would not bother to touch the life of others. Mind you, the world will never remember you for the fancy cars you’ve… Read more »
Moyo wawawa

Pano mukuti madzi achepa ku shire komanso akachuruka mumatinso zinyalala zachuruka ndiye chabwino ndiye chiti.kodi load shedding imakhudzanso ku state house .zindikirani kuti moyo wamunthu ukapita wapita.muchitepo kanthu msanga!


Koma ma bill ve same as if we hv electricity throughout mukutibera kwambiri

Munthu wamkulu kwambiri
Munthu wamkulu kwambiri

Am of the view that ESCOM should provide special lines in all big hospitals in the country just for the sake of saving lives. Most hospitals cannot afford to keep generators running through out the long hours of blackout. ESCOM should know that it is a great partner in the saving of lives.


Do people even know wht privatise means?

Che Wanimiliyoni
AMalawi why do we always choose to side with complainants? ESCOM is totally innocent and as their manager is saying it is not practical to spare a single customer from load shedding unless the customer has a special line which am sure the hospital in question can not afford. For instance a line to Likuni Hospital pass thru Chitipi, Chinsapo and Chigwiri just like line to Mlambe Hospital pass thru Chirimba, Kameza and Lunzu so you are telling me these areas dont hav to be on load shedding? Will you not be the first to query why these areas dont… Read more »

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