ESCOM plans massive load shedding during Easter

Malawians should brace themselves for a dark Easter holiday as the country’s sole electricity provider, Electricity Supply Commission of Malawi (ESCOM), plans a massive load-shedding to carry out some maintenance works.

Kitty Chingota: Escom PR manager- Load shedding

Kitty Chingota: Escom PR manager- Load shedding

According to the schedule published in the local papers on Tuesday, March 31, 2015, the utility supplier says the three-day load-shedding commences on Good Friday, April 3 and run through Easter Monday, April 6.

This means consumers will have to stay long hours without electricity. The schedule shows that when blackout hits an area, the minimum time it will be taking before electricity resumes is five hours.

“Please note that ESCOM may load-shed outside the load-shedding programme,” adds the notice.

Such load-shedding affects some companies and other businesses that heavily rely on electricity for their operations. Most hospitals, too, especially where they do not have back-up generator sets, suffer as they cannot help patients that require operation.

Some consumers have reacted to this development saying the timing of the load-shedding is wrong.

“What kind of maintenance is ESCOM carrying out?” asked a Mangochi resident Levison Wasili. “Do they know that every time they carry out load-shedding programmes we consumers suffer a lot?”

Martha Givah who owns a fresh foods shop in Ntcheu had no kind words for the utility body.

“ESCOM do not have the welfare of consumers at heart. We lose business when there’s blackout because our products decompose,” said Givah.

It has almost become a norm for ESCOM to carry out such load-shedding programmes during festive seasons.

ESCOM is the sole electricity provider in Malawi.

Over the years, the corporation has faced power generation problems as a result of massive silt deposits in the River Shire.

A multimillion dollar intervention by the US government under the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) has borne scanty progress.

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50 thoughts on “ESCOM plans massive load shedding during Easter”

  1. Proff. Centvinnie says:

    This is stupid for ESCOM to do during this important period, anyamata ndi atsikana inu, tikuchotsani ntchito muyelekeze….kkkk

  2. common sense says:

    We malawians cant run anything properly. Give it to the mwenyes of mzungus. We are useless. Show me one malawian company running sensibly?

  3. GUANTANAMO says:

    Escom becomes too pompous after finishing one assignment. “Black outs will be a thing of the past”. Zoona? Alibe manyazi amenewa. Maintenance mpaka 5 hour load shedding? Tangolipira kumene DSTV

  4. ,MYEGHA,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, says:

    Chifukwa nthawi ya Easter?Mwayamba kutsuta anyamata inu? Kodi abwana inu muli asilamv

  5. james says:

    So thats how the LIGHT,THE WAY & THE TRUTH is celebrated at Escom. Every Easter the Light is dosed by darkness so too Christmas!! what a way to replicate ‘ away with Jesus(Light) give us Barabas (darkness). Escom

  6. UChizi says:

    Its just too much now. Escom will never be fair. They don’t even care for the customers but they are gud at disconnecting and charging high amounts of bills.

  7. Rodriguas Latata says:

    Go on ESCOM we know now that we do pay for blackouts. When some thing fishy happens we do see spark like lights through bulbs, but rarely; we’re used to your efficient provision of blackouts to us customers. Keep it up so that children of our children shall also enjoy this provision under the dynamic leadership of the ‘MrnPuppet president’.

  8. Lilaka Nena says:

    police please be alert, and help secure our communities.
    as thieves now are planning big harmful business,
    taking advantage of this load shedding.

  9. bonya man says:

    Buy a generator fc 5 Reray on Escom 0

  10. bratusha says:

    The more frequent you appear on this page for these notifications the more you expose yourself as brainless people at ESCOM

  11. Yankees says:

    Ambuye yesu kuuka mu Mdima? A Escom ndinu achipongwe mukapsya nonse ndiamanuwa mukuwaonetsa apawa, Dulani Magetsiwo mutchuke ndinu ndi Pitala wanuyu!!.

  12. nana says:

    Every easter there is load shedding?we are tired of you Kittie and company

  13. makumba says:

    Load shading nthawi ya holiday?

  14. towards black out ,blackout day and night escom ndi dhilu dstv taluza nayo apa

  15. nachisale says:

    they dont care about consumers iwo ali ndi ma generator mmakomo mwawo so no worries. no wonder the massive load shedding

  16. Njirazasintha says:

    The DPP government should divert to power generation the billions that are wasted on FISP. It does not make sense to waste billions on DPP oligarchs (most of the FISP money is actually spent on logistics) when proper investment could be made in power generation.

    This country will not move out of its impoverished state (how western journalists love the word ‘impoverished’ when talking about Malawi!) unless it dramatically increases its power generation…

  17. chishuka says:

    why escom always give us stories absinthe get alot of money from we poor Malawian but they don’t supply electricity to our satisfactory

  18. Malawian says:

    If there is a Statutory Corporation that needs urgent and massive reform, it is ESCOM. They always find excuses for loadshading . During the rainy season they talk about siltation, during the dry season they talk about water inadequacy. I will not be surprised to hear that ESCOM has got a Director responsible for loadshading. What I see as the major problem in ESCOM is inefficiency and the “civil servants’ attitude to work. Maintenance work is supposed to be planned in such away that there is minimal disturbance. ESCOM managers may wish to know that it is during long holidays like these that families need electricity even more because family units spend more time in their homes, together watching tv, etc while others conduct nights of prayer, etc. The only workable solution to this is to allow competition in this industry by giving licences to other companies. The only time that ESCOM is efficient is when they are carrying out a disconnection campaign! CAMA, please help us!!!!!!!!!!

  19. chims says:


  20. tiwonge says:

    A Escom kuchita kuchalira ma black out mmalo moti muziti magetsi sazima pa Easter.Manyazi mulibe.

  21. tamalankhoma says:

    my question to ESCOM, when will Malawians have full time electricity. bola solar izinso ndiye ayi .find a way ochotsera nsete zanuzi mukutinyasa nazo.but when it is month end you wonder bill more than wonder when did we have electricity in this counttry? kuba basi.

  22. tamalankhoma says:

    it has come to be a habit of service providers to do what ever they like to do with their business. talk of Escom, water, housing and mobile sercvices( TNM,AIRTEL,MTL) Too bad for us let’s sue them to teach then a lesson .akutiyenjeza zedi uwu ndi usilu weniweni.

  23. mangochi Kabwafu says:

    Koka koka pa Nyasaland. Africa in slow lane. Tiyeni nazoni.

  24. cbk says:

    where were yu before kumadikila tikhale pakhomo nkumatizunza.ndiye tizipanga chani?

  25. Suicide Bonza says:

    Kangotayani makina anu mbuzi za escom. Every 3 months heavy load shedding kupanga maintenance? Govt pliz we need competitors in this sector awa atikwana.

  26. ujeni says:

    Get the $8m Peter Mutharika siphoned out and banked in USA and buy new machines. This stupid, ridiculous, nonsense loadshedding and maintenance song should stop forthwith. Its 20 years and countinue and still doing loadshedding. Are we Malawians competent enough to develop malawi? Who are these dull Engineers, are they the quota students? What a rubbish nation we are, dunderheads

  27. mphatso says:

    kulakwa kumeneko ku southafrica bwana wa eskom wapanga resign nkhani zake za loadshedding zomwezo nthawi zonse maintanance

  28. Lufita boy says:

    kunena zoona escom ikuonjeza mablack out,2much excuses

  29. Charombanthu says:

    A CAMA (Consumer Association of Malawi) mutipo chani nkhani imeneyi? We are instructing you to take these ESCOM guys to task for this. I am disgusted. 50 years of independence and this is what we get!!!

  30. george chimowa says:

    ESCOM vs Load shedding kumeneko ndiye ku malawiko

  31. galang'anda says:

    Very bad

  32. galang'anda says:

    the nation z cursed

  33. Teacher says:

    Yesterday Turkey was hit by a major power cut . From 10am to 4pm. There was panic and it was like a terror attack. It has never happened in a generation. In Malawi blackouts are the norm. In fact timachita kudabwa magetsi akapanda kuzima. Something is wrong with us.

  34. Search me says:

    But why plan these programs during holidays? when we are all sitting in our homes?

  35. ANALYST says:

    But honestly speaking, blackouts greatly diminished during the time of JB (after the commissioning of Kapichira II Hydro-electric Station – which added 64 MegaWatts to the country’s power supply) – you can read about this on the following links: ; ; and . However, blackouts resurfaced soon after this govt took power on the night of 31 May, 2014 at around 12:00 Midnight! What has happened to ESCOM which had enough power to meet the demand??? DPP govt you owe us an explanation….

  36. Dr. Mango says:

    Effects of deforestation. ESCOM should not be blamed for this. We have finished our forests, debris and silt rush to rivers and end up in Shire River.

    1. xtra says:

      Mbutumamso nawe, what if Malawi was a desert, no trees?? Could we not have electricity? Vuto amalawi we love diverting resources into useless things than properly priotizing. Look at expensive vehicles Escom bosses drive?? What about a 120 fleet of cars you have bought recently?? isn’t it mocking Malawians telling them of blackouts while you morons swim in this opulence?? Shupitiiiiii

  37. Nana Chione says:


  38. Mwanananthumu says:

    Mai Chingota, so you get paid every month. Your salary like that just to inform us of the Blackouts. You are happy when thieves take advantage of the blackouts on precious national holidays like Easter. No wonder, there is too much corruption in Escom. Ooh! wait a minute, paja munaotcha Escom main office in Blantyre??? Why? Shame on you.

  39. njolomachipilingu says:

    Escom you are a bunch of thoughtless stupid fools.Do you understand what people do on holidies? Instead of enjoying in their homes watching TVS they will kept on guard in the darkness trying to protect their property.You are a bunch of heartless people.You always do this knowing fully well that poor Malawians have Nowhere to run to in as far as electricty power supply is concerned and the Minister of energy is snoring wake up Atupele.

  40. Kacholima says:

    Is this a fools day prank?

  41. Alfred says:

    why on Easter always just doing this so that you get overtime.while we chat with our families in the dark.

  42. Mafikizolo says:

    That is what i expected. I was wondering how Escom can manage the whole Easter without any blackout. Go ahead, we are used and we will get surprised if one national holiday will come to pass without any blackout. Keep it up!

  43. Peter says:

    Agalu inu ncthito basi kuyendera magalimoto abwino pompano mwagula magalimoto 120.Ndiye pano mukuti load shelding kulibwino mulembe nchito anthu odziwa onsati nyasi zimene zilipozi mulibe plan ina iliyose afisi inu.Company yongokhala anthu opanda nzeru .

  44. jb says:

    Instead of living in dark ages, please do like Ethiopia and invest in large scale modern power generation not only for the cities, but also enough to cover the WHOLE country. This is 2015!!

  45. m'tsutsa says:

    nothing stunning here.that’s escom’s everyday song!

  46. Ramsey Majiga says:

    poor ESCOM

  47. Citizen X says:

    christmas u do load shedding, easters load shedding, what bullshit is this. fuck off you incompetence bustards of escom.

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