EU demands speed in Malawi corruption cases and no sacred cows ‘like Chaponda’

The European Union (EU) Ambassador to Malawi Marchel Gerrmann  has urged speedy handling of corruption cases, especially Cashgate, whose snail’s pace has raised questions about authorities’ commitment to fight graft.

Ambassador Marchel Gerrmann EU Head of Delegation: there should be no scared cows

The EU diplomat made the call at the two-day National Anti-Corruption Conference in the capital Lilongwe.

He was speaking on behalf of development partners at the conference which ends Friday.

Gerrmann said there should be no “sacred cows” in handling cases of people involved or suspected of corruption.

“High profile and high value corruption cases should be accelerated,” the EU diplomat said.

Without mentioning names but people quickly connecting to fired Minister of Agriculture, Irrigation and Water Development George Chaponda, Germann noted that recent forensic audits have revealed  the systematic of public resources “but most of the culprits have, so far, not been charged let alone sentenced.”

He mentioned the maize procurement scandal involving Chaponda and said as President Peter Mutharika says ” there should be no scared cows.”

The diplomat warned that Malawi risks scaring away potential investors and completely losing donor help if the cancer of corruption is not tackled.



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anduna mudanena kuti anena zoona lero mzungu wanena. z corruption ndi boma lanu mumvera

Sekerani Sikalioti

Chipani chopanda tsogolo. Kumadziwa kuba basi. Chaponda kumangomuonerela chonchi

Zambian maize

Nawoni. Khwiyaaa!!! Agwileni penipenipo……. Malawians are not alone. Lets be patriotic Malwians. Goooooo……… I ve said more than once: if u want to be love, u ve to first love others. Intimidation has never yielded love. Chikwanje sichingabweretse chikondi.


mukudikirabe nzungu kuti alankhule basi kkkkkkkkk amalawi tulo ndithu

ephert kutapira

Lucas Kondowe ndi mwana akuchepa kwambiri sangamange bull dozer Chaponda wachepa.

ephert kutapira

The chief is the one who is heading and shielding coruption so do you think corruption can end in Malawi? unless dpp is out of gvt.


Time to sleep my fellow Malawians mpaka tilize mkonono

wa Mwale

Corrupt govnt can not eradicate corruption in the country, Malawians must think of voting in power the completely new faces, new people who have never been in govnt in the past 25 years to come in and clean up all the evils planted by UDF, DPP, PP, AND THE NEW DPP only then, the first corruption will be judged and the new corruption will be well managed that time, but as long as Dpp continues plumdering will never stop no one in dpp looks like thinking of stopping stealing, because Peter, and his followers are all plunders


Auze auze….. morally bankrupt leadership in Malawi

Mudzamva liti

Mukudikira alendowa kuti akuuzeni kutiChaponda amangidwe? Shame on you.

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