Ex-African leaders discuss HIV/Aids threat, sign declaration

A grouping of former Africa Heads of State says the current pace of Africa’s response to HIV is “too slow” to keep the fast-expanding young population healthy and productive. They have called for rapid expansion and acceleration of the AIDS response.

Leaders during the meerting with Zuma

Leaders during the meerting with Zuma

Zuma and Malawi's Joyce Banda

Zuma and Malawi’s Joyce Banda

The grouping, ‘Champions for an AIDS-Free Generation’ comprises Joyce Banda the former President of Malawi, Festus Mogae former President of Botswana and Chairperson, , JoaquimChissano, former President of Mozambique, Kenneth Kaunda, former President of Zambia, Alpha OumarKonaré, former President of Mali, Benjamin William Mkapa, former President of the United Republic of Tanzania, KgalemaMotlanthe, former President of South Africa, SpeciosaWandira-Kazibwe, former Vice-President of Uganda, Miriam Were, former Chairperson of the Kenya National AIDS Control Council, OlusegunObasanjo, former President of Nigeria, Hifikepunye Pohamba, former President of Namibia, Edwin Cameron, Justice of the Constitutional Court of South Africa.

The leaders signed a Declaration following their meeting in Johannesburg last week, emphasizing that more than ever, much focus should now be directed towards HIV prevention.

“Africa must break down the barriers and obstacles that stop our young people from accessing education, including quality sexual health education, and health services that meet the specific needs of adolescents and young adults.

“Girls and women are more vulnerable to HIV because they are more vulnerable generally—biologically, socially and economically. They are also more vulnerable to sexual violence and early marriage,” reads the Declaration made available to Nyasa Times.

The leaders say “the new narrative must speak to young people, especially to adolescent girls and young women”.

“It must also speak up for the imperative of ending early marriage and intergenerational sex. All of us have a role and have a responsibility to end this epidemic,” the Declaration reads.

According to the Declaration, in the past five years new HIV infections in Africa have fallen by 22%. For children, there has been an “even more dramatic drop in new HIV infections of 42% since 2009”.

“More than 9 million Africans are now accessing life-saving HIV treatment. Medicines that were out of reach 10 years ago are now more widely available across the continent as prices fall and access is expanded.

In her remarks, Malawi former president Banda said: “I am honoured to attend this very important meeting. I am going to work and work until the job of ending the AIDS epidemic is done. I don’t know about you but I’m ready.”

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22 thoughts on “Ex-African leaders discuss HIV/Aids threat, sign declaration”

  1. Ethurama says:

    Do u know the welfare,duties & strength of ex-president’s world over…and would u also like to learn who sponsors the list of ex-african leaders/presidents at forums? Unfortunately we’r not in a classroom.ETHURAMA’s1st comment…PONDER BEFORE WRITING..BRAVO TO ALL EX-AFRIQUE LEADERS.PEPANI MWENE LUSUNGU MWA DZINA LANU NDAKUMVELANI CHISONI/CHIFUNDO.

  2. Lusungu says:

    Very sad indeed. Who is financing her trip to this meeting? Who is she representing when donors ceased to pay for ARVs because amayi ndi anyamata awo ananyamula chikwama chonse. Shamee!!!!!

  3. Blessings says:

    Zikomo JB,now come back and do more to your Malawi

  4. No chance of repeating the grave mistake of woman president it’s against nature. Kulibenso kudzakoketsa ng’ombe yayikazi ngolo even ili ya thanzi. Kuli Chakwera, Jumbe, Chilima, Atupele, ndi Mphongo zina zomwe zingayimike manja kuti zipikisane ndi Peter.

  5. Jenifa says:

    I thought Malewezi would have been the better person here. Amayi nduwona ngati uchembere wabwino nde Field yawotu.

  6. syamboza says:

    your excellency the state president JB keep representing is there you carry our flag and souls. your passion has no comparison. enawa akusowa chochita akuti anapita ku msonkhano woti unachitika kalekale mu March. Mzeru kunozasowa.

    mubwere 2018 tikufunaa inyaamuke. Chakasichinathe koma kuno njala mbava kuba aMull aja akuwapatsa Bank yomwe ija anatenga ma biliyoni ija qualification Ulomwe basi

  7. ADE says:

    sometimes we should learn to look and appreciate positive things our former leaders did. every human being has his strength and weakness. Look at your life and ask yourself what have you done that has contributed to a good cause?

  8. chikutumbwe says:

    Waiting to see impacts of such forrums to the locals. As far as I am concerned deaths in relation to the pandemic has decreased as per your calculations but what this madness in cancer whose most victims are also HIV positive

  9. manyuchi says:

    the declaration is nothing but a piece of paper signed by unemployed has-beens who were useless when in power. nuff said.

  10. Jimbo says:

    When can we expect you back home in Malawi JB? You have been away so long when we need you here to help us.

  11. opportunist says:

    JB 4 life

  12. Ackson Kalaile Banda says:

    Thank you Dr.Joyce Banda for representing our country,we are appreciating the effort you take when it comes to issues that concerns the vulnerable,you are a leaving example of a God sent leader because your priorities are that of the grassroot people. Since you were stolen victory Malawi is no longer the same,the agendas you set for the poor people are no longer there,we miss your true services. Keep fire burning for Malawi.God is in control what belongs to you no matter what someday it shall come given back.All the projects that targetd the poor are no longer there,there is looming hunger people have already started suffering,they miss your support.

  13. MSANA WA PETURO says:

    But why not discuss this serious issue called xenophobia? Everyone is nw fully aware of HIV& AIDS and catching it is at own risk.

  14. Chembwiye says:


  15. Malenga says:

    Bravo JB and fellow former Presidents,this is a step in the right direction….keep it up and God bless you always!

  16. chatonda says:

    Joyce Banda is ready to address HIV/AIDS, WHERE?

  17. stanicious says:

    Zuma seems like wants to slap this Malawi former acting President, hamba!!!! boela gae

  18. Issa Kabudula says:

    HIV/Aids is an ependemic which is linked very close to vulnerability of the poor, when people are poor they are vulnerable to sickness due to lack of energy in their bodies, pushing them to hunger and stress. Through stress many cases of deaths are recorded and it is one of the highest killer – we have loss many leaders due to stress, it is a diseases on its own right.

    The heads of African presidents meeting to fight HIV/Aids – I would appreciate if they can talk on finishing the black fighting and killing in the name of Xenophobia.

    I thank you – how long will the Republic of South Africa tolerate the few individuals to tarnish the image of the apartheid fighters especially the youth of the 1976 and the old aged of the 19000? It is the shame atmosphere to accept and very bad to see black torturing black because of fear of poverty.

  19. Tim Masamba says:

    Useless issues and individuals they had their time in office to make a change now the seek relevance for the miserable lives as nobodies!!!!

  20. Chrispine Salanje says:

    Dr Joyce Banda always available on issues affecting people thats why I like her

  21. The liberal democrats says:

    what did they do while they had the seat of power?

  22. sakamundende says:

    things zomwe tiamkonda kumva. osati exnophobia and certaain leaders rapping at a concert in the USA

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