Ex First Lady Shanil works as volunteer presenter at Radio Maria

Former First Lady Patricia Shanil Dzimbiri, who upon her marrying the former president Bakili Muluzi was converted to Islam, has now gone back to her birth faith, Christianity years after divorcing the former head of state.

Patricia Shanil

Patricia Shanil

She now works as volunteer presenter at Radio Maria, a catholic radio station in Mangochi.

The prodigal catholic daughter on Saturday evening ably presented a programme, ‘woyera wa lero’ a programme which highlights lives of saints and martyrs.

The programme gives details of how such saints and martys were born, the lives they led, how they became saints or martyrs in a bid to inspire catholic spiritual Malawians.

The former first lady who introduced and ended the programme with a name Patricia Shanil, was composed on radio and followed all broadcasting etiquettes.

She dropped her name, Patricia upon becoming a Moslem and immediately adopted an Islam name, Shanil.

Apart from working as a part time volunteer radio announcer, she is also a member of parliament and runs a string of businesses.

Among other things in her divorce papers, she accused her husband then of extra marital affairs and pocketing her allowance from the government after she played guardian to Muluzi when he was sick in the UK, saying the former president diverted the allowances to his lady bodyguard instead.

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35 thoughts on “Ex First Lady Shanil works as volunteer presenter at Radio Maria”

  1. ManGanya says:

    Azimayi musiye uhule. She was quoted. Like women are mahule hule ali a munake. By the way Catholicism don’t pal with divorce.

  2. ManGanya says:

    Azimayi! Musiye uhule she was quoted on a number of occasions. Like Azimayi nd I ma while. By the way there is no divorce in Catholic church. Go to Zodiac Shania!!!

  3. Kibble Phiri says:

    Very humble lady indeed. I dont know her much but I have interacted with her twice in the bank at balaka and at lilongwe fedex visa office. Very humble and polite too


    Why does she still maintain the name of Shanil? Chindele chakufikapo!

  5. UNECA says:

    Ulibe ntchito palibe kanthu pita chisilamu ndi din ya mulungu osati zopeka zina zija.

  6. UNECA says:

    Hule iwe ulibe ntchito kaphatikize milungu itatuyo akakuweruze ndi Allah.

  7. ob says:

    Eklezia wakula

  8. zilibwino pamenepo aformer lady

  9. thomson says:

    So what?whats the problem then?Thats agood work.

  10. Sapitwa says:

    All commenting negatively could be Moslems. Take note that once you leave your Christian religion to join Islam, it’s all good to Islam. You will hardly find Muslims converting to Christianity and those that do so are cursed by Islam and persecuted mainly in those Islam dominated countries.
    The good thing is that our country has a strong freedom of religion and I salute Muluzi on this for not enforcing Islam to Malawi as has just happened in Gambia.

  11. Gulukunyinda says:

    Mmhhmm! What has her divorce has to do with this story? Journalists, try to stick to the story @ hand.

  12. Chenda says:

    Keep up working hard Madam Patricia Shanil and may God bless you. We will be together in prayers and thank you for your teachings in the observation of God’s will.

  13. nachisale says:

    Do not take a man’s name or leave your religion – this is the new rule for girls and women. We now live in a modern society where there is no need to change your name because of marriage. A good example is Patricia Shanil Muluzi. Girls and women kudedeluka taking on husband’s name – akuti alemekezedwe kuti ndiokwatiwa. Ena they adopt mfunda wa a bambo even a man’s middle name, change their certificates and passports and driving licence. Its all about women blindly subscribing to a nasty patriarchal culture until the eleventh day that is when some clever women realise they need to have confidence, self-esteem and believe in themselves and who they are, and like Patricia, they start reverting to their maiden name and their faith. Let men and women, girls and boys love one another without these stupid conditions of changing names. There was a time when a woman who did not change her name to her husband’s was seen as stubborn – BUT TODAY many girls and women are realising it is actually smart and clever not to change to a man’s name! The lesson from the former First Lady is: girls and women DON’T take your husband’s name (don’t change your name) and don’t leave your religion!

  14. Esh ndi watsoka basi, ndithudi mmayi ali ndi tsoka. Kukhala msilamu ndi mwayi wawukulu wapadela. Koma kamba kalusazindoki ndi makani. Akuwona ngati ndiwozindkila

  15. Real Christian says:

    Munthu akamapanga zabwino sionse amakondwera ayi! May God be with her and I love what she have done.

  16. choka phiri says:

    I had always lovet and respect for Shanil. A.warm hearted woman without greedness. Like wives of Muntharkas Who got million salaries for benig Marie. The tax parets and pool Malawians money. BEAM and How. Much does she get in allowances. Do you think these woman does not get salary? How long shall Malawians ler This stealling go on? Muntharkas have Madeleine Malawi more poor.

  17. Makwasa says:

    Analibe foundation ngati BEAM njira yobela ndalama???

  18. Oyela sanyada says:

    she didn’t add any value to Malawian islamic community, once a snake always a snake, no matter what you do, it wont change.

  19. Ghadhaffi says:

    Fisi ndi fisi basi ngakhale achoke mphiri la Mulanje kupita mphiri la zomba sakasanduka mbuzi akakhalabe fisi basi. Anazolowera kudya zibudu, mbewa nkhumba eeish,tingoti zauve. Chinasala chinalakadi fisi nzoona ndakhulupilira.

  20. redeemed says:

    A woman of a nerve of steel, adopting Islamic faith for the sake of marriage!, speechless.

  21. wayunda says:

    There is time and seasons for everything

  22. MCHEMO says:


  23. namgabi wa ku balaka says:

    Komatu pena pake a Shanil. Simungakonze ma eye brows. Ndizichita kukuposani ine Namgabi wa Ku balaka

  24. Bufalo Soldier says:

    So who is dating this cutie pie now? I just love her so much and i need to talk to her privately, its not a big deal but i adore her beauty

  25. guta says:

    Chinakanika chinasala

  26. angoni apaphata says:

    Akatolika nd I amodzi samalekana

  27. Thanduxolo says:

    She’s a humble woman! Zabwino zonse mayi!

  28. Banda says:

    Basi ndakhala chete…..

  29. ramsay snow is just misunderstood says:

    kukomedwa akazi achimalawi.

  30. geofrey ngwira says:

    at least will be good life after this life

  31. Gagama says:

    Well done madame

  32. Nansani wa chingoni says:

    I just love this Lady..

  33. kumiwuwe khomeni. says:

    Mulungu alemekezeke ndithu,chifukwa choti amamuwongola munthu yemwe wamufuna komanso amamusocheretsa yemwe wamufuna.ALLAH Akbar

  34. Dr. Mango says:

    Kupemphera ndi kwabwino

  35. Sapitwa kakulanye says:

    Mr. Owen Khamula, the ex-lady has been doing that for a long time and many will agree with me that it is no longer a news but reality. You are far much behind with information.

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