Ex Karonga-ADD boss named prime suspect in tractor scandal, on the run

Programmes Manager for Karonga Agricultural Division (KRADD), Wellington Phewa, has been named as the chief orchestrator in the shady sale of a multimillion kwacha government owned tractor to people in neighbouring Tanzania.

Police have initiated a man hunt for Phewa suspected to be hiding in Mzuzu, Nyasa Times has learnt.

The tractor, registration number MG 647, was sold some two months back with the deal getting busted immediately Karonga council officials launched investigations after smelling foul play.

Team leader of Nyasa Times  the investigations who is also vice president of the council Ernest Mwalughali told  that the tractor was “an asset” to the council.

“The tractor had been packed at his office´s garage for maintenance but since we didn´t take it back quickly he managed to sell it to Tanzania without the council´s knowledge,” explained Mwalughali.

He added: “Phewa lied to us that the tractor was on the list of properties which were auctioned some two weeks ago but has failed to produce the documents as well as coming here to explain to us what rely happened with our vehicle.”

Concurring with Mwalughali, the district Human Resource Officer Tamika Milimbo wondered how the tractor was sold despite being in the good condition as well as not following the recommended procedures of boarding off government properties.

“First of all there are procedures that we follow when any department decide to auction government properties amongst them, the Office of President and Cabinet (OPC), National Audit, Ministry of Finance as well as the PVHO certify the process of which in our investigation has revealed that none of it was done. On top of that the vehicle was in good condition that was not supposed to be auctioned, therefore we have find out that the process was illegal,” said Milimbo.

In his remarks, Traditional Authority Kilipula asked the council to use its power to summon the suspect so that he can explain to them how and why he sold the tractor on their back and report the matter to the police for further investigation.

However, Nyasa Times have failed to hear the side of the suspect as he is not answering his mobile phone.

Meanwhile the council has agreed to involve the police in the matter as one way of speeding up the process in order to bring back the tractor as well as arresting the suspects.

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PHilip am stupid zoona but pm oz in LL attending meettng n palibe wa police adawafunako pankhani iyi n PM nkhaniyi adaimvera panyasa pompa.shame to nyasa repoters.osama falitsa nkhani zabodza.n EX PM is not MR PHEWA afufuze bwino.EX PM is mr yona shupit.EX PM amagwirabe ntchto?mbuli zawathu


Say it’s not true and shame the Devil by proving it.


No doubt that zaya kunkhongo! U must be very stupid with your useless nkhongo. Even a blind could sense something here. If he is innocent and did NOT sell the Tractor,why is he on the run and NOT answering his fone? Why don,t he go to KRADD and tell his side of the story? Bottlomline! He sold the Tractor.

Malawi ndiwabwino ?

The problem Phewa is not from north. It ve bn oky if it was bought by a northener. It looks auction was in whole Mw and i believe everywhere things happened same way

Malawi ndiwabwino ?

Zimamveka kuti ku Ntcheu anthu agula galimoto k150 000. Ma yamaha k30 000 pa auction. Auction was in the nation ? Akadagula mtumbuka sizikadavuta

Sand Wa Sand

Is It Malice Or Reality? Karonga, Tell Us Realities B4 We Judge Wrongly Or Rightly. Mukuti Zatani Kodi?


Chilungamo chake ndichoti Malawi yafika poola.Kwakhala tsopano tidzava kuti dziko la Malawi agulitsa magamba .Guys chikupangika ndi chiani makamaka? Ndava kuti magamba ena akutsatsa RBM

Ochewa Weni Weni

Wellington Mphewa ndi mchewa wa ku Lilongwe ku Kasiya,wamwa mowa pa KR Salima pamodzi kanyenya wa nkhumba.

zaya kunkhongo

you dont know wat you are talking about.mr phewa sadagulitse thalakita ine ndi wa karonga ADD tractor agulitra okha n anthu opanga auction wa adayambira kuchitipa thn karonga n kukaronga adapita ku EDUCATION ,DC’s offces n PVHO becareful ndzomwe mukunyozazo ax ife akaronga ADD nt ktinyozera PM.mowa or atamwa skul mudamuphunzitsa ndnu ?


mumfinye phwala abwenze tractor ameneyu ndipo komwe wagulitsa kwa mlimi ku TZ ndikukuziwa ine mbuzi imeneyi ili mu katoto

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