Ex-Malawi army Colonel Kauwa arrested over Cashgate, out on bail

The Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) on Thursday arrested retired Colonel Nelson Kauwa, whose company, Thuso Investments Group, was linked to contracts for the disputed payments at Malawi Defence Force (MDF) in connection to infamous cashgate scam.

Odillo (right) facing charges like Kauwa

Odillo (right) facing charges like Kauwa

According to ACB spokesperson Egrita Ndala, the graft bursting body arrested Kauwa in connection to a complaint they received in September 2013 alleging that government officers at Capital Hill were making entries in the Intergrated Financial Management Information System (IFMIS).

“The Anti-Corruption Bureau instituted investigations into the matter. It was established that some payments were made to Thuso Group without offering to Government any service.

“On 16th July, 2015 the Anti-Corruption Bureau arrested Retired Colonel Nelson Kauwa,” said Ndala.

According to her, Kauwa will likely be charged with three counts; conspiracy to commit an offence contrary to Section 35 of the Corrupt Practices Act; money laundering contrary to Section 35 (1) (c) of the Money Laundering, Proceeds of Serious Crimes and Terrorist Financing Act; and theft contrary to Section 278 of the Penal Code.

He was taken to Court where he was granted bail after paying and producing K1 million bail bond and two sureties bonded at K500,000 cash each, respectively.

The court also ordered him to report to the Bureau twice every month and also surrender all travel documents to the ACB.

ACB recently also arrested MDF Commander General Henry Odillo (retired) and his then deputy Clement Kafuwa where they were formally charged in relation to a multi-million dollar corruption allegations. Their trial is yet to start but they are on bail.

The two former top generals have been charged with abuse of public office, negligence by public officer in preserving government property and money laundering.

The two are accused of arranging a contract to supply military equipment which was never delivered.

Odillo and Kafuwa were apparently signatories of several cheques, including K3 billion to International Procurement Services (IPS) owned by businessperson Osward Lutepo—who is also answering his own money laundering charges—and K1.5 billion to Thuso, co-owned by Kauwa and Alexander Banda, according to information sourced from ACB.

Represented by lawyer Donvan Silungwe, Odillo and Kafuwa deny any wrongdoing.

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22 thoughts on “Ex-Malawi army Colonel Kauwa arrested over Cashgate, out on bail”

  1. Lafiki says:

    It is very painful to see our country falling apart like this. In many areas we are doing fine as a nation. One day we shall wake up while our country has been sold out to foreigners. Companies are mismanaged just
    like the country herself. Why do we play a blame game? What is funny with this blame game. Who owns this country? Who chose to be what he is today in terms of sex and the origin. If anything else please nyasatimes edit readers comments and select what is the best for consumption. Why should we embrass ourselves with hate messages. Who want to be this and other?

  2. kudu says:

    Bwanji kungoileka nkhani ya anthu amenewa ndikuwaloa kuti apepese ndipo tingoyambiranso kuchita bwino chifukwatu milanduyi siidzatha mpaka Yesu kubwera

  3. Vilakagwenths says:

    Mbava zimangidwe APM osawakhulukira amenewa.

  4. north says:

    The issue is not about atumbuka but cashgate. Ndichifukwa chake mitundu ya enanu dyela mumafuna kulanda u pulezidenti mzanu apo mukamanyanga kuti pala president wafwa wachiwiri wake ndiyo wakunjira kwambula voti. Viwanthu viheni imwe chiti. Kukhumbila wanyinu viheni uli. Chikhululu icho mwagima muwengemo mwekha lekani mulikufwa na cardiac arrest chiti again. Uyo walipo wafwengeso muonenge chiti again. Imwe chiti apa akwe!!!

  5. First offender says:

    No.12 keep it up that’s a good writing

  6. vuuuu says:

    number 11 you are very stupid. and your entire clan. if you dont know anything just keep quiet

  7. Idi Amini Dada says:

    Let me actually introduce myself first. As u can read my name, l am the son of ldi Amin, Ugandan most powerful president. Malawians, why westing time about cashgate? My late father store 21 trillion dolars in Uganda in 1975, but u arrest “innocent” people like Odilo, Kauwa just for stealling penut amount of money? Kwalinshinta mukwaya for lukuta pakutarakanshi cashgate? what is 13 billion? 9d

  8. Jora says:

    How about the HTD fuckers

    Biggest crooks in the system

  9. zaluma says:

    Iwe na 11 kuzowera kukwata amako eti. Kodi a Tumbuka anakulakwira cha. Kodi JB ndi mtumbuka siwakwathu ku mwera ku Malosa. Ine ndine Lhomwe, koma ndimadana ndizo tukwana mitundu yina popanda chifukwa.

  10. namatikitiki says:

    And this is the second time Kauwa is being given bail!

  11. Mwana Mai says:

    The big problem in the country is nothing else but talking too much without following what is being discussed. You are the same people who have called for legal reviews. This has now been in place and you are still complaining about bailing these thieves? Are you not aware that the same law you want to be applied says one has to be charged within 24 hrs then be bailed awaiting a hearing in court? This Kauwa has always abused resources beginning from the time he was working as a mechanic in the army together with late Chamangwana, late Nyangulu etc. Basically he was used as a conduit by the other crooks who are also on bail to siphon money from the army using his fake company. These thieves have cases to answer. Commenting on Odillo being the best army commander the army has ever had, I vehemently dispute that assertion. There have been generals of substance like Gen. Matewere, Chigawa, Maulana (DAN), Chimbayo, Chiziko and Odillo can never be compared to them. On the point of using Odillo”s photo connecting it with Nelson Kauwa’s story, that is no big deal because the two fall in the same category (cashgate/Kuba). In fact in that picture the two shown are Odillo and Machumbuza (the Roman Catholic priest in the army) and Odillo is apparently a Catholic. All he was doing was to givensure his boss moral support after the boss had dipped his hands in the government’s coffers who custody was under Malawians. Cases like these may drag but one day these clowns will be punished. This is different from somebody who is caught cheating on his/her spouse. Evidence has to be established in order to determine how one got stinking rich overnight, up to the point where they were even scared to occupy houses they claimed belonged to them in area 43.

  12. Gulugufe says:

    Iwe comment number 10, sukudziwa Kauwa ameneyu anaba nthawi ya ulamuliro wa utumbuka wa Joyce Banda?

    Anatumidwa ndi atumbuka kuti akabe. Ndiponso amache ndi achitumbuka!

    Atumbuka kuba basi!

  13. JB says:

    Agalu otukwana atumbuka aja ali kuti? You are very quick to lebel tumbukas why are you quiet today. Malawi is rotten because of this DPP government that Bingu used to steal billions from Malawians but you still voted for Dpp and then you have the cheek to blame and insult Tumbukas. You think you own Malawi akaba wakumwera you keep quiet. Ndiye uchitsiru ndi umbuli timanenawo anthu opusa ngati inu sinaone you will die poor.

  14. Kamuzu Wamuyaya says:

    Why is it the Peter Mutharika and the DPP government arrest only Malawian businessmen and Malawian officials? The biggest the the inventors of corruption and bribery in Malawi are the Indians and Pakistanis they have looted Malawians, raped our sisters and daughters and are the biggest beneficiaries of Cashgate. Malawians wake up Kamuzu always said these Indians were crooks. Peter Mutharika’s government cannot survive without billions that Master and other Indians share with him. All Cashgate is Indians.

  15. nick says:

    Is it just me who suspects some connection between this crackdown on these ex-army-guys and the fact that they were the ones who saved the Malawi constitution from being subverted by APM and the Midnight Six a few years ago? Is this pay-back time?

  16. Delete says:

    Poor Malawi

  17. ndagoma ndidziko says:

    For goodness sake does it take 2 years to investigate? And then I suppose another 10 years to investigate further before a suspect is brought to court. Lets just forget all these cash gate issues.

  18. Warara Warara says:

    Sure? But Many soldiers have been saying that Odillo was one of the best Commanders Malawi Defence Force has ever had. By the way: that photo is not for Mr Kauwa. You talk of Kauwa and you place Odillo’s photo. What do you mean? Muzawalemeletsatu mabwanao kotsogoloku. Kayaaaaa

  19. Charombanthu says:

    We seem to be going round in circles on these matters which do not seem to have any end in sight. So far we have not heard any concrete evidence pinning the culprits except Lutepo who confessed. Do our investigators know what they are doing? If money was paid to Mr X and goods were never delivered up to know, that is theft, period. Remedy is to deliver the goods of be arrested for theft….. Hallo….

  20. Maximum Prison says:

    These Cash gate suspects are not supposed to be given bail at all! They are the ones who are killing witnesses and ACB Officers. They will destroy all the evidence and leave the Prosecution team with nothing. If left free they can even corrupt the prosecutors! Money is evil!

  21. Concerned citizen says:

    How much does he and his company cashgated? For how long will he awaited on bail before facing judgement? ACB-CAUTION: Beware of such thieves and their supporters in power-your lives are in danger should you treat them with delays. Kaya mwina mukudziwana.

  22. Moya says:

    I suggest that government(ACB ) should be arresting these guys when they have all facts ready so that after bail within a week the court case should proceed. We have no sympathy for the thieves. If Malawi police is shooting to kill robbers attempting to steal a few millions what about these stealing billions please shoot them to kill too and we shall analyse t,he circumstances later but dont only victimize the poor robbers from mtandire,area 25,bangwe and ndix vill even thugs from area 43, 44,barracks should be targeted too or else drop the policy of shoot to kill completely not being selective.

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