Ex-Malawi army officer arrested over gun sale

Police in the capital city Lilongwe have arrested a former Malawi Defence Force soldier for allegedly trying to sell a handgun.

National police spokesperson, Rhoda Manjolo told Nyasa Times they are keeping in custody Mackson Sato 30 years-old who was found i possession of prohibited weapon and a bullet.

”The police’s Mgwira Mbava Group had information that the suspect was offering a pistol for sale.The officers followed the information and arrested the suspect,” Manjolo explained.

Sato revealed during interrogation that he is an ex-MDF soldier.

He has since been charged with possession of illegal firearm contrary to Section 16 of Firearms Act which attracts a maximum of 16 years jail term.

Sato hails from Chitawira village T/A Kuntaja in Blantyre.

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41 thoughts on “Ex-Malawi army officer arrested over gun sale”

  1. ngangula says:

    Nzoonadi akabwela uyu wasintha uyu wasintha ndizomezotu

  2. Yonah says:

    Kugulitsa mkulakwitsa bola adakaisunga

  3. kholes says:

    Mpatseni gunio mphuzitsi opuma salephela kukhala chalk or books

  4. eric chidiso says:

    very bad where did he acquire this weapon security yagwira ntchito ya booo keep it up ovuta omberani kuti afe osati kuvulaza ayi.

  5. Chimboche says:

    @Pompido. Wa kayombe (MYP) at 30 now still doesn’t add up.

    How possible is it to go with a gun when leaving MDF?

    1. special advisor says:

      Chimboche, the story is that the man was once an MDF member, and that he had an unlisensed gun. No MYP, no leaving the military with a gun. Where in the story did you read that?

  6. arontananzio says:

    anthu angati amenewa ndi amene akosokoneza chitetezo

  7. musa chilo says:

    mwanyanya kusintha maudindo ngati zovala musalile,

  8. mwanyanya kunsintha maudindo ngati chovala lero mwaziwonanela nokha

  9. Chimalilo says:

    if it is true afunsidwe where he taken it maybe akugula like south africa mu shop they sell from R300 if he has receits for the gun simulandu ogulawonso ngati ali ndi chilolezo no nkhani anthu ambili ali nazo mfuti just start searching ma cars out of ten about 4 azipezeka alinazo mfuti

  10. dreda says:

    Verify facts before u print.nkhani ilibe chikoka

  11. Charles Dika says:

    It is unfortunate that people can not distinguish an ‘officer’ and ‘soldier.’ An officer is someone who is commissioned and is a leader and commander of soldier. A soldier is someone who serves in a military to undertake tasks as planned and sanctioned by officer. You will note officers are rarely engulfed in scandalous acts because of training and reputation they always vow to protect. Please, use appropriate wording between soldiers and officers. If you can obtain or access Defence Force Act, you will be able to understand and distinct the interpretation.

  12. benard riviel says:

    But guys wat r u doing there? hw long will dis takes to an end? where is our security? malawi……., ?

  13. charles says:

    musamatipusise afusidwe bwino, kodi gun adampatsa ngati penshoni yake mwina. tamufufuzeni boo!

  14. zuze says:

    at 30 he is already an x MDF,when did he save the army….any way there is more to this turn every stone pliz.

  15. jongwe says:

    Whats the difference between Ex-Malawi Army officer and former MDF soldier? I see that the heading and the details inside the article dont match. Or is MDF the same as Malawi Army? Please school me in this

    1. Wangonde says:

      I thought I should help my Brother over MA and MDF difference. Since independence the Army was named Malawi Army from the colonial KAER. But when we entered into the multi party Democracy it was changed into Malawi Defence Force (MDF).

  16. Amos Kandiero says:

    Mungomupha basi,akulimbikitsa umbava anthu ngati amenewa pa Malawi pano

  17. Judge Joash says:

    Mbuzi yamunthu.Stupid!

  18. Pompido says:

    Mufunseni bwino bwino ameneyo ndi wa kayombe, (MYP) not MDF!

  19. billy wonjoya says:

    siunalakwise kugulisa tizipezera mwayi wobera ulova wachuluka

  20. aphiri says:

    The English is Clear Ex MDF.this guy was fired because his conduct does not befit that of a soldier but the police. his firing is evidence that MDF does not condone such rubbish bravo MDF”

  21. MULHAKHO says:

    Ameneyo waishosha ndende akasova konko.

  22. Eddoh says:

    Bwanji osamangokalima kumudzi bwaa!!

  23. mudzitigulitsa kuba kudzipweka pamalawi,ulova wakula uwu,kkkkkk

  24. Zoona Mapuya says:

    Give us more info nyasa frm police like how and where did he get the weapon,is he an arms runner and was he fired or he quit MDF?

  25. Wagona nkhule waliwa says:

    Comment: mumangoti apolice apolice lero suyu wa MDF kugulisa mfuti? ndikamati apolice ndimadolo amagwira aliyense kaya wa army kaya prezdenti siizi?

    1. Pompido says:

      Its just part of their duty, nothing special!

  26. sattoe felix says:

    watiyipisira zina mkulu ife Masato tilibe mbiri yoipa .choncho Ambuye akukhudze.

  27. Zamu zamu says:

    Arrest this Ex Mdf thug.Guns are putting Malawians people’s lives at risk and he is tarnishing the good image of our army.He never saved a penny during his working period.Zonse anamwela bibida waiting for mpamba from the sales of Pisitolo.

  28. Chosambava says:

    this guys must be triple punished….ku MDF…..KU POLICE..KENAKO KUMWAMBA

  29. Chinthumwananga says:

    There are so many unanswered questions that story doesn’t tackle.

    Our reporters need to do more research before publishing such half baked reports.

  30. Kenzo says:


  31. MAMINA says:



  32. Bambo a Maggie ndi Connis says:

    Amafuna ya fanta musiyeni

  33. zebedia says:

    This are pple who are making malawian’s to have sleepless night, plz lock him up

  34. chejali says:

    Napepe a x soja musovenge

  35. Nowa says:

    Ask him where he got that thing

  36. Blessingz chamano ching'ona ng'ona #fwedex says:

    Comment kodi a kapolowo @pistol amafuna akapangire nayo chani?

  37. Kwame says:

    Comment: anayipeza kuti mfuti ameneyo? Nde kuti ndi wakuba ameneyo. Mukamati Ex MDF officer nde kuti anachoka ndi mfuti ku MDF ko? Anjatidwe basi.

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