Ex-Malawi diplomat hits at state spies:  Dausi’s NIB ‘compromised’, says Chikago

Malawi’s former ambassador to Japan, Dr John Chikago has warned President Peter Mutharika against trusting intelligence reports from National Intelligence Bureau (NIB) as gospel truth.

Chikago: Do not create imaginary coup to unmask failure

Chikago: Dausi and his spies should not create imaginary coup to unmask failure

He said the bureau is compromised because it has a politician, Nicholas Dausi as its head.

Chikago said this in an interview aired on MIJ on Monday when he was asked to comment on reports that the US government was supporting Malawi Congress Party (MCP) topple the democratically elected government.

“The problem is that the NIB head is a politician, that is why he is cooking up such lies…they just want to shift people’s attention from the real economic problems the country is facing,” said Chikago.

He asked the President to disregard the intelligence reports, saying they have potential to just confuse the Head of State.

Malawi Congress Party (MCP already stated the allegations that its leader plans to overthrow Mutharika’s government is “fiction.”

The state intelligence notes “uncovering coup” also implicate international community including United States diplomat Virginia Palmer as aiding the plot for hosting meetings at her official residence.

US officials dismissed the claims and accusations as “ludicrous”.

And in his interview,  Chikago said every year, the US invites people of different classes for a thanks giving ceremony which runs from February 1 to 4.

“I attended such an event in 2005. People come from all over the world. You don’t discuss politics but just praise Jesus Chrust and God,” said  Chikago who  had a tour of diplomatic duty in Japan.

He said even if the US wanted regime change in Malawi, it would not use the US ambassador to Malawi. The US usually uses CIA operatives for such political exercises.

“The government must be careful, this has potential to damage the relationship between Malawi and America. Ambassador Palmer cannot do that,” he said.

Chikago doubted if anyone can be interested to take over the government whose economy, he said is in tatters and beset by numerous problems in all fronts.

“The President should be at peace. He has state security and everything,” said  free-talking Chikago.

However, Chikago fell short of calling on President Mutharika to fire Dausi.

Dausi was an intelligence officer in the defunct Malawi Young Pioneers and was later attached to former head of state Kamuzu Banda during one party dictatorship  before taking up politics as a career. He is a former top member of MCP.

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19 thoughts on “Ex-Malawi diplomat hits at state spies:  Dausi’s NIB ‘compromised’, says Chikago”

  1. even if dausi is fired i see things going worse still, why? God Almighty is not happy with apm for buying the office as such God has removed all the wisdom in this president. dausi is the one who was doing evil things in MCP, turnishing the image of late Kamuzu Banda to the extent of many Malawians think Kamuzu was a killer yet it was dausi’s doings. Almighty God impeach apm for the betterment of our beloved country…

  2. Lazarus says:

    Mr Chikago, as an experienced diplomat, shouldn’t have mentioned CIA in the same vein as regime-change. Though true, it’s never a compliment to Uncle Sam. It neither represents what Washington claims to pride herself in as a promoter of democracy.

  3. Sailota says:

    Nguluwe inalira nsampha utaning’a; lets stop crying dawn is just around. Wukumba dzenje, ntheladi, agwelamo yekha!!!!!

  4. Amahefu says:

    I like your strong remark bwana chikago thus the voice of a manwith diginity Dausi is an old lion which is roaring with a graning voice sitingathawe asiyeni azingobwebweta

  5. pemba says:

    I am not surprised Dausi is doing. You remember during MCP era anyone who criticized the govt was oukila boma. Just coming up stories. Dausi is just doing the same. But blame APM the appointing officer. Why appoint such a silly person?

  6. buffon says:

    this president is too weak and incompetent, he gets orders from people like mukhito and chisale at state house.they are the ones controlling him.

  7. Price says:

    The President is now Deaf and blind. He will soon regret for the political appeasement he made.

  8. Chinyama says:

    I don’t have respect for APM since he stole votes with cash gate money his brother stole from us, now he is failing to undo the damage since the donors are not willing to help us out because of the money that stole our election which he claims he won, can you see the dilemma.

  9. TV says:

    Dausi, Dausi, Dausi! Please stop misleading the president.

  10. wanoma says:

    blame should go to MALAWI LAW SOCIETY this SIS or whatsoever you may call it is working here in Malawi illegally in the sense that it is using police act .are these guys police officers? they do not have an act from which they operate from just like police act , forest act. Malawi need more than prayers because everything is illegal

  11. BBC/CNN says:

    Dausi is a shame to Malawi and this administration. What kind of NIB with the Director General that never went to school? Shame on APM. We are watching you Peter and very soon you will pay for all these ……. you are doing to us.

  12. Milward Malidadi says:

    So the US Govt is capable of unseating a legitimate govt using the CIA operatives? Is that what you are telling us Dr Chikago? What does that make you? A wiser commentator than Dausi?
    Did you say a thanksgiving dinner to praise God? Are you talking about the US Govt that i know or this is a different US Govt? Do they acknowledge the existence of God or they think that they are God themselves?
    And who is this one talking about Dokani Ngwira as a seasoned officer? A Dokani anafika pa seasoned officer? Was he still UDF kapena UDF inangowachita recruit and they withdrew their allegiance?

  13. Likoma Intelligence Service says:

    NIB, just like any Secret Service organisation in the world, ought to be headed by an intelligent person. There are no short cuts to that. In Malawi, however, such a crucial organisation is headed by a certified imbecile. What do you expect? Our country is being governed by idiots: just imagine the Vuwas, the Kaliatis, the APMs, the Dausis, running a country! Seriously do you expect an progress?
    How pathetic! What is wrong with us Malawians or is it that God has simply ignored us?

  14. Jinack Chinula says:

    The message is touching most of our lives in that we should only praise God and Jesus Christ because it is God who gives us our leaders and the President too, whom we have to obey with respect and wish him well during his office time and even after office time for leading us in the name of God which is a big job.

    1. Charlie Hebdo says:

      God gave you wisdom to make better judgement. If you use it poorly to the extent of electing poor leaders, you can’t claim God gave you such leaders. This is a problem of your own making. God will only show you what you lack or need, the rest is your own effort. When Pharaoh had a dream that foretell seven years of plenty and another seven of famine, he appointed Joseph to make sure he stocks enough food for the period of hunger. God did not till the land or stock food for them. They did it through their own efforts. Even when God rained manna for his people, he didn’t make it available on their tables. They had to go out each morning to collect it. The bottom line is “don’t accept everything including leaders as from God. We make them using our judgement”. God has given you the freedom to choose right or wrong and He won’t force you to follow his ways. There was a time when Malawians opted for Wakuba Yemweyo and no one can tell me it was God choosing. God provided us with what we needed to make a decision and we made it. Today we are saying that was a lost decade.

  15. Paka Bush says:

    The problem is that Dausi removed seasoned Officers like Dokani Ngwira, Charles Banda and Emmanuel Kambale……He is now working with Mapwevupwevu…..

  16. Omex70 says:

    Dausi is a useless guy. He is just there to survive.

  17. chibweya joe says:

    Doe the President get the chance of reading such kind of good will messages? I doubt

  18. The Partriot says:

    That the same Dausi was a bodyguard of Kamuzu and now implicating his former party of a coup plot, just shows how the world goes round and politics is round too.
    The million dollar question is : is the national intelligency bureau for the Malawi state or for DPP? These guys are being paid taxpayers money to spy for a political party?
    Dausi and all the DPP cadets should not forget that Malawi is greater than DPP, and even greater than APM.
    All of will die, some very soon depnding on the ages, but Malawi will stilll be there? So why bjrn Malawi just because of political and economic ambitions of a few individuals?

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