Ex-minister calls subscribers to boycott Airtel Malawi Blackberry services

Former cabinet minister and People’s Party (PP) official Clement Stambuli says it’s high time Malawians started to boycott some services for providers not to take them for granted.

The former Nkhotakota parliamentarian was reacting to Airtel Malawi’s decision to stop offering daily internet subscriptions for Blackberry smart phone.

Stambuli: B oycot

Stambuli: B oycot

Apart from stopping the daily subscriptions, the company has hiked the Weekly Blackberry internet social solution from K204 to K4000; Blackberry Complete solution from about K200 to K5000 a week.

The monthly subscriptions have been adjusted from K3000 and K4000 to K14,000 and K15,000, respectively. Whereas the Internet Enterprises service is now at K17,000 a month.

“This is too much and unconsiderate by any standards  especially at this time when things are tight.

“For  sure we can do without this service or move to  TNM if they are competitive,” said Stambuli.

According to him, Malawians always blame the government on high cost living and “just watch unscrupulous business people and companies rob them in day light”.

Many Airtel Malawi subscribers have complained with some asking it to rescind its decision.

“Their focus on is making profits and how their subscribers survive is none of their business.,” said Christopher Ndalama, a Zingwangwa resident.

While Memory Kakhobwe noted that Airtel Malawi will lose some of his “valuable customers” to their competition TNM.

“This is indeed a very bad business decision. They are  being greedy as the cost of BB service is  very low and even at 700 Kwacha per  week they can still make a very high profit margin,” Kakhobwe said.

She then advised business  developers at Airtel go back to their drawing board and rescind the decision before “we
all turn to the green network”.

“Consider  the average earners who collectively give  you business,” she advised..

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40 thoughts on “Ex-minister calls subscribers to boycott Airtel Malawi Blackberry services”

  1. wobeba wanga says:

    Bingu would have chased them away….. Analibe chibwana

  2. Louise says:

    I, My family, and organization have depended on the complete month service to communicate with each other, donors, and national leaders. There is no way we can absorb this hike for each of our users. I am leaving Airtel immediately and already have my tnm account set up. Will it matter? With a 500% increase in fees, over 80% of Airtel customers would have to leave the data service in order for the company to see a drop in profits. They will make the same from 20 people as they used to make from 100. So, in the end, even if many of us leave, the level of risk is low. Argh. Money over people!!

  3. Chatonda says:

    Accept you don’t have money , I cannot change line because of that and I remain Airtel , cheap things do not perform generally

  4. Mwagwanayo inu a airtel spy machine yayamba kale ine ndili ku green network pano woooooo

  5. Harry says:

    Nasty airtel here I go to TNM bye for good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Frodo says:

    amalawi wangovuta ndi umphawi. technology is expensive. just go back to writing letters and sending by post. kuzolowera ma subsidy. ambiri mwainu mukulira palibenso chanzeru chomwe mumagwiritsa ntchito service imeneyi kupatula facebook and those other silly social networking fora.

  7. bodole says:

    what a racket…. Aitel ndiye yationjeza abale . Bwana Stambuli thank you so much for opening up our eyes . Luckly enough we have Tnm as our option. ine ndiye ndasintha kale card langa lero. I went to tnm shop in mangochi this morning, I bought my tnm card and I have made a weekly complete blackberry subscription at k700. osati za k5000 zaku airtel ZAMKUTU….Guys why pay more tiyeni ku tnm konko moyo ukufewa ku Tnm, and their customer care is just lovely and beyond expectation.

  8. felix mizimbe says:

    Lets join hands in boycotting this provider and it would be better to join tnm. I first thought that Airtel has us at heart but it seems they are here to rip us imagine 4,000 kwacha a week> this is ridiculous and what type of innovation is this? Uwuw ndi umbava

  9. Zexes says:

    I dont like it when yabooka expires after midnight,its a stupid idea to freeze our monies in that way.

  10. Iam really stoping using airtel coz of high cosy,moyo ukuwawa uwu pano ndagula green card yanga ndi yomwe ndi ku user

  11. kujalani says:

    Green card konzeka. Am done with this thieves

  12. Good Citizen says:

    What if TNM do the same? We malawians we are short sighted. I used to love AIRTEL very much with my Blackberry but k4000 a week is insane. The spie machine should spie the service providers. They are fooling as with this free called night internets( very slow).

  13. ismail says:

    This company is very bad,imagine buying dongle and cheat you to give 2gb next month upon expiration of first bundle but nor giving you, ask me am a victim of this robbing company

  14. kajumba says:

    airtel is too expensive in all aspects e.g. airtime consumption, internet bundles consumption, even their airtelmoney bonus consumption beter greencard.

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