Ex-MP Shawa forms new party in Malawi – Union Party

Former parliamentarian Paul Sydney Shawa has formed a new political party called the Union Party (UP) and is opening the door for membership from  expelled members of former ruling Peoples Party to join.

Paul Shaba:  New party

Paul Shaba: New party

Shawa, was as Member of Parliament for Mzimba South constituency from 2009 to 2014 before he was voted out following the victory of PP candidate Maquenda Chunga in the 2014 tripartite elections.

The 58-year-old Shawa,  a trained lawyer who was prosecuted in 2003 in Canada where he was practicing and admitted to stealing funds from clients, said he was the new party to be   an instrument for participation in the long struggle to uplift the plight of long-suffering Malawians.

“Our members are nationalists as opposed to anarchists or fascists. In our quest we are driven by the unacceptable fact that after over 50 years of independence, government after government lament the loss of donor support; that a nation that begs, year in year out, unashamedly, is not, an independent country; that a government that plunders and burglarizes its treasury, year in, year out is not a government of the people, by the people, for the people,” said Shawa.

He said his Union Party intends to be “revolutionary” in its approach.

“In the coming months you will be privy to the findings of our study and may publish to Malawian those findings,” said Shawa.

Shawa said there is no doubt that Malawians want change.

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shadreck tembo

A shaba mwee.kaleleni bazukulu kwakathundu.

koma eee

koma a Shawa akuti ndi chiyani? munthu wakuba ndalama ku canada 2003 akufuna kukhala president shaaa!!!! koma malawi yamphweka eti ndi a shawa omwe, azitengadi mbava za pp kuti angwire nazo ntchito.

kabotolo msaka
Someone in AA wrote that “contempt before investigation is the root of ignorance.” Hon Shawa was the first afrikxn lawyer to be called to the Bar in the Province where he has practiced since 1989.Lawyers that steal money are disabarred…that is not allowed to practice.Check out Case Digest of LAW SOCIETY OF MANITOBA..From my reading of the matters which brought Hon Shawa before the Discipline committe..it is clear that it was not a cae of thought as such but misappropriation…that is the use of trust funds on client A file for the business of client B.When the funds are returned… Read more »

Experience has taught us Malawians that parties with the synonym “UP” are not quite destined for much.


You mean you want to undo one Prof Chisi with his UP (Umodzi Party)? Atumbuka mwee!

concerned citizen

Zoona munthu amabera anthu ku Canada yet we gave him the responsibility to represent us in parliament and never benefited anything through him pano wayamba ka chipani kake and opening the door for cash gaters from PP , zankutu basi.


Mzomera azako ndi amenewa. Anthu opanda address. KKKK


Kodi a Malawi mumatitengera kuntoso ngati Nyama ya galu bwanji? Kutiwona kumbwambwana? Zankutu basi! New party nde chani? Idiot.


Ine ndine mbadwa yaku south mzimba pa Jenda , chiwinileni mu 2009 kufikila mu 2014 sanapangeko chitukuko ku constituency yake , munthu wotele angatsogolele dziko? Kkkkkk mbuzi ya munthu.

Ngoni wa Fake

Bavayi ikufuna chiani kodi? Khope iyi ikakhale president? kikikiki

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