Ex-Speaker schools Malawi MP on pronunciation  

Former Speaker of the National Assembly and Member of Parliament (MP) for Mwanza Central Davies Katsonga on Friday rose on a point of order to correct fellow legislator, MP for Mchinji East Kayo Zimchetera for alleged wrong word pronunciation.

Davis Katsonga: Proper pronounciation

Davis Katsonga: Proper pronounciation

Zimchetera was alleged to have said ‘healthy centre’ instead of ‘health centre’ while commenting to the mid-year budget statement presented to parliament last week by finance and economic planning minister Goodall Gondwe.

“First of all let me congratulate the Finance Minister for the midyear budget that he presented in Parliament on 26th February 2016, while I commend the midyear budget I also want to request government to consider building a ‘healthy centre’ in my constituency,” Zimchetera was understood to have said.

But rising on a point of order Katsonga said the wrong pronunciation had implication of relaying wrong message.

“Mr Second Deputy Speaker Sir, the word is pronounced as health centre and not healthy centre sir, because when you say healthy centre it means something totally different,” he said.

In his ruling Second Deputy Speaker Clement Chiwaya while concurring with Katsonga’s observation defended the Mchinji legislator saying he had a right to pronounce the word as he did because pronunciations sometimes depend on where the person is coming from.

“Let us allow a little bit of diversity in these issues, it sometimes depends on where the person is coming from. For example, I can pronounce the old capital city of this country as Zomba but someone can pronounce the same word as Somba,  someone might call wakuda as wakudha, Mzuzu as Muzuzu,” clarified Chiwaya attracting laughter.

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27 thoughts on “Ex-Speaker schools Malawi MP on pronunciation  ”

  1. master lee says:

    #22 chindere chakufikapo u don know malawi history

  2. Nathan says:

    Inu nanunso, pitani ku Mangalande mukamve ngati mu Nyumba ya Malamulo yawo amalankhulamo Chichewa. Ngati mu nyumba ya Malamulo yathu ma MP amalankhula Chingelezi, kaya chothyoka, azungu azithokoza chifukwa iwowo satha kulankhula Chilankhulo chathu mu Nyumba yawo ya Malamulo. MP yemwe amakonza Chingelezi cha mzake ndi chitsiru! Ife sindife azungu koma ma Nyasa!

  3. Ejukweshoni says:

    But Mr Katsonga why were you lenient with Bakili when he was murdering the English language. He would say ‘ejukweshoni’ with all his big voice of zinthu ztani!

  4. Khondo says:

    #20. Ngati kuli mfiti sosatha kulankhula abubu, anankaludzu, amvimvi ndiye alomwe anthu oti amangodziwa kupereka basi koma kulera ayi, kuyendetsa dziko ayi, kuvota mopusa, kulima ayi, mwatitopetsa kapitani pa 6 April

  5. MP says:

    he had nothing to say so he decided to demean his frend too bad

  6. Ujeni Phiri says:

    Madam Deputy Speaker, don’t mislead the Nation, Zomba has never been a Capital City of Malawi. The first capital city of Malawi is Lilongwe. Zomba was a Capital Town. It was declared a City in 2005 buy Ngwazi Professor Bingu wa Mutharika. But before that You will never find any record anywhere in the world including in London where Zomba had ever been a City. There is a very big difference between a City and a Capital. A capital is a seat of government office and can either be a capital town, capital municipality or capital city. By being a capital does not qualify it to be a city.

  7. Aningo says:

    I am beginning to call such common English mistakes “ZBS English” because they are popularised by the ill-educated local radio and TV journalists

  8. si mLhomwe says:

    How come only chiLhomwe is pretty well the only language in Malawi that does not corrupt English pronunciations?
    Even at primary school level, mLhomwe’s dictum is well known. At secondary school level, it stands out; at at university, ndiye palibe nkhani (no argument!) But you never hear them boasting about this. Never.

  9. Ambuje Kukaya says:

    Honourable Katsonga should have discussed this pronounciation of words with his colleague in private. I wonder if the correction was out of pride or love…

  10. mzungumbuli says:

    Nanunso a Katsonga kusowa zochita…….. but how did he know that there was a “y” at the end? These are petty issues. I have heard people mostly azungu saying Muzuzu instead of Mzuzu, how many people rose on point of order? Mr Chester Katsonga’s brain is now eroded kkkkkkk!

  11. Honeycomb Chidyauzu says:

    Parliament is not an English grammar class. Katsonga is was totally out of order he just wanted to embarass his honorable friend. To hell with him. We have heard terrible english from parliament why did he not collect that . Mxxiii

  12. Myao says:

    Paja ankolo amati ‘ tilimbikile mpria wa mapazi (Football), Ulimi wa Zilimbo (Livestock farming) Ulimi wa Tchipisi (Kachewere).

  13. Angozo says:

    This is not a big deal. After all people make mistakes. There was another member of parliament from Mzimba who said she RECOMMENDS government for……… instead of saying she COMMENDS government for…….. . Where was Katsonga when this was said in parliament last week? What is important is the message being put across. We also have to understand that it is not easy to speak in public.

  14. concerned citizen says:

    zoonadi I agree with Mr Katsonga it is common in Malawi people pronouncing words wrongly thereby giving a wrong meaning / message. We need to correct this tendency. Lets try to speak English English. To translate to Chichewa HEALTHY = Thanzi. Health = umoyo. EG Ministry of health = unduna waza umoyo. Do we say unduna wa za thanzi ?

  15. kukhala says:


  16. john phiri says:

    Katsonga is old fashioned, his shirt, tie and jacket look healthy. He should know that Chinese, Arabs, Italians, Belgians, Portuguese, Spanish all pronounce same words differently. Even Scottish, Irish, English and Welsh pronounce same word differently.

  17. Mchewa says:

    Katsonga, go to hell with your correction. These two words health and healthy are difficult to differenciate in pronounciation, i therefore find your correction a mere tease or a joke, thats why the second deputy speaker did not take it seriously. I would have recommended you if you could come out with the correct pronounciation for justus during the days of Bingu

  18. Mbakaya says:

    Koma abale katsonga samakhala serious. Kuzukandi kuzuka kukonza zimenezi? Anthu a ku constituency ndikumanyafila a MP athu alankhula? By yowopa Dausi mu 2019 nanunso mwayamba kuloweza chiming?

  19. Mlakho says:

    how did Katsonga kno that there is ‘y ‘ at the end of word heath,just by listening to the pronounciation?

  20. 2016 welcome says:

    The wrong pronunciation of words are not peculiar to a tribe it’s across the board. From Nsanje to Chitipa most MPs have one problem or another. But I find the comment by the deputy speaker as defending ignorance. We are in a parliament whose language of instruction is English so let’s go by it. For instance, almost 95% of Malawians including MPs wrongly pronounce the word ‘parliament’ as ‘paliyament’. It should be ‘ palament’.

  21. Chindele says:

    Katsonga graduated just last week. Now he has masters.

  22. Yo Gawa says:

    mapwevu pwevu pa chakuti pako ndatero ine Yo Gawa

  23. Funzo says:

    Hardly newsworthy but mildly entertaining.

  24. gudu says:

    Zimchetera is a ngoni not chewa but that said u r right bcoz all ngonis cease to exit they are all chewas

  25. ZOCHEZA IZI says:

    And It Shud Be Known To Mr Katsonga That There Are Close To 100 Different Pronounciations For English Word.Who Told You There Was A ‘y’ at the end of the word ‘health’?

  26. Akungolonje says:

    Kungokolora fodya wambiri basi ndiimira u MP without considering education level. Tiye nazoni, bola dola kumapeto kwa mwezi.

  27. Mapwevupwevu says:

    Chiwaya is dull! Defending chewas who are equally dull!

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