EXCLUSIVE: Dausi ‘manufactures’ coup plot, implicates Malawi army officers

Under pressure to explain the removal of  Malawi Defence Force (MDF) commander General Ignacious Maulana and replacing him with his former deputy Griffin Supuni-Phiri , chief state spy Nicholous Dausi and another top State House official have ‘manufactured’ secret memorandum to convince Malawians that the sacked Maulana was about to ‘take over’ government.

Dausi: We will use the available resources

Dausi: We will use the available resources

President Peter Mutharika receives a gift of Pump gun from General Ignacio Maulana who is now sacked

President Peter Mutharika receives a gift of Pump gun from General Ignacio Maulana who is now sacked

Fake memo claiming coup evidence by NIB

The fake memo

The fake memo

Nyasa Times can exclusively reveal that Dausi and State House Director General Peter Mukhitho, a former Inspector General of Police  are being the forged signatures of both Maulana and Lieutenant Colonel Phillip Nyamali to create an impression that the two were conniving to stage a coup de tat by August 6, 2016.

Maulana was unceremoniously fired by President Pater Mutharika at the weekend although he still has three years on his contract and was ‘warehoused’ to the National Food Reserve Agency (NFRA) to look after security matters there.

Nyasa Times has seen two memos, leaked by Dausi one of which Nyamali is asking General Maulana to execute ‘plan B.’

“General Sir, you might have recalled in my first memo addressing the political situation and the saga that your fellow Generals were campaigning for your down fall especially including the duff Colonels, who name themselves your deport mates. This time one of them has summoned you to these prevailing politicians including Mlakho clans.”

“General Sir, these prevailing politicians are planning to suck (sic) you and replaced you with the brushiest, your deputy. Remember General what happened to the two Generals, the late Gen Mautanga and Gen Simwaka. They were promised to be deployed in diplomatic mission, where are they now? This is food for thought,” reads part of the memo dated July 27, 2016 with reference of Secret/Ops/1 and connected file; Secret/Ops/1 dated 18 October 2015.

“Plan B is available, Live Execution or Secret Elimination, General Sir; I have won all hearts and minds of the troops here at RARA BN, especially the commandos. Cos south are ready Sir, MAFCO no problem hand over notes were done before the former commandant was deployed to DRC and I have convinced other Commanding Officers. We seek your authority to meet at the same venue for verbal briefing or at your convenient place and time. Please advise accordingly,” reads the memo in part.

In that memo, Maulana is purportedly responded in ink by the side of the memo with his supposed signature and the words ‘Execute on 6 August 16’

In another memo, probably to show the friendship of Maulana and Nyamali, dated 20 June 2014 Ref. file: Secret/Admin with subject ‘Congratualations’, this time Major Nyamali writes the Defence Force Commander congratulating him on his new appointment.

“I have the honour to appraise you General and congratulate you on your new appointment.”

“General Sir, we are happy and accept our best wishes in your career from inner circle: Col S Mchungula, Col GW Phiri, Lt Col Mwase. Lt Col Kalisha, Maj Yetala, Maj CR Phiri, Maj J Chilambe, Maj Y Ngwira, Maj Njete, Maj Ntonya, Maj Basikolo and Capt Sichali. We will celebrate with you at a place to be communicated later after you are settled,” reads the memo in part.

“General Sir, you may wish to hear the drama happened to your deputy while in Windhoek, Namibia he called his staff and driver at DOT directing them to collect Four Star General pips. Your Deputy is not happy, he was over confident and cheated with fellow Mlakhos to be the next General after that idiot Odilo. Sir, we bid to assist you and frustrate them,” reads the memo signed by Major Phillip Nyamali, psc.

When we checked the authenticity of the memos, our military source dismissed the memos saying they are ‘machinations of other people’.

“There is strict discipline here and we do not write memos of that sort, check even the language and the decorum, this is not from the military, an amateur was doing that. There are some many things I can tell you that these memos are not legit. They are machinations of other people,” said the source.

He said for example, none in the military, especially Malawi Army can discuss sensitive matters purported in the memo dated July 27, 2016 ‘and you have the whole Army Commander giving a go ahead to a mission like that one giving a date in the process? This has never been heard of in any military operation’.

Insiders also confided in us that when State House was failing to give a convincing answer why Maulana was removed, Dausi, as always, came up with a solution.

“Dausi is the one who came up with this idea saying it worked during Bingu’s time and it will surely work this time around hence he leaked the memos himself,” said our source at State House.

“They are planning to go ahead with this and they will be dragging some politicians in here too,” revealed the source.

Dausi refused to comment on matter of security, saying it is sensitive.

There have been several reports by Dausi led spy agency claiming there is  a regime change agenda being plotted to overthrow President Mutharika.

Three opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) executive Ulemu Msungama, spokesperson Jessie Kabwila and the party’s legal adviser Peter Chakwantha, are answering to treason charge  over alleged WhatsApp chat discussing how to unseat Mutharika.

The development comes after  concerns  that the intelligence body which  is politically compromised  had resorted to “cheap propaganda”.

Chancellor College-based political scientist, Boniface Dulani told the press that “NIB has been used, and continues to be used by ruling parties to advance partisan, rather than national, interest.

“The main targets end up being opposition politicians, those that hold critical voices or are considered disloyal to the ruling party and elites.”

Early this year, government said it had intelligence information that MCP with assistance from the international community was plotting to unseat president Mutharika. MCP officials denied those allegations.

Outgoing British High Commissioner Michael Nevin confirmed to a local daily that United Kingdom has been raising the concerns with Malawi  government over politisation of NIB for some time.

DPP has a history of creating imaginary coup plots.

In 2008  former president Bakili Muluzi was placed under house arrest in the city of Blantyre after returning from a trip to the UK  when the DPP government accused him of plot a coup with senior military officers.

Muluzi, who served two terms before stepping down in 2004,  was questioned by police who showed him an anonymous letter allegedly linking him to a plot to overthrow late President Bingu wa Mutharika.

The case failed and government  compensated former army head of intelligence, Brigadier General Cosgrave Mituka, and Major General Mathews Chirwa who were arrested on the same coup plot saga.

Government also compensated former army commander late Joseph Chimbayo and former Inspector-General of police Joseph Aironi, both were arrested  on same allegations for plotting to overthrow the government.

Muluzi is seeking compensation from government for false imprisonment, physical inconvenience and defamation on the same.

And  Cassim Chilumpha was arrested in 2006  and charged with treason when he was serving as vice-president to late President Bingu wa Mutharika after for allegedly  plotting a coup.

Businessman-cum-politician Rashid Nembo was awarded K8.5 million in compensation by the court after he was wrongly accused in the matter.

The case collapsed as State prosecutors indicated that the charges may be dropped.

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35 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE: Dausi ‘manufactures’ coup plot, implicates Malawi army officers”

  1. be humane says:

    Nyasatimes, is this not your own cookery to disturb the nation and the readers? Dausi does not write so simple as the letter sounds. Its true the letter lacks military tune. Read it again people you will see a journalistic tone of writing giving you a picture that it was written by a journalist. Its written by people who dont know their subject but are trying to put across a point which is not coming out

  2. santana says:

    Tamuyankhani Chitimbeyu abale!! You are also silent as you are doing not giving the names of the seven cashgate ministers. If you are not giving the names who then should the president fire? Will he just fire the number 7 without actual persons?

  3. this nosense must stop………………………………………………..@nicolas Dausi…….

  4. Mbuya says:

    Ine ndimadabwa kuti inu asilikali you appear happy and comfortable with Dausi spreading rumours, dangerous rumours osafuna kumpanga operation bwezani wachiwiri. He is a man who best suits the title of great confusionist in my opinion. He is reckless and cares less about the country’s security. He has implicated diplomats like they are his equals. Please MDF get rid of Dausi before he planges our country in turmoil.

  5. Ungwelu says:

    Someone said APM is on auto pilot?

  6. Charombanthu says:

    Where is all that professionalism in our security aparatus? Why are politicians manipulating these institutions? Boma likasintha anthu amenewa aziopa kuti ntchito zawo zili pa chiopsezo zoona zimenezi? Poor Malawi. Deploying an army general to guard maize silos is like buying a gun to kill a mosquito! This story has some truth to it. Afterall, Dausi is a member of the “midnight six” who lied to the nation that the president “was alive and still in charge” in April 2012 when they knew that he was gone. Shame. Chilichonse chouluka chizatera, anthu a Mulungu sangakhalire kumangolira, remember this…. We are watching.

  7. Chititimbe says:

    This article is carefully and specifically written to shape and direct the mind of the reader towards a specifically designed goal. This is an insult to the reader because you have assumed that the reader dOes not tHink. Unfortunately, looking at the comments here, the goal of this article has been achieved. I think Malawian media knows how a Malawian reader thinks. Malawian reader is very lazy to use their brain and ask perTineNt questions before believing the theory of the author.

    I am in my 50s now and since time immemorial Malawi has never ever had a public constitution that requires the head of state to provide reasons for hiring and firing the Malawi army leadership. Assuming this story is true, why is the state house desperately looking for a reason to give to the public for firing Maulana as if the state house is required by law to do so? By the way, who appointed Maulana to that position? Isn’t it the same authority that has fired him now? Did the appointing authority provide any reasons to the public or to anyone for hiring Maulana and not those other equally eligible officers for that position?

    When did Nyasatimes know about these leaked memos? Today, yesterday, two or three days ago? Why did they not inform their readers about these memos immediately when they got hold of these leaked memos and then later after getting the Dausi theory write a separate article for that? In my college time, I learned and I still remember the characteristics of a propaganda story. If this is not one, then I don’t know what it is.

    To cut the story short, the state house knows that they are not required by law or anybody to give any reason for hiring and firing the leadership of Malawi Army. Therefore, they are not looking for any reason to give because they know that nobody is expecting them to give any. It’s either that Mr. Dausi had a different reason for cooking these memos and not the reason given in this article or that nobody cooked those memos. Looking at the details given here hand the tone of this article, there is a probability of 99.99% that nobody cooked these memos because we don’t see any reason why somebody should do that.

    1. T/A Ngongoliwa says:

      This is the most idiotic comment i have ever read on nyasatimes online. seems this chititmbe is one of the authors of the fake memos…

      1. Chititimbe says:

        This is one of the comments from empty-headed people I have ever read on Nyasatimes online. Empty-headed people use words like foolish, idiot and many more because they don’t have any point to counter argue the points presented by others. One can’t have any constructive and educative arguments with empty-headed people. Actually, it’s a waste of time to respond to them and I don’t know why I am responding to you now.

  8. Wansembe says:

    I thought the MDF had its own Intelligence wing?

  9. chodziwadziwa Bsc (Poly), Msc, PhD (Oxon) says:

    very disappointing and shameful acts of the country’s secret service organisation. NIB please, try to prove things before you react. Military is a very sensitive component of the government. And to our dismay there is no sanity in the MDF because of the DPP government machinations characterized by the nepotistic promotions and demotions. Why? If I may ask how many Army commanders and IG for Police have we had in the democratic dispensation? Many? Why….its because politicians toss them around and the culture that has been inculcated in these two security organisations is that of praise worshiping of politicians for better ranks and corrupt practices. Government should act soberly in executing services that relate to these two most important security organs please.

  10. Joe says:

    Dausi was an MYP maffia of which such issues are still in their blood. Mr. President, be careful total careful with these guys. Their aim is JUST to destabilize the country as they used to with MYP. His school background is Zero if not faked. This General (Gen. Ignacio Maulana) is one of the best Generals the country could have kept to have the people refrain from corrupt practices. There are more intelligent men in MDF who could replace this Dausi if the country is to forge ahead with better complements. You are capable Mr. President to reverse the removal.

  11. FIRE WARRIOR says:

    Dausi is a confusionist but he must have been instructed to cookup a, story to justfy yhe reason why Maulana was sucked. Nevertheless, these people failed to come up with make to believe story due to mere lack of knowledge since they are geniuses of ignorance. No wonder their memos contain mismatches such as the congratulatory memo which is dated 20 June 2014 when Maulana was appointed MDF commander on 24 June 2014, how can this be possible? Secondly, Who in all their sences would write a memo to discuss sensitive issues like these other than discussing them face to face? Please, dont give us the impression that our soldiers are that stupid not to reason. It is only some of us civilians like Dausi and Mukhito who can think like that and not our sharp and smart soldiers. If this was done in collaboration with other soldiers, it is a pitty and that means our beloved army is now politically divided and it can no longer function neutrally.

    1. Tikondane says:

      I read some sense here. How can unchicken hearded persons discuss such sensitive matters so detailed in writing!!! Pamenepa pagona nyani wonama wosemera anzake zinyau wakalekale!! Appointed on 24 June, 2014 but attached to matters which began before he was appointed!! Apanso pawonetsa umbuli ndikusaganiza kwaosemawa kwakukulu!! What are you saying amalawi?

  12. Sabuside Malata says:

    This is old fashioned politics. You can not bring in people the likes of Dausi in the modern government system. Their mindset will never change (is cast in the stone). DPP will always get dirty and foul smelled results because it is using Expired goods to run government. There is need to overhaul the whole system. Somebody on the top is sleepwalking.

    1. Tikondane says:

      You got my nike!!!

    2. Chititimbe says:

      Why do they need a reason to justify the firing of Maulana as if they are required by law or by anybody on earth to do so? Waiting for an answer…

  13. The Analyst says:

    “When soldiers lack discipline, the fault lies with their commander.” – Tywin Lannister
    . . . Everybody (including APM) knows that if you want idle-talk, inconsequential conversation, jokes and other time-wasting gestures, e.t.c; Nicolas Dausi makes a very good company. Now, . . .
    . . . Can such a person be a Head of anything? Are we surprised now, that all that comes from Dausi is gossip?
    What APM doesnt know however, is that “Whoever gossips to you, will gossip about you.” – Lebanese Quote.
    . . . And it wont be too long before this Dausi begins to talk about APM (when time changes).
    Nanga inu . . .
    . . . On what basis was Maulana in want of overthrowing APM?
    . . . And is it not a wonder that the DPP spends at least 90% of its time suspecting that someone is planning APM’s overthrow? What is it that APM is not doing that always makes him think people want him out? And why is he not simply doing it so that people may think otherwise (as per his and his team’s suspicion)?
    . . . Although its not clear why APM thinks people want him out, one thing is very clear – “The guilty are always afraid.”

    1. Tikondane says:

      I also got some good stuff to read here!! There are matters worth intelligence in this country. Our brothers with albinism are perishing across the country…if they think they are intelligent enough, let them unearth them! Mantha basi!! What you wrote here reminds me this: MOST African leaders live in fear of the unknown no wonder they spend most of the administration days searching and suspecting. They cannot even move out alone without a thousand of security men. Who would ever want to spend or waste their precious breath wanting to harm them! Chidzawachotse ndi nthawi!!!

    2. Chititimbe says:

      Why does the government need a reason to justify the firing of Maulana as if they are required by law or by anybody on earth to do so? Waiting for an answer… By the way, do you have any case in which the government of Malawi gave a reason for hiring or firing the leadership of Malawi army in the past? Waiting…

    3. Chititimbe says:

      @The Analyst,
      I like one of your trademark sentences. This one: “Let us not be lazy with thinking”.

      1. The Analyst says:

        Kikiki . . .
        Thanks, Chititimbe

  14. Bitiwell says:

    NIB versus senior MDF officers? Koma ziliko and tiona. Dausi , are the officers you have listed in your memos the threat to country or MDF? Am very sure these guys are among the good performers and and are being reported by those who feel threatened but are close to politicians…. Armies don’t work like that, the Chief of NIB has no oversight over the military . Who would want to take over a government / country without electricity, water, food and with ministers like nankhumwa without integrity? A Government which can just Call a major General to state house and give him a rank just because the brother married a presidents niece. And he gets excited with that!
    A military which is run by politicians in regardless of a ministry he is from. A government which feel threatened by anybody who shows element of intergrity.

    To Supuni Phiri just read Julius ceased a Mentioned by Gonani , Ides of March!

    The MDF was peaceful until when Nundwe came back from DRC And caused confusing in the whole system…Don’t say we didn’t warn you General Spoon phiri

  15. ismael c says:

    This is bullshit, why didnt they just arrest Maulana if this was true in the first place? DPP at its best, finding ways to assassinate the learned General. Give us another reason. Why then do we say Malawi is God Fearing when we dont fear smear mud at others? Why trying to tarnish the record of others? If he was really about to take-over, why was he entrusted with freedom, and head one of the most strategic food reserves for the nation? Indeed, something up DPP sleeves…Maulana, care for your life…

    1. Chititimbe says:

      Why does the government need a reason to justify the firing of Maulana as if they are required by law or by anybody on earth to do so? Waiting for an answer… By the way, do you have any case in which the government of Malawi gave a reason for hiring or firing the leadership of Malawi army? Waiting…

  16. Gonani says:

    General Spoon ,

    Beware of I des of March,! IfNundwe has done this to Maulana , you are surely next target. This work includes your deputy General……Dausi and mukhito cannot do it on their own.

  17. Baba wa Boyi says:

    Malawi is a disgrace, therefore Malawians are a disgrace.

    I thought we were told right here that he was removed because he refused to go along with corruption?

    Now, its Dausi who implicated him in a coup.

    Both these stories have people who are very sure because they were in the thick of it.

    Find useful things to do than misinformation.

    1. my understanding is that they are making up the coup story to fool people. Otherwise the truth is he has been sucked due to the corruption issue.

  18. nyo says:

    the truth of teh matter is that teh president has ben lied to SUPUNI di wa ma deal heavy and so corrupt..with maulana big fishes amakanika kuba now apeza mpata

  19. The Patriot says:

    There are some personalities who are so greedy that they dont care if Malawi burns as long as they get material gains for themselves.
    This man called Nikolay Dusi is one of them……he is always there when dictatorships are hatched!
    One day he should pay for his sins!

  20. Phillip Businesi says:

    Nzeru ndi zomwe zija, zakalekale zija, za ukayombe zija. Nanga aMalawi ife tipanga bwanji?

    1. Namuona says:

      I do not blame Peter for this predicament because he himselfdoes not use his head often. Things are soon going to get worse to his disbelief. He so much relies on Dausi, Mukhito, Khoviwa, mlhako boys as if they are life supporting machines. He mustbrace for the worst Iif he continues in this path.

      1. kkilembe says:

        Typical MCP frame up. APM should be very very careful with Dausi. Who would take over a country where their delicatsen is mice and grasshoppers, no electricity, roads like rat tracks, no medicines in the hospitals? And which general in their right minds would plot a coup in SADC? Please Dausi dont take us for fools. Dont break down the Army. One day you will pay heavy my friend.

        1. Chititimbe says:

          @kkilembe wandisekesa kwambiri mpaka “roads like rat tracks” hahahahaha. Do you mean Malawians who walk on those roads are rats?

          Why does the government need a reason to justify the firing of Maulana as if they are required by law or by anybody on earth to do so? Waiting for an answer… By the way, do you have any case in which the government of Malawi gave a reason for hiring or firing the leadership of Malawi army? Waiting…

  21. Mwananyanian says:

    Salacious indeed!
    Lt. Col. Nyamali should really be communicating in Chichewa, for clarity. But we get the idea. Power grabber, he is.
    Him calling his former boss Odillo, “idiot”, and his disparaging attitudes towards a cultural grouping, Mulhakho, are telling, to be sure. Where did he think he could get away with a coup?
    To be ruled by soldiers of his intellectual caliber, or any soldier for that matter, would be a million times worse than what we are going through; which is really, principally, due to PP and their open pilferage (CASHGATE). And its off shoots and aftermaths. Malawians, we are a lucky bunch for not having to experience civil war, or “government” by soldiers!
    Dausi’s agents who discovered this plot deserve raises; like the the ones who discovered Kabwila and Co., and their amateurish plans on the internet!

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