Exclusive interview with Nyamilandu: FA Malawi president for business and professional status leadership

Football Association of Malawi (FAM) incumbent president Walter Nyamilandu Manda has outlined his vision for Malawi football in the next four years if he is re-elected into office on December 12th this month saying his new leadership will ensure professionalism of the game in the country.

FAM President Walter Nyamilandu :  Continuity

FAM President Walter Nyamilandu : Continuity

Nyamilandu, who faces Wilkins Mijiga and Willy Yabwanya Phiri, said his desire is to ensure that the standards of football are highly competitive like is the case in other countries, and that a business mind towards the conduct of football affairs in the country is adopted.

Speaking to Nyasa Times’s Mphatso Nkhoma in an exclusive interview, Nyamilandu who is also the Assistant General Manager of Illovo Sugar Company, said the past years he has been at the helm of Malawi football there have been a lot of developments that have happened which need continuity.

The calm, composed and confident Nyamilandu said this is the critical moment for Malawi football as they can make or break all good foundations which he has put in place if the elections will not be properly handled by all stakeholders mainly supporters and candidates.

He then called for clean and sober campaign that “if not well done” will not only tarnish the image of him personally or FAM but the whole football game as that can scare away existing and potential sponsors.

Meanwhile, Nyamilandu is expected to launch his much awaited Manifesto in Malawi’s capital Lilongwe on Saturday.

He has assured that he is seeking renewal of mandate for his last term – a grand finale.

The following is part of the interview. Excerpts:

 What is your plan for FAM if re-elected

My plan is to transform Malawi football into a professional status to ensure that the standard of play is highly competitive and to ensure that the football industry adopts a business mind-set in the conduct of their affairs. I will be embarking on a commercialisation agenda to generate the much needed revenue so that football becomes self-sustainable in the long term

Why seeking a fourth term ?

This is the defining moment of Malawi football hence the need for continuity to ensure stability and posterity of the milestones that have been achieved. It would pain me to see Malawi football go in the reverse direction having put in place all the necessary structures and systems. The next term will give me an opportunity to complete some of the unfinished business so that I can leave the game in safe and able hands. I shall live a happy man when I see the game go forward not backward when I shall bow down

 Are you scared of Mijiga ?

Not at all – I have seen worst.

What about Yabwanya?

(Laughs) my brother read Joshua 1:9 then you shall know why and I’m saying I’m not afraid of anyone or competition

 Do you think football standards are improving in Malawi?

There lots of success stories to show for having crossed a lot of dangerous rivers and overcome steep mountains. Tremendous strides have been made to develop the game of football from the grassroot levels and to restore the image of the beautiful game. We have managed to attract sponsors into the game of football and invested in essential infrastructure for the game to flourish. I am proud to see that the Flames are no longer the weeping boys or punching bags of Africa.


What about reports of financial scandals at FAM? Is the Association clean?

Those reports are fabricated by a few misguided individuals who have a hidden agenda. It is mere propaganda aimed at tarnishing the image of FAM as we approach elections. FAM is above board and clean in its day to day dealings. Corporate governance principles feature very highly in its operations. Audited accounts are submitted every year to the General Assembly of the income that has been received and how it is spent to the tambala. This shows that FAM is transparent and accountable and that’s why FIFA continues to fund FAM on several projects.

 If you are not elected, will you accept the results?

Of course and why not, though that’s the least on my mind

What is really pushing you to fight for another term?

It’s for the love of the game and for the people who have shown trust and confidence in me. Our football is coming from the background where we have had no sponsor even for our elite league as sponsors run away due to poor administration and hooligan acts which were everywhere by then but now you can see teams are now getting sponsorship, we have different cups and sponsors in our regions as well as youth football all that it’s because of the leadership which fight for the end of hooliganism

We have different structures sponsored under FIFA for example newly launched under 15 FIFA/FAM cup and others which if not properly handled can easily go and that need proper transition which can’t happen just now with someone who dont know or understand where all those are coming from.

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24 thoughts on “Exclusive interview with Nyamilandu: FA Malawi president for business and professional status leadership”

  1. Power corrupt. Absolute power corrupt absolutely

  2. Amijiga Athimu says:

    walter yemweyo…..good ideas

  3. Malume says:

    Nyamilandu is useless wachitapo chani kodi. Kapume kaya.

  4. Dumela says:

    kaya walter ndi wabwino bwanji the change of leadership is the best. pempho langa kwa a malawi ndi loti tiyeni tionetsere kwa anthu pa dziko lonse la pansi kuti mulungu ndithu sangalenge Walter yekha wanzeru poyendetsa Fam out of 17 million people. Shame on Malawians who are supporting him. I am supporting for whosoever is the new blood in the election. Walter has done part and others show their part. Mchitidwe umenewo ndikuona kuti ukupitirira zedi pa malawi and thats y malawi is not developing. change of ideas in development is very important and you will see malawi changing very fast for the better.

  5. Tione says:

    No fourth term for you Nyamirandu Manda. Period!


    walter yemweyo,do not be jealousy guys.Mphwiyo said it already that Malawi is a land of jealousy,we even sing it in our national anthem.

  7. Therere says:

    he is a good marketer and if given more time football will improve here in Malawi,
    as for the national to loose thats part of the game, we had good lessons from there,
    wish you all the best Walter

  8. Lin says:

    Zisiyeni mr walter kapitilizen umanager wanuwo mwaba za mpira kokwana, go go go go and neva come back! !!!!

  9. Sam says:

    Mine is advice:Zimatha molakwika zikakamilidwa. Bola kusiya zilibwino.

  10. mapwevupwevu says:

    A Walter ufumu wanu!
    Ife tauyeza!
    Ndipo walephera!
    Zachisoni dzanja lero lalemba pakhoma!


  11. Sinapondamtota Mbirithire Masiyafumbi says:

    He is the only person who can lead FAM go ahead Wailter enawa angotsutsa koma sakavota nawo.

  12. mphatso says:

    You have done your part and time out for you.Those who can afford to read this article can just judge for themselves how many votes are against this guy.I thought we are in a democracy why cling to power like Muluzi.Kapumeni.Imagine if Bakili ruled Malawi for another term hehehehehe Malawi would have been Ghana sold out.

  13. anadimba says:

    i miss your mum Mrs Hazel Manda.where is she now.a very good woman indeed.

  14. Weekly mwale says:

    Brilliant ideas.football need long term programms.

  15. Nankununkha sadzimva says:

    This guy is really sick in his head. How can he say Flames is no longer punching bag yet we have just been boot out of a less competitive tournament. Besides, all the years you have been on this position, why didn’t you demonstrate the said leadership acumen? Komanso momwe anthu amabera ma gate fee ndiye udziti pali sanity? You moron!

  16. Khwethemu says:

    A hell lot of rubbish. The game hasnt changed. Administration hasnt changed. Playing standards havent changed. General Management hasnt changed. Financial management hasnt changed. Favouritism of some teams hasnt changed.
    Its all lies and porky pies Mr Nyamilandu. When did u start talking about commercialisation? 2001? Go and rest. U have failed. How many yrs? U are the contributing factor to the poor showing of football standards in this cursed country full of corrupt. minds.
    As for the interviewer, can u also conduct interviews to the other aspirants? We want to hear their ideas. Enough of this recycled Nyamilandu gabbage.

  17. Chakhandwe says:

    Enough Is Enough Nyamilandu Must Fall

  18. Gadabwali says:

    Malawi is no longer whipping boys or punching bags in Africa, really? You want to tell us that Zim, Tz, South Sudan and Uganda are from Europe? What about ka Msundwe Utd ka Mvera League ka ku Joni kaja? You describe that as Malawi having made tremendous strides in football? 12 years is too long a period to implement all those programmes you want to implement in 4 years! Za mkutu basi. The 4 yr period is there for you to just remove the skeletons you are hiding. FAM is an Institution, if you are sincere with yourself, no one can fail to carry on with the foundations you have laid. Leadership is like a relay race, it’s about high time you passed the button to others. Nyimbo imodzi sachezera gule, record yakumbika. Kwawo gule! Malawi football can only win if Walter is voted out. Affiliates, please make football win!

  19. Galu Mtabeni says:

    Walter must be a fool to say that the Flames is no longer the punching bag when it is apparent they are. For 12 years that you have been at the helm, why didnt you do all these lies you stupid fool? Its time up, pack and go.

  20. alexdziko says:


  21. Mavuto says:

    zabwino sakakamizana amwene give your friends chance to continue from where you have left plz plz in the name of God you fear dont force matters

  22. Mthako mwa alomwe festival says:

    Kapumeni amwene, sizinakukwaneni?

  23. kumiwuwe khomeni. says:

    Bodza ilo,inu nyama yanu yawola basi.simukufunika ngakhale pang’ono!!!!!!!

  24. Amos Mwaisimba says:

    Where were all these facts Mr Walter Nyamilandu Manda. Thats are kicks of the dying horse. I bet you Mr Manda, my man will win. From 12/12/2015, you will no longer be FAMs President. To hell with your peanuts you are giving to voters. Yes i know.

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