Exit Mudzi Trust, enters DAHSP: Mutharika launches cement, malata subsidy program

Malawi President Peter Mutharika on Thursday launched the Decent and Affordable Housing (Cement and Malata Subsidy Programme) at Msampha 1 Village, T/A Chadza in Lilongwe.

Mutharika cutting ribbon to launch the cement  and malata subsidy

Mutharika cutting ribbon to launch the cement and malata subsidy

spot the difference

Critics says the programme mirrors the Mudzi Transformation Trust initiative  by former president Joyce Banda meant to support social and economic projects for the transformation of lives of Malawians.

But government has said the new program has different objectives

The Decent and Affordable Housing (Cement and Malata) Subsidy Programme (DAHSP) has so far benefitted 9 households in T/A Chadza’s area.

Some of the DAHSP beneficiaries include Emily Chiwaya, Preacher Banda, Rosemary Maganizo, Telezio Dzoole and Falesi Chalendewa.

Besides the housing projects in the area, government has also built modern pit latrines that produce manure for Agricultural products.

Building costs in Malawi are said to be the highest in the southern African region and it is estimated that it costs 55 percent higher to construct any building in the country compared to other countries within the region, according to a recent study by the University of Malawi.

The study, conducted in 2012, shows that the high costs of construction in Malawi are to blame for the astronomical costs of construction in the country.

Mutharika said government is committed to address the housing needs of low income and
vulnerable households.

“Further research carried out by the Malawi Government with support from the United Nations Human Settlement Programme shows that Malawi needs to be constructing 21,000 housing units per annum the urban areas for a ten year period in order to bridge the gap between demand and supply of houses in the country,” said Mutharika.

Mutharika said adequate and decent housing is a catalyst for development and one of the requirements for sustainable livelihoods.

“Adequate and decent shelter forms the foundations of basic needs together with food, health, education and employment.

“It is, therefore, a given fact that lack of adequate housing compromises development and it eventually leads to the escalation of many social ills that usually arise from homelessness,” said Mutharika.

Mutharika urged all traditional authorities and their subjects, members of parliament and ward councillors to support the programme by proving sound leadership and encourage self help spirit among households wherever necessary.

Speaking during the function, Malawi Congress Party (MCP) Parliamentarian for the area, Titus Dzoole Mwale commended Mutharika for launching the programme in his area.

A quantity surveyor at the Malawi Polytechnic, a constituent college of the University of Malawi, Rodrick Chipunde is on record criticising the cement subsidies.

He argued that reducing the cement price is a welcome idea but should be done through inviting more players into the cement manufacturing business, stressing that the proposed subsidy programme is not good for the country’s economy.

Chilipunde, who is the Head in the Department of Land Economics and Quantity Surveying, suggested that the DPP government is “trying to gain political mileage at the expense of economic gains.”

University of Malawi’s Chancellor College political analyst Blessings Chinsinga—who has published studies on subsidies in Malawi—is on record saying that subsidies on their own are not bad but, he explained, it is the design of the subsidised projects that is problematic.

Chancellor College  political science lecturer Boniface Dulani is also on record arguing that subsidies have not helped Malawi over the past years and that it has deprived government of money that should have been used to provide essential services in sections such as health and education.

According to Dulani, other than promoting subsidies, “the best way is to create jobs so that people can earn enough to buy food, iron sheets and cement.”

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66 thoughts on “Exit Mudzi Trust, enters DAHSP: Mutharika launches cement, malata subsidy program”

  1. wafika says:

    Congratulations a pulesident for a copy and paste project. Mai yu ngakhale zinamubvuta koma analibwinoko poganiza. Malawians take it or leave it, if somebody gives you a cattle, the tou have been given the most priced riches in Malawian context. You do not have to ask the same person to feed it for you. So tiyeni nazo. MK3000 pa mwezi ndani angyipeze kumuzi. Kulephera ya muchere. Ndiomweo alinazo amene amangire azibare ao.

  2. zamkhutu Umbuli says:


  3. Achanda Atonga says:

    This woman sitting close /next to APM is developing a new WHO stage 3 condition while already on HAART more than 1 year, abale a Chipatala, she is failing on first line ameneyu, her VL should be more than 1,000,000 copies. Switch to second line.

  4. golo says:

    is there any difference with Mudzi Transformation Trust? It looks as if APM is just copying and pasting JB style.Posachedwapanso ayamba kugawa ng’ombe. Nanga chomwe ankawasekera anzawo kuti alibe chochita cheni cheni ndi chani? Ma plan awathera apa a pulezidenti.

  5. vwivwivwi says:

    create a conducive investiment environment which will jobs for the majority youth,taxes are too high for business to grow,katangale wanyanya bwana.

  6. ben says:

    Government is not paying rent to all landlords for residential and commercial the top brass are just pocketing the money at lands and housing. Please look into this issue APM, we are tired of waiting for our rents there needs to be changes there in improving as we know you are a leader with a strong vision

  7. BigMan says:

    The problem with Malawians is that they are too dull and lazy to even look at the details within the program. You want someone to tell you what the difference is? Find out what it is and quit the barking, barking, barking and barking some more…..for nothing!


  9. Kakaboy says:

    Is it universal or targeted? What is the percentage of this subsidy? We are tired of being cheated by these greedy politians. Musatinamizepo apa, konzani mchere wanu bwana.

  10. zangaphe says:

    The difference is the same..hahahaha!

  11. Nelly King says:

    good progress by the president

  12. akatwiri says:

    Apa ntchito ilipo these guys they are tryimg to time

  13. Ezekiel says:

    This project is gud but the way it wil be handled wil be different from what JB was doing and some of politician are very happy to swindle things from this project then selling outside Malawi kkkkkkkkkk. And some of this house luks not nice than what was happening during your friends time can you modify it pliz so that pipo shud really praise your work.

  14. JB ndi dolo,nkuluyu akungotengera basi,watha ma plan

  15. ujeni says:

    JB has again and again vindicated. JB Mudzi transformation project continues as DAHSP. DPP has no manifesto to do their own things

  16. popapo says:

    why bring the whole state/presidential flag to the village, who does not know that Muthalika will be in attendance ! Hangover Hangover from Dr Banda.

    1. zangaphe says:

      @POPANO, maybe you don’t know, this is per government norm, kumene kukhale mtsogoleri wadziko, those are the standards, simple. Kaya ndi Peter, kaya who so ever, as long as he or she is head of state, pakuyenera kutelo.

  17. Peter z says:

    Kodi akumanganso nyumba ….thot atsitsa malata ndi cement ..so wat different does it make wit Mudzi trust? Eeee running out of ideas APM kungosintha dzina basi koma zonse ndi za JB…

  18. governor katswiri says:

    Its a good development only de gvt should also look at improving deforestation in this way gvt should target anyone who can manage to plant say 5000 trees per annum and make proper care of should be given iron for such such amount you said within 5years 15000 housholds will benefit so imagine how many trees can be planted and another benefit the trees will be used by the same beneficial what country can bneft is recovering lost natural invronment and I don’t see the kamberemberes kulowerelapo because the provider will physically see the wood lot before a donation finalised

  19. Bigdwag says:

    The more things change, the more they remain the same.

  20. Bigdwag says:

    Kkkkk! These guys went to town during the campaign period laughing at the houses JB was constructing for the poor. Here we are, they are doing exactly what JB was doing only in a different form,

  21. MALAWI says:

    Replica of JB’s Mudzi Trust.

    You promised to subsidise cement and Iron sheets but NOW you are building houses just like your Predecessor JB.
    Manyazi bwanji?

    Between May and October, Malawi’s main construction and roofing period, malata a 32gauge 12ft timagula K2480 kuno ku Salima koma pakali pano malata omwewo tikugula K4000. Ndiye sabusideyo ithandiza pamenepa?
    A Failed project so far.

  22. M23 says:

    Spot the difference? Ya Amayi ndiyokongola.

  23. Mphongo says:

    The Malawi leaders capitalize on peoples poverty. Why cant we find a way to empower the venerable so that they can afford the houses.

  24. Kanthu Ako!! says:

    Spot the difference!!

    The difference is one was politically motivated, as one house is painted in party coulors, the other one is painted the way the owner wanted.

    Other than than that both are typical hovels.

  25. kk says:

    Enawa ngati achina Dulani sanakhalepo mmudzi, ndikunenesa kuti sanagonepo nyumba zodontha awa, china chilichonse boma likafuna kupangira anthu akumudzi osawuka wanthu antauniwa amadzuka nkuyamba kususa. Ife zomangira nyumba anthu osawuka kapena kuwatsisila cement ndi malata tikusangalala nazo. Kuteloku anthu ake ndi omwewa samakondwela ndi subside wa Fertilizer. Funso Kodi munthu wa kumudzi chimene angapindule iye pa vote yake ndi chiani. Poti kumudzi Magesti kulibe, madzi a mpopi kulibe, ma health centre otalikila, a polisi ndi patali patali, Ndiye ife phindu lathu ndi chiani kuchokera ku boma. Ife phindu lathu ndi zinthu zosika mtengozi basi monga fertilizer, cement ndi malata.

  26. vuyisile ntombayithethi says:

    mumati mungatani ndi amayi achitsiru inu, amayi ndi dhilu sizophwanyikaphwanyika m’kamwazi iyayi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  28. Bimbo Akure says:

    Kuzolowera kubera mayeso?

  29. MUHAMMADINO says:

    This is better than Joice Banda trust.Most of his workers stole donor monies and have built big houses for personal use.check them

  30. Aliphee says:

    whats the difference with mudzi transformation trust

  31. Alungwana says:

    Thats giving people fish. Invite companies to open more cement factories whereby the competition itself will force the price to go down while people will be getting employed at the same time. Thats opportunity cost

  32. Mosewalelo says:

    How can you build a house with one bag of cement.

  33. chitima says:

    copy and paste ! minor adjustment kuyikapo malata

  34. fisi Gammar says:

    Njira zobera ndalama Amalawi alipheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Aferazao says:

    This is mudzi transformation part B. This is kind of shelving a program and coming back with the same, and giving it a different name to make it sound different.

  36. mabilinganya says:

    Palibe za u proffessor apa uyu ndi nyapapi basi!!!!!! Bwampini wachabechabe!!!!

  37. mphatso says:

    these so called chancellor college experts keep on amazing me.

  38. H Kamdidi says:

    Koma a First Lady eeeish kuoneka ngati cartoon character!!! kkkkkkkkkk

  39. Feel good says:

    Just admit kuti munaonera mudzi tranformation inu kuthawa poyelayela bwanji? But you were busy castigating her when she was doing the same thing shame!

  40. Roses says:

    JB rules she was way ahead of everbody in her policies lets accept it others are now reading through the lines

  41. ndatani says:

    It started long ago but it was in the manifesto so no critics from me just relieved that it has now started, though am worrying how will it end

  42. WENIWENI says:


  43. Jimmy says:

    No brains it seems the President is not advised properly on this matter.

  44. Fotseki says:

    Malawian architects and quantity surveyors is this all they can design? Matama basi, tili kupole. MBUZI ZENIZENI.

  45. phiriwaphiri says:

    i dont see any difference iam seeing two beautifil houses

  46. ndadabwa says:

    Bwampini and his wife ghost failing to come up with their own projects. copy cutting from JB. hehede ati avala dhuku ngati apachipaka pa mtengo

  47. Big brain says:

    This is the most foolish project I have seen in my lifetime ! Poor country believing in handouts not empowering the people ki li ki ki ki ki ki why can’t they attach something to this. For instance tree are being cut carelessly why not say you redress your forest we will build houses for you ! Or also work to use locally available resources to build the houses zikuti nyumba ya mayday ndiyolakwika koma the way we do the construction is the challenge

  48. andrew says:

    how long are we going to do this malalawi??? Lets create jobs and improve the economy and pple will be able to buy these things on their own. the problem is thru these intitatives some “connected” business people benefit alot at the expense of the intended beneficiaries…

    We need initiatives that will develop the coutnry

  49. Mzumara says:

    So silly government

  50. mlomwe says:

    apm yemweyo.amene sakusangalala azimangilire

  51. Alfred Munduwabo says:

    What is the difference ? We understand the houses which will be building will not be painted in blue colour. The country will benefit the same , Mudzi project benefit all Malawians as well.
    You are also traveling a lot even worse than JB, not doing an office as you were promising the nation.

  52. [email protected] says:

    Akuti fwee fwee fwee ndi ndani?

  53. Happy Manda says:

    This is a very good program but it should not be politicised.
    I have a concern on how politics are being played on Health sector of Malawi. I wish government introduces a fee for people to pay government hospitals in Malawi the way CHAM does. Yes drugs are found in hospitals but what about welfare of patients, what about environmental status of the hospital, what about sanitation. Their are issues that surround the hispital that could be supported by hispital management teams but resources are no where.
    About 50 percent of those that come to the hospital in Malawi if one can take a survey, have trivial consultation and they hinder those that are truely sick and need proper attention. I have seen even others coming to the hospital to collect drugs for their girl freinds or boy freinds, relatives but present as if they are sick and it is doubtful if they really take these drugs.
    If possible the government should take my idea of intruducing a fee so that only those that are truly sick could come to the hospital and receive proper treatment. This also could reduce doctor/nurse:patients ratio in Malawi. It can also help essential servies like x-ray, laboratory to be improved. Theft at goverment hospitals may also get reduced because as of current situation people take as if anything they can pick is free not knowing that that is stealing. In other saying congestion at govenment hospital does not reflect the actual sickness in the community.
    Other hospitals and health centers that boarders neighbouring countries recieve patients from those countries because services are paying yet they are richer countries that could have suppoted their population than Malawi.

  54. kambwali says:

    Apa zikuonesa kuti akuluwa palibepo nzeru zawo. Angomatula manifesto Ya JB ndi imene akugwiritsa ntchito. JB woyeeee

  55. Patriot says:

    No difference, it is Mudzi Transformation Trust PART 2.
    Alibe nzeru a pulofesa wa, ANGOKOPERA NZERU ya Masteni Dr. Joyce Banda MWINI CHITUKUKO CHA MA NYUMBA MMIDZI.
    DR. JOYCE BANDA……..BOMAAAA come 2019

  56. Jahman says:

    This is a good initiative! Keep it up!

    I like the component that it is targeting productive rural people and they will make a contribution to the structure. Many people fail to start building houses because they cannot get all resources at once o build and finish! So this project will support such people to build their houses and repay the loan over time! So is not mbofyo mbofyo! Any kindergarten child can spot the difference!

    And by the way, should Amayi have resources to continue with the Mudzi Trust house scheme, that’s more than welcome! The more, the merrier! Iam sure they are more people in need than we can support at any given time!

  57. chibade says:

    APM asatinamize.amalawi akudziwa kuti project yomangira nyumba osauka ndi policy ya JB.Pitala ankanena kuti adzatsitsa mitengo ya zipangizo zomangira nyumba kuti ALIYENSE athe kumanga nyumba.lero za universal subsidy sakukambanso.tidzaonana 2019.Long live JB!

  58. Dominic Chipwayira says:

    It’s good for the poor people, those who are critising the programme are people who doesn’t care about others firstly they are well to do, have decent homes, live luxurious life to who cares.

  59. Clement says:

    Akuti they aim to build 16000 houses in 5 years ,where will the money come from ? Lies Lies Lies I will be waiting to see how the project goes down

  60. Che sipokosi says:

    Masabuside ponseponse koma antchito akulira. Try it.

  61. Think Tank says:

    Hey,its very clear this is a continuity of Mudzi Trust conception. As with every,you might have added some improvements here and there. It is called modification. Why do we like to be original when we are just copycats. Yesterday,18 December,Obama went to a meeting in a white open shirt and black jacket plus white trousers. His face very cheerful. What do we have here in tropics. Our leaders dress as if suits were super-glued to their bodies and unremoverable no matter the heat.no smile

  62. Peter Muthanyula says:

    This country is doomed forever. Mediocre leaders, brainless voters, retarded middleclass… no future. Zachani zima subsidy za cement zanuzi? Who supplies cement and malata in Malawi? Amwenye! Who finances political campaigns? Amwenye! Who will therefore stand to benefit from this programme? Amwenye and the political party in power! We need to rethink out priorities. Why patronize poor people, when we know who the real beneficiaries are? Kodi mayiko amene ali otukuka right now, did they take this path to development? Kukakamila zinthu zopanda pake bwanji? This is depressing 🙁

  63. Dick says:


    1. Mmihavani says:

      Dick, this is indeed a non starter to you jealous and backward thinking people. To the 9 households whose lives have been improved this is a good project. As for you, continue living in denial and with terminal hatred while your friends are progressing.

    2. baba. says:

      Linda kuti madzi adikhe. Too early to judge. Kufuna kukwanilitsa malonjezo ake. timpatse mpata pang’ono Tione.

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