Expect mass protests! Malawi CSOs petition President to fire 7 ministers implicated in ‘grand corruption’

Malawi may face mass protests of citizens with a petition to President Peter Mutharika to fire seven ministers, who have been implicated in the suspected K577 billion Cashgate, to ensure  more conclusive investigations and prosecution.

Mayaya: Let Mutharika fire the rotten ministers

Mayaya: Let Mutharika fire the rotten ministers

The civil society groups want President Mutharika to fire all cabinet ministers who are callously draining  the economy, enrighing themselves while ordinary citizens starve.

An initiative called  #BetterMalawiNow! Is gaining momentum for  Mutharika– without fear of his trusted  party stawlats –  to act on the initial 13 files of the K577 billion audit that the National Audit Office (Nao) has submitted to the Anti- Corruption Bureau (ACB) .

The CSO, including Billy Mayaya, is calling to President Mutharika to walk the talk on one of the pillars of national development – integrity – by sacking the rotten  seven ministers.

“The seven and many others that might follow have in real sense defied your appeal for patriotism, hard work and integrity,” reads the petition to Mutharika.

“ They have enhanced your risk as head of state as well as personally of being a figurehead leader without commitment and dedication to the appeal to uphold principles of financial prudence,” the petition reads.

The petitioners, said they are persuaded to believe that wholesale robbery has been aided and abated by the sustained culture of disempowerment which has kept the masses ignorant, fearful, passive and subservient.

According to the activists, their biggest wonder is why the suspected ministers are still in service and why Mutharika has not made an official statement to that effect.

“Our take is that you are intent on protecting these individuals, by extending to them and misapplying and abusing the executive privilege, which by the way is also not absolute. That is our other reason for our outrage and anger, as it reflects a premeditated and deliberate action.

“We are grateful that the media released that report, convinced and duty bound that the rightful owners and beneficiaries of the national wealth being abused and looted – the citizenry needed to be told. The executive branch, Mr. President, has been cast into doubtful outlook, portrayed as criminally culpable, principally by shielding the seven in your Cabinet,” states the petition.

In a June 19 2015, NAO said the  audit analysis had identified significant discrepancies between payments made from government bank accounts and cashbook records held in the Integrated Financial Management and Information System (Ifmis), the government’s electronic payment system.

Revelations of the K577 billion cashgate came hot on the heels of a forensic audit report by British firm, RSM (formely called Baker Tilly), that established that K24 billion was looted from Capital Hill between April and September 2013 under the administration of Joyce Banda and her People’s Party (PP).

Banda is on record saying “ There must be a stubborn link between the MK577 billion scandal of 2009 and 2012 and the MK20 billion cashgate of 2013.”

The K577 billion cashgate audit report will be a stern test to President Peter Mutharika committement to fight corruption without fear or favour.

Corruption in Malawi is severe, well-known, cuts across many sectors, and is frequently debated and discussed in the media.

Such corruption undermines human rights in multiple ways: a direct defiance of the rule of law and accountability. By unlawfully interfering with resources that should be available to realize fundamental rights such as the rights to health, water, food, and education—either through illegally appropriating public funds for personal wealth or rendering access to services subject to bribes, which are illegal—corruption leads to violations of human rights that may have disastrous consequences.

Observers also note that lack of political will has crippled Malawi’s anti-corruption  bureau, undermining their efforts through political interference and threats.

Given Malawi’s political patronage system, it is highly unlikely that President Mutharika will put his trusted ministers in the dock .

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In the petition, have the CSOs mentioned the names of the seven ministers to be fired? If not then it is a waste of time.


Nothing will come out of this as long as Peter is the president. He is so linked with all these cashgate corruptions and still perpetuating them.


do people know that within the MK577bn PP scooped MK350bn in two years? No wonder this lady cashgater is on the run and has started destroying information by killing key suspects, the Njanji death!

Honorable Sam Mpasu,former Speaker of Parliament and Minister of Education,Honorable Yusuf Mwawa,former Leader of the House in Parliament and Minister of Education,John Chijakwiya once Mayor of Blantyre City and many more Malawians with honorable titles once faced the law so the same must apply to the 7 ministers.If Peter is indeed Professor at Law or whatever you call it, he must be the first one to appreciate that firing the 7 ministers is not negotiable to pave way for smooth investigations.Goodah Gondwe, the oldest Finance Minister in the World but the only able one in malawi though is punishing us… Read more »
Linda mazdi apite

I wonder whether those that are loud-mouthing this issue are aware that MK350bn out of the said MK577bn went missing with that lady cashgater who is in self exile? If we want to recall her on this issue, will the Mayayas go on streets naked as before?


@Linda…………….. Nanunso inu, is bringing back JB from wherever she is hibernating the duty of CSOs!! Eshiiiiiiiiii…………………….. If DPP is serious about it, why not just bring her back!! Mwavumata chani inu……….?

Chambe weather you are a man or woman, in a civilized world suspending the suspected figures mentioned in a credible report like the one from the National Audit Office, an organisation that the government itself contracted to carry out the auditing (Pricewaterhouse) or the press, would have beeen the honourable thing to do. The mere fact that the demonstration talk is coming from Mayaya, it is something that we should all doubt that it will happen. I shall only believe his word when he mobilized the masses to take to the streets for which he doesn’t have the capacity. This… Read more »

That’s it! We have had enough! Mr President, start assembling a new cabinet now or you will face the anger of the Malawi nation.


The reporting says” suspected K577b” which means investigations for the matter continues. The Auditor General has also reported that the figure is now K260b and no longer K577b.The seven names implicated in the report might not be seven or could be less or none after further investigations.To call APM to fire the unknown 5 Minusters including the 2 names mentioned is concluding that they are guilty before proven so. To call for mass protest simply for calling APM to fire the unknown individuals with the two known is just triggering for action when the time is premature.


Ladies and gentlemen the so called 7 seven names are not coming out because APM himself was involved when he was holding ministerial positions.


This is a preliminary report so the 7 cannot be named just yet…but the names will be leaked soon I’m sure

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