Expectant mothers sleep on the floor in Malawi hospital

Pregnant women at Khombedza Health Centre, 25 Kilometres north of Salima District,  are sleeping literally on the floor due to in availability of  beds.

Kabwira treating mothers with gifts at Khombedza

Kabwira treating mothers with gifts at Khombedza

Many expectant mothers are now forced to sleep on the floor in the ward

Many expectant mothers are now forced to sleep on the floor in the ward

When space on the floor in the ward runs out, their attendants sleep in corridors of the ward. Or outside on the hospital veranda and compound.

The patients are also at risk of contracting malaria disease because the mosquito nets  which they are using are torn and outdated.

Khombedza clinic In charge Henry Mbedza attributed the problem to high number of the patients that the clinics receives on daily and weekly basis for delivery.

Mbedza said the problem is that the clinic is surrounded by two Christian Hospitals Association of Malawi (CHAM)  paying facilities of Thavite and Chipala.

“What happens is that people run away from the paying facilities  of Chitala and Thavite and they all converge here for treatment and labour hence the situation, there is need for another facility in the area of Traditional Authority Makanjira because currently we serve the catchment area of 56,000 people,” said Mbedza.

Member of parliament for the area who is also Malawi Congress Party (MCP) Publicity Secretary, Dr Jessie Kabwira who visited the clinic for the mother’s day cerebration said she has already reported the matter to the district Health officer (DHO) for action.

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15 thoughts on “Expectant mothers sleep on the floor in Malawi hospital”

  1. Pwelemwe says:

    Kodi m’mesa Ku Thavite ndi Ku Chitala Kuli service agreement?Ndiye amathawanso CHani kungoti anthuwo Anangozolawera za urele.M’mene anakhazikitsira Zipatala za Massion muja mukulira pano.

  2. Waiting for Jesus ! says:

    Why are we acting like this is the exception ! It is what happens , and WOMEN are the main cause, Malawian women are cruel and nasty, they want you to experince pain in childbirth as a punishment. I was left alone by several nurses in Queens to give birth to a breech baby, I scremed I shouted, they told me to shut up, my baby died , I lived , I will never belive Malawians have the heart ! BULLSHIT TO SAFE MOTHER HOOD, !

    1. drakes says:

      If this is true you need to raise a complaint against the Nurses responsible for that
      and you will see them loose their jobs. Dont allow it to happen again to anybody.

  3. MADALA says:


  4. Kharupa says:

    outdated mosquito nets?

  5. Mr.Bambo says:

    Inenso langa funso linali lomwelo.Thats normal ,chofunika ndikuti achire basi za bed si nkhani for the time being.Nansani ndakunyadila.

  6. snaiper says:

    I think wht nkasai is saying is true bt you need to report it to any corncided staff whn it has just happened .

  7. Chiye Nang'omba says:

    cash gate ikugona pa bed! Innocent people sleep on floor and yet we celebrate 50yrs of independence

  8. Parallel Market says:

    This is unacceptable. Malawi Government solve that problem without delay. Its shameful.

  9. Nansani says:

    Kodi kunyumba amagona potani?

    1. okwenda says:

      kumalankhula moganiza ndibwino, ndimisonkho yao ayenera kumagona pabwino, sizakuti chifukwa alikumudzi ai sichoncho.

      1. Mr.Bambo says:

        Wakuuza ndani kuti naonso amakhoma msonkho?

  10. Nkasai says:

    This is pathetic more especially that money which could have been used ease these problems is siphoned by greedy public servants like Thresa Namathanga Senzani .It is also initiating to note that hospitals employs cleaners and yet you find guardians forced to clean toilets.This is no joke,I saw it live in Mangochi District Hospital early in the mornings as one used to shout,’tukakolope’ I wonder if management is aware of this?Is this how you are going to treat guardIans?The sad part of it was the guardIan were doing this we no protective attire !!Management address this issue urgently!Assist the illiterate villagers who are made to believe it is part of their duty as guardians.Worried ex patient!

  11. education says:

    Kodi apa mwachita Drama ,cholinga chanu ndi chiyani ?

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