Expedite justice on Njaunju, end impunity -SADC CSOs press on Malawi

Some Civil Society groups, human rights defenders and lawyers working in the realm of human rights and governance in Southern Africa have challenged Malawi government to end the “culture of impunity” and expedite pursuit of justice on the murder of Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB) Director late Issa Njauja as well as other cases including the Robert Chasowa and the July 20, 2011 killings.

Munthali: Made the presentation on behalf of SADC CSOs, activists and lawyers

Munthali: Made the presentation on behalf of SADC CSOs, activists and lawyers

They have also spoken against claims of threats to human rights defenders, journalists and ACB boss Lucas Kondowe by condemning and instituting and concluding investigations into the same.

The grouping made these observations during their submission at Forum on the Participation of NGOs in the 57th ordinary session of the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights currently underway in Banjul, Gambia.

The grouping was represented by Malawi’s Centre for Human Rights and Rehabilitation (CHRR) Governance and Human Rights Advocacy Coordinator Makhumbo Munthali during a panel discussion where focal points presenters from Central Africa, Southern Africa, Eastern Africa, Northern Africa and Western Africa were providing updates about the overview of the status of democracy and human rights in Africa with special focus on the situation of human rights defenders in Africa.

Munthali in his presentation on behalf of Southern Africa accused the Mutharika administration of “growing intolerance “regime to criticism not only from the Civil Society and the opposition leaders but also from the media.

He said Malawi government has embarked on “a high-level propaganda” against critics who are merely demanding accountability .

The very same period has also witnessed the rise of death threats by anonymous groups –believed to be agents of Mutharika’s ruling party – against human rights defenders like Timothy Mtambo of Centre for Human Rights and Rehabilitation and Gift Trapence of Centre for Development of People who alongside other reputable activists like Charles Kajoloweka, Billy Mayaya, Moses Mkandawire, Benedicto Kondowe and Kiko Mapunda have been in fore-front in demanding answers from Mutharika over the bloated UN delegation as well as the prevailing leadership and governance challenges in the country.

“However, instead of condemning these threats as well as instituting investigations into the same, Mutharika’s regime has just easily dismissed such claims, further putting the concerned human rights defenders at risk,” argued Munthali.

According to SADC CSOs, all this is coming against a similar recent background of alleged death threats against Civil Rights activist Billy Mayaya, Malawi’s opposition Malawi Congress Party spokesperson Jessie Kabwila and Nation Publications Limited Journalist Rebecca Chimjeka, and added “this does not reflect well about the current political climate which, if not checked from its very nascent stage, may render human rights defenders, opposition politicians and journalists vulnerable.”

He said adding more fears amongst Malawians into the alleged threats is “the culture of impunity” which has characterized the 2011-2012 threats and attacks against human rights defenders, opposition politicians and the media and also the July 20, 2011 killings and murder of student activist Robert Chasowa.

“Despite continued calls by CSOs to investigate these 2011-2012 instances of threats and attacks, the government has demonstrated no political will to positively responding to such calls by either ignoring such calls or merely making some political statements that something was being done just to relieve itself of the growing public pressure and pursuit of justice,” Munthali said.

The rights group add that this has in the long run created the impression the Malawi government has no regard of its international obligations of protecting human rights defenders and also providing a conducive political, social and legal environment for the activities of human rights defenders in the country.

The SADC CSOs then urged the NGO Forum to pass a resolution for Malawi urging the African Commission on Human and Peoples Rights to call on Malawi government to condemn all the recent threats to human rights defenders, ACB boss, politicians and journalists and also take a step further by instituting investigations into these threats as well as those concerning the arbitrary arrests, death threats and arson of the homes of human rights defenders, some media houses, and politicians between 2011 and 2012.

Amongst the other issues in the region, the SADC CSOs observed the growing concerns of state’s interference and intimidation of the Civil Society in Angola with the specific case of the recent arrests of 15+2 activists and called on the NGO Forum to pass a resolution in support of the recent UN resolution which called on Angola to release the activists and drop all the charges against them. The statement further calls for the reinstatement of the SADC tribunal which was suspended in 2010 by SADC heads of states.

Forum on the Participation of NGOs, popularly known as NGO Forum, precedes the ordinary sessions of the African Commission on Human and Peoples Rights and provides the opportunity for Civil Society groups in the region to identify key issues affecting the region for presentation and address during the ordinary session of the Commission.

This NGO Forum run between 31st October 2015 to 2nd November 2015 in Banjul and attracted participation of NGOs, lawyers and Civil Society groups across the continent.

The 57th ordinary session of the African Commission on Human and Peoples Rights is scheduled to start from 4th November to 18th November 2015

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32 thoughts on “Expedite justice on Njaunju, end impunity -SADC CSOs press on Malawi”

  1. Denguzman says:

    We are all Malawians tiyeni tipewe kusankhana mtundu. Chasowa ndi Njaunju anali Amalawi namunthu wanzeru amene amakonda dziko lake ayenera kumva chisoni ndi mmene awiriwa anafera. Nanga chikanakhala kuti anthuwa anaphedwa ndi Ken Msonda or Jessie Kabwira, bomali la DPP likanalora kungokhala chete? God is watching……….uuu…..stupid politians.

  2. Mzungumbuli says:

    Pigs are much better than Lhomwes, Snakes are much more innocent that Lhomwes, Lucifer or devil is more cleaner than the Lhomwes. If I were born from a Lhomwe tribe I would have asked the Supreme Court to change my Lhomwehood to may be Ngonihood. I think to born from a Lhomwe clan is unfogivable sin.

  3. Yabulu mwana says:

    Gasa umanyengana naye uja ? mxiii

  4. Malawian are stupid bcoz are busy politicising every death. No matter we may do whatever but we can’t bring those people back to life. This thing or spirit won’t take us anywhere else. Take America with Ronald Regan, there was no human rights talking shit or with Bush junior no human rights again. Just imagine those brothers and sisters dying because of those leaders. U can’t change thing to better even if u can keep on bringing in different governments, things are beyond redemption. Time is over very soon the judgement is fixed to take place, repent of or sins, u the so called human rights and CSO.

  5. levelheaded says:

    Dyumali, the one who is innocent is the one who is just expressing his mind in commenting like you here. Those that are seen to have been killed, surely they must have wronged big some ruling elite.. If you prevent wronging government directly I assure you brother this won’t fall on you in any way. You will die a death of other causes. Its like preventing HIV aids. If one is involved in an a road accident, people should ask, why only him among all the cars that have passed here the whole days. And why only Njaunju among all the people working at acb?

  6. bamusi nyadani says:

    Nkhumba za chilomwe zidzakodza tsoka gona mkuphe sali patali

  7. levelheaded says:

    Guys help me. Who is this Njaunju? If he was indeed killed by the government, why only him among all those people working at ACB? There are golden rules in life which most of the youths nowadays are missing who in the end yield early deaths. Brethren take it or leave it, there must be a secret to these old people we see these days. For one to get to that age they must have prevented a lot of temptations in life. Governments are there, regardless of who is leading be it a pastor or whosoever,it shall kill because that’s another way of bringing order and discipline. I think its better to die a coward old that to run from the responsibility of raising your kids only to be used by some so called activists each time they want to ganner some donor money. Look at Chasowa, that lad had spent force, working tirelessly in secondary school to get good grades(kuphanda) only to fall victim of own recklessness only his name to end in the media instead of becoming a CEO of a big conglomerate like mota engil one day. And some people you call this activism, really? Kodi bwanji ma bungwewa amangonena infa za anthu omweomwewo mobwereza? Kodi ya Linda Gasa bwanji?

  8. Lhomwe 2 says:

    Palibe nkhani ya Tumbuka,kapena,lhomwe apa, koma chilungamo njaugu sanali ntumbuka,chasowa sanali ntumbuka nde za ntundu zikuchokera pati agalu inu, umfiti bas
    i shit….

  9. MSANA WA PETURO says:

    Pig, pig, pig and more pigs fron the Lhomwe belt! Your level of intellectual development cannot match that of many people from north and centre. I am not surprised with the rubbish you have sput here. It is a reflection of your low intellect.

  10. Tivine says:

    The truth is that, DPP is involved in this and Peter is aware of this. Peter is protecting the Sacred Cows. Dasusi? Don’t you feel bad about this?

  11. Mashamase says:

    We need answers for Njawunju

  12. Brian matope says:

    It’s sad that during the rule of the two mutharika the country is seriously decided on tribal lines and tubular being the worst victims . Bingo must be dining wife lucifer somewhere in Gahena waiting for peter to join them .

  13. Mhesha says:

    Sadc what? Sort out the Marekana butchers and meet Comrade Rob later Mswati and come here. …stupidity must not be displayed in that manner please.

  14. The Patriot says:

    Bravo CSOs! You are the real voice of the people! Government supporters are wrong to say this is an internal Malawian matter! July 20 massacre, murders of Chasowa and Nyaunnju are NOT an internal Malawian matter, these are serious human rights issues. Life was lost and the culprits need to face the full wrath of the Law regardless of their status in our society. This is NOT a tribal issue, keep tribes out of this issue. Even if it was NOT DPP ruling, the CSOs would report these human rights abuses to the international community, amene zikumuwawa asiye kulamula. Wait until zigawenga zizaphe ambuyanu ndiye muzaziwa kuti imfa yophedwa imawawa!!

  15. Patriot says:

    Malawi Police Rereformed to Special branch Kamuzu type.
    2015: we are investigating
    Predictions for:
    2016: We are still investigating
    2017: We are not yet through with our investigation

  16. phodos says:


    1. MSANA WA PETURO says:

      Malawi cannot be transformed with iiiiterate pigs like you from the south. Tumbukas and Chewas are brave, fearless and do not condon stupidity like you pigs makamaka Lhomwes who survive on handouts from your biggest pig. Njauju was murdered by you pigs that’s why nothing is happening. After all what can we expect from uncivilised, rotten, mbuli, chiwerewere, dull and visionless tribe like Lhomwe?

  17. Kavuluvulu says:

    Chalakwika ndichiyani apa a Lhomwe inu ?

  18. Neba says:

    We can have a better way of dealing with out national challenges than reporting them everywhere. Family issues are sorted out internally and once you take them out you are finished. Why can’t you take the call of your former Executive Director Undule Mwakasungula who has recently voiced out the need for CSOs and government to dialogue. He has taken the risk to speak out in the efforts of bringing sanity in the nation. Keep it up Undule that’s the message we want. Malawi needs peace and prosperity .

    1. MSANA WA PETURO says:

      You are another pig. Which family issue? Murder? Stupid! Can this very govermment which killed Njauju and Chasowa investigate itself? Real pigs from the south! Umbuli suzatha kumwera. No wonder you are the poorest people. Vote for your idiots in 2019 and continue to sail in poverty.

  19. ineyo says:

    Suprisingly all names are from the north.i wonder why norherners hate munthrika so much by blowing things out of proportion. I know akanakhala munthu wawawo akanakhala duu.

  20. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Our government, with all the machinery and means to protect us, it is the first one to abuse and kill us.

    This government is like father raping his own biological daughter, traumatizing her.

    Very insensitive people, I don’t know whether our president and his cronies understand the vacuum these deaths created, the pain and sorrow the families of the deceased are going through.

  21. mukharapwiyo says:

    mutharika settles issues that directly affect him as an individual but not others.you’ll cry,wail,whine but he won’t listen,he is the kind of person who chooses who to listen to.he will only listen to the wise advises from:ben phiri,goodall gondwe,mwanamvekha,kaliati,mussa,chaponda,ngolongoliwa,obama chiumia

  22. Zanga Phee! says:

    Bamusi must shut up his mouth on this issue this is very sensitive.If he attempt to respond it means he is part and parcel on the issue.See my name.

  23. Zanga Phee! says:

    Why are stressed our selves Pin Chisale got answers for this issue.See my name.

  24. Truth says:

    Where do CSOs get mandate to report such issues of our country. I am not saying the issues are irrelevant, but i think there is something wrong here. Who are these CSO people?

  25. SONG says:

    If these guys are not arrested now, we arrest them including their big fish for murdering innocent man Issa Njauju one they out of power come 2019

  26. Dyumali says:

    My dear Malawians,
    It’s high time our beloved country has been losing innocent people because of some heartless individuals without a human spirit.
    It’s high time we have been talking of these issues without constructive answers to them and It’s high time Malawians have been idle to these sensitive issues.

    How many more innocent people are we going to loose in the next 5 years if we keep quite like this yet there some people who know the culprits behind all these issues.
    Please let’s join hands and come in the open to bring these devils to justice without fear or intimidation.
    Our God of Abraham, Jacob and Isaac will surely protect us if we fight for justice.


  27. Konza Chapasi says:

    Can you the CSOs please hire CIA or Scotland Yard to investigated all these cases which we all know very that the government is 100% involved.

  28. Agnes says:

    Pin Chisale from State House, He is the one who knows what he did to Issah Njaunju with his fellow PMF guys.

    1. pel says:

      ????? If this is true then we are led by vampires!

    2. kadamanja says:

      We need to hunt down Pin Chisale now, I will kill him myself. Son of the bitch! Njauju was a father, a bread winner to his family.

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