Expert, pro govt CSOs rebuke MCP, PP over Malawi President resignation calls

A political expert and some social commentators have condemned opposition Malawi Congress Party  (MCP) and People’s Party (PP) politicians for hijacking the all inclusive Public Affairs Committee  (PAC) meeting to call for the resignation of President Peter Mutharika.


Ndanga: Sober approach needed

Imran Sharif of Chancellor College, an elite college of the University of Malawi said the calls were misplaced and ill-timed.

“Our Republican Constitution is very clear that the State President will have a five year mandate to rule the country,” said Sharif, a former member of PAC.

He said President Peter Mutharika will stay put on his position until 2019 when the presidency will be up for grabs in the presidential poll.

Political commentator Green Mwamondwe, a former legislator of Karonga central accused the MCP and PP of politicising the noble conference which he said sought tangible solutions to deal with ptoblems affecting the nation.

He said it was not the right forum for the opposition to call for the resignation of the President.

Veteran civil rights activist Rogers Newa said he was baffled to see MCP’s Jessie Kabwila, People’s Party Ken Msonda and Kamlepo Kalua standing up just to call for the resignation of President Mutharika.

“Frankly speaking, these spoiled the two day fruitful meeting. This was uncalled for,” he said.

Another activist, Lucky Mbewe said the actions by Kabwila, Msonda and Kalua calls for PAC to think twice when inviting politicians to such important apolitical conferences in future.

He said PAC, a quasi religious body, should always stick to its non partisan mandate and never be influenced by politicians.

Ken Ndanga, publicist for the United Democratic Front (UDF)  called for sober approach when dealing with issues of national importance, saying political militancy will only bring the country further into deep problems.

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15 thoughts on “Expert, pro govt CSOs rebuke MCP, PP over Malawi President resignation calls”

  1. kaya Nyaphiri says:

    If the issue is about the tribe or politically motivated, please patiently wait for your turn. PP kuzolowera kungolowa opanda voti and loot the government. These problems are because of PP and you have the audacity to point fingers at others”? No no please let us be serious. Anthu ku Malawi munazolowera kudya zangongole. Donor money is fake life. You live as if you have in abundance but that is just cosmetic. The donors have said no to their money and we are living on what we have!! This is what we are. For how long do you want to live on donor money? Ngongole zamuyaya/ People are happy trapped in poverty cycle!! So shameful.

    Can you really expect the President to be managing the ADMARC Depots? Come on Jessie, Kamulepo and Musonda?>?? Malawi you have big brains than being myopic

  2. Bomalofoila says:

    Nanu ma SCO’s musatikwane apa, mwadya zingati zaboma kodi? Ngati muli ndi ma solutions to the current problems Malawians are facing, ndie liuzenitu bomalo lichite zimene mukuganizao kuti likonze mavutowa. Ife tatopa ndikumakaima ku Admarc usiku ndi usana koma kukagula 5kg yachimanga, wina nkumati chakudya chilipo muno chambiri. A PP ndi MCP wo solution imene iwo aona yoti nkuthana ndi mavuto alipowa ndi resignation yo. Inu ngati muli ndi solution yanu, ingonenani osati kupanga blame anzanu pa maganizo ao ai. After all inunso ma SCO’s u dont speak for us. Muli ndi zolinga zimene munayambitsira timabungwe tanuto so stop acting like political parties.

  3. Mkunthamavenda says:

    Ofcoz, part of the problem is the political leadership which is indecisive and an extension of the ruling clique based on one tribe and region. If the solution is to substitute it out of the equation the let it be. Infact, Kabwira and others were offering that solution as a rightful contribution. Resign please. Yes you were dubiously elected but that has shown the consequences.

  4. Zamkutu says:

    But what do you make of a President who sounds hopeless in solving the problem of maize sales at Admarc?

  5. Buyelekhaya says:

    Politicians masquerading as civil/human rights activists or political scientists. Iingcongconi sabanthu! Bethuna!

  6. Kabwira says:


  7. Nyani wa ku Mwananyani says:

    Refreshing indeed to hear sober views like these. Instead of irresponsible calls for resignation, resignation, resignation …for nothing. Kabwila-Kapasula always hijacks the attention whenever there is a microphone and a podium: she does not think long term when it comes to politics. She is not even interested to thinking that way. Hers are tactics, tactics, and tactics…without a plausible strategy.
    A dangerous precedent would be set if the government resigned over the present food crisis. The constitution is very clear regarding the conditions warranting resignation a sitting president!
    Abale inu aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

  8. mike says:

    kabwila amandibowa kwabasi

  9. mike says:

    tidzingowamvetsera, tinawadzolowera

  10. benson says:

    lets wait and see

  11. Chisale says:

    after his resignation who wil seal the power vaccum?osangotionetsanso dyera apa.mukulimbirana udindo kuchipani,apa now kuboma,shaaaa!

  12. International Observer says:

    All one has to see is the theme for the meeting which said “Defining Solutions to Economic & Political Direction in Malawi”. Why and how others chose to distort and pretend to know better than the 17 million ++ Malawians is totally beyond everyone’s comprehension. Don’t take the citizenry for granted in order to prop up personal ambitions. Malawians in general are a wonderful and peaceful people, but certainly there is indeed a Malawian problem – which PAC wanted to have a collective input from different players in society, but instead a few mischievous politicians chose to occupy centre stage to dent their reputation and the club’s they represented. One thing they forgot was that they are first and foremost public servants rather than just politicians with sales skills always bent on attracting customers. Before these politicians go out there to expose their immaturity, they should first find out how many love their parties, not how many don’t. After undertaking that survey then they will know whether it is appropriate to come up in public with sweeping statements or fold their prepared speeches and bring them out at political meetings among their followers.

  13. Patriots says:

    Off course let APM finish his 5 term where imbalances and inconsinstances will continue occurring til the end. So far we Malawians are depravied of a listening government to offer solutions and i advise Green Mwamodwe to offer holistic advise than a one sided counsel. Opposition parties only echoing the suffering of Malawians at large and let’s not distort issues at hand when can all behold the economy crisis.

  14. Mlangeni says:

    Timakudziwani mufuna maudindo, ma divaizala! Enanu ndie mudatha kalekale, mufuna potchukira

  15. Khwesi says:

    That’s Multiparty Systeem Of Government. Ilira Itambika.

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