Exposing Prophet Bushiri’s wealth, investing greatly in South Sudan: Farms, university

A lot has been said about the flamboyant man of God , Prophet Shepherd Bushiri on how he has managed to promote his ministry across borders and establish himself as one of the richest prophets in Africa, owning a number of gold mines and other ritzy possession including two a eroplanes.

Bushiri - Arriving at the University in a millitary chopper

Bushiri – Arriving at the University in a millitary chopper

Bushiri being escorted on crop inspection tour in his farms

Bushiri being escorted on crop inspection tour in his farms

Bushiri in the maize field with South Sudan government escort

Bushiri in the maize field with South Sudan government escort

Bushiri inspecting farms

Bushiri inspecting farms

Bushiri:Leaving maize and soghurm field.

Bushiri:Leaving maize and soghurm field.

Bushiri and Sudan Vice President: To improve infrastructure.

Bushiri and Sudan Vice President: To improve infrastructure.

Bushiri University of Agriculture in South Sudan

Bushiri University of Agriculture in South Sudan

Information has been confided to Nyasa Times of the numerous investments that the man of God is undertaking in different African countries including South Sudan where among others, he is investing heavily in agriculture and education.

Talking to Nyasa Times in a brief interview, just days before he boarded his private plane from South Sudan back to South Africa, Prophet Bushiri confirmed taking an interest in South Sudan and revealed some of the projects he has embarked on.

“I am truly taking my projects to South Sudan and as I speak, I am investing in agriculture and education sectors,” he said.

“The process started long ago and South Sudanese government has been so helpful to make the projects successful,” explained Bushiri.

The South African based Malawian preacher said the projects are on their dawn stage and soon a University in Agriculture will open doors.

“With the government support, we are building a very big university that will focus towards equipping Sudanese young men with knowledge in Agriculture related activities. I have also been given thousands of hectares to grow maize and sorghum. Plans are there to expand this field if we are successful,” he said.

Answering on why a man of God has taken so much interest in investments that are far from the Christian understanding, Bushiri said, just like any other person, men of God should strive to be stable financially and use their financial muscles to reach out to more souls.

“In first place, let me clarify to you that being a man of God does not entail you to poverty. That’s a misconception of what the Kingdom of God represents. You are able to see the success of my ministry because it is well supported financially by my own resources and this is part of God’s plan in my life to have seen sources of money that support my own ministry.

“There is no trick or whatsoever, but if we need to preach the gospel to all corners then we definitely need to have strong financial muscles,” he said.

“The developments that am doing here will also have a great impact on the economy of South Sudan and citizens will greatly enjoy the benefits. I have set up everything in a way that it directly helps the poor, all thanks to the leadership of this country.

“ The President and his vice president (South Sudan) really have affairs of the people at heart and they are very respectful to men of God. Even if it means putting all my money in this country, I will do it because I have been received, respected and supported. I have not been fought like the way other insecure leaders do in some of the countries that I expressed my willingness to make investments in areas that help the poor,” explained Bushiri.

In his statement to media after a closed door meeting with Prophet Bushiri, vice president of South Sudan James Wani Igga expressed his gratitude to the ‘Major 1’ for eyeing South Sudan and took a step towards making dreams come true for the government.

“This can only be described as a blessing in disguise for South Sudan. We greatly support Prophet Shepherd Bushiri and we have witnessed what he is capable of. The University that he is building was actually inspired by our people who requested for it and with the President support we gave the project to people who are capable financially and we found out that Prophet Bushiri was capable and we had the same interest helping the people of South Sudan.

“This university will help eradicate illiteracy levels in our country and it means we won’t have to send our children to other countries for further education. The farming fields will also help grow crops that will end hunger in South Sudan. The president is out of words for what Prophet Shepherd Bushiri has done and pledges his full support for further projects that the prophet has planned especially in infrastructure,” he said, joking that “Our country will now have goods on the world market stamped ‘Manufactured in South Sudan’.”

Prophet Bushiri is the only African prophet that’s has risen astonishingly within the shortest period of time to become one of the richest men of God on African soil. He is among others a proud owner of gold mines, TV network, mansions, Porsche cars and private planes. He also has shares in different companies within and across Africa.

He has so far been accorded VIP status to different countries he has been to for the past years and his influence can be observed each time he hosts spiritual crusades following the large gatherings that attend and how economy of countries is boosted during such events.

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You may not like this man but you have to respect him. Bushiri is doing mind boggling things. Peoples lives have been impacted by his ministry and life. He is a world changer. He is a leader. He is a philanthropist. He is doing something for humanity. Many insecure leaders are intimidated by his level of success. Those who are doing nothing hate him, wondering how Bushiri left them in their nothingness. Bushiri.has no time to do nothing with them. He is busy with his assignment, calling, purpose, vision. He is fighting for the dignity of the man God created.… Read more »
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Thobile Gwebu

I give God all the Glory

Enanu mwayambapo kumuroza chara munthu wa Mulungu, paribe choipa wachita or kunena apa Prophet, kwinaku ndithu ndinu afiti or mumadya matewera..i know muchita nsanje nizimene A Bushiri akupanga, name anthu achuma odziwika amene anachitako zitukuko or kumathandiza ovutika NOT just dera rimozi but madziko osiyana siyana..Chuma chake samangodya yekha or na family or church yake yokha..zake zimafarikira posepose..mmmhhh honestly am speechless, Malawi uri pa Mboto, zitukuko zingati wapanga muthu wa Mulungu ameneu ku anthu or maiko akunja? zambiri zina sitikuziziwa,..Paja afiti enanu mumati Bushiri amakudyerani zopereka but mwaona ndarama zimapita kuzinthu zooneka ndiso zabwino than tundarama twanu tumathera mahure,zichamba,mowa ni… Read more »
Captain Mediocrity

Does anyone actually know the catastrophe that is south Sudan at the moment??? Makes me wonder what anyone would be doing going to a country that is relatively young and is extremely volatile due to the power struggles of Kiir and company.

Secondly, even your pastor who you look up to is only human, do not create gods for yourselves of them. Concentrate on building YOUR PERSONAL relationship with God. Personally I am left wondering why he would pick South Sudan. His reasons just don’t hold water.

Tili Chenene

Praise The Lord

Angoni wa Angoni

Bushiri is so generous, akuziwa kut munthu sungamve bwino mau amulungu komanso kutumikila uli ndi njala. sizokhazo anthu kumeneko wapasa ntchito. enena zikambani bt ull never reach where he is today.


Ndiye prophate, prophate amafuna chitetezo kuchokera kwa apolice kaya moto okha okha kwa yawe.


Wachita bwino kwathu Juno ziphuphu kuchuluka kukakhala kuno zonsezo zikanapita mmatumba mwa andale zisirire zitsiru zimenezi keep it up Bushiri

nduna ya kumwera

*Dont say “man of God” but say man of gods
*Dont call him a prophet but rather say a “businesman”

*Let heaven poclaim justice*
*Let JESUS CHRIST be my way,truth and life forever
#If you believe my words,my father(HE WHO WAS,IS AND WILL BE) bless you.

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