FA Malawi brands coach Mtawali critics as ‘Monday coaches’

Football Association of Malawi (FAM)  has hit back at critics following that national team’s 2-1 home defeat to Guinea in the Africa Cup of Nations qualifier on Tuesday.

Nyirenda:  Mtawali not to blame

Nyirenda: Mtawali not to blame

General Secretary Suzgo Nyirenda said the soccer fraternity should reflect on their input hence sharing the blame.

Nyirenda’s statements follows mounting pressure on coach Ernest Mtawali to recall old guards who were overlooked for youthful players.

But the inclusion of Joseph Kamwendo, Harry Nyirenda, Robert Ng’ambi, Chimango Kayira, Zico Mkanda, Gabadinho Mhango, among foreign based in the Guinea games did not yield anything tangible.

Flames 2-1 loss was preceded by an encouraging goalless draw in Conakry March 25.

“Let’s us not blame FAM that we gave coach Ernest Mtawali pressure to abandon the rebuilding exercise for old players because we wanted to win,” he said.

“Everybody was of the opinion that we needed experienced players. After drawing in Guinea who could think of losing  here at home. I call such people Monday coaches.”

Times Goup sports editor Peter Kanjere who is also a sports analyst blamed the loss on the pressure to recall experienced players.

Backing coach Mtawali’s philosophy of rebuilding, Kanjere said the recall of experienced players had not made any difference to the campaign.

He also faulted FAM and Malawi government for a tendency of opting for short term contract instead of long term deals.

Malawi are on bottom of the group L with two points from four games with two games against Zimbabwe and Swaziland to wrap up the campaign.

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17 thoughts on “FA Malawi brands coach Mtawali critics as ‘Monday coaches’”

  1. Bibo lunatic says:

    My name is IDIOT BIBO, my wife is refusing me conjugal rights and thats why iam angry to everyone. My D!ck has lost its erection power. Oh my God.


    @BIBO, I would like to repeat, Zim will beat Malawi 7-0. Sorry Mr Idiot Bibo, come the match day you gonna put your tail btwn your legs.
    I dont blame you i blame your wife who is depriving you of sex.

  3. Jobeh Chikonamombe says:

    Your government makes efforts to improve your sports but you just are not good enough…Malawians are only good at meting instant mob justice on defensiless accused people without even proving them guilty…the merciless killing of “offenders” by the mob and cases of ritual murders in Malawi shows that you are still a garden of Eden vis-a-vis civilisation.

  4. Jobeh Chikonamombe says:

    Bibo, Zimbabwe has been to the Afcon twice in 2004 (Tunisia) and 2006 (Egypt) winning one match, losing one and drawing one…a better recrd than yours. I think Mubvumbi is right, Malawi simply lacks talent at the moment…that’s all… Hee Mugabe this Mugabe that, you seem to be typing with open eyes and a closed mind…what does Mugabe have to do with soccer, you say Zimbabweans are passive because they are being led by an old man, are you encouraging us to be violent agents of regime change ? You had your own Kamuzu, why didnt you remove him violently ? I don’t support Mugabe but honestly the old man has done better than all your previous presidents, Zimbabwe has the highest literacy rate in Africa (Check pa google) courtesy of Mugabe who built schools and universities, what legacy did Kamuzu Banda leave…witchcraft basi. What problems do you think are still in Zimbabwe….the economic quagimire ended in 2009, we now living better than Malawians ( our government workers earn around 500 US dollars, convert that to your currency). Come to soccer, Malawi is a footballing lightweight (google its back-to-back clashes with Zim). My prediction Zimbabwe 12 (dozen) Malawi 0.

  5. Myao says:

    Laughed at Times news analysis. Fam is right on Malawi journals Pilirani Kachinziri of Times for example singled out player isaac kaliati to be replaced and prior to that advocated for a 4 4 2 after which when all was applied we conceded the 2nd goal and became vulnerable to attacks. So team Walter you are like Jacob Zuma now at the end of the road as football wont develop under your guard.

  6. Mzozodo says:

    Mabvumbi, what interest do you have in Malawi? You are such a sick character with no grey matter at all. When Malawians complain about their poor results, that doesn’t make Zimbabwe a powerhouse. get real and help Mugabe out of the mess Zim is and will conmtinue being in. redirect your efforts and energy

  7. Mmalawi weniweni says:

    Munamuchotseranji Young Chimodzi ataluzitsa kwa Zimbabwe? mesa anabweretsa Cosafa plate after beating Bafana and chipolopolo using locals..that was building the team..munaiphwasuliranji team ya cosafa…pamafunika kukonza kutsogolo otherwise, that was the best team as it played good football.. Mtawali ndi ofunika under 20 osati senior team.

  8. Woikonda wokhumu-dwa says:

    Useless govt makes useless sports ministry, whch has useless Sports Council whch has people who started working there since 80’s as if Sports Council is their farm, which also has useless FAM which have people who started in 2003 with no vision at all, the same is leading to useless National Foot ball Team and coach who is also visionless in the whole 90 + minutes of a football game. How do we develop football if FAM is happy with elimination of its team? People have to criticise becoz its our tax money that the flames are blowing, and at our backyard

  9. Bibo says:

    This Mubvumbi beast must have been tamed under the barbaric ZANU Pf clout. You Zimbabweans are as passive as sleepy allowing an old lion with no teeth to squeeze your lives- you better concentrate on praying for an imminent passing of your despot than wasting time on commenting on Malawian online publications. You got no business sniffing into our sporting affairs and you have to let Malawians deal with their problems.

    By the way,since when has Zimbabwe been a big footballing nation? You only went to Afcon once in Burkina Faso in 1998 and you got extinguished before the closure of that Afcon edition.At least Malawi has some better record,qualifying in 1984 in Ivory Coast and 2010 in Angola plus their third place position at All Africa games in Kenya in 1987 where the Flames beat the likes of Egypt 2-1 and Cameroon 3-1,not forgetting the under 20 world cup participation in Nigeria in 2009.

    If Malawians are complaining about the present worrisome trends of poor results,this doesn’t make Zimbabwe a powerful force nor does it give you Mubvumbi the right to talk trash about us,get your life and labour to end the problems of your country. After all, I don’t see stars in the Zimbabwe team. Musona, despite playing for a cinderella team in Belgium is the only noticeable figure after a flop in Germany.Guinea will crush your so-called Warriors in Conakry and your record against them is unpleasant.

    Let me tell you Mubvumbi; I have soccer in my blood and I love my country, but I criticize when things go wrong because I believe in the best standards that football or soccer dictates .However,you should not intrude in our affairs because we can solve the problems ourselves. Mind you,your team is going nowhere because beating Swaziland doesn’t make you great.How many times has Malawi beaten your team? Matter of fact,I have never liked you Zimbabweans because you yack shit instead of sanitary words- deal with your old maggot Mugabe instead of ranting on our Nyasatimes.

    Who cares if Zimbabwe beats Malawi in Harare,that’s part of football. My only concern is the development of youth football in my country because I know we have a wrong generation of players at the moment, at least we Malawians are honest, but do not take us for granted because I have noticed your words have a hateful connotation against us.Who knows, you might be embarrassed in your own backyard.Swaziland has never been a reckoned force in this continent,therefore, do not grow long horns.


    @KANYIMBI, Please write in English becoz i can not understand your Blantyre language.

  11. Nobody is perfect says:

    Malawi if we love football we must accept both. Lets be human even man u, Argentina any team loses. This y its called football not mouth ball. Now we must learn to support the game in both when losing or winning, malawiaans are gud at kutukwana ndikulalata when in stadium we give moral only tikamawina what’s that? If it is to blame we blame ourselves biz we never gave tense guinea players moral can tense away players on our pich. Tisanatukwane enact tizitukwane tokha ku stadium sikokwiila kumatuluka nthawi yosatha mbuzi za Malawi anthu osakonda ziko lawo.munapangapo Cha pamenee ma team imaluza even kuimba ?lets next time unite to give extra power to our team. Mpila ndi ozungulira . Fam leave the coaches do their way. Monday coaches; go and watch the game and return to urged homes close urn dirty mouth.

  12. Ennai Jack says:

    sindikuona chomunyozera Mtawari. MALAWI sidzatheka pa mpira wamiyendo. TIZINGOCHEZAAAA….

  13. james says:

    Useless Mtawali, he thought he can go behind Ng’onamo and Mabedi and look good infront of FAM so that he gets the job and be successful. Mizimu yakana mfana…unya unyaa unya…he thought he was better than Ng’onamo just because he played competitive football. Maradonnas do not make great coaches. Ndipo sunati!!

  14. Kanyimbi says:

    Willard Mabvumbi, Iwenso ndiye m******* ako basi. Pali chikukukhuza apa? Fotseki.


    Ernest Chirwali was a good player and but not good as a coach.
    We are waiting for you, ‘The Flames’ here in Harare. We are going to beat you 7-0.
    We have good players, e.g, Knowledge Musona, Khama Billiat, Costa, Mahachi, etc. The substitute bench has equally good players.


    Ernest Chirwali was a good player and as a coach he can not do anything.
    We are waiting for you, ‘The Flames’ here in Harare. We are going to beat you 7-0.
    We have good players, e.g, Knowledge Musona, Khama Billiat, Costa, Mahachi, etc. The substitute bench has equally good players.

  17. Starling Kondowe,from chikwina cdss says:

    The way our flames performed,was not good.The team lacked tactical approach,mental feasability and physicality in the field of play.Enerst himself could not weigh flow of the game.The midfieders and strikers did not cordinate well.In this case pointing fingers at the coach is paramount.Next time he need to trust in his decisions.

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