FA Malawi CEO admits using juju for national team

Football Association of Malawi (FAM) chief executive officer Suzgo Nyirenda has admitted to have solicited and used juju in football match against Democratic Republic of Congo some years ago.

Nyirenda: In rare admission on juju

Nyirenda: In rare admission on juju

“This was regrettable. Malawi won the game yes but we could not have done that. This was the time I did not know Jesus, I was not spiritual,” said Nyirenda in a programme monitored on MBC radio one.

He said he was prompted to travel to Mulanje and spend a night in the famous charm district because DR Congo team brought their herbalists.

This is a rare admission on juju by a senior official at the football association.

Nyirenda also urged football players to complete their education as football career is always short.

“If FAM had its own national players, I could have done all what it takes so that they get first degrees, unfortunately these players are owned by clubs. It is always good to see players holding senior positions in companies. They should not rely on football alone because it is short-lived,” he said.

Nyirenda said his role model is his boss, Walter Nyamilandu saying he has excelled in life marvellously.

Nyamilandu who is a senior manager at Illovo Sugar is seeking a fourth term as president of FAM at the December 12 elections. He faces prominent marketer Wilkins Mijiga in a two horse race.

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37 thoughts on “FA Malawi CEO admits using juju for national team”

  1. Tina says:

    Za Ziiiiiiiiiiii

  2. Achoke basi a bunch of losers. Always when we need prayers is admission of failure proving that we can’t do without our maker which is good so that He can hel

  3. waseme says:

    Za nkutu zimenezi a nyirenda.

  4. Thoko says:

    Juju is a deal, most teams in Africa use this staff, why not? We are the Africans……. We are not Germans.

  5. Vwapuvwapu says:

    Guit is surfacing kkkkkkkkk, a Nyirenda munadyapo zingati mutapanga juju? Kkkkkkk

  6. Suzgo Nyirenda i do not see the reason why you are feeling guilty, there is nothing wrong in using Juju, all what matters is where your faith is and as you are migrating to another class of faith from the other please do not negate or black paint the former because you also benefitted too

  7. elia katola says:

    juju can not play the match , those are irrational ideas.

  8. bangala says:

    use it it is esetion

  9. Hardson says:

    You did and done well, thanks you are a God fearing man now, and thanks for the advise to our players who don’t think deep on education. May God bless you.

  10. Tchena tchena says:


  11. mashati says:

    Ine ndingoti bola munalandila Yesu

  12. johnM says:

    This guy should be fired, JUJU in the 21st Century, christ

  13. Mbuya says:

    So Suzgo nawetso sanakukhwimire asingangawo dat day kkkkk ine mantha .To clear out urself where did u get ve money?

  14. mjiba says:

    Juju is part of life for a lot of Malawians graduate or no graduate. Let us not condemn and start throwing stones at Sudzgo, he has admitted his past mistakes, he is of free conscious. What he has not admitted is that did he use juju only for the national team or for himself as an individual as well. What he has not accounted for is the fact that how was this expenditure justified in the accounting process and reconciliation. Which reasonable justification did he use to get allowances to spend nights in Mulanje hunting for herbalists, which reasons in the accounting process did FAM use to pay a herbalist it was described as what other miscellenous expenditure. This is where FIFA money, Government money is abused. Did the herbalist give FAM receipts for services supplied? A Sudzgo and Walter time to go.

  15. guta says:

    Now you are going, you want to expose FAM.

  16. Joe Kay says:

    Malawi waz nevr meant for football! Lets accept…

  17. Honeycomb Chidyauzu says:

    This is why our country is not developing.People believe too much in Juju. Let the Lord Jesus Christ be your Master.

  18. Lovemore zamael says:

    Ur juju coul work somewhere else but not with GUD fearing team.

  19. mogasa club member says:

    if you thought this silly revelation makes you look patriotic kuti tisakuchotseni ntchito then you thought wrong. mwangopanga admit to the whole world kuti ndinu mfiti. i’m sorry but i can’t vote for witches. mijiga yemweyo basi

  20. Patriotic Citizen says:

    Anthu ngati awa ndi amene amalodza anzawo mmaofesimu. He must resign forthwith!!!!!!!!!

  21. Chikopa says:

    Wala Wala; Makosana; Amangwetu!

    Africans believe in wood in one way or another. Look at the guards some of us have. They are really old men who can hardly run but we sleep very comfortable in our houses knowing that they have charms. Bullets does it and so does Wanderers.

    When I was in primary school, Sports Masters used to go to look for charms for Mayor’s Trophy during the time Daud Sanudi Ishmael Milanzi, Aggrey Mtelera, Jones Napolo etc. Give FAM CEO a break. Palibe nkhani apa asaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

  22. innocentphiri says:

    All African teams uses juju you must search nothing wrong it’s African believe. Even south Africa do.

  23. Therere says:

    he is clinging to FAM because of juju, he would have gone by now,
    then why do we fail to qualify in many games? please humbly resign?

  24. Frank Phiri says:

    I was trusting you

  25. busy signal says:

    amalawi amadana ndi chilungamo

  26. Willie Chimseu says:

    This is one of the sad news football
    administrators are to believe in this nonsense. Players are supposed to work hard & results or fruits of hard work will be achieved or harvested. Please

  27. Kweza says:

    Educated fools

  28. haward says:

    Juju zowona, kuwonetsa kupusa kwanu konse, uchoke ku FAM

  29. Prince Edward rsa says:

    Ku kamwakwako iwe nyerenda if nyamilandu went school why he is busy stealing ,what kind of pussy he is fucking with fam, mada fuckers

  30. mapwevupwevu says:

    Suzgo akapitiriza kukhala Ku FAM ndi Walter we are in deep shit!

  31. peter muthanyula says:

    With this admission, he MUST resign. This is rubbish. Disgraceful to FAM, Malawi and Football as a whole. And he himself is a Chanco graduate, koma kuganiza ngati munthu mbuli. Zamanyazi.
    Billy Mayaya and John Kapito, osamusiyasiya munthuyu. Demo ichitike basi.
    Resign! Resign! Resign! Resign!

  32. Rich CJ says:

    Now tell of people like Drogba, Ronadal what juju do they use? And where do they get that killing juju? That at the age of Drogba he can still be runing like a horse and perform wonders. What mr ceo could say is that all people who force football as a trade are those who use juju. There we could agree.

  33. fisher says:

    Hey this stuff is shit how come you use juju while we gat God of everything.why don’t you pray to him to grant you a win stupid fools that’s why nation team does not do better
    Learn to rely on him rather than the devils powers

    Indeed football is short lived urge this players to face studies
    If this nation is to prosper

  34. me says:

    Primitive FAM officials. We can’t move forward with this lot.

  35. Philosopher says:

    some “tears ago” nde chani?

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