FA Malawi elections postponed: AGM to go ahead

The highly anticipated Football Association of Malawi (FAM) elections scheduled for 12 December at Nkopola Lodge in the Southern Region district of Mangochi will not take place after an Appeal Committee stopped the elections because the electoral committee flouted its code.

Justice Chikopa: The elections should be postponed but FIFA will decide

Justice Chikopa: The elections should be postponed but FIFA will decide

An official from one of the affiliates confirmed the development but he declined to shed more light on the issue, saying they are awaiting Fifa decision on elections

FAM president Walter Nyamilandu challengers, Wilkins Mijiga and Yabwanya Phiri together with Tiya Somba Banda appealed that list of delegates to the FAM General Assembly were not sent at least 15 days before the date of the Assembly as required by the association’s electoral code.

In his determination, Justice Lovemore Chikopa of the Appeal Committee ruled that “in order to maintain the integrity of processes of the FAM elections,” the election only proceeds upon compliance with Article 22(1) and (5) of the FAM Statutes that the list of delegates be released at least 15 days.

FAM secretary general Suzgho Nyirenda released the delegates list on Thursday.

According to Chikopa, it means the elections cannot go ahead because a new list has to be produced and submitted at least 15 days before the Assembly at which elections are to take place.

Chikopa however said there is a twist in that the FAM Electoral code states that the Appeal Committee shall comprise 3 members and two substitutes.

“Therefore the directions of FIFA are being sought on whether a quorum was formed by the Appeals Committee which only comprised 2 members instead of the stipulated 3,” he said.

He said FIFA representative who was to oversee the elections; Ashford Mamelodi will hopefully give directions on the way forward.

Chikopa said a decision of FIFA may be that either the elections be postponed if the decision of the Appeals Committee stand or elections go ahead if the was no quorum and the decision of the Appeal Committee is null and void

However, other business regarding the Annual General Meeting would go ahead.

FAM out-going executive committee member James Mwenda faces Sulom Treasurer Tiya Somba Banda for the position of First Vice President held by Moses Mkandawire who has decided to step down after serving two four year terms.

Incumbent Second Vice President Pikao Ngalamila faces executive member Nathaniel Hara.

Among executive member contestants are lawyer Jabber Alide, former FAM Treasurer Hubert Mfune who will join Sulom President Innocent Bottoman and National Women’s Football Chairperson Silveria Chalira who have automatic positions by the virtue of their positions.

Voters list

The following is the list of delegates to the elections: Raphael Humba (chairperson), William Gowelo (member), Daud Mtathiko (treasurer), Rajab Namalaka (vice-treasurer), George Pagaja (general secretary, Tiziona Banda (member)-Southern Region Football Association).

Severia Chalira (chairperson), Lina Mtegha (general secretary),- National Women’s Football Association.

Kondwani Gondwe (chairperson) Leonard Mazombwe (member)- Beach Soccer Association.

Patrick Kapanga (chairman), Chris Kalichero (general secretary)- National Referees Association.

Mabvuto Missi (chairperson) Chimango Munthali (vice-general secretary).-National Youth Football Association.

Jommo Ngonga (chairperson), Benjamin Kumwenda (general secretary)-National Coaches Association

Innocent Botomani (chairperson), Williams Banda (general secretary), Tiyanjane Somba-Banda (treasurer), Captain Gilbert Mitawa (legal adviser), Godfrey Makawano (member), Aggrey Khonje (member) Lt. Col. Elvis Mwase (member), Charles Manyungwa (member)- Super League of Malawi

Lameck Khonje (chairperson), Andrew Phiri (member), Chauka Mwasinga (treasurer), Fumbani Gondwe (member), Alfred Gunda (general secretary),Patel Kaunda (vice-general secretary)-Northern Region Football Association.

Austin Ajawa (chairperson), Pyson Likagwa (treasurer), Bernard Harawa (general secretary), Winston Katendema (member), Charles Kapichi (vice- chairman) Tifa Ngoma vice-treasurer-Central Region Fotball Association.

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22 thoughts on “FA Malawi elections postponed: AGM to go ahead”

  1. Prince Edward rsa says:

    Wota have been at fam for 12years malawi never qualified for world cup and the poor results is order of the day but srfl,crfl,nrfl are for wota should we say these pipo are there for football or money dont you see that wota is killing our football this elections must be stoped we have to demostrate that the way this elections are being conducted is very doubtiful and fifa must be called in to investegate this nosense of wota.

  2. Walter ngati ukufuna ingogula ikhale yako kape Iwe eti

  3. paul dowa says:

    Walter wooyee!!!!!!!!!!!! Zikufunika pephero izi kodi enawa anali kut thawi yonseyi,

  4. chizamsoka munthali says:

    Dingiswayo ulichizeleza utukhozga soni tabena mpoto

  5. Ma says:

    Mantha basi oluza ma elections…even if elections come next month Walter will carry the day. .pepani. mwangoluzapo ndalama a Mijiga…! Go Walter Go we are all behind you.

  6. Walta Ayese Mwai K Netbal K Ftbal Wat Konda

  7. fredo says:

    To my side nyamilandu ayi awasiile azake alamulile

  8. fffffff says:

    walter step down for others what about if you start politics, how crooked and killer will you be?

  9. Wiwanana says:

    This is a public office n the public elects office bears basing on perfomance n deliverence! Example, has Walter delivered and so on!But these electios its not the public voting but rather FAM workmates who gona vote basing on relationship regardless of potential n performance with this I see Water getting through rendering no changes or new results in sports! Shame!

  10. The Most Concerned says:

    Walter yemweyo, kuti wA! wA! wA!

  11. Chigawaneni says:

    Gologolo wakakamila pa mtengo! Chonde, Mulungu lowelerani kuti Walter Nyamilandu asapambane chisankho ichi. Tatopanaye munthu uyu, akufuna chiyani kwenikweni?

  12. munthu okwiya says:

    bravo mr chikopa ine ndikuwona ngati njira yokhayo yomuchotsela walter pa mpando ndi ma demo basi chifukwa zamavote izi ndizabodza just imagine walter analemba vepi humba ku illovo ndi deport manager ku balaka,mavuto misi ndi mwana wa walter atamuchotsa ntchito kwa zagaf misi chifukwa choba fuel ndi ma tyres zinthu zinavuta mpaka kukhala chair wa neighbourhood ku naperi kwawoko ndiye walter anamutola and do u think angalore walter aludze azidya chani? suzgo,mdolo,casper,zakazaka,kaputa ndi ena ambiri amene ali ku fam samadziwa kt mpira ndi chani sanamenyepo even kachere under 14 do u think angayendetse mpira? iwo amadziwa ndi mpira wapa google mpira sungayende ndikupanga google info walter must go ngati anapanga zowoneka why anadyetsa ma sports reporters? pililani kachinzili waku times anadya 1 million yochokera kwa walter zonse kt zitheke anapangitsa ndi onani chaponda wamu exc ya noma akane tiwone and walter wagulira njale suzgo mukudziwa zimenezo?pls mr mayaya ndi ma activist onse ma demo basi osamgoti gov

  13. KWAZULUH2 says:

    Walter,whether you will carry the day or not, but know that people are not happy with you. When you announced that it you are not going to stand again people congratulated you . Walter keep it in your mind that there is still life after elections , I have bee following you for a while now,the respect that people have been giving you is not there now simply because of your fourth term bid. Let’s say; you have won which people are you going to govern? The same people who are not happy with you? .or maybe you are strong as APM is? .sometimes I wonder ::: when readers want to govern people who are not happy with them. Walter my fellow UNIMA graduate just step down. Don’t buy love.

  14. jojo says:

    Water kuchita kutenga anyamata aganyu ku ndilande. Tili nawo pano ku mangochi kuno akumwa mowa. Anyamata azikwanje ali pa sun city bar amati kukonzekera mawa ndiye agwa nayotu pamenepo

  15. MABVUTO MISSU says:

    I Mabvuto swear to vote wisely and not vote for Walter. So help me God

  16. walter asowe says:

    Its high time we open our eyes a malawi. Kodi cant we just match this walter guy?who the hell does he think he is? Let the elections wait, they can even wait till chaka cha mawa as long as justice is prevailed. And fifa yo ichitepo kanthu

  17. JAMES CHAUTA says:


  18. chatonda says:

    FIFA has already banned forth term for all FIFA positions. I am surprised you are still including Nyamilandu in this election. Why and on what grounds????

  19. Ineyo Kaya says:

    Fifa inayika kale term limit to a maximum of 12 years the challenge is he is taking advantage. this is the only country where people sit and watch letting two people change things. if it was South Africa where Mamelodi comes from this could not have been torelated by the citizens. Fam uses tax payers money and us as citizens are not happy. Mamelodi ask Walter to step down. he has stolen enough. people are now getting angry and soon things will get out if hand

  20. Chikatere says:

    So where is the credibility of Judge Dingiswayo Madise? Why did he not inform FAM to release the names in time, him being a lawyer and a chair for the election? Dingi is just good at giving injuction against the government as evidenced in the CoP saga.

  21. Busy brains says:

    Almost all the members from the southern region football association are on Nyamilandu ‘s payroll , to the extent that others were employed by Illovo unknowingly to garner support for him. If you are not sure, just find out what Raphael Humba is doing at the moment in Balaka. Unless the voting system changes, Nyamilandu will be having the audacity of availing himself each and every elections because he knows he already bought his way out. Let there be a 2 term limit for each president . By the way, why can’t those who challenged the setup not even going deeper by seeking FIFA clarification on president’s term limit. Inu mukuona bwanji anzanga????

  22. Mbuya says:

    U cant follow ve procedure?which Sch did u go?

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