Fake Malawi army officer busted for possessing offensive weapons

Police in the commercial capital Blantyre have arrested a 30 year-old Madalisto Witness Chiwaya for posing as a Malawi Defence Force (MDF) officer.

'Fake soldier' held

‘Fake soldier’ held

He was also possessing offensive weapons and explosives, apart from telling people that he is an officer stationed at Cobbe Barracks, but assigned to Blantyre Camp site, according to Blantyre Police publicist Elizabeth Divala.

Divala said the suspect, who hails from Kazembe village, Traditional Authority (T/A) Chikowi in Zomba, went to a house of Glory Kasisi in full military gear and claimed that he had received information that the house had been invaded by robbers.

Then the fake army officer asked for Kasisi’s shortgun to use against the said robbers.

“She gave him the shortgun which is lawfully owned in which the suspect loaded two live ammunitions and disappeared with it.

“She then reported the matter to Chilomoni Police who managed to arrest the suspect and recover the shortgun,” said Divala, adding investigations are underway to establish where he got the military attire.

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60 thoughts on “Fake Malawi army officer busted for possessing offensive weapons”

  1. Kapeta says:

    Thiz giv us a lesson, not fear de jens bt we must ask 4 ID card.

  2. When youth trying to fight unemployment

  3. dobadoba says:

    Fake Doctor to fake soldier. Kwatsala fake president

  4. dzina langa says:

    malawi malawi malawi. what do you see from the story inu anzathua police?

  5. Stanley says:

    Indeed all thugs.

  6. Ine You says:

    The information is incomplete. Tell us who Glory is, where she lives. Where did she gate the shotgun? Mwina iyenso ndiokuba?

  7. Ambolozio says:

    Both of them r thugs.

  8. Bambo Atadala says:

    zatheka/apite ku pulaimale angaya onse awo.

  9. Massive says:

    Kunyumba kwa mzimayiyu kunabedwadi? Nkhaniyi ikuvuta kuikhulupirira.

  10. DPG says:

    just to add on waterboardescom analysis. How many hours did it take Glory Kasisi to report the matter to Police?

  11. Kanyimbi says:

    Okuba wokhawokha.

  12. Hebrews says:

    If there were robbers at her house, who was supposed to be informed: the police or Army? I think the MDF are respected officers whose duty is to deal with state enemies not mere robbers! How did she know his phone number or how did he know that she has a gun?

  13. Amos says:

    Malawi walero,a woman owning a gun! No wonder crime is getting high

  14. msalanyama says:

    ma dictionary not ” ma dictionaries” lol

  15. OGO!! says:

    shotgun not shortgun..kuli ma dictionaries.

  16. Malawi wa Lero says:

    If a local Malawian lady can easily own a gun just like that, how many people have guns in this country?

  17. Che mkwepele says:

    Hahaha kikikiki khoso khoso nteeeeee!

  18. mwahenga says:

    How did Madalitso know that Glory has a Shortgun?? Ndimbava zonsezo, in all fairness! ????????

  19. big mac says:

    amati ‘shotgun’ osati ‘shortgun,’ komanso amati ‘live rounds of ammunition’ osati ‘live ammunitions.’ ignorance is not a defence, amawerenga site yanu ndi ambili

  20. upile says:

    Why are u hiding the face of this thug. Show us the face of Glory as well

  21. upile says:

    In Malawi the law doesn’t allow women to own a gun, hoe come glory had one. She is not clean either. Quiz her how she got a gun

  22. north says:


  23. Charter says:

    nkhani sikumveka iyi!!!! ???????

  24. nelson says:

    Plz put him on range so that he can be an idol to be shot onto

  25. simi26 says:

    Madalitso is one of the members of the chritian terrorists group based in Blantyre.he was one of those terrorists who went on rampage at a muslim house in blantyre.before he became a member of that group, he was asked to change his name but he denied. There are a lot of details about this terrorist.

  26. nelk says:

    Because he is a soilder can u the police take him to his friends at cobe baracks for treatment pliz do this for me

  27. mzamba wamkulu says:

    how do you give an arsenal to an unkown person Kasisi. you are one. no need for masking yourself. get her behind bars gyz or you are in the same boat~period!

  28. Kikikiki says:

    Stupidity on rampage.

  29. Grammar Police says:

    It’s ‘shotgun’, not shortgun.

  30. Sendeza Gaza says:

    Pochoka ku Namiyango kuno Chiwaya anafikira ku boys quarter ya Ksasi and galimoto inamusamusa kuno inali ya Glory Kasasi not Kasisi as reported.

  31. jimmy wa Goliati says:

    Last year was fake reverend, fake doctors, fake MRA officers, and today its fake army officers, this proved that not all these in military attires are soldiers unless they produce I’d s. Lesson to malawian not only to. Mens in uniforms but others who renders services to us

  32. Sendeza Gaza says:

    Amalawi mudziwe zoona zokha zokha .Chiwaya anafika kuNamiyango kuno ngati m’busa wa Pente, ndipo amalakiranso ku Namiyango CCAP. Glory Kasasi anali mzake wa Chiwaya moti Glory amachoka ku Chilomoni kudzapemphera kuno ku Namiyango munyumba mwa Chiwaya. Chilipo chimene anthuwa asemphana that is why Glory has reported the issue to police. Kunoko ku Namiyango amanamanso kuti ndi wa Army.

  33. chingolopiyo says:

    Why arresting only this man and leaving out the woman? Who told the guy that the lady had a short gun? What made the woman to give him the short gun, robbery issues are done by the police no Army officers. Apa wapandenga waulula khoswe wa pazala. The whole true should be that the guy has paid the money they have stolen, hence the lady giving false statement. May be they had a secret affair,koma chonde apolisi, tenganinso maiwo chonde chonde.

  34. Prophet says:

    Offences Committed.
    1.Personating a public officer-10yrs in prison.
    2.Found in possession of military uniform.
    3.Found in possession of offensive/dangerous weapons.
    4.Theft(short gun)->5yrs.
    5.False Pretence-5yrs IHL.

    Verdict:death by firing squad.

  35. Lekani says:

    Oh ma God! The bokoharam are now everywhere.Have you heard of police stations in other neighbouring countries being invaded and police officers being killed? This is the start and just imagine where will a local citizen hide if the police is not even safe. Please, such type of peaple are dangerouse,pin them down and detain them for life before they finish us. This is a plea and theres more undercover to this story.

  36. happening boy says:

    This Kasisi lady is a criminal, leave the fake boy in the and ho get Kasisi into the cell again. She her colleague soldier but she is a fake patriot.

    1. Bullshit says:

      Lembani Chichewa kuti tikumveni bwana

  37. George says:

    Truly there are more questions than answers here how can someone know this one has gun needing such type of bullets, i this the two were working as team but had disappointed one another in one way or the other and thats why the lady wants to clear herself from the issue. Our police has more to do to clear these issues in Malawi and owalola kukhala ndimfuti tamawaunikani bwino kwambiri atipweteka amenewa

  38. Munthuwazeru says:

    Zochitika ku nyasaland

  39. This is becoming a big problem in African countries i see it new in Malawi but its not new to other countries like Zimbabwe.Recentlly fake soldiers swindled a very huge amount of money in Harare.But in this case I see the knows each other better,and were planning for something,& it might be the shares didnt go well which prompted kasisi to report to the police.

  40. waterboardescom says:

    1. Indeed how did the fake MDF guy know that Kasisi has a short gun?
    2. Was Kasisi’s house raided with Robbers?, if yes how did the fake MDF fool get that information and if No what gave Kasisi the courage to give a stranger a short gun?
    3. If i were Glory Kasisi i would know that an MDF guy in full millitary uniform should not ask a gun from the victims of robbery but rather he would have come quite equipped himself. You mean MDF would only give this fool ammunitions without a gun????
    4. The main issue here is investigate Kasisi and probe more on the guy. Anthuwa akuziwana. Where he got the uniform should be the last item on your investigation list…..

    1. brutsha says:

      @waterboardescom, you have good analytical skills. I like your investigative skills.

    2. nyakaronga says:

      I support u Ms waterboardescom

  41. Pichi says:

    Magulu awa ndiwo alulowa ISIL. knucle heads.

  42. U-Turn says:

    This is a real made mission… How did a fake soldier knew someone is keeping a short gun in her house. Zopusa basi. Let the police investigate these so called fake soldiers we still have many in this country as well as fake police, Road traffic 2, immigration 2, and MRA 2. We still have many problems to sought out.

  43. KC buai says:

    Hhaha ths is drama, hw dd h kno’z tht sh’s a gun tht the robbers came wea dd h get the kit?? Ful of drama


  45. I SMELL ROTTEN RAT says:


  46. BBC says:

    This sister of mine is conflicting herself. She gave the gun to an intruder out of generosity and thereafter running to the police station to report her own generosity, what a scene.

  47. mbwaxe says:

    Anthu akumwela ndi zigewenga!!!!!!

    1. mavuto says:

      Inu koma cashgate

  48. popapo says:

    You are interested to know where he got the military attire !! If I was in the investigation team, my first interest would be how did he know the lady or family had a gun? Secondly how did the lady give such a weapon to a stranger ? Thirdly probe more on the lady, may be people have been hiring the rifle for clandestine errands.

  49. Malawiana says:

    How did the “fake soildier” know that Kasisi has a gun? Is the man already known to Kasisi and if so, didnt Kasisi know that the guy was not a soildier after all?

  50. ujeni says:

    Glory Kasisi should also be investigated, shotgun owning in Malawi?

  51. Alshabab says:

    Anthuwa ngambiri pliz help

  52. ujeni says:

    Izi nchabe if the Police dig deeper, they will find most of the armed robberies in Malawi are works of Soldiers and Police personnel. Either they get in the act or they supply the arsenal. It is not rocket science .

  53. Talibo says:

    Mbava imeneyi!!

    1. aDeaconsss says:

      Mbava ndi iti pamenepa the lady or army fake or both?

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