Fake Universtiy of Malawi degree, MSCE scandal: Escom employee arrested

Electricity Supply Corporation (Escom) employee is currently in police custody for allegedly using forged Malawi School Certificate of Education (MSCE) and a Bachelor of Science degree (BSc) in Electrical Engineering.

Maganga: Forged certificates

Maganga: Forged certificates

David Maluwa, who works as a Faults Operator at the Escom’s station in Lilongwe Old Town, was arrested on Thursday afternoon 25th February, 2016 in a joint operation by Malawi National Examinations Board (MANEB), University of Malawi (Unima) and Malawi Police Service.

Maneb Public Relations Officer, Simeon Maganga told Nyasa Times, Muluwa is suspected to have forged and uttered a 2007 MSCE with six points and a 2013 BSc in Electrical Engineering from the University of Malawi (The Malawi Polytechnic).

“A search on the day of the arrest further showed that Mr. Maluwa had three other genuine certificates at MSCE level, one obtained in 1998, the ones in 2009 and 2013; and had a 1996 Junior Certificate of Education (JCE) but bearing the name Wyson William Kasauka,” explained Maganga.

Maluwa is expected to be arraigned in court on the count of forgery and uttering false documents, contrary to Section 360 of the Penal Code.

Meanwhile, law-enforcers’ investigations on the matter are currently underway.

Maluwa’s arrest comes hot on the heels of another arrest of Misheck Mikaya on similar charges earlier this month.

Mikaya, 38, who hails from Kasungu, worked as a driver and joined Escom in 2004 using a suspected
fake MSCE.  The case is still in court.

Earlier this month, Maneb also arrested two employees from the Malawi Postal Corporation (MPC) a cleaner/messenger Gibson Mgadamika based at Lumbadzi Post Office in Lilongwe and Mzimba Post Office Assistant Giddiness Chaima on similar charges.

Further, Maneb arrested Samson Mweso, a Lumbadzi-based businessperson who assisted Mgadamika to forge the MSCE at his photocopying bureau.

Mgadamika and Mweso were convicted on their own plea of guilty and were sentenced to a suspended 18 months imprisonment with hard labour and a fine of K30, 000.

“Maneb would like to thank management of Escom and MPC for the corporation. Further, Maneb continues to appeal to companies (and training institutions) to be sending certificates of their employees (and students) for vetting so to eradicate forgery and uttering of false certificates,” added Maganga.


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23 thoughts on “Fake Universtiy of Malawi degree, MSCE scandal: Escom employee arrested”

  1. Mmene kumapwetekera kusukulu 12years ukuponda wapansi wina basi kukangoilowa ntchito opanda ma genuine qualifications!!! Wina wasukulu yake akusowa ntchito!
    Zikuyenera kuchitika paliponse, kampani iliyonse! Anthu amenewa apezeke. Anthu a asukulu yeniyeni apeze ntchito basi!!!!

  2. bob says:

    They are many, collect all our certificates MSCE, diplomas, Degrees etc. In civil service, NGOs, parastatals etc. Mudabwa.

  3. PhD Holder says:

    Arrest this one who has just been given PhD without attending lectures. It will make sense that you are really serious..

  4. wakale says:

    Ku MDF tabwerani a Maganga ndi a unima.wina akhala PTE.k k k but so bad.

  5. katebe katoto says:

    Minister winauja mumuunike nayenso…

  6. Chiphwafu says:

    When is Maneb coming to comb through the civil service?

    Muli ziphwitsi zambiri mu bomamu.

  7. OGO says:

    please…uttering and altering are two different words with different meanings..what kind of journalism is this? Check the directors too, too incompetent proper unqualified people. Vuto lomangolembana ntchito chibale/kudziwana no use to conduct interviews as jobs amapatsana kunyumba or pa mowa. Malawi we don’t have the pride to put well qualified people in right positions so as to develop the country… no wonder we have no forward thinking interms of Escom development.

  8. Mtchona says:

    Really the quality of paper you us to produce these degrees are not genuine. Using ordinary plain A 4 paper is not helping the nation at all.

  9. mkakatuku says:

    ngati mukupeleka phd kwa osesa mu mseu, ifenso tifoja

  10. kokolikoo says:

    Kkkkkkkkk Koma amalawi……Ku ..army..komaso..ku..police..mutionelekoso ….bwino..bwino….kumeneko..sikuli…bwino!!!

  11. Chigawaneni says:

    Just embark on a sweeping exercise fo all fake certificates. This is clear evidence that there are many more of such fake documents people have used to get employed. Give us numbers on which to report such culprits, you will be surprised. This is Malawi where people are in very high positions through dirty&dubious means. Very shameful!

  12. Tonde says:

    Abwenze ndalama zonse recieved under such degree and all benificiaries got through the degree that is stealing

  13. Brantyre ctzen says:

    Feck papers what about their work perfomance bcoz ena atha kukhara ndi mapepara a original koma ziri mburi komanso ulesi pantchito

  14. Kaliyati says:

    Koma mukwanisa kumanga anthuwa? Chifukwa ndi ambiri anthuwa, makamaka ku army ndi ku police uko, ndikamulu ndithu! Nanga omwe amangolowa kopanda certificate chifukwa choti abale awo ndi abwana mupanga nawo bwanji!

  15. Bololo wa chitumbuka says:

    Hehehe ndimadabwatu kuti magesi amenewa kuthimathimaku ali ndi mzelu anthu amenewa?? Osaziwa kut ndi mbuli hehehe malawi a moto!!

  16. jarek says:

    Wina ndi uyu Mwambene ku Cobbe uku akuzitchula kuti Maganizo. Ma pepala ake salibwino ameneyu.

  17. vavlov says:

    This may be a tip of the iceberg; Malawi should be having lots of people in high positions with fake qualifications. No wonder the country has frequent power blackouts, and extremely poor services being offered by civil servants

  18. peter chigombo says:

    wina nane ku army ko phwiphwi ku education…unima inabooka

  19. ssgt says:

    Magusha Magasha if that person is in uniform now he must be stripped of his rank and reduced to private then dismissed before being imprisoned!

  20. nyamayasauka says:

    Inu ku health nakonso zilipo izi. Anthu akenso kunzunza anzao 2 much. A maganga zikomo koma tapitani kumeneko, timawadziwa ife. Munthu wa standard 7 hoilding jce? Ndipo ndikumalamulira anzake a msce? Kutumbwa patsogolo eeeesh go, i will help you.

  21. maganizo wa maganizo says:

    My child graduated on 24th February,2016 with a bachelors degree in Arts,but allas I was about to cry to see the quality of paper used to print a degree. lucky enough I was blessed with keeping old documents and when I rammaged through my drawers I came across my standard eight certificate for 1973 examinations.The quality of the paper was superb.Could the authorities ensure that they use good quality of paper for printing the degrees.The fitures should also be improved because this one is forgeable.

  22. Heeerdeee winanso ali pa MAFCO dzaka dzimene amatchula kuti anali pa Poly with his Bachelors ife ameneyo sitinamuonepo the entire 5 Yrs. Simiseche koma truth….just handover yourself mwana…

  23. Mai a Farai says:

    Should have arrested the woman who sweeps roads but got a phd

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