FAM clarifies on Carlsberg Cup semi-final venues

Football Association of Malawi ( FAM) has clarified on the  Carlsberg Cup semi-final venues  following an outcry from a  section of  supporters , who questioned why the game involving Mighty Be Forward Wanderers against Moyale Barracks be staged in Lilongwe not Mzuzu.

Zakazaka: Sponors interest

Zakazaka: Sponors interest

Some fans went as far as accusing FAM of staging the game involving Big Bullets and Silver Strikers in Blantyre instead of Lilongwe.

However, FAM Competitions Manager Gomegzani Zakazaka  said every Carlsberg game it is the discretion of the organizing committee to choose venues but when it reaches this level they take into consideration sponsors interest.

“This match venues were suggested by Carlsberg –the sponsors. I am even surprised that some people are talking a lot on this issue forgetting that last year we had Bullets and Wanderers playing in Lilongwe,” said Zakazaka.

According to CarlsbergMalawi Cup 2015 Rules and Regulations, article 8.1 stipulates that the time and venue of the matches shall be determined by the organizing committee as per the draw that will be conducted.

It went on to state that, “All the games shall be played in match venues that have been approved by the organizing committee.”

Zakazaka said even teams are aware on the rules and regulations of the cup as far as choosing the venues is concerned.

The Nomads clipped Dedza Young Soccer 2-0 to reach the semi-finals, while Moyale Barracks pruned Kamuzu Barracks in the penalties.

Big Bullets showed Mafco FC an exit-door on spot kicks, while Silver Strikers grinded Support Battalion 4-0.

The Carlsberg Cup was reintroduced in Malawian football in 2012 after 10 years of absence. The Cup was first launched in 2000 as the country’s richest knockout competition. Mighty Wanderers were the inaugural winners in 200 beating arch rivals Bullets 2-1 via a Hendrix Banda’s Golden Goal.

Moyale won it in 2001 after edging Escom United 1-0 with Prichard Mwansa scoring the lone goal at the Civo Stadium.

The 2002 final saw Wanderers facing Bullets again and this time around Bullets won it through a McDonald Yobe’s lone strike.

It was the 2003 final that is mostly remembers for bad reasons. Wanderers faced Bullets yet again and with the match ties at 2-2 Wanderers scored a third goal in extra time which could have been a winner as the golde3nd goal rule was still in force.

However the goal scored by Muzipasi Mwangonde was disallowed after the pass from Joseph Kamwendo was judged to have gone out of play before Mwangonde scored.

The match was abandoned after violence as Wanderers protested the decisions. Efforts to have the match replayed proved futile and this resulted in Carlsberg Malawi withdrawing the sponsorship.

After almost ten year s in the wilderness Carlsberg Malawi returned with the competition in 2012 with a sponsorship of K 20 million.

Blue Eagles FC won the cup on its return after beating Escom United 1-0.

Kamuzu Barracks won the 2013 Cup after beating Moyale 1-0 at the Mzuzu Stadium on 14th September 2013, while Big Bullets won the 2014 edition after beating Zomba United 2-0 in the final on 10th August 2014 at the Kamuzu Stadium.

Zomba United become the first non Super League side to reach the Carlsberg Cup final.

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24 thoughts on “FAM clarifies on Carlsberg Cup semi-final venues”

  1. Saddam says:

    ngat asakufuna akhale…..akuiopa noma! !!!

  2. mbali zonse za dziko la malawi zikawonere mpira umenewu basi. malo a bwino ndi civo basi.

  3. Wa Maule weniweni says:

    Inde wosauka alibe mau ndi zoona, koma if justice be said, Moyale has a case. Why should they play all their cup games away from home? Who made those retrogressive rules? Come rain come sunshine the game must be played at Mzuzu Stadium because simple logic demands it. After all moral rules of the game also require that Moyale’s supporters need to see their team play at home.

  4. Wawa Phiri says:

    Munya muona chakachino. Nomads tengani chikho basi tidzipitanacho ku Lali Lubani Rd, enawa akuchedwa ndi kulankhula…kkkkkk. Abanenelera.

  5. Afanaze says:

    High capacity is equal to higher revenue. Masoja a Moyale can play any team anywhere ndimasoja amadya Beef.Paøibe vuto apa and sponsor on the marketing side akuona ma venue akumadera amene ali ndi anthu ambiri owusisa wamame

  6. Sir Gift Sapanga says:

    let the rules rule the game nt ur kampwathi rider’s thougths! red army on parade.

  7. musova says:

    Noma imayenera kuti ipite ku mzuzu koma osaiwala paja amabelekedwa ndi Walter

  8. bex says:

    how can FAM choose small grounds? money is the ans, stay put it will never be. BT N LL WOYEE!
    noma n bb WOYEE!

  9. chizamsoka munthali says:

    Ingotengani chikho mupeleke Ku bullets or wanderers ife a moyale sitipita Ku lilongwe, iwe zakazaka ndi fam pamodzi ndi sponsor wakoyo macheeeeende anu

  10. Edwin Mwalwen says:

    Mitu ya John Chilembwe tiyichulukise Ku bank basi.
    We are the only team to carry the cup,moto buuuu!Wina alira,ngati sapita wamoyo.(ST).

  11. ii says:

    nomads on the move

  12. M'dani wa Bullets fc says:

    no matter what venue it is., Manoma ndi mphavu za mulungu atenga cup imeneyi

  13. Chinyanga says:

    It should be borne in the sponsors’ minds that their duty is just to officially sponsor the cup not to dictate as they r carrying it out. They could have left the whole stuff to FAM dudes..its their duty & they know how to manage without interferences..Nanunso a FAM dont just node your heads in approval to anything for the sake of money, think about the soccer future..zaumbuli izi
    Somehow i still doubt if what u say is really true..penapake i feel like u favour BB & Nomads kuti afike ma finals for u to accumulate more gate collections. with this stupidity & primitiveness mpira suzapita patsogolo. Mdakwiya nanu.

  14. J . B . says:

    manoma timwanso mwa jombo

  15. Myao says:

    kudzilumaluma, u’ve said the sponsor approves the decision byn the organising committe, so in other words, this was FAM’s decision and not that of the sponsors’ !!!

  16. Shocker says:

    A lot of things will never improve in Malawi. We do not follow rules of natural justice and expectation. There is always mediocrity in the way things are run. Can Zakazaka and carlsberg the sponsors tell us what they considered when coming up with the venues? What is the interest of carlsberg in this? Are they interested more in developing football or what? For football to develop it is supposed to fair enough which I can not see here. This is all about undermining the Moyale, people of Mzuzu and the entire North. Kodi carlsberg beer anthu a ku Mzuzu sagula? Rubbish FAM and Carlsberg. No integrity here.

  17. Ndinthawi yanu azakazaka,we r here to see

  18. Murray says:

    FAM… let us be fair. Matimu achokela ku zigawo zonse. Moyale yasewela magemu ake onse koyenda. This time amayenela kusewela pa khomo.

    Final game ikhala ku LL. Atleast to be fair enough, one of the 3 remaining games should be given to the Northern region.

    Plz….. be fair FAM.

    As for Moyale, musalole dzibwana zimenezi. Wanderers is a big club. Asaibeleke.
    Dedza Young soccer anaiyendetsanso chimodzimodzi ndi Wanderers yomweyo. Plz

  19. angoni apaphata says:

    If it needs clarification something is wrong with it. Qed.

  20. Che Wanimiliyoni says:

    Lilime ladzadza mkamwa AZakazaka. Who said a sponsor can’t be involved in match fixing? Let me help you draft a sensible rule and it shud in part go like this: “…considering that we, unquestionably, hav two big cities in Malawi, i.e. Blantyre and Lilongwe, it will follow that if a cup final is slated for one city the other city MUST host the MOST crucial semi-final match of the two games…” FULL STOP. ATumbuka ndi maBankazi akulira wewewewo asowa chonena.

  21. hope says:

    When the owner decides it takes the course it supposed to follow.

  22. Master navaya says:

    Taking the rule in their hands

    1. Master navaya says:

      Lack of tolerance.

  23. Wina Mpoto says:

    There is quota system even in football. So you cant even allow one game to be played in Mzuzu. what sort of tribalism is this. You fam guys are stupid. am speaking this from deep down my heart. once again you are stupid

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