FAM president fears for Bullets on Caf expenses

Football Association of Malawi  (FAM) President Walter Nyamilandu has expressed his fears over unsponsored Malawi top league champions Big Bullets’ daring to participate in the continental 2015 CAF Champions League estimated at K180 million.

FAM President Walter Nyamilandu :  Fears for Bullets

FAM President Walter Nyamilandu : Fears for Bullets

Nyamilandu fears how Bullets would manage to meet the expenses of the Champions League expenses while the national team, which enjoys government funding struggles to fulfill assignments.

“I am very nervous about this uncertainty surrounding funding. It is a great concern to me and the association. I am worried that in the absence of sponsorship locally, how will they be able to fulfill international engagements with one trip costing K20m,” Nyamilandu said.

He said the team had no clear vision on how they would manage to secure sponsorship for tournament as the clock ticks closer to the first game against Fomboni of Coromos Island on February 13.

“I see a lot of pressure of pressure being piled on them to secure the sponsorship and there is no clear vision on where the funding will come from,” he said.

But he said the team’s successful participation in the tournament would benefit the nation.

“I am hoping for the best as their participation will benefit all of us. However my worry is that when fines are imposed it is the association [FAM] paying as they were registered in our name,” he said.

Bullets Chairperson Kondie Msungama however insisted that the discussions for a possible sponsorship were at higher level.

CAF stipulates that could face US$1,500 (about K750,000) fine and a country is banned for two editions.

Civo United and Escom United also registered to participate but withdrew from the tournament.

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72 thoughts on “FAM president fears for Bullets on Caf expenses”

  1. Nyotsolani says:

    Usovege! go! go! go! maule

  2. Kumboni Stars says:

    I din’t expect frustrating remarks like these from one Walter Nyamulandu. Instead of sugesting ways of assiting the peoples team in getting funds for CAF participation, he is dicouraging them. Anyway, he was once a Nomads player and official, no wonder.

  3. godobaman says:

    water ndiwe water basi palibe chanzeru chomwe wakambapo apa kodi tiziti achina kondiwo polowa sakuziwa kuti kufunika ndalama wapenga misala iwe ait

  4. Desire says:

    Maule muisova….kikkkkk

  5. mona says:

    Walter shut up concentrate on fam and wanderers leave bullets alone ukuona ngati ndalama zichokera Mu nthumba mwako eti shut up and just concentrate on your habit of womanising

  6. golo says:

    This statement from FA president is unfortunate.H e should be the one in the forefront assisting in the solicitation of funds, after all he hasn’t asked Bullets how they are going to meet all the expenses related to CAF champions league participation. He is always doubting and that’s the problem of a person who sits in an office and his thinking horizon is also confined to that office not knowing that the sky is the limit…. amati kanthu ndi khama phwiti anakwatira njiwa …. ili ndi khama la BB asiyeni afuna kuona kuti munthu ukachita khama zimakutengera pati.


    zanunso izo a nyamilandu, koma ikanakhala wanderers ndiye mukanakhala pasogolo looking for sponsors. bullets ndi timu yabwino kwathu kuno ngakhale imakunyasani a nyamilandu. try to develop football not kill the game of in Malawi,

  8. peter mbewew says:

    Chilungamo chimapweteka heve

  9. Mparestina/cfc fan says:

    Ngait sakudziwa komwe BB ipeze ndalama it means za BB sizikumukhaza koma za NOMA.
    Instead of encouraging the BB committee n helping them to find away to get money,he is busy discouraging.
    Poyamba ankati BB will never accepted bcs we ve no club house and more.
    Manyazi anamugwira titalembedwa.

    Mbuzi ya president mumuuze!

  10. Carrington says:

    Maybe the people’s team has other plans lets wait and see

  11. BANKX says:


  12. Kabwinja says:

    Walter Beforward Nyamilandu

  13. popi says:

    The peoples team!, do not make silly comments and useless noise, all we want is for you to be financially sound and stable for the tornament. Bullets will carry malawian flag at the continental showpiece and we don’t want the team to dissapoint us. all this requires money!

  14. Mulopwana Wa Mamwene says:

    I was just hearing from people that Walter Nyamilandu doesn’t want Big Bullets because he supports Wnderous, today I have read with eyes that this guy is indeed testless water in football fraternity. How can you that stupid word yet you are FAM President? You are supposed to be proud of your country and encourage companies to support and sponsor such participations. That’s why you have fought tooth and nail to make sure that Big Bullets doesn’t secure sponsoship from local and international companies like the way you did with Carlsberg sponsorship and Beforward. Water be patriotic citizen, after it’s time for you to move out of FAM

  15. Cashgate 1 says:

    I agree with Walter, these things need a good preparation. I fear the team will run out of resources in the middle of the games which is a poor planning. Rather Bullets need to have that budget ready and may be they can raise an contingent part of the budget as surplus in case of any eventualities. Remember it happened for frames just recently and FAM Management looked foolish in running up and down to source money, is that what Bullets wants? lucky for National team they were rescued because of national support, what about Bullets case?

  16. Bigteamz says:

    Alibe kanthu yet mukukhu zochuluka!

  17. Gum says:

    The President must be the first one to demonstrate by encouraging the bullets family as it will represent Malawi. Think positively and help the club to secure sponsorship. Forget about club allegiance!

  18. yale says:

    Kodi inu atolankhani akumalawi kapena nditi ma radio stations mwasandusa ma phone ma mose walero kukhala ma recorder eti? kupangisa manyazi -shupiti,kaguleni ma recorder msangamsanga ,nchifukwa chake ma report ena pa redio samveka bwinotu iyaa.

  19. yale says:

    As a farm President ,I dint expect you to say say like this. You were and you are supposed to walk tall towards this ,watani kodi .why should you declare negatives instead of positives.ukufuna tizingokhala pamozimozi why .Pliz be wise enough,assist bullets looking for sponsorship pliz.

  20. Decider says:

    Walter akunena zoona and he has football @ heart sponsership itengedwa kut poti akakhala tcheya ndi nedbank akt sangayelekeze kuba kwambiri achina Kondi!!

  21. Manyasa says:

    Mr Walter, you blocked Beforward from sponsoring Bullets, now what are you complaining?

  22. mobility says:

    Msungama! Kulimba mtima ngati satana. Tikudikira tione kuti muzitani inu a BB.

  23. kambwali says:

    Walakwa kunena zoona…. tiyeni uko mumayesa phada

  24. brown says:

    Bb athu ake ambiri savesesa ubuli ndiumene wachuluka.

  25. Pido says:

    Kufuna Sympathy Basi. Ma Club Opanda Vision Koma Khobwe. How Can Such Touted Big Teams Have No Stadum Buses Nor Buildings For Funds Generation. Kumangodalira Kupatsidwa

  26. Koma masapota, zizungu eeeh! Mukatokotatokota kuchemelera timatimu tanuto kumadzulo muzikalowa ya kwacha. China chimene mpira sutukukira ndi kusaphunzira kwa ma Official ndi Masapota pa Nyasalande pano.

  27. Chief says:

    Stupid asshole palibe chamzeru unganene chokhudza Bullets.koma ikanakha wanderazi.msanje mumtima ili tho.nyapapi.
    Wakwiya ndi mfiti.
    Olo kuma game anthu musamadzabwere.

  28. Mr President, you are just a wet blanket,coward,puppet who does not have wisdom.A bias torch bearer who enlights his room alone.

  29. Kenneth duwa says:

    Mr walter that is asilly idea,instead of to encourge the malawians to those who has wel wishes to help pples team.In order to develop football in mw

  30. Hazzy.com says:

    Iwe uchoke paudindo umangokakamila ngati ophunzira ndi wekha bwanji?
    Nyamilandu chala pakamwa wamva…..

  31. Maxwell Imwa says:

    Wise words from the Fam president

  32. Phwexy says:

    Bb ndi more….!

  33. Mpalestina Olusa Shakeman Namwali says:

    Walter mapwala ako galu iwe opanda nzeru ukuononga mpira mmalawi muno iwe okhala head of FA koma nkumakhalanso ndimbala mboli yako

  34. kyroc says:

    FAM President is incompetent. the soccer fraternity knows he is bias. he tries to thwart Bullets. But know this: Maule had been there,is here and will be there while ya presidency is for a short time. pulezidenti woyipa kwabasi.

  35. Jah says:

    Kodi munthuyi ali bwino?

  36. Namanyepwa says:

    Ukamalimbana ndi Bullets udzafa infa yowawa iwe WOTA wanva? Dzimau dzako mxiew

  37. Nyapapi says:

    Walter you useless FAM president just shut the fuck up!

    We all know they will fail in their quest so dont muddle yourself in their stupidity!

  38. Humphrey says:

    Mmmmmm akunena zoona


    Too ambitious for nothing.
    An economy on its knees, judges on strike, acb, university shut down, doctors and nurses threatening…, with no hope in sight….
    More importantly, Kaferapanjira of MCCCI says local companies are currently not making any profits. So, who will fund them???? Kapena ku “Commercial Capital” kuli bwino???

  40. tate says:

    Nyamilandu munthu oyipa,komabe uzachita manyazi.

  41. nyoko says:

    AOTA ndinu achitsilu,munaona kuti mtsogoleri akuima pamtete mkumayankhula zambola chonchi leave us alone u’ll c

  42. Timadziwa anyamilandu ndi amanoma ndiye sangafunile zabwino BB ndiomwe amauza makampani kuti musaitenge bullets, koma tengani manoma atseke pakamwa wasowa chonena mmalo motsogolela kupempha makampani kuti aithandize pazofunazake koma kulimbikila kukamba za utsilu

  43. Lojo says:

    ..Zoona walter
    with malawi economy,i c no wise for bb to go caf.tiziona. 1 dy no trip.:;. bz no forex:D

  44. Lojo says:

    Zoona walter
    with malawi economy,i c no wise for bb to go caf.tiziona. 1 dy no trip bz no forex:D

  45. Israel Difense Force says:

    What the FAM boss is talking is reality, a team that does not even have a wooden chair requesting for a financial support amounting to 180 million MWK, which well wisher will be confortable to release such huge amount of money?

  46. Mbolo Sidwala! says:

    It’s unfortunate such a statement is coming from the president himself. No wonder mpira sikupita patsogolo ku Malawi! So what Walter sees in the dark cloud is storm not rain for the harvest. I thought sukulu yake anachita ya economics/marketing? Do u know who is an entrepreneur or what is entrepreneurship? Tilimbikitseni, a pulezident! Money should not be an issue here but the desire to succeed! Go maule go! More fire mapale!

  47. Fwetseki says:

    Munthu wamkulu akuona mavuto omwe bata ikumane nawo kutsogoloku ndiye ena mukuti akukhomerera. Kodi nanga masponsor tidayamba kuwamva chaka chatha aja mpaka lero paper work sinathebe?

  48. Henr D Banda says:

    Nyamilandu ndi oipa always wishes bullets bad lucky

  49. Nyapapi says:

    Bakili Muluzi and TNM are the ones to support Bullets

  50. Livulezi river says:

    BB za bwino zonse ku CAF ko! Brainy kids never fall short of assistance because those who come in to assist see a potential and future in you! The same applies to BB! Ife ndi ana a David, tisewera nawo CAF imeneyi inu mungoti pheeeee!!!!

  51. Mngoni weniweni says:

    Anthu oganiza zosa……, sanga….., ndipo sadza……tha. Mr Nyamilandu, why thinking negatively against Big Bullets! If it Wanderers, you would be going company after another looking for an assistance, but coz its BB, you can see a doom of failure. Mwauponda man!! Ife ndi Maule!!! After all mwanena kale kuti it will be FAM that will pay after we fail an assignment, so it’s up to you kuti muisove!! Simple!!!!

  52. ndixville says:

    We hv come a distance leave us alone keep loving ur Noma. U did everything to push sponsorship of bforward to nyerere. Plz keep mouth shut tisiyeni ife ma palestina

  53. maule says:

    Nyamilandu leave us alone simutifunira zabwino timadziwa. Zimatiwawa

  54. bullets says:

    A Walter we know u r not happy coz its bullets. W know or hand behind Bforward sponsorship. Plz I repeat plz leave us alone

  55. Fam says:

    If it were Noma kukamwa kukanakhala mwaaaaa

  56. Confused says:

    Bwana Walter ikanakhala Noma nde chidzina mwaaa. Tisiyeni timenya tokha nkhondoyi. Bullets sikoyamba kumenya CAF. Tachiwoneni

  57. Malawian says:

    Nyamilandu Nyamilandu Nyamilandu how many times hv i called you? u didn’t want BB to c light of the day. U were happy that forward went to ur beloved team. Plz leave us alone plz

  58. Achalume says:

    Malawian football will not improve because of jeaous hearts!Iam a Noma fun but I wish Bullets all the best!Go bullets go!Revelation 22 verse 11 to last warns us!

  59. peyer says:

    You bullets supporters making noise here start contributing towards the 20m .

  60. osakwiya Phiri says:

    Zimene akunena bwana Walter ndi za nzeru komaso zowona koma pakuti sitifuna kumva malangizo a nzathu

  61. Kande says:

    Iwe umadzitcha walter ndiwe galu pamodzi ndi team yako ya noma,why do u hate us?had it been noma u could have said positive comments on it.let me tel u this,god iz not u,tikuchititsa manyazi chitsilu iwe.

  62. Tilipo says:

    Let us wait and see. You want to blame Water for expressing his worry. Why? He is the president of FAM meaning football in Malawi. Remember he is interested to see Bullets successful.
    His point is that there is no clue yet how Fote is going to find money for the tournament. Simple and straightforward.
    Why can’t some people see sense. Appreciate what Water is fearing. Give us the clues and everyone will be happy and no day dreaming here. Everyone wishes but all that is required is money.
    DONT accurse Nyamilandu give him your solutions. It is FAM that gets the penalty for childish failure if that can happen without proper research and planning on Bullets side.

  63. odalla gracian. says:

    Walter munthu wachabechabe wa Noma uyu safunira zabwino BB

  64. chambo says:

    Mpira ngati ukukanika ku Malawi kuno its becoz of this man.Alibe maso mphenya koma dyera ndikupondereza sdiyireni anthu omwe angathe kutukila mpira.

  65. Bullets iziyimira dziko la malawi.Tigwirane manja,msonkhamsonkha anadzadza thumba.

  66. Zagwazatha says:

    Lets wait and see Maule akuona tsogolo lowala

  67. Kampupu Baloyi Jnr. says:

    I am wishing Bullets all the best. The team should start going to Prophet Bushiri’s church for prayers, otherwise we are heading to climb a mountain.

  68. Mndala says:

    FAM ndi makape basi mmalo moyilimbikitsa BB mpaka kuyigwetsa phwayi,zamanyazi ndithu!!!!!!!!

  69. iphani mudye says:

    koma ikanakhala noma ndiye chitsakano kuno za utsiru

  70. opportunist says:

    Mumayikhomerera ndi BB

  71. Namanyepwa says:

    Paja akulu amenewa samayifunila Bullets zabwino

  72. ochinsapo says:

    Dzana suzgo nyirenda pa times tv said bullets yapinda mwala.lets cross de bridge.what matters is comitment first.u c silver imakanika yet sponsor alipo very trusted.pple like u mumaikhomelela bullets.leave them alone.they wanna manage!

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